*I do not own HoW, just the characters I made up. I know that is kind of all over the place and it's not like the normal plot of HoW either. I just loved Vincent too much to do that…

Chapter one

I slammed on the brakes of my 2008 black Mustang as a deer jumped out in front of me.

"Jesus Em!" barked my best friend Caitlin.

"Sooorry just trying to keep us from crashing," I retorted.

She rolled her eyes, "Whatever. Hey look over there!"

She pointed to the side of the dirt road to a boy who was standing out in the rain. His dark green jacket was soaked through, and the hood he had over his head didn't seem to be doing much to keep him dry.

"Pull over, he's hot." She stared ahead at him.

I looked at her like she was insane, "Yeah, hot for a potential rapist."

She shot me a glare, "What if his car broke down?"

I sighed and slowed to a stop next to him, Caitlin rolled down her window, "You ok?"

"Do I look ok?" he shouted over the downpour outside.

"Jackass," I mumbled, tugging on my long reddish brown hair and pressed my overgrown bangs down so they touched my eyelashes.

Caitlin ignored me, "Hop in."

"Thanks," he yelled as he climbed in the back seat after Caitlin got out to slide her seat up and let him in. (I had no backseat doors)

"So what brings you outside on such a lovely day?" I asked, as I looked over at Caitlin ogling him from the rearview mirror.

"My car broke down. All of my friends already left our camping site to go to a football game," he explained. "I was the last one."

"I'm Caitlin by the way," she said quickly.

"Nick," he simply told us. "And you are?"

"Emily," I focused on the never ending road in the middle of the woods.

"So where exactly are you two ladies going on a rainy night like this?" he asked quite suavely.

Caitlin giggled and turned around to look at him, "Well Emily wanted to go on a road trip to her home town. She grew up in this place called Ambrose but she and her parents moved out when she was like thirteen."

"Ambrose, never heard of it." Nick smirked at her.

I played with the radio, "It's an abandoned town. I just wanted to see it for old times sake."

Nick ignored me and continued talking to Caitlin, "So pretty girl, how old are you?"

"Nineteen," she blushed. "You?"

"Same," he touched the ends of her dirty blonde hair. "and where do you live now?"

"Baltimore," she climbed over the arm rest between us and into the back seat.

"Hey!" I teased. "Let's just make sure it stays PG back there."

Suddenly my car slowed to a stop when we reached a blue beat up pick up truck which was completely stopped in front of me. Nick's head popped up next to me, "Want me to check it out?"

"I got it," I mumbled as I walked out in the now drizzling rain. The sky was pretty much visible now and only a few droplets of water fell from afternoon sky.

"Hey!" I called, walking up to the car.

The door of the pickup shot open and a lanky man in his twenties walked out, "Can I help you baby?"

I grimaced at him. He had beat up and dirty jeans on with a brown t-shirt which I suspected was once white. His hair was caked down with mud and he was missing a few teeth.

I tugged on my dark skinny jeans and studded belt, "Yeah, why are you stopped here?"

He looked me up and down then stopped right at my chest. I pulled up my black spaghetti-strap tank top and I held back vomit. He stepped closer and his stench danced across my nose, "Where do you think you're going anyway?"

I shot out my hip, "I was going to Ambrose."

"What business do you have there?" he stepped closer.

"I used to live there," I explained as he stepped even closer.

"Do I know you?" he asked.

I eyed him, "What's your name?"

"Lester," he said. "But I reckon I would remember if I ever met a girl like you."

I rolled my blue eyes, "Lester could you please just move your car?"

"What's your name," he walked nearer, only leaving a few feet between us.

"Emily," I said bravely. "Emily Costa."

"That's it!" he exclaimed and I tried to not jump up from being startled.


"That's how I know you! Your parents were the dentists at Ambrose a while back. And you, you're Emily? Little Emily?" he closed the distance between us.

This guy looks like he hasn't seen a dentist his whole life…

"Yeah…I'm sorry but I don't know you," I mumbled.

"You probably don't. But I remember my brother Bo and you dated back when ya'll were just little teenagers."


"BO!?" I nearly jumped out of my black and white sneakers.

"Yeah, he works up at the gas station. You should pay him a visit. I'll move my truck," Lester rushed back to his truck and pulled it away.

I climbed back into my car, chewing on what just happened.

"You ok? I thought he was going to kidnap you," Caitlin said from the backseat.

"Yeah," I mumbled. "Do you remember Bo? My first boyfriend."

"You have said a few things about him. Why?"

"Because he lives here," I started driving forward.

We drove quietly on the dirt road until we reached the end of the street. It was a big puddle of water with a few rocks in it, Ambrose was on the other side.

I looked back at them, "I think we have to walk."

"What?" Caitlin screeched.

"C'mon I'll carry you." Nick rubbed his short buzzed blonde hair.


We walked into Ambrose and it looked like nobody lived here for years. I seriously wouldn't be surprised if tumbleweed flew by us a few times.

