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Looking for the Devil


Dean slammed the large tome shut and pushed it aside. Wordlessly, Sam picked up another one from the pile on the table and placed it in front of his brother.

"We've been at this for two days Sam, not to mention going through Bobby's entire collection. So far, all I've got is we should look out for a guy with a scythe riding a pale horse. What makes you think we're going to find anything here?"

The two hunters were in Chicago for the second time in as many months. Their friend Bobby Singer had convinced one of his contacts to open his library of occult books to the Winchesters. With little reliable intel from the angels and a ticking Hell bomb somewhere out there, they were getting desperate for a way to destroy Lucifer. Having been tricked into letting the devil out of his cage, Sam refused to rest until he'd fixed his mistake, and while Dean was all for saving the world, the dust was starting to get to him.

"It's not like we have anything else to go on," Sam reminded his older brother.

Dean stared at the book for a second then ran a hand over his face. "Yeah, whatever. I'm going for coffee, you want anything?"

"I'm fine." His eyes never left the text in front of him.

The library's door opened in to the owner's bookstore, "Bock Ordered Books." A few patrons were browsing in the isles. Dean was halfway to the entrance when he spotted a Swedish Goth fashion model. She was carrying a stack of books and, every few seconds, would glance at the one on top and smile. Dean wandered over. She was tall and blonde and probably could be a model if she really wanted to. She was a little young for Dean's taste, but that didn't mean he couldn't enjoy the view.

"Hey," he said, sneaking a peek at the book that interested her so much. It was a testament to the good impression a wizard had had on him that hunter didn't bristle at the title.

"Hi." The girl looked up and met his eyes for the briefest instant.

"An Introduction to Healing Magic, huh?"

"Yes. I've been wanting to learn it for a while now, and my teacher finally agreed."

"Good on him, or her," he added.

"Him," she confirmed.

"I'm Dean by the way."

Shifting the books to her left arm, she held out her right hand. "Nice to meet you Dean. My name's Molly."

Dean accepted the hand. Her slender fingers had a surprisingly good grip.

"So, Molly, should I look you up the next time I get hurt?"

She laughed. "Only if you can hold off for a few years. Harry warned me that healing magic takes a long time to master."

Before he could respond, a cheerful voice boomed behind them. "Molly!"

Dean spun around only to come face to face with a tall black man built out of slabs of muscle slapped on top of one another. The word "boyfriend" smacked into the hunter's brain so hard that he took a small step away from Molly.

"Sanya!" Being careful of her book, she gave the man a one-armed hug. "What are you doing here?" The girl radiated glee.

"I was visiting your father and thought I could pick you up. Who is your friend?" Sanya spoke with a thick Russian accent.

"This is Dean, we just met. Dean, this is Sanya."

Fearing for the health of his fingers, Dean opted for a nod of greeting instead of a handshake. "Hi."

"It is a pleasure to meet you."

The introductions were interrupted when Bock called Molly over to the register with the rest of her order. She paid and slid most of the books into her backpack, but held on to "An Introduction to Healing Magic."

"See you later Dean, try not to get hurt."

"Will do." Dean watched as she left, Sanya following her out.