I started this idea when I was upset.

I've been in a funk lately.

Then I woke up yesterday thinking I was gonna have to be on soft foods forever because I thought I was swollen again and it ended up just being a packet of blood from brushing too hard the night before.

So, now I can CHEW FOODS as long as they're not hard!

I am sooooo excited!

So this story will be angst and fluff.


I wanted to try something different…so I hope you like it.


The last time that he saw her he had been pretty broken hearted over everything that he knew was about to come. They'd spent an entire week together and it had been the best week he'd ever had, but he couldn't admit it to her—especially when he knew that deep down her heart really belonged to her boyfriend. What they had shared that week they spent together hadn't been taking advantage, it hadn't been underhanded, it hadn't been cheating—it had just been her rebounding from her current boyfriend dumping her back then, and he never expected to feel that broken up about it.

How was he going to be able to deal with her leaving him? How?

"Good morning." She told him, smiling a little as she packed up her duffle.

He watched her lean over and stuff a shirt into the bag, and couldn't help but rake his eyes over her so that he could keep the image in his mind's eye forever. Her long, perfect legs, the way she always wore jeans and skirts that accented her hind quarters and her legs—in fact she always seemed to wear clothes in general that flattered her assets. He was going to miss the way her hair smelled, the way she smiled, the way she cocked her eye brows…he was going to miss the way her warm hazel eyes sparkled when she talked about things…God, he was going to miss everything.

"You look like you're packing." He told her, and he knew it was lame because obviously she was packing, but he didn't know how to make her stay…he didn't know how to not fumble over his words around her.

She nodded and looked at him, plopping down on the bed and looking up at him, her hands in her lap. She tended to bite her lip and wring her hands when she was nervous about things, and he really didn't know what she had that was making her so nervous. He sat down next to her, neither of them ever breaking the eye contact between them, and she smiled a little at him, sad to go but knowing she had to. He had been so honest with her and she accepted it, and she was willing to live with it…but she couldn't deny that her heart wasn't in the relationship they'd formed. The week had been magical for her, and she wished she didn't have to say 'goodbye' to it, but she had to be fair to him…no matter how much she wanted to be selfish and stay.

"He called me today…" She began and then she shook her head—that wasn't how she'd wanted to say it—and she took a deep breath. "Thank you for spending time with me this week, Dean…I really will always remember it, but…I just have to go back."

Dean nodded slowly. "Because he called?"

She shook her head. "No, no…because some stuff happened and Blondie needs me."

Dean made a face. "How can you still be friends with her after what she put you through?"

"Hoes over bros." She replied with a small shrug.

Dean nodded because he understood her loyalty—cherished it—and he knew that no matter how badly she was hurt, she was going to help. He hadn't been expecting her to reach over and take his hand, squeezing it in hers, and then leaning forward, their eyes locked, slowly pressing her lips to his. The moment he responded to it they closed their eyes and leaned into each other, everything flooding back to him—how could he just let her leave? He couldn't.

The same thing kept pounding over and over again in his mind: He couldn't. So he slipped his hand up into her hair, and then bit her bottom lip softly and she just nodded a little and pushed her duffle off of the bed. They were used to this dance—they'd been doing it all week—and she even smiled a little when he climbed on top of her and nibbled at her jaw line, making his way down to the hollow of her throat and biting down softly. She rather adored Dean Winchester, and she was rather thankful for him, but she knew he deserved so much better than her…that's why she had to leave.

"Dean?" She breathed out, closing her eyes and nodding as the soft bites continued to her chest.

Dean nodded and said as strongly as he could, "You can leave after."

Now she was sitting next to him, both of them kind of awkwardly waiting for the other one to speak first, but they didn't know what to say. Both of them had known they'd see each other again when Sam and Haley called them both to a very intimate four person dinner, and at first they wondered why just them four, but it made sense in the long run. Sam was Dean's little brother, and Haley had to have her best friend there to support her. So even though Sam and Haley were catching Dean's glances at the woman on his dreams, she kept her eyes fixed on Haley, making small talk with the happy couple.

"I know we're all probably really hungry, but come on—you have to have a reason for inviting us to dinner." She told Haley and Sam with a smile on her face. "You two aren't like…knocked up or something are you?"

Haley made a face at her as Dean laughed at her joke, Sam shaking his head and grinning at the girl that has easily found her way into his heart—easily made her way into their family. In fact she had a habit of growing on people, and Dean knew he was living proof of that…he couldn't stop thinking about her. He had been getting better as of late, not having to see her, but even after a whole year it was making a tightening happen in his chest that he hadn't been expecting to have at all.

"We're actually hear to share a different sort of news with you, and we're trying rather desperately to figure out how to ask you what we want to ask you—you both deserve better than I can form words for." Haley explained, and then after she and Sam exchanged happy, warm, loving glances, Sam held up Haley's left hand to show off the engagement ring. "We're getting married."

Dean was thrilled for Sam, and yet he was stunned, Haley beaming the second her best friend let out her squeal of utter glee and jumped up from the table to go over and pull Haley into a fond embrace. Following suit, Dean got up and went to shake his brother's hand, glancing over at her briefly as she fawned over Haley's engagement ring and then looking up into his brother's eyes. He smiled at his brother, who was starting to catch on even more that Dean was hiding some serious feelings, but Dean was stubborn and he wouldn't admit it…ever.

"Congratulations, Sammy." Dean told his brother, smiling at him fondly. "I'm really happy for you and Hales, I hope you know that."

Sam nodded at him. "Yeah, yeah, I know, Dean. Hey…Haley and I really wanted you to be Best Man."

"And of course since you're my best friend, Brooke, you have to be Maid of Honor." Haley told Brooke as Brooke hugged her again.

Brooke beamed at Haley. "I'd be honored."

"Me too." Dean told Sam.

Brooke and Dean exchanged a look and then it dawned on Dean a way to win her heart…or at least a way to be close to her again—he was going to have to work on every detail of this wedding with her.

Note: Yep, that's right…DEAN is the one in love. I already love this story…so enjoy! Feedback is love.