In one night, my life took an incredible turn. For better or worse, I still haven't decided. All I know is that one night and one boy made me see, really see, the world. I was pulled from my safe fantasies and thrown into reality. And that night, because of one blond boy, I changed.

I had grown up searching for that special person, the prince from fairy tales. The one who would wait until he had my entire heart, and I his, before even trying to pull me beneath the sheets for a passionate expression of our love. I was so focused on finding that guy, that I turned my nose up at the boys I had classes with, convinced that none of them would be good enough. Although I noticed that I had a slight attraction to the bad boys in movies, I shrugged it off. By eighth grade, when my classmates were experimenting with each other with their bodies, I was sitting at home and reading, perfectly content with the fact that I had never kissed a boy. Convinced that my experience, or lack thereof, wouldn't matter to the special someone I was looking for. My friends tried nonstop to get me to date around, but I happily refused. Going to parties was fun, but I just didn't feel like hooking up.

And then, the summer before my freshman year of high school, my parents announced that we would be moving. Not just to a different county or school district, but to a completely different state. And not only that, but we had only two weeks to pack up and hit the road. That meant two weeks to say good bye to my friends, the girls and boys who I had basically grown up with. Of course, they threw a huge going away party for me, inviting everyone from our soon-to-be freshman class. And when the party ended, I cried. And when we loaded everything into the car and Uhaul, I cried. I hadn't wanted to leave Richmond, Vermont and move to Ipswich, Massachusetts and attend some prestigious preppy school known as Spencer Academy for my freshman year.

That year, I acquired a nickname: the quiet girl. I didn't talk to anyone, didn't really try to make friends, did all of my homework on time, and spent the time when I wasn't in class in my dorm room. That was probably one of the very few good things about Spencer: dorm rooms and no parents to nag you. My roommate was always out doing something and coming in late, so I usually had the room to myself, which was nice. It meant I could relax on my computer and chat with my friends from Vermont.

I still remember my first day. Sure, it was everyone's first day, but they all knew each other. Which meant that they knew I was a newcomer. And I was the main topic of discussion among every group of friends. How do I know? Because every time I passed a group of students, they stopped talking and just watched me. Creepy, huh? I thought so.

That was also the day I learned of the Sons of Ipswich, the boys who had basically been famous since birth. Caleb Danvers, Pogue Parry, Reid Garwin, and Tyler Sims. The four boys who, in less than a month, basically ran the school. All because everyone knew of their ancestry. Girls, freshmen through seniors, probably had little cat fights over which one would be dating a Son after the current girlfriend. I fully agreed that the boys, especially Reid Garwin, were amazing to look at, even at the age of fourteen. But I didn't fall over my own shoes whenever they stepped into a room... or at least I made sure no one was watching when I did.

My sophomore year was relatively similar. I didn't talk to anyone, did all of my homework, and stayed in my room. But then, halfway through the year, everything changed. And I was the last one to know why it had changed. I had been sitting in class on a Monday, waiting for the final bell to ring so that I could escape the eyes of my peers, who seemed a little more interested in me than normal and to be honest it had creeped me out. When the bell finally rang, I grabbed my things and headed for the door. That was the first day Reid Garwin had ever spoken to me. As he was pushing past other students, he turned, smiled and said "hi". I even remember that my jaw had dropped, because none of the Sons of Ipswich talked to me, the quiet girl.

And the next day, it happened again. Reid Garwin talked to me. And instead of one word, he spoke three... at first. He had turned around in his seat at the beginning of a class and asked, "How are you?" After overcoming the shock, I had replied, and next thing I knew we were having a conversation that the teacher broke up so we'd pay attention. And so it went on. Every day, he would talk to me and I'd talk back. I should have been suspicious, but instead I was silently happy that the cute blond boy was paying attention to me. How naive I had been.

Two months passed, and we continued to have conversations. He truly seemed interested in me, asking about my life in Vermont, my family, my classes. Everything a friend would ask. After four months, our conversations continued outside of class, during lunch, free periods, and after school in each other's dorms. Things between us seemed to be going great, and I couldn't help but realize that I was looking forward to seeing him. And I realized that I had my first real crush.

And then, three months before the end of school, I found myself sitting in Reid's dorm, relaxing on his bed beside him, reading. His arm had slipped beneath my neck a while ago, his other hand holding a book. Yes. Who would have thought that the bad boy Reid Garwin reads? I surely didn't until my first time in his dorm, where I saw that both him and his roommate, Tyler Sims, each had bookshelves full of various books. This day, said roommate was MIA, but I hadn't minded. I had grown comfortable hanging out with Reid, with and without other people.

His arm shifted as he had closed his book and tossed it onto the floor. I hadn't thought anything of it, until he had slowly pulled my own book from my hands and tossed it on the floor as well. "You really need to stop reading those trashy romance novels."

I had chuckled, rolling my eyes. "For the hundredth time, they're not trashy."

"Sure they are. And they fill your head with unrealistic fantasies about guys," he countered playfully.

