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I felt soft sheets around me and warm breath on my cheek then it drifted away. I embraced the warmth and half tried to listen to the conversations of the people around me, I could make out their voices but not what they were saying, I didn't really care, if I went to sleep the pain in my chest wouldn't feel so bad.

Louder, louder

And we'll run for our lives

I can hardly speak I understand

Why you can't raise your voice to say

I smiled and buried my head in the pillow... until I heard the sound of my dad throttling Tamaki, they just kept making more and more noise, they do knows this is a hospital right? I frowned and put a hand on my bedside table, searching for something to throw at them, I pulled myself up, wincing, and chucked the first cookie at the twins' heads, then my dad's, then Huni (although he seemed more please and just picked up the cookie and ate it).

'We're sorry Haruhi,' Tamaki muttered guiltily. I felt slightly less angry.

'I've got artificially flavour crumbs in my hair,' Hikaru ruined it with his annoying wailing.

'You're... so... loud,' I managed to grumble.

'Haru-chan's angry, it's scary. Run!' Huni shrieked, thankfully Mori put a hand over his mouth and gave him some cake to shut him up.

'I apologise for these idiots, Haruhi,' Kyouya sounded annoyed himself but I was already curled up into a ball with my eyes screwed shut. My heart rate was going weird again, it hurt, but I was already on the highest amount of medication that was a safe level so I'll just have to grin and bear it. I opened my mouth to say something then clamped it shut and gritted my teeth, I curled into a tighter ball, 'I will also forgive you for ignoring me, just this once,' I would have laughed if I could.

There was silence and finally I managed to drift into a light sleep, there was sort of a hazy light in front of my eyes, like a dream I couldn't quite focus into. There were pulses of light and what could have been birds... or maybe people.

There was a red pulse of light and my eyes snapped open and I sat up.

It hurt.

Understatement of the century.

There was the damn heart monitor beating again, stupid alert light flashing.

It hurts.

My arm is numb and I everything is fussy.

I don't want to die yet.

I haven't told him yet.

Not yet, please.

I hunched over and tried to breathe.

Not yet, please.



Light up, light up

As if you have the choice

Even if you can't hear my voice

I'll be right beside you, dear

I can see a light; I never thought there would be a real freaking light when I died. How cheesy does that sound? 'Go into the light!'

Why does heaven have a ceiling... and Tamaki?

'Nngh,' I groan. I'm in pain, nope, can't be dead yet. I guess that's a good thing. Nobody can hear my small groan, they're fighting. Again. But this time it's Kyouya being the annoyance. That damn hypocrite.

'What's wrong in being hopeful?'Hikaru was yelling. Kyouya strides towards him.

'It's false hope! You're making things harder for everyone and I am very, very tired,' Kyouya pins him against the wall, 'do you think any of us find this easy? Any of us would give anything to give her her life back,' he's pointing at me.

'It's... rude... to... point,' damn, I'm slow at talking they've turned around before I finished my sentence, 'and... I'm...'t... have...a....choice... with.... dying,'

'We're sorry Haruhi,' Hikaru's face is the colour of his hair and he's shuffling his feet like a scolded child. I smile and try to sit up, I can't get much further than lifting my head up then I flop back down to the pillow.

This sucks.

'How... long?' they know what I mean but they don't say anything, 'hours?' I need to stop talking.

'A couple of days max,' Kyouya's gained his usual composure and can speak rather coolly. I nod then close my eyes again; it's tiring work, dying you know.


I'm being pulled back into the world of consciousness, reluctantly.

As my mind starts to work again the pain comes back but at least I can see and hear now.

'How do I tell her though?' Tamaki's staring at me and the mood seems to have changed drastically since I was last awake. It's really annoying me how I keep missing what seem like really important conversations.

'Tell... what?' I'm not even speaking like a comprehensible human anymore.

Tamaki blinks as I do, but I'm pretty sure he looks more like a fish out of water than me.

'I... I... I...' come ON Tamaki, I can do better than that, 'I love you,' it tumbles out of his mouth like a waterfall (metaphorically speaking).

Say what?

I frown, 'a... joke?'

He looks like a tomato as he shakes his head.

I can't believe it.

No way.

Not a snowballs chance in hell.

...Tamaki loves me?

If I told anyone I thought I'm lucky they would think I was mad, dying of cancer isn't what you'd call lucky, but I am.

The guy I've liked for years. Who I never thought I would see again. Has turned up in Japan to see me. He had been kind to me instead of mourning over me while my heart is still beating. And he loves me.

I'm so happy.

Tears spill again from my face, this is becoming too much of a common occurrence.

Tamaki looks shocked at me but then when I smile and pull of my oxygen mask fully he relaxes again and goes back to the red tomato shuffling nervously. I reach a hand out shakily towards his face, concentrating desperately on not letting it fall until it is rested on his cheek. He holds my arm gently to steady it. I can feel my father and friends staring, I don't care. I haven't been so happy in years.

I pull his face closer to mine and press his lips gently to mine, he helps close the gap and I close my eyes in the moment of bliss, enjoying the soft warmth, then open them again to look into Tamaki's eyes. They look happy too.

'I love you,' I whisper in my last breath, 'I'll always be here.'

The tears trickle down my cheeks and I let myself sink into the silky darkness. The warmth of Tamaki lingers on my fingertips and lips.

'I'll be right beside you.'