So this little story has been playing in my head for some time. Of all the Zutara stories I've read, I never read one like this so I thought what the hey, let's make one. I had to alter my original set up since you can't do chat script style. Not nearly as effective as my original plan but hopefully you get the point. It's modern day, computer based Zutara grown up smut at it's finest. If you don't like smut, please don't read. If you do, then by all means enjoy...

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Zuko sat at down at his desk and turned on his computer. While he waited for the thing to boot up he sipped his beer. It'd been a busy day, what with running a successful business and trying to make a very unhappy Mai happy. He was looking for some "stress relief" and after trying to instigate something and getting nowhere, she finally claimed another "headache". Feeling frustrated and stressed, he went to the computer to check his emails and maybe kill some aliens online. After logging in, he noticed an instant message.

It was from sugrqueen_85, "Hey there stranger!"

He smiled. Katara. Since he had taken over the family business, he had kept in contact with his high school friends online. She and Aang traveled around the world being all nomad-y, traveling in Aang's beat up VW bus with their cat Momo and Aapa the yellow lab mix. She would email him pictures of wherever they were staying. He kept all of them, especially the ones of just Katara. Mai disapproved of him socializing with the lower class but they were his friends and he didn't care. She could just deal with it.

"Hello back" sifuhotman replied.

"Isn't it late there? Shouldn't you be in bed, Mr. I-Rise-With-The-Sun?" she typed back.

"I wasn't tired yet, Miss I-Rise-With-The-Moon. Shouldn't you be out with Aang?"

There was a pause.

"He went to Earthrumble 21 or 72 or whatever number it is now with Toph and sokka. I didn't want to go, so here I am all by my lonesome."

"Poor baby. Wait, I thought you were in Omashu?

"we got in gaoling earlier today. We had dinner with toph and Sokka and her parents, then they decided to go to the earthrumble and I went back to the hotel.

"I told them if they wanted to see rocks thrown around, I'd be happy to help."

"Laughing. I'm sure you would too."

As he waited for her response, he clicked on his email icon and took a long drink from his beer bottle. Crap. More chain emails from Ty Lee. "yes, Ty Lee, the cats are cute but I'm not getting seven years bad luck if I don't forward this to 20 friends in 2 minutes. stop sending these to me!" he typed in his reply.


"So… what are you doing? Where's Mai?"

"In bed."

"And yet here you are on the computer with me. Tsk, tsk, Zuko. Whatever would uncle say?"

He laughed. "Probably something like "you must look outside the screen to see those in front of you."

"or "go, nephew! either one I guess."

"Oh my god, he would so say both!"

"what about you? What would little aang think of you chatting with me?"

He took another swig of beer.

"like I care. I'm so sick of his clinginess I could scream. I mean he practically cried because I wouldn't come with them tonight."

He raised his good eyebrow as he took another swig.

"What's wrong with just hanging out and relaxing? I mean we've been traveling all week and I'm tired. whatever though, right?

"I agree with you. Sometimes I'd rather stay in than go out."

He took the last swig before typing. "gotta get another beer. be right back."

"Ooo.. get one for me too!"

He raced to the minifridge in his office grabbing two cold beers before sitting back down. He popped the cap on one.

"do you have webcam?" sifuhotman typed.

"Yeah, why?" sugarqueen_85 answered.

"Turn it on"


a moment later there was a pop up that a video message had started. He turned his webcam on as well.

He saw Katara on his screen as well as his own in the lower corner. He grabbed the second bottle of beer and held it up to camera. He then made a showing of opening it up for her and pretending to pass it to her.

" Aww… that's so sweet of you," she said blowing a kiss to the camera

"You're welcome." He said, "Nice pj's by the way. Is it cold there?"

She was sitting on the chair with her right leg up on the seat, wearing very short sweatshorts. It was obviously cold in the room because he could see her tan nipples through the thin fabric of the white tank top. He saw her look down at herself and blushing, instantly sat crossed leg on the chair and pulled out the top a bit to try to make it a bigger to hide her breasts.

