It had been ten long years since Spyro and Cynder had defeated Malefor and restored the world. Since then thing settled down and they were finally able to live their lives as normal dragons, but that was after all the admiration, which Cynder found vary uncomfortable to deal with. Now they were happily living together in the guardian's temple with Spyro as the new fire guardian and Cynder as the new wind guardian.

They, at the request of Ignitus, were in the chronicler's library helping him clean out all the dust, but they were finding it a much tougher job than they had expected. The dust was on and around everything.

"Ugh, Ignitus, haven't you ever tried cleaning before today?" Cynder coughed as a large amount of dust flew off a book she was cleaning.

"I'm sorry but it's taken me the last ten years just to learn how this place is organized, not to mention I have to chronicle everything, so I just haven't found the time to do a proper spring cleaning." Ignitus mumbled while shuffling through a stack of books.

"Yeah, come on Cynder, you can't really blame him, there must be thousands of years worth of dust in here." Spyro said trying to clean the dust off the top of a bookshelf. "Besides when was the last time you tried to clean the temple?"

"Six months ago." Cynder replied. "Remember whatever I couldn't do I forced you to do."

"Oh yeah, the nesting period, I guess that there's been so much going on I just forgot." Spyro mumbled reaching higher up on the shelf.

"We have been pretty busy." Cynder chuckled.

"Yeah, up half the night, working all day. I'm just glad we were able to get a break."

"Don't say that, personally I'd rather be there than here; I just feel so weird without the…" Just then the shelf Spyro was cleaning gave way and collapsed on top of him throwing up a huge amount of dust.

"SPYRO!" Cynder exclaimed. Using her wind powers she blew away the dust to see the shelf being held up by two stone pillars. Spyro was lying on the ground covered in books, but was otherwise unharmed. "Are you okay?" She asked while unburying him.

"Yeah I'm fine." Spyro groaned getting to his paws. "But some of those books were heavy, and I didn't like where they landed."

"Aw, did my wittow Spywow get a booboo?" Cynder asked wrapping her wings around him. "Does you want me to kiss it all bettow?"

"Cynder we've been over this, I don't like it when you use baby talk on me." Spyro sighed but returned the hug.

"What's this?" Ignitus asked. Behind the fallen bookshelf was a wooden door way. "Why would someone hide a door here?"

"Oo, a secret even the chronicler doesn't know about." Cynder slid past Ignitus and into the room. Inside was small and dark and sitting in the center of the room was a single book. "Well that's a lame secret." Cynder grumbled when Ignitus walked in.

"A single book, Why separate it?" Ignitus wondered. He used his chronicler abilities and levitated the book over to him. The book was by far bigger than any other book in the entire library. He looked at the title. "This is Malefor's book."

"That's not Malefor's book, the Chronicler showed me his book and it wasn't nearly that big." Spyro said entering the room and sitting beside Cynder.

"The books don't lie Spyro, it has Malefor's name so that makes it his." Ignitus explained. "Did you ever actually see the title of the book the Chronicler showed you?"

Spyro took a moment to think. "No now that I think about it I don't think I did." He said finally."

"Well there you go; he probably just showed you the book of another dragon that was around when Malefor went crazy." Ignitus suggested.

"But why would his book be hidden away?" Spyro asked.

"I don't know." Ignitus sighed.

"It doesn't matter." Cynder said. "I say we put the book back, block the door and never speak of this again."

"Cynder we can't do that." Spyro said.

"Yeah we can; all we need to do is put the bookshelf back."

"No I mean we're not going to." Spyro sighed. "Besides I've always wondered what turned him evil."

"What's there to wonder?" Cynder asked. "He was an evil monster who wanted to destroy the world, I don't think it matters how he turned evil."

"Unless it's something that could still happen to me." Spyro argued.

"Spyro you know I hate it when you bring up this subject." Cynder sighed wrapping her tail around his. "I don't think there is anything that could turn you evil." She added kissing him on the cheek.

"You never know." Spyro said seriously. "Besides now I'm curious."

