A/N: R&R

Summery: Possibly a one shot of Dante and Lady

Pairings: DanteXLady

Warnings: Cursing, Maybe some occness

Disclaimer: I don't own anything

Simple, I love you

It was a normal night at devil may cry, well almost normal as Lady was hunched over the toilet throwing up food she hadn't even known she had eaten while Dante stood beside her holding her hair and rubbing smooth circles on her back.

"This is your fucking fault Dante"

Dante sighed letting go of Ladys hair as she walked over to the sink to rinse out her mouth.

"Not technically"

Lady walked out of the bath room and into the office, sitting on the old red couch. Dante followed sitting at his desk staring at lady. She stared back.

"How is it not?"

"Well, you weren't exactly saying stop or no"

"Liar," Lady said thru clenched teeth, "I did say stop but you didn't"

"Well babe you looked like you enjoyed it"

Dante smirked as he stood to stand at his desk leaning against the front. Lady glared, she felt herself turning red.

"That's not true"

"Actually I believe your words were, 'Ooh Dante More harder faster! Oh God, Dante!!"

Dantes smirk turned into a grin as he looked at Ladys now red hot face. Lady broke eye contact and crossed her arms over her chest.

"Well I didn't enjoy it, in my opinion it sucked"

Lady turned back to Dante as she herd him walk closer to her. When Dante reached the couch he put his hands beside Ladys head and leaned closer to her so his lips were to her ear

"I find that hard to believe babe, especially since you were the one screaming my name so passionately, begging for me to fill you, and release into you" Dante said in his husky voice he then pulled away and looked at her.

"So there you have it, it's not my fault it's yours"

Lady was speechless, she opened and closed her mouth to speak but nothing came out. Dante was right, she realized if she wasn't so desperate they wouldn't be in this mess.

Dante waited for her to say something but nothing can so he continued.

"But don't worry Lady, I had fun to."

"Had Fun with what?" A voice said as the front door opened then closed.

"NOTHING!" Lady shouted as she pushed Dante away from her and stood up.

The blond who walked in looked at Dante as he smirked at her receiving a knowing smile back. Lady glared at the two then took a step closer to Trish giving her full attention and ignoring Dante. Trish caught Ladys look and began to explain.

"Anyway, Lady I just got this job and I may need your help"

Lady was about to reply but Dante beat her to it.

"She can't go"

"Why is that?" Trish said as she narrowed her eyes at Dante expecting an answer.

"She's pregnant," Dante said as Trish's eyes widened.

"You're telling me that Ladys pregnant! Who's the father?" Trish questioned completely shock.

"Me of course."

Dante stated grabbing lady from behind and hugging her closely. Lady quickly grabbed her gun and shot Dante in the foot.

The man yelped as he let Lady go and grab his foot in pain.

"Shit Lady that hurt! What the hell was that for?!"

"Don't touch me! That's how we got into all this mess!"

Lady stormed up to her room leaving Dante and Trish alone and slammed the door behind her. Dante sighed as her put his foot down and looked at Trish.

"So what are you going to do about the baby?"

"Keep it of course."

"Why would you stay to take care of the kid when you can just up and leave?" Trish asked curiously. Dante put his hands behind his head as he thought about the question.

"Simple," Trish raised her brow and Dante continued "I love her."