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Dean hadn't been in the least bit happy about Lucas calling Brooke in the middle of his and Brooke's lunch, but he couldn't stop him—Lucas was Brooke's boyfriend. He hated that Lucas had Brooke and he didn't, but he had no choice but to just sit back and accept that Brooke wasn't his. Dean had, had the chance to fight her on leaving, but he hadn't done that…he'd just let her run back to Peyton, and go back into Lucas' arms.

Brooke actually wasn't incredibly excited about Lucas calling her either—he was her boyfriend, but she had things to get done for Haley that she and Dean needed to focus on. On the other hand, talking to Lucas kept her from thinking about how happy she had been with Dean a year ago, and she knew those thoughts would confuse her. So, perhaps it actually was better that Lucas was on the phone with her right then.

"Where are you, Pretty Girl?" Lucas asked her, a smile on his face as he rummaged through some old things. "I called Hales and she told me she didn't know where you ran off to."

Brooke blushed a little. "Dean and I are taking care of some wedding planning stuff, Luke."

"Dean?" Lucas asked skeptically, laughing a bit. "He's honestly helping you with wedding planning?"

"For your information he is actually quite handy with this—he cares about his brother enough to help me to take some stress out of Sam's and Haley's lives, so lay off." Brooke told him lovingly.

Dean smiled a little at the protection in Brooke's voice as she stood up for him to her boyfriend, and her tone made him feel a little hopeful. Sure she was being loving about it and he knew that she was definitely not saying these things because she was in love with him or anything, but it made Dean feel a little better nonetheless. He watched Brooke as she talked on the phone and he wished he didn't like it so much when her lips moved when she spoke…or how he liked how her hair bounced a little when she moved her head…Dean had it bad and he knew it—he had to snap out of this.

"I was hoping that I could take you to dinner tonight." Lucas told Brooke with a smile on his face. "Peyton told me this great place to go and I really just wanted to spend some time with you, one on one."

Brooke smiled softly. "I'd like that, Luke. What time should I be ready?"

"I'd say around 7:30. Does that work for you, Pretty Girl?" Lucas asked her.

Dean swallowed down the lump in his throat when he heard Brooke making dinner plans with Lucas. The wheels started turning in his head and he realized that no matter what he did, tonight he had to get back on his game. He was just going to drive himself crazy pining for Brooke—she was taken and she loved every second of it.

Brooke was definitely glad that Lucas had made them some dinner plans, but at the same time she was feeling skeptical and guilty. The fact that she was jealous that Peyton had suggested the restaurant made her almost hate herself because she had Lucas—not Peyton. At the same time Brooke knew that Lucas' and Peyton's friendship had found a way to romance before and her slight miss-trust was well earned. Still…he was her boyfriend, and she knew that she should trust him more than she trusted Dean…so why didn't she?

"I'm super sorry about that." Brooke told Dean as she pocketed her phone.

Dean waved it off and made sure he was composed. "Its fine, I get it—so where's he taking you?"

"It's a surprise…today just seems to be full of them." Brooke said with a smile.

"Well we just know how much you like them." Dean told her with a wink.

Brooke grinned at him and then she looked back at her notebook and she looked at her note there: 'Forest Green to bring out the green in Dean's hazel eyes'. His eyes really were kind of magical—that had always been true about Dean. She'd noticed his eyes and the amazing life of their own that they had back when the two of them had first met each other. There were just things about Dean that any normal girl would notice—whether she was attached to another man or not.

There was still something eating away at Brooke though—it was that the attraction between her and Dean was still so strong. At the same time, Brooke was convinced that Dean was simply being friendly and wanted to help with his brother's wedding, so why was she reading so much into this? She had absolutely no good reason to think that Dean was even still interested in her! That was conceited of her!

"I'm thinking we should move lunch to my place." Brooke told Dean with a smile. "I'm thinking that some take-out would be nice…or perhaps we could order pizza in and lounge on the couch."

Dean nodded slowly. "Yeah…I'm up for that."

"Great!" Brooke exclaimed quickly. "Let's go then!"

This was the second time that they would be moving venues today, but Brooke felt like she had to. This place held far too many memories for her and she needed to be someplace where she felt like she could collect her thoughts because she was feeling confused. She got up with a smile and Dean followed closely behind her as she closed her notebook, both of them standing outside, stopping right to the right of the bar, Brooke close to touching the outside of it. She rummaged through her purse to make sure she had her house key on it, and in her quickness, dropped the keys on the ground.

