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Author's Note: Just some thoughts that Tony might have had in certain episodes. Yankee White is up first and it will be after the episode.

Moments In Time

Yankee White

It looks like we will have a new teammate by the name of Kate Todd. She was a former Agent that was guarding the president. Gibbs had offered her a job and she took it. I really don't know what to think of her. She's not a probie because she was working for the government anyways. Will she be a good teammate? I really don't know. Gibbs seems to like her, but I really haven't made up my mind yet. It will take some time getting used to her. After Vivian left we were only a two man team, but I guess the Director wanted another teammate to lighten the load. She seems to know what she was doing when we were on our first crime scene.

He saw how well she got along with Abby and was a little disappointed that she got used to her when it took a long time to get used to him when he got there. He was a little jealous of their easy and carefree friendship when it took him longer to become friends with the pig tailed goth forensic scientist. Maybe it was because she helped Abby one day, or maybe because they were both females. He shook his head and then turned to his computer.

He should stop thinking about what was happening now that Kate was part of the team and start thinking on who killed the Marine who was currently down in autopsy. That was before Gibbs found him staring into space instead of concentrating on the case they had. He shook himself out of whatever he was feeling and started typing. Luckily he started right then because a few minutes later Gibbs came back from a coffee run and wanted answers. Luckily I had them right then, or else he would of yelled at me.