Bo sat next to me on the wooden dock where Vincent and I had sat about ten years before. His hand and mine were held tightly, resting in my lap as I rested my head on his shoulder. The warm summer air wasn't too overbearing because of the trees over the lake, providing just enough warmth to keep the lake from being below freezing like it usually was and at a comfortable temperature. A small girl about eight years old with jet black wavy hair and deep blue eyes swam around in the lake, laughing as she splashed her twin brother who had matching features. Both of the children were pale skinned and tall, the boy had shaggy hair while the girls flowed down to her waist tamely.

"Trudy be careful," I yelled to the girl who was attempting to drown her brother.

Bo laughed next to me, "That girl is just like her mother."

I smiled up at him, "How am I that aggressive?"

"You always beat me up," he teased, leaning into my shoulder a little.

"If anything she's just like her father."

The boy swam away from his sister, whirling a few feet away to float on his back and stare at the baby blue sky. His eyes were closed and his arms outstretched, showing he was deep in thought.

"And that boy is just like his uncle," I said softly, a soft smile showing through my eyes.

"Trudy! Vincent!" Bo exclaimed, getting the twins attention. "Come dry off and be back at the house in ten minutes."

"Kay daddy," Trudy hollered back, pouncing on her brother.

"Jesus baby girl, be careful," Bo sighed, standing up then grabbing me by my waist to lift me up over his shoulder. I shrieked and laughed.

"Bo, stop!" he held me as he walked back to the house.

Once we got onto the newly replaced wooden deck in front of the Sinclair home, my home, he plopped me down onto the first step and immediately pulled me into a deep kiss.

"That's my girl," he murmured into my lips.

I kissed him once more before jumping up to the top step and walking into the house. As soon as the door opened I was greeted by the sweet smell of food on the stove and a nearly thirty year old blonde woman slaving away at the oven.

"Cait," I poked her in the side.

She screamed and turned around quickly, "Jesus Christ!"

We leapt into each others arms and squealed.

"I've missed you!" we both said at the same time.

"Where's Nicky?" I asked, pulling back.

"Hey there ladies." A man came from the living room, shaking hands with Bo before hugging me quickly.

"Mommy! Where's Trudy and Vincent?" a small blonde haired girl popped out from behind Nick, her short shoulder length curly hair bouncing around her pink dress.

"They're comin," Bo said, putting an arm around my waist as he walked past me to get to the other side of the kitchen.

"Why don't you go play pool while you wait?" Nick suggested, patting the petite girl on the head before she danced away into the other room.

Caitlin sat down at the kitchen table next to me, Bo and Nick took a seat in the other two open chairs.

"So how is Florida?" I asked, feeling Bo's hand on my knee under the table.

"Nice," Caitlin said. "It's too bad you guys couldn't make it to our wedding."

I sighed, "Yeah, you know that we couldn't though. It's too risky."

"Doesn't it bother you?" her voice lowered. "Having to hide from the outside world all the time?"

"I don't consider it hiding. I love my life. I have Bo, my two kids, and our…family business."

"That's all we will ever need." Bo patted my shoulder.

And he was right. I, Emily Sinclair, finally obtained happiness. I had two amazing children, Trudy and Vincent. I had a loving husband who treated me like I was his life. I had a beautiful home in complete isolation to raise my family, away from the horrible world that surrounded us. And I had the memory of a past love, my one and only Vincent Sinclair who showed me that no matter what, love will always be in your heart.