This is your last warning - turn back if you do not like MxM pairings! The next chapter is coming up soon, I love writing about these two!

Koltira wasn't quite sure what had happened.

A few moments ago, he had been practising with Byfrost; now Thassarian was sitting mere feet away and he couldn't quite think straight. The older Death Knight was sitting back, relaxed; his icy blue eyes half closed. If Koltira didn't know him so well, he might have thought the human asleep. The pair had been friends ever since Koltira's 'rebirth' (as it was referred to) - the human had made friends with him, coaxed him into beginning his training properly instead of cowering in a corner. When there had been an influx of new recruits, the pair had started to share a room (although they'd gotten off lightly; Orbaz was sharing his room with a Tauren).

Koltira had only just realised how odd that was making him feel. At night, when they feigned sleep - in actuality, the undead simply used that time to rest a little and mull over what may have happened during the day - the elf could definitely hear Thassarian's slow breathing. Not that any of them truly felt the need to breathe, but it was a habit from life that proved troublesome to shake. The quiet sound had soothed him many a time. Even when they weren't in their shared room, Thassarian affected him. Just being near him made the younger knight flustered; if his blood was still warm he'd probably be bright red all the time. He knew what caused it.

Somehow, Koltira Deathweaver, once a mighty warrior who had slain hundreds... had fallen for a human. A male human. He most certainly had not expected it.

"What's wrong?" Thassarian's low voice made Koltira shiver as he swivelled round. "You stopped in mid swing, Kolt... Something must be up."
"N-nothing, Thass. Just wondering why we've not had orders today." A complete lie as to what he was thinking, but true that he was thinking about it... even if thoughts of Thassarian currently took priority.
"Eh, he's probably got those precious bloodsuckers doing paperwork or something." Koltira couldn't help sniggering at that, at least; only the Lich king himself seemed to care much for the San'layn. Right now, though, the elf glanced in Thassarian's direction and asked if he wanted to 'go make Rasuvious' unlife hell,' as they termed it. Usually this involved answering all of the recruit's questions before he could, usually lying to them in the process ("Oh yeah, we all go around wearing rabbit-skin thongs and spotty capes. All the time.").

By the time the sun fell, the two collapsed into their seperate beds and pretended to sleep. Thassarian could manage it quite easily, but Koltira found his thoughts turning to daydreams, and as most daydreams were wont to do, they degraded into mindless fantasy. There was no vision, merely sound and touch - and what good sounds they were. All he could hear was Thassarian whispering his name in gentle moans, rough lips on his whenever he wasn't, fingers twined each each other's hair or on their skin and--

He woke in a sweat, unable to sleep for the rest of the night.