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Chapter 1

"You sure you don't want to come with us?" Bella asked.

I shook my head and answered "We hunted earlier Bella, it's fine."

"Like that wasn't planned." Edward muttered so low I only just caught it.

Smiling at him sweetly I focussed on what I had planned for when they'd gone causing Edward to pale.

"Renesmee, Jacob hurry up."

He glared at me before heading outside.

Bella looked round in confusion as she followed him out.


I thought as Jacob bounded downstairs and out the door, a giggling Renesmee in his arms.

With a final wave I closed the door and turned to face my husband who was lounging on the sofa enthralled in his latest book.

Not for long!

It had been over a year since we'd had any proper 'alone' time, hunting for half-breeds didn't count we'd barley had time to talk let alone anything else.

But finally we had the house to ourselves for at least four hours.

I grinned.

"Is that a good book?" I asked, casually leaning on the back of the sofa.

Jasper nodded his eyes not leaving the page.

I pouted slightly before noticing the corner of his mouth twitch, so he wanted to play hard to get huh!

"Guess I'll leave you to it then." I turned slowly waiting for what was coming next.

With a growl Jasper grabbed me around the waist pulling me over the back of the sofa so I was laying on top of him.

I grinned triumphantly until I saw what he planned.

"Jasper don't you dare…" I shrieked as his fingers danced up and down my sides, I tried to wriggle away but the giggles overtook me.


He turned so I was now pinned beneath him.

"You're the only vampire I have ever met that's ticklish."

He grinned as I stuck my tongue out at him before standing and flinging me over his shoulder in a fireman's lift.

"Jasper! Put me down!"

He reached our room and gently laid me on our bed.

Taking my hand he kissed up my arm across my shoulder and up my neck.

I was giggling by the time he reached my face, he gazed lovingly into my eyes for a second before an evil grin split across his face.

My eyes widened "Jasper…"

I screamed as loud as I could as he tickled me again, chuckling quietly he began placing kisses on my neck his touch turning to soft caresses.

I felt a vision pulling at my mind but refused to look keeping my focus one hundred percent on my glorious husband.

His fingers slowly began undoing the buttons of my shirt his lips still attached to my neck.

I ran my fingers lovingly through his hair, he sat up to gaze into my eyes letting his love wash over me.

I ran my hands under his tee-shirt pushing it up, he quickly sat up pulling it over his head whilst I discarded my shirt.

I was lost in his eyes as he leant back over me, love and lust swirled in the air like fog and I couldn't wait any longer I pulled his face down and his lips met mine.


The door was ripped from it's hinges as Bella burst in.

"Oh my God!"

I looked over to see her standing staring wide eyed.

I could almost see the blush that couldn't come as she took in the scene before her.

"I thought…I heard…I'm so sorry."

She backed out slowly her face a picture of absolute mortification.

Sighing I turned back to see Jasper giving me a pleading look.

"We don't have a door." the annoyance was clear in my voice.

Someone was going to pay for this!

Jacob's laughter reached my ears as I marched down the stairs.

"I did try to stop you but you wouldn't listen." Edward was saying to Bella.

"What were they doing momma?" Renesmee asked innocently.

I entered the sitting room to find Jacob doubled over laughing so hard it was a miracle he could breath.

Bella was staring blankly at her daughter whilst Edward was hiding his smirk behind Bella's back.

"Playing scrabble!" I said sarcastically.

Jacob straightened up and grinned at me "Did you make it to a triple word score?"

An angry growl echoed from upstairs.

I stuck my tongue out at Jacob before turning to Bella.

From the look on her face the ground was not swallowing her fast enough, she refused to look at me as she spoke.

"Alice I am so sorry, it's just…when…you screamed."

Jacob snorted out another laugh raising an eyebrow at Edward who scowled back.

"I thought something was wrong, you were in danger."

I rolled my eyes.

"One day people in this family will come to realise I am perfectly capable of taking care of myself."

Bella bit her lip.

"Don't you think Edward would have reacted or didn't you realise I was with Jasper who has never failed to keep me safe, or that most attacks don't take place in a bedroom."

Edward stepped forward.

"Alice she said sorry, it was a misunderstanding, she was trying to help you. Can't you just let it go?"

He gave me a look that clearly said 'drop it or else!'

I glared back.

How would you like it if I came barging into the cottage?

He put his arm around Bella and I rolled my eyes before turning to head back upstairs.

