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Moments In Time


I watch in horror as I see my Boss drive into the water. I quickly get my gun out and run into the warehouse. The two men who were in there didn't expect me to be there and so I killed both of them. I throw my gun away and run towards the water quickly diving in. I find the car and punch the window out. First getting Maddie out and taking her towards the surface. After that is done I go back down and find Gibbs not moving and his eyes are open. I am scared for him, but I know I have to get him out of there and now. I yank the steering wheel out and grab Gibbs and take him to the surface.

"Don't die on my Boss." I say to him trying to breath life into him.

I then go to Maddie to give her CPR too. She's finally breathing on her own and I go back to Gibbs. I keep on working on him, but so far nothing. Come on Boss please don't die. I couldn't handle it if you died. Please don't die I tell myself over and over as I administer CPR. Finally he's breathing on his own. I smile because he's going to be all right.

My teammates are there. McGee is calling the ambulance and when they get there I quickly get out of the way and let them work on the two people. Gibbs is talking to one of the paramedics. Gibbs looks at me and smiles and I smile back. It is good to see him breathing and wide-awake. I am glad that I got to them in time.

I sigh with relief as I watch them get loaded into the ambulances. They are going to go to the hospital just to get checked out. I will go see them after I get out of these wet clothes. I grin and climb into the car making my way towards my apartment where I can shower and change my clothes.