"As am I." Ignitus mumbled. "Come let us find someplace more comfortable." He turned around and left the room.

"More comfortable for what?" Cynder asked following him out, Spyro close behind her.

"What else?" Ignitus asked leading them into a room with multiple cushions on the floor. "To read." He lied on one of the cushions.

"Alright!" Spyro exclaimed. Dashing past Cynder he lied on a cushion across form Ignitus. "Story time!"

"It's like I'm dealing with two babies sometimes." Cynder sighed. As she approached Spyro he used his tail and slid a cushion up next to his. She gladly accepted it and made herself comfortable by leaning against him, laying her head on his shoulder.

"Okay, let's start at the beginning." Ignitus opened the book. "The day Malefor hatched."


"He's so precious." Whispered a silver dragoness with a copper underbelly and wing membrane; she had strait bright white horns and dark green eyes that were starring lovingly at a small purple hatchling curled up asleep between her forelegs.

"A purple dragon, that's no good." Mumbled a white dragoness with a green underbelly and wing membrane; she had curved green horns, and ice blue eyes that were starring disapprovingly at the baby. "There's never been one before so this can't be looked upon t greatly by the ancestors."

"Please Perma, don't insult my son the day he hatched." Sighed a green dragon with a gray underbelly and wing membrane; he had long gray horns and gray eyes.

"Hey at least I was able to keep her quiet for a few minutes." Said an ash gray dragon with a blue underbelly and wing membrane; He had gray horns that curved at the tip and orange eyes. He wrapped one of his wings around Perma.

"Xander, don't give yourself so much credit." Perma groaned pushing the gray dragon's wing off. "The only reason I hadn't already said something is because I didn't want to upset Pearl right after her child hatched."

"Well sister, I doubt it worked." Grumbled a large white dragon with a black underbelly and wing membrane; he had brown horns and light brown eyes.

"I honestly don't mind her insulting me…" Pearl began in a cheery voice. "But I'd rather you not insult my son." Her voice taking on a slight edge.

"Well you don't get to choose who I insult." Perma said taking on a superior tone.

"I guess your right." Pearl said cheerily again. Suddenly a surge of electricity went through Perma causing her to collapse gasping for breath. "Don't insult my son." Pearl growled glaring at her.

"Pearl what are you doing?" The green dragon asked.

"You heard her Philos, she deserved it." Pearl said simply.

"I have to agree." The white dragon said. "Perma's been needing a good shock."

"Shut up Pumice." Xander growled helping Perma to her paws. "You're nothing but talk never action."

"You want me to show you action?" Pumice growled.

"Enough you two can not fight in here!" Philos growled stepping between them. "You might harm my son."

Just then the hatchling woke and started crying. A large surge of electricity went through everyone's bodies. "All of you leave! "Pearl hissed. "You're upsetting the baby." With that everyone but Philos left the room.

"You know you really didn't have to shock everyone to quiet us." Philos sighed lying next to her.

"It was the quickest way, and besides I think the baby liked seeing the electricity."

"Are you going to be so protective his entire life?"

"If I have to, yes."

"Well when he comes into his powers he won't need you to protect him anymore." Philos said running his paw across Pearl's cheek.

"Oh he'll always need me." Pearl said holding the baby tighter. "What do you think we should name him?"

"Hmm… how about Malefor." Philos suggested.

"Alright, from now on you're my little Mal." Pearl said kissing Malefor on the head.

Ignitus closed the book and saw that Spyro and Cynder were listening intently. "That's all for now." He said.

"Why?" Spyro asked.

"Because I need some time to figure out when things start to happen." Ignitus explained. "I'm sure you don't want to hear about Malefor as a baby."

"Cynder shot to her paws. "Excuse me." She said rushing out of the room.

"Why's she in such a hurry?" Ignitus asked.

"We've been here for four hours so what do you think?" Spyro asked.

"Oh I hadn't realized I'd kept you so long." Ignitus mumbled.

"We'll be back later to hear more of the story." Spyro said following after Cynder.