Firefly belongs to Joss Whedon, etc. etc.

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1. Expectations.

For what amounts to – on the surface – a rag-tag band of space pirates, they're surprisingly civil (once you get past all the gunplay).

2. Today

As his gaze shifts from that poor dead cow-thing in the jar to her brown eyes, she tells herself, maybe this'll be the day; of course, she's just indulging in wishful thinking.

3. Figuring

Captain is surprised she takes so quick to flying Serenity, but it's all just equations and mechanics and numbers.

4. Beautiful

No matter how long the day is, or how tired, how worn down, how beat up they are, she still takes his breath away when she slips between the sheets next to him.

5. Little

He never means to hurt her feelings, but it's the small jabs, the subconscious ones, that send her over the edge.

6. Temperamental

He prides himself on being a no-nonsense man, but faced with matters of the heart, Mal's been known to behave like a fourteen-year-old girl.

7. Visceral

Inara's shuttle and Kaylee's engine room are polar opposites in nearly every way but the bold, warm colors that reach out to hug whoever enters.

8. Husband

Wash and Zoe both know who wears the pants in their marriage.

9. Faith

Having a Shepherd on board won't stop Kaylee from speaking her mind, but there's a little part of her that feels a bit more spiritually right than before.

10. Awakening

Simon doesn't have much religion, but he prays every night that River will wake up the next morning clear as day and spared of her hurting.

11. Home

He's right to say this is more a home to her than anywhere else; River lives in every inch of the ship.

12. Over

Inara may leave, but that won't stop Mal from feeling like he does.

13. Princess

Next to Inara, Kaylee feels like she's just playing dress-up; she'll never look that royal.

14. Screaming

Out of politeness, they all pretend River doesn't wake them in the middle of the night.

15. Heavy

For such a big man, Jayne's thoughts are simple; but they still weigh on her.

16. Delivered

She's just a package, something to be shuttled around and bid on and located when lost in the post.

17. Planning

It's for those with more time and less urgency.

18. Borders

Why would he want to cross that line for her?

19. Abundance

Heaps of good fortune seem to be followed by heaps of danger, but that means adventure.

20. Grandparents

Simon doesn't remember them, but River saw them while she was away; she saw right through them, in fact.

21. Adapting

Mal is learning what sort of things he should and shouldn't keep just laying around haphazard-like, and what sort of thoughts he should avoid thinking.

22. Exception

She knows which of them she'd bend the rules for and service first.

23. Uncontrollable

It hurts River more than it hurts anyone else, at least emotionally.

24. Breeze

One of the best things about being planetside is always the fresh air.

25. Accident

Zoe doesn't place blame on anyone, but the others all feel it's their fault.

26. Laugh

Kaylee's proud that she's the first one to make River really laugh.

27. Lay

The first night she shares his bed, she's tempted to stay forever.

28. Rummage

If no-one's there to claim it, Jayne figures it might as well be his.

29. Wall

Mal doesn't let anyone in all the way; they all stand poking their heads through the door, but sometimes River sneaks past anyway.

30. Black

She means to be the light that keeps them from becoming something terrifying.