Rating and notes: 15, post-DH and fairly AU; canon twists for NCIS and Harry Potter, and generally twisted timeline. Dark plot ahead.

Summary: August 2009 – the Head of the Auror Department at the Ministry of Magic Apparates to Washington, D.C.

Disclaimer: I'm just playing with other people's toys and nothing you think you know is mine. May I be forgiven in my next incarnation! Flamers and thieves will be adopted by my blood relatives (if you don't believe it's a threat... too bad for you!).

Editor: Mikee. The remaining mistakes are all mine, and I apologize for those.

The Avenging Auror

In the midst of the general chaos, no one heard the loud "pop".

A young man dressed in black quickly assessed the situation. He took his wand, aimed at a group of criminals and incapacitated them. However, one of them was a wizard who fought off the mild Binding charm. Thanks to Legilimency, the wizard who'd just arrived read the intentions of the man in his mind, and there was a flash of green light that put an end to the fight.

'I Apparated right on time,' the young man declared quietly as he helped Special agent Leroy Jethro Gibbs to get up.

Gibbs, Anthony DiNozzo, Timothy McGee and Dr. Donald Mallard had been ambushed after responding to a fake call telling them that there was a dead Marine in Glencarlyn Park. They'd been lured there by criminals who wanted to eliminate the entire NCIS team before their boss ended up on trial for killing three Navy officers in cold blood in a bar. That was a truly stupid move, but some criminals weren't known for their strategic abilities.

'What did you do?!' Gibbs barked at his saviour.

Harry Potter put his wand in his sleeve, pushed his glasses up on his nose and snorted.

'The short story is, Agent Gibbs, that I saved you from a rogue wizard who wouldn't have thought twice about casting the Killing curse on you. You and I do roughly the same job, only I'm a wizard. I'm Auror Potter. Harry Potter,' Harry said as he held his hand out.

Gibbs was too surprised. He shook hands with Harry.

'A wizard!' Tony exclaimed and snorted. 'And I'm Tweety Bird!'

Harry extended his left hand towards Tony and cast a silent spell that made the Muggle levitate.

'Look! A bird!' Harry growled.

Harry took a deep breath, as if to control his anger, and he gently put an end to the spell.

'I can help you clean up here. I can Memory-charm the others so they can tell no one that a wizard helped you, and if the dead body is a problem, I can make it disappear,' Harry said.

'Why didn't you use another spell on that man?' Ducky inquired.

Always a curious mind, Ducky was ready to believe in anything.

'I can read minds, and his soul was too dark. I knew only death would stop him,' Harry said sadly.

Ducky nodded. He couldn't literally read minds, but he was convinced that Harry was telling them the truth.

'Are you all right?' Tim asked kindly.

Harry shrugged and said, 'I haven't had to kill in a long time, but it's not the first time I've taken a life.'

'That doesn't make it any easier,' Tony pointed out gently.

Harry shrugged again. He looked at Gibbs and asked, 'So, what do you want me to do?'

'Ducky?' Gibbs asked his friend.

The respectable Medical Examiner turned to Harry and asked, 'What will I find when I autopsy that man?'

'Nothing extraordinary. His heart stopped beating. If you're not a wizard, you can't tell how he died,' Harry explained.

'I'd like to know why he died,' a quiet voice said.

Harry had his wand aimed at the newcomer at the speed of light, and when the other wizard tried to disarm him, Harry was faster.

'Stop!' Gibbs shouted at Harry.

Harry obeyed, but kept his wand aimed at…

'Fornell!' Tony exclaimed.

'Do you know that wizard?' Harry asked the NCIS team.

'Wizard?' Tim squeaked.

'Yes, Agent McGee, I'm a wizard, too,' Fornell admitted.

'Not just any kind of wizard. You're an Auror,' Harry pointed out.

Fornell growled and said, 'I'm a reservist now. Your curse triggered the alarm in my sector; I came to investigate.'

'Does your wife know?' Gibbs asked his old friend.

Fornell snorted. 'Why do you think she wanted a divorce?' he said sadly.

'What about Emily?' Gibbs asked worriedly.

Fornell paled so much that all the others thought that he'd pass out.

Harry read his American colleague's thoughts. 'She can't bloody do that!' he yelled.

'What?!' Gibbs inquired.

'His wife's giving their daughter drugs to control her magic! That poor little witch is too numb to even know who she is!' Harry shouted.

