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Author's Note: I decided to do another chapter of Tony and Abby's friendship.

Getting Used To You

Abby stood in her lab wondering how she could make it up to Tony. She knew that he was trying to be nice to her, but she hadn't liked him. How could a father do that to their child? How could they hurt them? Tony seemed to be okay and was trying to be a good investigator and looking up to Gibbs. Maybe that is why she didn't like him at first. Maybe she was just a little jealous of Tony and Gibbs newfound father and son relationship. Maybe she wanted to be the only child on Gibbs's team and didn't want to share Daddy with anyone. She would have to rethink of how to become friends with Tony and doing that without him wondering why she was being so nice to him. He might think that she was being nice because she heard his phone conversation. She might have to wait for a while to do so, but she would wait. She was still staring into space when Gibbs came in.

"Abs, what's wrong?"

"Nothing Gibbs."

"Are you sure? You were staring into space with a worried look on your face. Is it Tony? Did he do something?"

"No, Gibbs. It was just something I heard."

"What was it?"

"If you had a child would you abuse them and tell them that they were worthless?"

"No, I wouldn't." Gibbs said remembering his daughter Kelly. He really couldn't think of anything that she could have done for him to abuse her. She was his little angel and now she would always be.

"How can a parent hurt their own child? How can they pay people to keep silent?"

"Who is this about, Abs?"

"I can't. He has no idea that I listened in on his conversation. I didn't mean to, Gibbs."

"It's okay, Abs. It's Tony isn't it? You heard him say that he was abused on the phone?"

"I was going to listen to my music on the computer. Tony came down here to get the results for the test. I plugged in my headphones and didn't put them on yet. I heard the elevator ding and hoped that it wasn't Tony. The next thing I heard was the ringing of the phone and he answered it. It was Tony and he was talking to his father. Did you know that his father disowned him at twelve? And that he abused him and that he told him that he was worthless? I didn't know that. Now I feel so ashamed how I treated him. How am I going to make this up to him, Gibbs?"

"I don't know, but I know you'll figure it out."


Two Weeks Later

Tony DiNozzo was at his desk writing his report on the computer. He was almost done and was ready to go. He didn't even look up when the elevator dinged telling everyone on the floor that there was someone there. He put the finishing touches on the report and printed it out. He then put it into a folder and laid it on Gibbs desk.

"Hey, Tony. You like movies right?"

"I love movies." Replied Tony. He wondered where Abby was taking this and wondered why she was interested.

"There's a James Bond Marathon at the movie theater. Do you want to go with me?" Abby said hoping that he would take her up on her offer.

"Are you sure?" Tony said wondering why she was being nice to him.

"I'm sure."

He looked at her for a minute and then at Gibbs. Gibbs wasn't even looking at them. His head was bent over the folder that he had just given him.

"Sure, why not." He smiled at her.

That was the start of their friendship. Every once in a while they would either go to the movies and watch the latest release, or get DVD's and take them to either Tony's place, or Abby's place. They would always spend the night at each other's place when it got to dark to go to their homes.

The End