Title: Choose Your Own NCIS Adventure!

Author: Absolutely Abby

Spoilers: None (Set after Kate dies, with Ziva, but no other reference to episodes or setting/place/etc.

Pairings: None

Rating: FR15 (PG 13ish) Just for violence, not very graphic. No language (I don't think... :P) No sex, no torture. S'all good :)

Summary: You are an NCIS agent and you need to find the murderer of a naval officer and solve the case. You are in control. You choose what happens next.

There are 45 different endings to this fanfic. There are 19 ways to lose [Game Over.]; 9 nuetral endings [The End./You win or Game over? You decide.]; 17 ways to win [You Win.]

Authors Note: I read a TON of Choose Your Own Adventure (and Which Way) books when I was a child, and I LOVED them. I STILL love them! I decided to challenge myself by writing my own Choose Your Own Adventure style book, and decided to make it set at NCIS, using NCIS characters. It was an interesting, amusing, and fun challenge!

I challenge others to complete a Choose Your Own NCIS Adventure book of their own and send them my way!

I hope you enjoy this!

By the way, because of the way this story is set up, it is VERY likely that I could have made a mistake putting of the 'chapters' (pages). So if it says go to page whatever, and that page doesn't really make sense, let me know. It is very likely that it could have been a typo, or a slip of the finger when uploading the chapter. :)

And PLEASE don't be afraid to go back to the beginning and start over! That is why these are so much fun!

Disclaimer: I did not create the Choose Your Own Adventure Books or NCIS. Credit for the Choose Your Own Adventure books goes to Edward Packard, who first published The Cave Of Time in 1979, long before I was born! Credit for NCIS goes to the creator of the TV show, Donald Bellisario.



Do not read this fanfiction straight through from beginning to end! It contains many different adventures you may have in NCIS as you search for the murderer of a naval officer. From time to time as you read along you will be asked to make decisions and choices. Some of them are dangerous!

What happens to you will be the direct result of your choices. You are responsible because you choose. After you make each choice, follow the instructions to see what happens next! [NOTE: 'Pages' are 'Chapters' on . (example: Go to page 67 - go to chapter 67. Don't read all the chapters in between.)]

Remember, you cannot got back! Think carefully before you make a decision. One mistake can be your last... or maybe you'll catch the murderer and they will be sent to prison, the choice is yours.

Good luck!


Fresh out of university, you get hired by NCIS to be a Special Agent. You have always admired Special Agent Gibbs and you are thrilled to learn that you will be working under him.

"Gear up!" Gibbs yells as he comes into the squad room on your first day of work.

"What is it boss?" You ask, grabbing your gun and badge from your desk.

"Dead Sailor in Quantico." He tells you. "Gas the truck."

If you do as he says and gas the truck, go to page 2.

If you whine and say "That's Tony's job!" Go to page 4.