Dean immediately bent down when Brooke dropped the keys and she found herself holding her breath even though she knew this situation didn't warrant that. He picked the keys up off of the ground and as his eyes adjusted, he realized how close to her legs that he was. She was wearing a skirt and her legs looked so soft and warm, and he realized that he was slowly straightening up, raking his eyes over her, wishing his hands were touching her right then…wishing he could take her right up against the side of the bar.

Brooke swallowed as Dean's movement slowed, licking her lips and trying to regain moisture in her mouth. She could remember a time when she and Dean had tried sex up against a well and though they were outside by the side of the bar, it was pretty much the same thing. He'd been so perfect—he was always was as far as Brooke was concerned—and they'd tried so many new things together and for some reason that was all Brooke could think about right then. She was looking down at him, catching his eyes raking over her legs and she could almost see how hard Dean was trying not to look up her skirt and Brooke closed her eyes.

"Your shirt looks better on me than it looks on you." Brooke told Dean with a playful shrug, unbuttoning the two top buttons of his button-up.

Dean smirked at her, naked under the sheet on the bed. "I definitely have to agree with you there, Brookie Cookie."

Brooke smiled at him and it dawned on her that she hated it when anyone called her that—when anyone but Dean called her that. Dean smiled back and his eyes raked over her body, knowing that behind those buttons, was a very naked Brooke Davis. He loved the way that the sleeves were too long for her and his torso was too, and the way the shirt draped on her just put him right back into the mood.

"What?" Brooke asked him, watching his eyes. "You're undressing me with your mind, aren't you?"

"You know me too well, Brooke Davis." Dean told her, their eyes meeting.

Brooke rolled her eyes. "I already told you, Dean—I don't believe a damn thing that anyone has had the nerve to repeat as gossip."

"And why don't you?" Dean asked her, sitting up completely on the bed.

"Because I know you." Brooke replied with a shrug.

Dean really couldn't stop himself now—not only was she spouting off that she knew him, but she believed in him. She believed that he was this hero—this amazing man—and for some reason hearing her talk like that, made him believe that, and so he got off of the bed and made his way over to her. Brooke wrapped her arms around his neck, smiling into the kiss he placed firmly on her lips, wrapping her legs around him when he hoisted her up a little.

She moaned into his mouth when he pinned her hard against the wall, and then he chuckled and nipped at her bottom lip with his teeth. She squeezed her hips, smirking a little and letting her head rest back against the wall when the action made him press his member against her. He moved his body against hers, their sexes rubbing together intimately, Brooke resituating her hands so she had a better hold on him.

"That's my hero." Brooke whispered, closing her eyes and grasping his hair with one hand and his shoulder with another as he pushed his flesh inside hers. "Someone likes being called a 'hero'."

Dean moved his body hard against hers, moving inside her easily. "Only by you, Princess."

"Is that so…Hero?" Brooke asked, making a pleased noise as Dean nodded against her and increased the tempo, pressing her to the wall.

Brooke smiled as she let Dean do to her body what he wanted, making pleased sounds as he nibbled on her neck, his hands running along her legs. They'd make their way into her hair and then run along her skin, and Brooke honestly couldn't think of any better feeling in the world. She found her world being ripped from focus for a moment as she climaxed, Dean holding firmly onto her and moving them, lying her down on the bed.

He didn't break the intimate contact between them at all, either—he laid her down and then after applying kisses to her mouth as her body shuddered pleasantly, he moved his body against hers against. It was brief at first, like he was getting her used to the new position, and then when she smiled dreamily, her eyes closed, and whispered 'hero', he bucked against her three more times before he found himself releasing deep inside of her.

She stroked his hair and pulled him to her, kissing him lovingly, Dean waiting a few moments before slowly pulling out of her. He smirked a little into the kiss they were sharing when she let out a soft sound of protest, and rested his body against hers, fingers nimbly going to the buttons on her shirt and unbuttoning every last one. Dean sat up a moment, Brooke following him, the kiss still resuming, both of them getting the shirt off and dropping it onto the floor, lying back down and kissing one another.

"If you wanted the shirt off so bad, you could have asked." Brooke teased breathlessly.

Dean chuckled softly. "This way was so much more fun and satisfying though, wasn't it?"

"I still don't believe them." Brooke told him firmly.

Dean swallowed as he looked her in the eye, believing every word that she said to him as she stroked his cheek with care. He didn't understand why she was being so loving, but she did—she cared about him so much she couldn't bare to see him think badly of himself. Brooke firmly believed that Dean Winchester was a man of substance who was afraid of needing someone…afraid of needing protection…afraid of love—and she believed above all else that he was hero…and that he deserved to be loved, cherished, respected and appreciated.

