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Harry laughed heartily. If anyone deserved to spend an uncomfortable night, it was Umbridge.

Gibbs's smile then looked like one of Severus's.

The stress of the past months, and of the attack on the girls, took its toll on Harry right then, and he hugged Gibbs for dear life, as he tried to hide his tears in Gibbs's neck. Gibbs understood all too well, and he hugged Harry back, caressing his back, and just being here.

Harry opened his mouth to apologize, but Gibbs hugged him so hard that he couldn't say a single word.

'I'm glad I can be here to hold you, Harry. I was alone when they took Shannon and Kelly from me,' Gibbs explained in a whisper.

Harry looked at his friend through his tears and gave him a watery smile.

They held each other and fell asleep in each other's arms.

It was Severus who woke them up at dawn.

'What are you doing here?' Gibbs growled.

'Sasha would go through you, so she can't wake you up, and you can't shoot me. The others sent me to you,' Severus explained.

'Why?' a sleepy Harry inquired.

'Because you've had enough fun with the toad, and her attorney is demanding the key to open the handcuffs,' Severus explained. 'Time to free the pest, boys.'

Gibbs got up and went to retrieve the key from one of his pockets. As he handed it to Severus, he asked, 'How did London manage to contact you?'

'The new department that uses Muggle devices phoned their counterpart here, and they found Sarah's phone number. I think she barked at the Auror who woke her up,' Severus explained. 'I'll go give the key to the Auror downstairs,' Severus declared.

'Not Apparating to London?' Gibbs teased the spirit.

Severus snorted and left the room.

'I wonder how long it's going to take him to go downstairs,' Harry said as he got up, as well.

'I think he'll just float very, very slowly. Umbridge's attorney would use it against us if we were to slow down the delivery of the key,' Gibbs pointed out.

'If she has a twisted attorney, he or she could ask you why you didn't give them the key last night,' Harry said.

'I was busy making sure the children and you were all right, of course. I forgot,' Gibbs declared.

Harry smiled warmly.

Gibbs looked at the old clock on the bedside table and said, 'We can expect Abbs to drag Ducky here very soon.'

'Want to shower with me?' Harry suggested.

Gibbs shrugged and nodded. There was nothing wrong with sharing a shower… quite the contrary. When Abby rushed into the bathroom to make sure that Harry was fine after the events of the evening, she thought that Harry was alone, but she found the happy couple together. Gibbs was brushing his teeth, and Harry was shaving with a spell – the husbands were, thankfully, already wearing boxer shorts.

'Okay, that'll teach me to knock,' Abby said.

Gibbs spat in the sink and told Harry, 'You'll have to put a spell on the door, or she'll just pick the lock if there's something she really wants to know.

Abby tried to pout, but Harry chuckled and nodded.

'Is everything really okay?' Abby asked.

'Nana protected the boys, and the girls are fine. We've stopped Umbridge, and I'm convinced that she'd been acting alone all along. Once the trial is over, everything will be fine,' Harry explained.

Abby hugged Harry.

'Hands off,' Gibbs growled.

Abby jumped backwards a foot, but she grinned.

'You should hurry; breakfast must be ready now,' she said.

'We'd get dressed faster if you were downstairs,' Harry pointed out.

Abby left the room.

'Want to have some fun?' Harry asked.

Gibbs nodded.

Harry got them dressed, thanks to a spell, and he Apparated them both into the kitchen five seconds before Abby arrived.

When she glared at them, both men chuckled.

'In a few years, you're going to be impossible,' Abby complained.

Harry turned to Gibbs and impudently asked, 'A few years?'

'No… We can become impossible faster than that,' Gibbs answered.

Abby pouted, but they all knew that it was an act. They were all happy that Harry and Gibbs were such good friends.

'What's going to happen now?' Sarah inquired.

'The trial is going to be planned. Umbridge already has an attorney, and… and the others were provided with free counsel,' Harry explained.

Harry briefly looked at his sons, who were devouring the pastries that Ducky had brought for breakfast. He didn't want his children to know too much about what was about to happen to their mother.

Gibbs's phone rang, and Tim told him that he'd had an e-mail from Hermione, asking him to tell Harry to put an end to the spell that was preventing her from Apparating to them in Washington. Almost as soon as Harry did as suggested, Hermione joined them.

'Harry, I have a list for you,' Hermione declared.

'A list?' Harry said.

'Let's go to the dining-room,' she said.

'We'll stay with the boys,' Abby whispered to Gibbs, who, then, followed Harry and Hermione.

'Attorneys, Harry. You're going to need one, too,' Hermione explained.

'Right… I'd forgotten,' the young man admitted.

'You've had enough on your mind these past months and years. I've been working on it for you. I have a list of American and British attorneys,' Hermione said.

'American?' Gibbs said.

'Of course, Umbridge tried to attack your family here,' Hermione answered.

'Mione… I'm not sure about what I should do,' Harry admitted in a whisper.

Harry sat down on the sofa. Gibbs didn't have to be a Legilimens to know that Harry felt bad; Harry had explained that the sentences against Ginevra and Draco would likely be death. Gibbs knew that Harry had sincerely been in love with his wife, and the prospect of having to explain to the children what the sentences were, was certainly a bit too much for the young man with too big a heart.

Gibbs placed his hand on Harry's shoulder and squeezed.

'Hermione, would a local Wizarding attorney agree to work for me?' Gibbs inquired.

She nodded fervently.

'You'll tell the best one in your country to come and see us tonight or tomorrow morning, and I'll ask you to contact the best one here and to tell him or her to report to me whenever it'll be convenient,' Gibbs said.