This is not over! I warned him.

The rest of the day I spent with Jasper in our room talking things over.

Emmett and Rosalie returned around midday.

Emmett's booming laugh a clear indicator Jacob had wasted no time filling him in on the days events.

By the time Carlisle and Esme came home that evening I had come to a decision.

Dragging Jasper behind me I flew down the stairs.

"Family meeting now."

Carlisle looked around in confusion from my annoyed expression to Bella's embarrassed one.

Guess he hadn't been told yet.

"What's this about?" Esme asked as we sat down around the dinning table.

"I think it's time me and Jasper had our own place."

I pushed down the guilt and hurried to explain as hurt flashed in Esme's eyes.

"We don't want to leave the family or anything it's just it's got a bit more crowded recently and it would be nice to have our own space."

I looked around at everyone to see how they were taking the news.

Emmett looked a little surprised, Rosalie simply shrugged but gave me a small understanding smile, Bella was looking incredibly guilty a look I'm sure I mirrored when I glanced at Esme and Carlisle.

Both looked shocked and hurt.

I bit my lip looking at the table.

"Everyone else has lived separately at some point, surely it's our turn now."

I sounded like a petulant child.

Jasper rubbed calming circles on my hand with his thumb and I found the courage to look back at my father.

He had a guilty look on his face and was looking anywhere but Jasper.

I glanced at Edward to confirm my suspicions.

He's worried what could happen.

Edward nodded slightly whilst frowning.

Not you too, besides Bella's birthday when was the last time he slipped?

I glared at Edward.

He met my gaze with a look I was all to familiar with.

You don't hear his thoughts.

I sighed in frustration, what the hell did Jasper have to do to prove himself? Join a monastery?!

Edward chuckled at that thought.

"Alice what brought this on?" Carlisle asked.

Jacob and Emmett dissolved into laughter as Bella slumped in her chair trying to disappear.

"Bella broke our door." I answered hoping he'd put the rest together without me having to say it.

"What? Oh." understanding dawned on her face "Erm, why did Bella break your door?"

I rolled my eyes "She thought I was being attacked."

Jacobs snorts of laughter were starting to grate on my nerves, I know he's still a teenager but really is a little maturity to much to ask for?

"Yes I'm afraid it is." Edward answered for me.

"There must be some sort of compromise." Carlisle said.

He was looking at Esme's distraught face and I knew I had a battle on my hands.


I'm going with that.

"We've tried compromises. With everything that's happened in the last few years we just need some time to ourselves, but we still want to be close by. We don't want to leave."

I followed that up with my best puppy dog eyes.

Yes I'm shameless.

Poor Carlisle!

His eyes flickered from me to Esme several times, every fathers nightmare, stuck between his wife and daughter.

He sighed "I'm not promising anything Alice, but I suppose we could look into it for when we move."

He gave me a pleading look begging me to agree with him.

I grinned at the vision received.

We were getting our house!

I leapt up and ran to hug Carlisle.

"Thank you daddy."

"No promises!" he said again.

"I know." I smile sweetly.

Carlisle sighed again "You get your way don't you?"

I bit my lip still grinning.

"I think so."

He shook his head in defeat.

Looking at Esme my smile fell.

Mine and Jasper's sudden disappearance had been incredibly hard on her.

For the first two months after our return she'd barley let us out of her sight.

I realised my timing for this request wasn't great.

I knew from Jasper, Esme was terrified every time we left the house fearing we wouldn't return.

At this moment her face was a mask of blind panic and I suddenly got the strangest vision of her locking us all in the house and refusing to let us leave.

I shared a bewildered look with Edward who shrugged.



She looked at me with wide eyes. "you're going to leave again." She whispered.

Pain and guilt ripped through me. I heard a chair topple over as Jasper shot to his feet in response.

Calm quickly chased out the pain.

"No Esme." I stared into her eyes. "We're saying, we want to stay. We just need our own space like Edward and Bella have at the cottage."

I bit my lip fighting down the guilt. Yes I was sorry we had hurt Esme by leaving but there was only so many times I could apologise before it became meaningless.

Esme seemed to clam down, whether due to my reassurance or Jasper's gift I wasn't sure.

She stood pulling me into such a tight hug it was a good thing I didn't need to breath.

"I suppose I'd better start looking at some possible places I can fix up for you." her voice shook slightly as she spoke.

"Thank you." I whispered hugging her back.