"Careful, Princess—I may have to show you what happens to people who call me 'hero' again." Dean warned playfully, kissing her and cursing himself for how wonderful it felt—cursing himself for loving Brooke Davis so damn much.

Brooke smiled at him. "Yeah…I don't think I've learned my lesson yet, Hero."

"You were warned, Princess." Dean told her, stroking her hair and looking her in the eye softly, loving this woman to death and not having the courage to do anything about it.

"I know…Hero." Brooke whispered, kissing him passionately and slipping her fingers into his hair.

Brooke was now aware that she was closing her eyes and thinking about things that she shouldn't think about, so she opened her eyes. It had been an entire year since she and Dean had spent that week together and she was supposed to be over it. So why was it that suddenly they were thrown together in the same vicinity and all she could think about was how badly she missed what she and Dean had been?

Dean had trusted her, and he had been truthful with her, and every time he'd looked at her, he'd looked at her with such love and respect. Lucas had looked at her like that before, but Lucas had never let her in the way that Dean had and yet…yet Brooke was still so sure that she loved Lucas. Honestly he'd been there for her so often in High School—always pushing her to be better than she was and always supporting her in everything that she did…but Dean made her feel more like herself.

Brooke felt slightly guarded around Lucas and she got that—he'd betrayed her with her best friend—but she loved him. He'd been nothing but kind and considerate and loving since they'd gotten back together and she couldn't dwell on the past. Maybe that was what was eating away at Brooke so much? Maybe it was that being back around Dean and thinking about the beautiful relationship that they had had, was reminding her of what she and Lucas could potentially become…what they were potentially on their way to becoming…maybe?

Dean resisted the temptation to reach over and push the stray hair out of Brooke's face, remembering the same memory that she had remembered. He hadn't moved either and he was breathing on her, both of them actually enjoying how close they were, no matter the confusing thoughts running through Brooke's mind. He had to just give her the keys and let her go, but the images just kept flashing through his mind.

It was even worse when her head slowly tilted upwards and their eyes met, Brooke biting her lip, which made Dean glance at her lips momentarily. Brooke felt her heart practically leap up into her throat because she wanted to be kissed right then…but she couldn't let it be by Dean. She had a boyfriend—his name was Lucas Scott—and she couldn't let Dean believe that they could be what they had been once before…it wouldn't be fair to him…Hell, she realized in that moment that it wouldn't be fair to her.

Dean's eyes moved slowly back up her face, Brooke trying to keep her breathing from being erratic, their lust-filled hazel eyes meeting again. Brooke knew she had to move, but for some reason she just felt like Dean's body was getting closer and closer to hers, and she actually wanted it that way…and she was trying to talk herself out of that. Dean was trying to talk himself out of wanting the closeness too—there was no way he wanted Brooke to cheat on Lucas…just possibly leave Lucas and then eventually end up with him…that's all he wanted.

"You dropped this." Came the deep voice of a large man with tattoos on his biceps.

Brooke and Dean both broke away from each other rather abruptly, a blush rising in Brooke's cheeks at the man's reaction to them. He was smirking, and he seemed to think that he had interrupted a little something-something and though sorry about it, he thought that Brooke was cute acting all embarrassed. Dean reached out and took the picture from the man that had fallen from Brooke's notebook for the wedding, and nodded at the man.

"Thank you." Dean told him.

The man nodded and after winking at Dean, headed back into the bar and Brooke swallowed. She was a little upset that the man was giving Dean permission to continue what he had been doing, but at the same time she wasn't. Brooke just knew that if she didn't pretend to be upset, then she would ruin everything. If there was one thing that Brooke and Dean completely agreed on, it was that they didn't want anything to get in between them getting to spend time together—not even their own hormones.

"Well he was pervy." Brooke managed to say, taking the picture from Dean when he handed it out to her.

Dean smiled a little and nodded, handing her the keys too. "He wanted me to have at you."

"As if we're no better than animals." Brooke replied pushing the stray hair out of her face that Dean had wanted to caress so badly before.

"Well you might be, but I'm not." Dean told her.

Brooke cursed herself when she shivered at that comment, remembering again how Dean used to nibble on her flesh and how much she liked that. It almost felt like the two of them had been together recently—that was how vividly Brooke was remembering his touch and it was making her want it. She couldn't…she loved Lucas…she just lusted for Dean right now…there was a big difference!

Dean took a breath. "Can I ask you something?"

"You can ask me anything." Brooke replied, heading for the car.

"Do you really think I'm a hero?" Dean asked her.

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