'Jethro?' Harry said, lost.

'She attacked our family; she targeted you. I want to help and show her and the other two idiots that I'm on your side,' Gibbs said.

'I'll pay for both attorneys, then,' Harry said.

'No need for that. My pay is rather good, my three ex-wives remarried, so there's no more alimony to pay them, and my only vice is the boat downstairs. I'm sure I can afford to pay for my own attorney,' Gibbs said.

'If the one I have in mind agrees to work for you, she might even work for free,' Hermione said. She looked at Harry and added, 'That goes for the one I'll go see in Cambridge in a minute.'

'Thanks, Mione,' Harry said softly.

'You're my other best friend, Mallard. I'll always be here for you,' she said.

Harry smiled and went to hug his friend. 'You've always been there,' he whispered.

'You needed help back in Hogwarts,' she teased him.

She looked at Gibbs, who hadn't realized that he wasn't happy to see Harry in her arms; she wondered if those two silly men even knew that there was a special kind of magic steadily brewing between them.

She was about to make a remark on the topic, but an owl knocked with its beak on the window. The bird was sent by the local attorney Hermione wanted to recommend to Gibbs. As soon as Harry used magic on the piece of parchment that the bird was carrying, a woman Apparated into the room.

She seemed about Carys's age, and she had a firm handshake that Gibbs liked immediately. She dressed like a Muggle and preferred black trouser-suits.

'My name's Marla DeWinter, and I'd like to offer you my services,' she said.

'Why?' Gibbs asked.

'I don't need to work, you see, Special Agent Gibbs. I can afford to choose my clients. On both sides of the ocean, we've been monitoring the case, and I'd like to help,' Marla said.

'You'd be working for my husband,' Harry pointed out.

Marla smiled and asked, 'Is it true that you got married by chance?'

'Yes, got a problem with that?' Gibbs growled.

'No,' Marla said with a bright smile. She turned to Hermione and said, 'They don't fully know how magical that is.'

'Not a clue,' Hermione answered as if the two men weren't in the room.

Marla turned to Gibbs and asked, 'What would you like me to do?'

'I want to be sure my family will be safe after the trial,' Gibbs explained.

'Good answer,' Marla said. 'I can do that for you.'

'Your price?' Gibbs inquired.

Marla was grinning when she said, 'I really don't need money, but I'd like to go away for a fortnight. Would you agree to cat-sit my furry monster? Of course, you'd have to keep reminding your kids that he's not to stay.'

'Magical cat?' Gibbs asked.

'Muggle cat,' Marla said.

'Two weeks?' Gibbs went on.

'Maybe less,' Marla answered.

'Deal,' Gibbs said.

'Would you like me to work with your husband's attorney?' Marla asked.

Gibbs and Harry nodded.

'I'm planning to go see Endeavour Montaigue,' Hermione explained.

Marla chuckled and said, 'Perhaps I should go with you, the dear old boy is a distant cousin.'

'Excellent! Are you free to go now?' Hermione asked Marla, who nodded. She turned to Harry and said, 'I'll hop by your office later.'

'I'll be expecting you,' Harry said.

'Shall we?' Hermione told Marla.

Marla nodded and told Gibbs, 'When can I come and see you?'

'You can come back tonight if you want,' Gibbs said.

'Good. We'll devise our battle plan then. I'll Apparate when the children are in bed… after nine?' Marla said.

Gibbs smiled at that and nodded.

Marla Disapparated. Hermione was about to follow her, but Harry stopped her.

'What did you mean about our wedding?' Harry asked.

Hermione looked at them, chuckled and Disapparated.

Harry looked at Gibbs, shrugged and said, 'Gals.'

Gibbs seemed to agree.



Montaigue and DeWinter started working for Harry and Gibbs that day. Since Severus, Sarah and Don were key witnesses, the two attorneys were often found in Gibbs's house in the evenings.

Umbridge was trying to fight back, but Montaigue was gathering testimonies from Wizarding people who'd been harassed by the witch during the war.

After a few days, the British court decided that the trial would start after Samhain; that should give everybody enough time to be ready.

That particular night of October, Harry came home late because there was an awful lot of work in his Department at the Ministry, and Montaigue had needed to work on a few details with him.

Severus and Sasha were guarding their daughter's sleep. Remus and Wee Sev were sleeping quietly, and Don and Sarah were chatting in the garden, though snogging would have been more accurate.

Gibbs was in Victoire's room when Harry Apparated home. Harry knew that Gibbs hadn't heard him, and he observed his husband with their daughter.

Gibbs was cuddling the little girl, as he tried to lull her back to sleep after changing her.

'My Vicky,' Gibbs whispered.

Gibbs froze instantly.

Harry saw the tears in his husband's eyes. 'You know she's not Kelly,' Harry said, as he walked to Gibbs's side.

'Yes, but…' Gibbs began to say, feeling bad for the nickname that sounded a bit like his late daughter's name.

'But you're making her your own. I'm not going to hex you for loving her,' Harry interrupted him.

Gibbs kissed Victoire's cheek and put her back in her cradle, where she closed her eyes and fell asleep.

Harry faced his husband and gently dried Gibbs's tears. Then, Harry caressed Gibbs's cheek; there was some magic in the air, and they leant towards each other for a kiss.

They both gasped when their lips separated. They were both deeply surprised, but no punches were thrown.

Harry laced his fingers with Gibbs's, and Gibbs didn't let go.

They retreated to their bedroom.


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