"Perv," she said shaking a finger at him.

They rambled back and forth about things going on in their lives- traveling around with Aang, how their families were doing. Zuko was getting a bit bored which made him tired.

"well, I'm going to go to bed now" he finally said.

She gave a pout, "Wait! Do you have a deck of cards?"

He raised an eyebrow in curiousity, "Yeah, why?"

She jumped from her seat, "Just go grab em and maybe something a bit stronger than that beer. We're going to play a game."

He then saw leave the room. He followed her lead and went to the living room to grab a pack of cards and the bottle of whiskey from the wet bar in the living room, returning to his office. He closed the door behind him and locked it as quietly as possibly. She was on the screen waiting for him shuffling her deck. He noticed a bottle with clear liquid inside it next to her.

"okay now what?" he asked.

"Have you ever played war?" she asked.

"Yeah years ago. But how do we play over the computer?

"We hold up a card and whoever has the lowest card has to either take a shot or remove a piece of clothing."

Zuko was in mid drink of his last beer when she said this. The liquid nearly came out his nose as he coughed and sputtered. She started laughing.

"So wanna play with me?" she taunted, eyebrow raised.

He pinched the bridge of his nose. He couldn't believe he was going to do this

"Sure. But don't I have the advantage of more clothes than you?" Indicating her lack of clothing. He was still dressed in the days clothes, pants, button down shirt, undershirt, etc. He saw her look down at herself again.

She scrunched her face in thought, "You're right. Hang on."

She got up from the chair and he saw her bend over (giving him a good look at her butt in the process) to pick up something off the floor. She then shimmied into a pair of jeans and pulled on a hoodie.

"There. Ready?

"Bring it on waterbender."

He held up his top card- a jack. She held up a 4. With a mock frown, she pulled off her hoodie.

She held up a Queen, he held up a 10. There went his outershirt.

She held up a two, he held up a 5. She took a swig from her bottle

"What are you drinking?"

"Arctic wine from Sokka's secret stash. You know, from under his pillow."

"Not the brightest sometimes." Zuko said

"He's a simple guy like that."

She held up a 10, he held a 9. Off went his belt. He held up a 8 she had a 5. Off went her jeans

She won, off went a sock. She won again, off went another sock

"Wuss" she chided.

He held a jack, she held a 10. She took a long swig from the bottle.

"Wuss," he repeated. "Not going to take off something else?"

She stuck her tongue out at him. "I am running low on clothing as you can see." waving a hand down her body.

He laughed as he held up a 8. She pulled a 6.

"Damn," she said as she took another drink.

She got the next high card, he grabbed the whiskey bottle and took a long swig. He coughed a bit. She laughed at him.

"It's been awhile since I've drank this stuff. I forgot how much it burns."

She got the next high card. He took another swig.

Three more times she drew the high card and twice he took a drink once he took off his undershirt. After the fourth time she won, already feeling a bit tipsy and not wanting to take another drink, he unzipped his pants and pulled them down, leaving him in his black boxer briefs. She nodded in approval.

"Nice," she smirked.

He gave a naughty smile. He drew the next high card. She took a drink. It was his turn to go on the winning streak and on his fifth win, she had enough of the alcohol and seductively removed her tank top. His jaw dropped at the sight of her perfectly tan full breasts, unbelieving that he was seeing her topless.

She looked at him and smiled. "Like what you see?"

"Yes. Very much so."

She held up the next card. He held up his. She won. He took a drink. He held up his next card, she hers. He won again. She took a drink. The fourth time in a row his card beat hers. He saw her push back the desk chair, stumbling slightly and turned to face away from the webcam, hooked her fingers into her shorts, and slowly and as seductively as she could in her inebriated state wiggled them off her hips, down her butt, and then bending over to give him a good show of her naked rear end as she removed the shorts completely from around her ankles.