There were sparks of magic coming from Harry. Gibbs took Harry's right hand and said, 'There's a better way.'

Harry growled, but calmed down; there was something about Gibbs that made him believe the NCIS agent.

Gibbs turned to Tony and asked, 'Are you still seeing that girl from Social Services? I'd say that it's a patent case of child abuse.'

Tony nodded and said, 'I haven't seen her in quite a long time, but I'll get engaged to her if that's what it needs to convince her to give Emily to Fornell.'

Fornell looked on the verge of tears.

'I'll go with you, Tony. I can take a blood sample that Abby can analyze to prove our case,' Ducky said.

'We'll call you when we've got her,' Tony told Fornell.

Ducky took his bag and followed Tony to his car.

'Thank you,' Fornell almost sobbed.

'Why didn't you tell me, Tobias?' Gibbs hissed.

It was Harry who answered for the FBI agent. 'It's not easy when you interact in both the Wizarding and Muggle worlds. What did you expect him to say? "Can you help me rescue my little baby witch from her evil mother?" Not really. Give the man a break; it's hard enough,' he said.

Fornell walked to Harry and hugged the young man.

'Can you help us bag our criminals?' Gibbs asked Fornell.

'Well, it's more complicated than you think, because the Auror Department will want you to hand over control of the case,' Fornell lied.

'Chickenshit, Fornell. The Muggles have the upper hand in this,' Harry said.

'You're a bit loud for a British Auror,' Fornell said.

In spite of his terrible situation, Harry smiled as he said, 'Well, I guess it comes with the position of Head of the Auror Department.'

'You're quite young, though,' Tim pointed out.

Harry shrugged and said, 'I'm twenty-nine, but I got caught up in the War against Voldemort when I was only eleven – and I survived.'

Fornell finally realized who Harry was, and he spluttered.

'Tobias?' Gibbs asked.

Fornell took a deep breath and, pointing at Harry with his right hand, he said, 'The man's a legend. He killed the most powerful Dark Lord ever, before he was even eighteen!'

Tim was slightly afraid, but Gibbs was deeply impressed.

'It wasn't by choice,' Harry commented sadly. He tried to change the topic by asking Gibbs, 'Do you want your suspects to remember how they were arrested?'

'No, it'd be too dangerous for you,' Gibbs said.

With a mere flick of his wand, Harry tailored a Memory-charm that protected him.

'There, now I'll leave you,' Harry said.

'Are you on a mission? Will you need help?' Fornell asked.

'Do you want to help me?' Harry said.

'Of course! I have a chance to get my daughter back, thanks to you. If you hadn't Apparated, Em would still be in my ex's clutches. What can I do for you?' Fornell asked.

'Forget that you ever saw me,' Harry said.

'Why?' Gibbs asked.

'Are you sure you don't need help?' Tim asked bravely.

Harry's bright green eyes shone with tears. 'There's nothing you can do, but thanks,' he said.

'Potter, if you change your mind, Apparate to Gibbs's. He knows where to find me, and he doesn't have wards,' Fornell said.

'Whatever Fornell means, you can come see me. I always leave the door open,' Gibbs said as he handed Harry one of his cards with his home address.

'Really?' Harry asked.

Gibbs glared at the foreign wizard. 'If you need help, come see me,' he growled.

'No, that I got, but I'm surprised that a Muggle leaves the door open – literally,' Harry said.

'Gibbs is no ordinary Muggle,' Fornell said.

Gibbs swirled towards his old friend, and he saw that he wasn't teasing him; he was paying him a compliment.

'I'll be going,' Harry said.

'Good luck, Auror Potter,' Gibbs said.

Harry nodded and Disapparated.

'All right, since I'm here, I might as well help you with your criminals,' Fornell said.

'McGee, call Palmer. He'll be our ME on this case,' Gibbs said.

'Already done, boss, and I called for a van to take the suspects into custody,' Tim answered.

Gibbs looked at his subordinate with surprise.

'I… I sent text messages with my PDA, boss,' Tim explained.

'Good job, McGee,' Gibbs praised him.

Tim grinned proudly.

Gibbs turned to Fornell and said, 'Don't even think about it.'

'What do you mean?' Fornell asked, pretending that he didn't know exactly what his friend meant.

'You're not trying to lure my computer specialist to your team,' Gibbs said.

