A/N: Set before Andy found out he was going to be in the war no matter WHAT he did.


"I-I don't understand."

Sanjay's voice sounded nervous. Of course he sounded nervous. He was nervous. Who wouldn't be? Andy had just said...

"Look Sanjay," Andy sighed; he was tired of trying to explain this to the guy. "I signed up for the army. For a while, I was off the radar, but-"

"O-oh,-" Sanjay interrupted. "No, I understand that...but...Why me? I-I'm not gay."

After deciding not to have his toes cut off, Andy had decided to try another approach to getting out of the army; pretend to be gay.

"Oh, I know that, man." Andy fully believed that Sanjay's crush on Nancy was real. Who wouldn't have one? She was a hell of a woman. "Doug won't do it though and Dean's afraid Celia would find out and have a cow. If I try Shane or his brother, I would go to jail."

Sanjay liked Andy, really; he WAS helping Nancy out around the house...kind of.

"...Fine." He sighed, giving in. "But I'm not kissing you!" He added quickly.

Andy's face lit up into a smile the second Sanjay had agreed.

"No, of course not. Thanks, man."

He clapped Sanjay on the back, not noticing the man's frown as Andy said they wouldn't have to kiss. Sanjay liked girls...right? He liked Nancy...Odd...

"Something wrong?"

Sanjay looked up at Andy. The man had finally noticed the darker man's frown.

"O-oh, no."