Ponyboy's POV

I'm still not sure how long I was asleep for. I only had time to realize that it was already into the afternoon by looking at the clock, when I cringed in pain. I thought for a fleeting second I was having a heart attack- when I realized the pain was on my right side. This brought a tiny bit of comfort.

"Soda..." I groaned, it hurt to talk too loud, "Darry...is anyone home?" Darry came into the room slowly. "Yeah?" "My stomach hurts...I mean, it really hurts. Right here. Not where it normally hurts." His eyes widened in concern. "You feel sick?" "Yeah, but I don't want to move." "Here, sit up."

The second I sat up, I began to shake- I was cold. "Let me lie down...I'm cold, Darry." "You're burning up, Pony. Your stomach still hurting?" "Yeah...please let me lie down." I felt like a little kid again. "You real cold?" "Yes," I moaned, "I don't want to sit up..." He slowly laid me back down and pulled the sheets up to my chin. "You think you're gonna be sick?" he asked. "I dunno," I said, "It hurts to sit up, and it's cold." "It's okay," he said, "Just calm down...I'll stay here." I really felt like a kid now.

It seemed like a long time, but my stomach stopped hurting eventually. "Darry," I muttered, "You still here?" I had my eyes squeezed shut incase the pain came back. "Yeah, whaddaya need?" "I feel a bit better now..." "Hungry?" "No," "It's been nearly seventeen hours since you ate last." "I don't wanna think about eating now." "Okay, just don't move." I fell asleep soon after, mostly because I wanted to stop feeling so sick for a little while.