"They do not!" I laughed, gently punching him in the side and sitting up. "But at least the guys in books can really pleasure a girl."

"You think so?" he had asked, sitting up as well and shifting to look at me straight on.

"I know so," I had replied, still smiling.

"Says the girl who still hasn't been kissed," Reid had smirked, receiving a playful shove from me, almost knocking him off the edge of the bed. Before I had had a chance to jump off the bed, he had grabbed me, holding on firmly.

I had twisted my arm and at the same time tried to jump up in an attempt to get free, but instead ended up landing on my back on the bed, laughing and shouting at him to let go as I rolled around. He had moved over me in an attempt to stop my movements and effectively pinning me to the bed. And then something in his bright blue eyes had changed. The new gleam in his eyes was one that I would soon learn meant one thing. My breathing had faltered as his head had slowly bent toward mine.

"I can show you that the guys in books aren't the only ones who can pleasure a girl." His warm breath caressed my skin as his lips grazed my neck, making me inhale sharply. "Want me to?" His body had pressed against mine as his lips moved up my neck and across my jaw line, kissing a slow path to my lips. All I could do was whimper as my body began to tingle. His fingers had trailed down my side, sending a shiver through me, before slipping under the hem of my shirt. As soon as his fingers met my skin, I had arched up into him, letting out a little gasp. He had smirked, taking that as a yes, and had claimed my mouth.

I hate to admit it, but my first kiss had been amazing. His tongue had quickly learned the contours of my mouth as his hands learned every curve I possessed. I had become lost in the pleasure of his mouth against mine, his hands on me, that I allowed him to pull off one garment at a time, eager to reclaim his lips. Before I knew it, our bodies were flush against each other, skin on skin. His mouth had quickly dropped down to tease my nipples, drawing moan after moan from me as my hips arched against him. And then he had hovered over me, the tip of his manhood poised for penetration. Still slightly dazed by the pleasure of his mouth, I had spread my legs wider. And when he thrust into me for the first time, pleasure and pain exploded inside me, fighting for dominance. He pulled out and then plunged into me again, and again, his hips finding a fast rhythm that he liked. My body arched in time to his thrusts, and I felt my stomach clench, its pit becoming hotter.

I had grabbed at his shoulders, pulling him deeper into me as the heat turned to a burn, and my muscles began to convulse. The muscles in my center contracted as my nails dug into his skin, and then the first real wave of pleasure washed over me, followed by another, as my release came, and I cried in joy, "Oh, Reid!" And then I felt the shudders take his body as mine began to die down, and moments later, his release filled me. We had collapsed onto the bed and he rolled off me, both of us panting.

And then he had stood and began gathering my clothes, tossing them to me. Frowning, I had sat up. "What are you doing?"

He had glanced my way before grabbing his boxers and tugging them on. "I'm supposed to meet up with the guys soon."

Confused, I hadn't moved. "What?"

He looked at me again as he buttoned his jeans around his lean hips. "No offense, but Tyler doesn't like me leaving girls in our dorm after sex. So, you're going to have to leave."

"But... we...." I hadn't known what to say. I was so confused, and slightly hurt.

"We what?" he had asked, seeming somewhat amused.

"We... we just had sex," I said.

"Yeah, so? It was just sex. No big deal." Those words rang in my ears. Just sex. No big deal. I had numbly crawled from the bed and pulled on my clothes. He ushered me to the door and opened it, waving me out. Closing it behind us, he nodded at me. "Thanks for the fun. See you around." And then he had turned and walked down the hall.

I had slowly walked back to my own dorm, ignoring any and all people I saw. As soon as the dorm door closed behind me, realization had hit. I had just give Reid Garwin my virginity, and he had treated it like it was nothing. Like I was one of his usual play girls. I groaned, burying my face in my hands. I had let him turn me into a play thing. But the next day, I had realized that that wasn't the worst of it.

I had walked through the halls, trying to ignore the dull ache between my legs. Glancing around, it had seemed like more people were staring at me than normal. And then my roommate had run up to me and dragged me into the nearest girls bathroom, which was surprisingly empty. Her words shocked me.

"You let Reid win the bet?"

Frowning, I had asked, "What? What bet?"

"Aaron Abbott bet Reid that he couldn't get you into bed before the end of school," she had said quickly, looking slightly impressed. "In fact, most of us were sure he'd lose."

"I– what?"

"You had sex with Reid yesterday, right?"

"How... how do you know that?"

"Everyone knows!" she had exclaimed.

And that was when I had learned the truth. Reid had only started talking to me to he could get close to me, and then he had taken my virginity for his own sick pleasure. To win a stupid bet. After hearing that, I had returned to my dorm. Humiliation burned my face, sinking deeper into me the more I thought about what had happened. And when I was sure everyone was in their classes, I had called my parents and demanded that they send me back to Vermont. ASAP. They didn't know why, because I refused to tell them, but they had agreed. And three days later, we had been on our way back to my home town.

But it was too late. The change inside me had already begun. In fact, it had begun the moment Reid Garwin had kissed me.