I don't know why I suddenly decided to write a sad one-shot but I was listening to Run by Leona Lewis (how it got on my iPod among all of the Simple Plan, MCR and All American Rejects songs I don't know. . *stares at sister accusingly*) But I'm glad she put it there, even if it was an 'accident' because I got this idea, or the ending anyway, I had to think up the beginning and middle XD.

Usually I'm not a Tamaki X Haruhi fan, I love Mori to bits but I decided to try Tamaki... even if he is a complete baka...

I have put whose POV it's in (and it will change throughout) but I think it you read on it will be fairly obvious.

I'll be Right beside You

I was just finishing up a meeting when I got the call.

I couldn't believe it.

She's what?


How long had it been like this?

I got the first flight to Japan.

I didn't care that grandmother had another meeting ready for me in an hour.

I had more important things to do.


I wriggled restlessly in my first class seat on the plane. I could have been on my private plane but grandmother made sure that wouldn't happen. The man in front of me threw his newspaper at me and hissed at me to go to sleep and let everyone else get some rest, oops.

I didn't go to sleep, I couldn't. So I sat back and thought about her. Kyouya rang me and told me she had just been hospitalised. Cancer, and not the star sign, not the tropic, it was the disease. 'Cancer of the heart' that was all Kyouya had chance to say before I slammed the phone down on him. I hope he's not mad about that...

It has two years since I stepped foot on Japanese soil, I miss that country, but also, when I came back to France I rediscovered my love for this one too and I'm glad I came back. Even if it was just to stay with my mother in her last dying months. It turned out grandmother had a heart enough to let me see her when she was on her deathbed. Is Haruhi on hers now? She's never said anything and when Kyouya called me the first thing he said was 'Tamaki, something has happened and even I didn't expect it' so at least I know they didn't all go behind my back.

I couldn't help but wonder to myself whether she had been ill for long. She'd said some weird stuff before I left but I assumed it was because she was going to miss her daddy. My mind drifted to a memory, soon before the end of my third year of high school.

I'll sing one last time for you

Then we really have to go

You've been the only thing that's right

In all I've ever done

It was another ordinary day and I was lucky enough to be entering school at the same time as Haruhi so, as a father would normally do I rushed up to hug her. Haruhi seemed less grumpy than she usually was when I hugged her and called her 'daughter', even if she was my daughter, how else could I like her so much?

As I was saying, she looked less grumpy but still managed to frown (it looked so cute!)

'Senpai, get off me. We're going to be late to class,' her usual lines, she pulled at my arm once but gave up trying to escape, if that was even a valid attempt. She sighed, 'Senpai?'

'Yes my wonderful daughter?' another roll of her eyes.

'I've realised that all I've ever done is study. Staying in the host club, even with my debt free, is the only right decision I've made in a while. As much as I hate to admit it, being in the host club is really fun and I haven't let myself have much fun since before my mom died.'

'...' there was a moment of silence, she sounded really serious, like there was an underlying meaning to her short speech but I couldn't help myself, 'you're so adorable when you're serious!' I squealed.

'Senpai, I'll say this once more, we don't have much time,' Haruhi sighed again in irritation, sounding very miserable.

'For what?' Haruhi seemed to pause for a moment.

'To get to class,' I didn't realise at the time, but that wasn't all she meant. I was so dumb wasn't I? Thank God I've grown up a bit now.

I wailed, 'I'm sorry Haruhi! I've made you late for class!' then a sandwich wrapper hit me on the head and a magazine got me in the face. What? I don't remember that happening and it felt like it had really just happened.

'Shut up!' a few angry voices yelled at me. I blinked and rubbed my eyes, so I had managed to fall asleep. Did I say that last bit out loud? Oops again. I think I'm going to have to send some apology flowers to these passengers if I don't want an Anti-Tamaki club waiting at my door.

I know it's short but I'm going to base each chapter on a verse or two of the song so I couldn't really think of anything else. I thought it was going to be a one-shot but oh well. I hope you like the first chapter; the next one will be up soon, promise. I know the basics for each verse so it shouldn't take too long.

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