He was practically panting at the sight of her completely nude form on the screen. He felt the bulge in his boxer briefs grow. While she was still turned around, he looked through his deck and found the lowest two cards he could find.

She laughed as she plopped down in her seat. "I guess you won then," then looked into the camera seductively. "Good game."

"Too bad you're so far away or else it'd still be game on, waterbender."

She arched her eyebrow, "Oh, really? How so?"

He flashed the two of hearts on the screen, his good eyebrow arched and a devious half smile on his face.

He pushed his chair back enough so that the bulge in his underwear was visible to her. He saw her eyes widened at the sight. He hooked his thumbs into the waistband and as seductively as he could in his inebriated state, mimicking Katara's movements earlier, pulled them down, his manhood springing from their confines. Her eyes widened more and she licked her lips then pouted slightly.

"Mai is a lucky girl."

He looked up and down Katara's body. "Aang is a lucky guy."

She instantly frowned.

"What?" Zuko asked feeling like he totally ruined the moment.

"Nothing," was her short reply.

"You're a worse liar than me, Katara."

He could see her breathe in deeply before answering, "I'd hardly know. I try but he won't do anything. I mean we kiss but that's just about it. he says it's not proper without being married. "

Zuko stared at the screen, quite surprised. He knew Aang really liked Katara so it surprised him that Aang would not be intimate with that gorgeous woman who sat so far away from him and yet was right in the same room.

He finally stated, "Stupid boy."

She started laughing.

"I'd be all over you."

"Oh, yeah?" looking at the screen while twirling a strand of hair around her finger then licked her lips. "And what would you do if I was in front of you right now?

"First starts, I'd kiss those lips that you keep licking."

She ran a finger over her mouth, "These right here?"

"Yup. Then to your ear and down your neck."

She traced her finger over the spots he mentioned.

"Then down your chest and to your breasts. I'd suck on the right nipple, then the left."

Katara continued tracing her finger over her body as he continued listing her upper anatomy. Their breathing increased at the same rate as their arousal.

"Then your toes,"

She looked at the screen oddly. "Toes?"

"Yeah. Gotta save the best for last."

"Up your left leg then back down to your right foot then up that leg. Then your inner thigh.

He stroked himself gently as he watched Katara trace her body as he continued describing where he would touch her. When she reached her inner thighs, she spread her legs exposing her neatly trimmed womanhood completely to Zuko. He noticed that her petals were glistening in desire and Agni! he wished she was in front of him right now.

"Now what?" she asked, hand stopped just above her brown curls.

It took him a moment to regain his train of thought.

He then said that he would trace her "inner parts". He memorized the movements she made with her fingers over her intimate parts saving that bit of information just in case he would ever need it later. He heard her panting as she stroked herself, even inserting a finger inside herself. He began panting himself as he continued stroking himself to the show. Soon both benders were moaning in desire and biting their lips to keep quiet imaging (even vocalizing) it was the other person's hand (or mouth or body) bringing them to that state of ecstasy that washed over both of them at just the same moment.

As they caught their breaths, slowly returning from that peak, they looked at their respective computer screens, eyes glassy, cheeks flushed between the alcohol and the arousal, suddenly shy smiles spreading across both their faces.

"Well that was fun," Katara finally said.

"Yeah," Zuko agreed, wiping his hand off on his undershirt.

"We should do that again," she suggested tucking a loose strand of hair behind her ear.

"Tomorrow night?" he asked.

"See you then." She smiled and winked at him before the web message ended leaving him with a blank screen where her face had been.

He breathed in running his other hand through his hair, still trying to come down from his high. When he felt a little more "normal", he shut down the computer. Putting his pants back on, he placed the bottle of whiskey in the lower drawer of his desk and scooping up the rest of his clothing headed for bed.

He had never been more excited about a Wednesday coming than he did right then.

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