"Hello?" Nick called, sounding annoyed. "There's nobody here. That idiot hillbilly lied to us."

"Shutup," I snapped.

I couldn't help but feel like I was being watched so I did a quick 360 and saw nothing but a laundrey mat, pet store, the old church, and a few other stores.

My eyes stopped on a house at the end of the road on a small hill, it was large and wooden. It looked as if it had been laying up on the hill for years, not touched by mankind or anything living.

"This place is creepy," Caitlin muttered.

"I like it," I said as I walked over to the garage and touched one of the old gas pumps.

"Can I help ya'll?" someone opened the gas station door and Caitlin and I jumped up.

She leapt away and over to Nick who was staring into the pet store window.

"Thanks Cate," I mumbled and turned to face who was standing behind me.

"Emily?" the tall man questioned.

"Bo?" I stared at him.

"My god! I haven't seen you since you moved!" he embraced me in a tight hug.

"I've missed you!" I hugged him back.

Bo was my first love. My first everything. Well except for sex… I WAS only thirteen. He and I were the best of friends when we were kids. He was always in trouble in school, always in a fight of some sort. The principal was going to suspend him but then got the idea to pair him with me and have me 'turn his life around'. I was chosen because I was the quiet one, I didn't really have any friends in Ambrose. But when Bo and I met we immediately became friends. Then we started dating.

He liked me because I wouldn't take his shit.

I liked him because he was the bad boy.

But a few weeks before I had to move Bo and I decided to stay best friends. The fire we once had together was no longer there.

"Why are you back?" he asked, eyeing Nick and Caitlin.

"Because I wanted to see this place again, to see you and…" I drifted off, not wanting my two companions to hear the last part.

Bo mumbled, "Vincent and I have missed you."

"I've missed both of you." I whispered. "How is my artist?"

"He's fine. At the house in his room, he's working on some new stuff for the House of Wax."

"Can I see him?" I begged.

He sighed, "Fine. But don't sneak up on him, I don't need him to behead you. The freak almost did once before."

I giggled and hugged him, "Thank you. Oh and Bo?"

He looked down at me, "Yeah?"

"I don't want to come back to see my friends as new members to the House of Wax, please."

Bo smirked, "Only for you."

I hugged him one last time before running over to Caitlin and Nick, "I'll be right back. I need to see something."

"I'm coming," Caitlin demanded.

"No," I said too quickly. "I'm fine. Trust me. By the way that's Bo over there, go talk to him."

"He's kinda shady," Nick eyed him.

"He won't do anything," I smirked to myself, knowing that Bo would have them killed if I hadn't said anything.

I walked away and towards the Sinclair house at the end of the road.

Bo had told me everything that he and his brother Vincent were doing for their mother, they would kill tourists or anyone who stepped onto the lands near Ambrose and then immobilize them forever in wax. The victims would be put on display in the House of Wax next to their home and set up for no one's entertainment being that nobody who came to this town lived to enjoy the House of Wax.

Bo introduced me to his twin brother Vincent when he told me about it. Surprisingly, I wasn't scared at all of the wax faced boy. Vincent and Bo didn't really get along though. Bo would tease his brother and Vincent would just ignore it, then go and paint or create something wonderful in his chamber where he lived.

I would always sneak into the basement where Vincent lived through the House of Wax, then sit and watch him paint for hours. Vincent didn't mind at all, he even seemed to like the company. He and I shared a bond which we couldn't explain and that Bo didn't really like so much. Vincent and I never really spoke to each other, his vocal cords were deformed because of being a Siamese twin before his surgery and he had trouble speaking, only muttering a few words every now and then.

There was one time I remembered that he spoke to me and he said, "The hardest thing to do is watch the one you love, love someone else."

And I knew he meant Bo and I.

I walked up the creaking porch and opened the front door, stepping inside. The house looked exactly the same as it did when I was a kid, old fashioned and slightly empty feeling. I remembered whenever I would come here I always felt safe, knowing Bo and Vincent would be there.

I walked up the stairs through the dimly lit house and my heart rate increased by a million miles an hour, "Vincent?"

My breath quickened as I opened his bedroom door to reveal a bunch of hospital looking beds. I could hear my heartbeat in my ears as I walked over to one of them and touched it softly.

I felt something behind me and spun around quickly to find myself face to face with a man who was nearly two feet taller than myself.

"Vincent?" I gasped, looking up at the man. His long black hair was as long as mine and his face was expressionless, a wax mask plastered onto it.

He looked down at me.

"It's me," I breathed. "Emily."

He stepped back and stared at me.

"I missed you!" I ran over and embraced him in a hug. He tensed a little.

"Do you remember me?"

He nodded.

I smiled, "I came to see Ambrose again. I already saw Bo."

He nodded again.

"Please say something," I begged. "I miss your voice."

"I missed you," he said so softly I could barely hear it.