"Love and Hate"

By: ZhaneZeo

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Chapter 1: Date Night

*Everyone still has they're Ranger Powers, Kapri and Marah are good, and Blake never existed.*

It was a normal Friday afternoon in Blue Bay Harbor. The sun was just setting behind the mountains as the moon started to show in the sky. The gang was hanging out at Storm Chargers doing random things.

Dustin was fighting with Shane over who had the best video of they're own sports, Dustin motocross, Shane skateboarding.

"Dude my video was 10 times better that yours! I got way more air!" Dustin complained as he raised his hand in the air.

"Yeah, but remember how many times you bailed trying to do that 'Helicopter' trick?" Shane said as he crossed his arms.

"Oh yeah." Dustin said as he shuddered from the thought.

Meanwhile Hunter was working on his new street bike back in the workshop they had. The bike was a Yamaha r1 with a metallic paint color of crimson and black. Tori, Kapri and Marah were talking about Tori's new boyfriend Jared in front of the workshop. (On that little bar spot.) Jared Capp was his name. He belonged to the Capp family, one of the richest families in Blue Bay Harbor. He had short, dark brown hair, that he styled be using gel to spike it. He dressed in al the hot brands ranging from, Aeropostile to Nike to DC. He had a black Ford Mustang GT with a dark navy blue stripe on the side.

"I can't believe you two are dating!" Marah exclaimed as she gave Tori a joyful hug. Tori chuckled as Marah let go.

"I know he's like so HOT!" Kapri said while painting her nails.

"I know I'm excited, He's coming to pick me up here in a couple minutes, were going to a movie then to his beach house." Tori said as she looked out the window to see if he was here yet.

"You guys look so good together!" Marah said as Kapri was watching Hunter. "But I do know someone who's hotter than Jared and looks better with you." Kapri whispered to Tori.

"Kapri, I'm dating Jared-" Tori started but Kapri cut her off. "Hunter." Kapri finished to see Tori's shocked face.

"What? We're just friends Kapri!" Tori said under her breath as she turned to see if Hunter had heard them. He was still bent over his dirt-bike using a wrench.

"I know it was just a thought." Kapri said as she turned away slightly embarrassed. "But he is pretty hot." She mused. "Hotter than that goofball of yours…" Kapri said trailing off.

"Hey! Dustin is plenty hot! And I don't see you making a move on Shane!" Marah fired back as Kapri raised her eyebrows shocked at her sisters response.

Tori giggled at the pair as she sat on top of the counter and crossed her legs as she watched the sister banter back and forth.

"Can you believe them?" Hunter chuckled as he walked over top Tori on the counter. He had an old rag that he used to wipe the grease off his hands. Tori turned her body to face hunter and had her back towards the sisters.

"I know there's never a quite moment between them." Tori laughed as Hunter smiled.

His smile quickly faded as he saw Tori's boyfriend Jared walk in.

"Hey baby." Tori heard from behind her. She felt a pair of hands snake around her body and felt his warm breath on her neck as he kissed her neck. Tori turned around and hopped off the counter and into Jared's arms.

"Hey Jared." Tori said as she faced him and he leaned forward again to kiss her.

Hunter scowled as he turned around and started to put the tools that he had used away. He cursed under his breath as he took his bike about the back garage door. Tori pulled away from Jared when she heard the door close and looked out the window to see Hunter getting ready to leave on his bike.

"Hang on. I have to talk to Hunter for a sec." Tori said as she tried to go but Jared still held onto her waist.

"Aww come on Tor." He said as he went to kiss her again.

"I know but I just have a feeling something's wrong with him." Tori said as she pulled away from Jared to run out the door before Hunter left.

"Hunter!" Tori yelled as she ran towards him, her hair blowing in the wind.

Just as Hunter was about to rev it, he felt a pair of small hands grab his arm. He turned to see Tori standing beside him. He turned off his bike and took his helmet off, which tousled his dirty blonde locks. Tori stood there gazing at how attractive Hunter looked with his hair messy.

"What do you want Tori?" Hunter asked as she let go of his bicep.

"Oh um," Tori started as she mused for a reason as to why she was stopping him.

"This is going to sound weird but umm, are you okay? Is something bothering you?" She asked as his expression changed to a more serious look as he set his helmet on the bike.

"I'm fine Tor." He said as he looked over at the beach which wasn't to far away. The sun was just beginning to set as it shined on his tanned face.

"Hunter I've known you for a year and I know your lying." She said as she saw Hunter look back over at her. "Please tell me." Tori said as Hunter began to put his helmet back on and start the engine.

"I can't tell you Tori." Was all Hunter said as he sped off down the road and disappeared around the corner.

Tori sighed and ran her fingers through her hair as she walked back to the door where Jared met her. They intertwined hands and got into his Mustang GT and drove to the movie theatre.

Hunter sped away towards his apartment. He drove up his drive way, took his helmet off and went into his apartment. He threw the helmet down on the couch and went to his room and laid down on his bed. He put his hands over his eyes to block out the light.

"I can't believe him!" He yelled as he sat up. He got up and went to bathroom. He stripped down and jumped into the steaming hot shower. He thought about Tori and her boyfriend as he shampooed his hair.

'He's no good for her! He's just a spoiled rich kid!' He thought as he turned the water off. He went into his room and changed into a pair of dark wash jeans and a button down crimson dress shirt. He grabbed his 'Axe' cologne and sprayed a little bit on. He walked back into the bathroom and brushed his teeth and spiked his hair a little. He went to the living room and grabbed his leather jacket and his new all black Nike 7.0. He grabbed the keys to his crimson Jeep and drove to the nearest night-club, 'Electricified'.

End of Chapter

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