Fornell smiled.

'There's no risk,' Tim said.

'How so, McGee?' Gibbs asked.

'You both know that I can work for either of you. I worked well under Tony's command, but I wouldn't obey anyone, other than Fornell, from the FBI,' Tim declared.

Gibbs smiled and Fornell snorted. Both knew that Tim was an NCIS man.

They didn't have to wait too long for an NCIS van to join them with agents to drive the captured men to Headquarters.

Jimmy Palmer arrived soon afterwards to take care of the body.

'Your client's over there,' Fornell told the young ME.

Jimmy started some preliminary exams, and at one point, he froze.

'Something wrong, Palmer?' Gibbs growled.

Gibbs looked at Fornell as if to ask him if Auror Potter had lied about the fact that the curse couldn't be detected.

'Did you see what killed him?' Jimmy asked, paling.

'He dropped dead,' Gibbs said.

'Probably a heart attack,' Tim said to help his boss.

'Did you see a flash of green light?' Jimmy inquired.

'Dear God!' Fornell wailed.

'What?!' Gibbs growled.

'Are you a Squib, Palmer?' Fornell asked the young man.

'Ye… Yes. How do you know?' Jimmy stuttered.

'I'm an Auror,' Fornell explained.

Jimmy whistled. 'Did you cast the curse?' he inquired.

'Yes, he was about to cast it on Gibbs,' Fornell lied.

'Good thing there's no Wizarding personnel at NCIS. Your spell's so powerful that even I can feel it,' Jimmy said as he bagged the dead wizard.

'How can you feel that?' Tim inquired.

'My dad's a wizard, but I never showed signs of magic. I'm a Squib. You're a Muggle, someone with no magic in his blood; and therefore, you can't feel spells,' Jimmy explained.

Fornell's phone rang right then. Tony was telling him that his friend had had the ex-Mrs Fornell arrested, and Ducky was taking Emily to the hospital.

Tim filled Jimmy in while Fornell talked with Tony.

'My aunt's a Mediwitch,' Jimmy said as he scribbled an address on a piece of paper and gave it to Fornell. 'Go see Dr Mallard, and take your daughter to my aunt,' he said.

Fornell opened his mouth to protest and say that he'd promised to help, but Gibbs barked, 'Go! Em's more important than anything.'

Fornell walked behind a huge oak to Disapparate.

Ducky was quite impressed when Fornell appeared, out of thin air, in the back of his car. Emily was doped up to the gills, and Ducky suggested that he drive her to Jimmy's aunt. Magic might not be recommended in her state.

Just two days later, the men they'd arrested had confessed everything and more. They were in jail, awaiting trial.

Emily Fornell was given into the sole custody of her father, and thanks to Ducky and Mediwitch Carys Thorndyke, Em was recovering. Within a week, Carys would be able to give the girl a potion that would heal her completely.

When Gibbs told Fornell that he was curious about that Harry Potter, Fornell loaned his friend a biography of the young man. Something written by a British journalist, a woman by the name of Rita Skeeter.

Since it was a Wizarding book, Gibbs couldn't read it at his desk. For the first time in years, he went home early – to read the book.

He was half-way through it when Harry hissed, 'You should burn that thing.'

Gibbs dropped the book on a table in his basement.

'I thought it sounded too unbelievable,' Gibbs admitted.

He took a good look at Harry; the young man looked like a ghost. He was pale and even thinner than when they'd met five days ago.

'Have you slept and eaten?' Gibbs asked.

'Neither,' Harry said with a shrug.

'Come to the kitchen,' Gibbs ordered.

'Say, Gibbs, I can read minds, and I saw something in yours. May I ask you something very personal?' Harry asked with a small voice.

'Go ahead,' Gibbs said.

'How did you cope with your wife and daughter's deaths?' Harry asked.

Gibbs turned around, ready to punch Harry in the nose, but he stopped when he saw Harry's haunted look.

Gibbs took a deep breath and admitted aloud, 'I didn't. I killed their murderer, but it's not going to bring them back. If there's a way to recover, I haven't found it yet.'

They were almost in the kitchen by then, and Harry knelt on the floor and dissolved in tears.

'Who killed your family?' Gibbs asked as he crouched and held Harry.

'My former wife. She's made our three babies disappear. I can't find them anywhere,' Harry gasped between sobs.

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