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Pete froze. "Alana… hello." He glanced over at Myka. What could they say? What could their explanation be? Luckily, Myka – always the quick thinker – saved them.

"You told us that your brother was in hospital, and we thought it would be nice of us to visit him as well," Myka explained, with a compassionate and pitying expression. To her relief, Alana drank it right up, even though she hadn't even mentioned to them that she had a brother, let alone that he was in hospital.

"Oh, that's so sweet of y'all!" she gushed, and Myka inwardly winced, keeping a sweet smile plastered on her face.

"We were just leaving… places to go, people to see…" Pete tried to hint that they wanted to leave, but Alana wasn't the type to get hints, even if they lacked as much subtlety as that one.

"Oh, can't you stay?" she asked, and Pete shook his head, pretending to look really upset.

"No, we've just gotta get going. Come on Myka, honey." Pete took Myka's hand and practically dragged her out of the ward.

Once they were out in the cool air outside, Pete sighed. "That was close."

"Too right." Myka took her hand from Pete's, but then link her arm through his. "Come on."

"Where are we going?" Pete asked as they walked along the sidewalk.

"To a restaurant," Myka replied, and Pete grinned.

"Awesome." Myka refrained from mentioning that they were going on 'business matters', not just to eat. She'd burst Pete's bubble when they got there.

Pete pushed open the door of 'Elfie's Restaurante' and gestured for Myka to go on through. "And they said chivalry was dead," she commented, and Pete slid his arm around her waist. She whispered in his ear, "what a gentleman."

Pete ignored the shiver going up his spine at the tone of her voice, and tried to forget the fact that he would be sleeping in the same bedroom… and bed as Myka that night.

Damn it Pete, pull yourself together, she doesn't feel like that about you! You and your stupid fantasies, get it together!

A smiling woman walked up to them. "Can I help you?" she asked.

"A table for two," Pete requested politely, and she nodded.

"Please follow me."

They followed her to a small table, and Pete was about to sit down when Myka spoke. "Can we have somewhere a little more… private?" Myka asked the waitress, who smiled knowingly and they followed her towards a booth near the back of the restaurant. Myka smiled. "Thank you."

Myka! That couldn't have sounded anymore dirtier, could it? Honestly.

The waitress handed them two menus. "I'll be back for your drinks order in a minute."

Pete glanced at Myka. "Someplace more private?" he teased her and she gave him a sultry smile.

"Well, we don't want to be overheard talking about the Warehouse, do we?" she said innocently, as if no dirty thoughts had crossed through her head when she had requested somewhere more private. With Pete.

"Of course not." Pete felt slightly hurt that that was the only reason why she had said 'somewhere private.' Myka opened the menu and flicked through.

"Ugh." She made a face, and Pete chuckled.

"Problem?" he asked and she grimaced.

"Fast food," she wrinkled up her nose and Pete laughed.

"You picked the restaurant," he reminded her.

"That's because –" Myka was interrupted by the waitress.

"Can I take your drink order?" she asked sweetly and Myka looked at the drinks menu. She really needed caffeine, but she didn't want coffee. Coke had sugar in and she didn't eat sugar. Or drink it, either. Oh, who cares?

"Diet Coke please," she requested, stressing the diet word. The waitress wrote it down and glanced at Pete, smiling at him flirtatiously. Pete didn't miss the way Myka's eyes hardened and the glare she directed at the waitress. Was Myka… jealous?

"I'll have the same," he answered and put his arm around Myka possessively, making sure it was obvious. The waitress frowned, and walked away.

"What was that for?" Myka asked, noticing that Pete didn't move his arm away when the waitress left the booth.

"I can't have you getting… jealous," he teased her, and she narrowed her eyes.

"I was not jealous!" she retorted.

"Were too," Pete replied.

"Was not!" she denied the accusation again and looked up when the door opened with a tinkling of the little bell. "Shit! Pete, get down!"

She pushed Pete so that he wasn't looking at the newcomer. She was hit in the face with the force of the artefact as she was looking directly at it. A police badge. She swayed and blinked twice. She glanced at Pete, who had sat up and was staring at the door, which had closed behind the departed newcomer.

He jumped up and ran out of the diner, closely followed by Myka.

But Myka wasn't chasing the suspect.

Myka was chasing Pete.

In front of him, Pete could see the person running away. It was a man – a boy – maybe about fifteen or sixteen. And a lot fitter than Pete.

Their suspect turned a corner and disappeared from sight. Pete skidded to a halt and looked around the corner. Nothing and nobody.

He turned around and Myka ran into him, knocking him back onto the ground and landing heavily on top of him. Her fist slammed into his nose, her other fist into his gut. He grabbed her wrists, and moved so that he was on top of her, pinning her to the ground.

She continued to fight him, straining at the restraints his hands were making. He pinned her arms in a surrender position, basically sitting on her so she couldn't kick him, because boy could that girl kick!

Pete almost jumped in fright when the Farnsworth buzzed. "Can't talk now Artie!" he growled through gritted teeth even though Artie couldn't hear. Myka continued to fight him and his hand hit the Tesla at her belt. Concocting a plan in his head, the Farnsworth continued to buzz irritatingly.

3… 2… 1… Pete thought to himself, and leaped back, grabbing the Tesla from Myka's belt as he did so and landing in a crouch. Myka yelled and got up, but Pete was quicker. He pulled the trigger on the Tesla and a blast of electricity shot out. Myka flew back and landed on a heap on the ground. Thank god I charged the Tesla. Pete thought to himself, Myka would've beaten me to a pulp!

He ran over to her fallen body. She groaned, her eyes fluttering open and then closed again. "Myka?" he whispered softly and she groaned again.

"Ouch," she commented and he chuckled. He helped her to his feet, rescuing the still buzzing Farnsworth.

"What?" he replied and Claudia's face came into view on the screen.

"What happened to Myka?!" Claudia exclaimed, seeing the frazzled, frizzy haired, out of breath Myka and the heavily breathing Pete.

"Long story. Affected by the artefact," Pete explained quickly and Claudia raised her eyebrows. "What is it?"

"Artie wants an update," she informed them.

"Why can't Artie ask for himself?" Pete asked and Claudia chuckled.

"He's gone… somewhere with Leena. They're probably going to be some time," Claudia grinned and Pete laughed.

"What?" Myka asked, wondering why he was laughing.

"Claudia and I have a bet on whether there's a relationship between them," he explained.

"They so do," Claudia nodded, smirking and Myka smiled. "Leena and I have a bet on another couple…"

Her tone was quite mysterious. Myka looked sceptical. "And who would that be?"

"Oh, I'm sure we'll know when they come home. Bye!" Claudia disconnected, and then realized she hadn't actually gotten an update. Oh well. At least she knew Myka had been affected by the artefact. And that there was something going on between Pete and Myka.

They didn't call her a genius for nothing.

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