This story is a sequel of my fic, "Four Seasons". The previous story was last set in the end of summer and the beginning of autumn. A new chapter unfolds for our favorite characters…This story will be set in early winter and will end in spring.

Summary: Seven years have passed after Ozai was defeated and six years after Zuko and Katara wed to encourage peace among the nations. Old friends will reunite while new enemies emerge. The story continues with more romance, more drama, and more angst than ever before.

My main inspiration for both stories is Iroh's song called four seasons. This new story is based on his second verse, "Four loves."

This is still a Zutara pairing fic with Sukka and Taang. Thank you all for reading and I hope you enjoy my new story.

Also: for those who didn't read my first story, "Four Seasons" as a reminder. I gave Toph sight. As for how she got her sight…Well you'll have to read Four Seasons to find out. :)

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"Four Loves"

Book 5 Water

Chapter 1 Monochrome Skies

The sight of the Fire Nation Palace came in view as the hall was seen with two children laughing and running down the pathway. "Wait Kya!" the young boy cried out as he chased his little sister. "Hurry Kuzon!" the little girl said as her hair flowed behind her in rolling waves of black. As the two children entered the massive nursery the scene of a woman rocking an infant in her arms was seen. "Mother! Mother! Can me and Kuzon go see the turtle ducks today!?" the young child asked with excitement in her voice. Katara smiled warmly as her matured features of narrow eyes glistened. "Yes, my sweetie…Just speak softly now. You'll wake up little Lee." Katara said as she looked down at the sleeping baby in her arms.

The little girl's blue eyes closed as she smiled, "Yay!" Kya said quietly as she giggled. Turning to her brother she called out. "Race you to the garden!" the girl said as she ran out of the room. Kuzon huffed in annoyance of his little sister's constant energy. As he started to leave his mother spoke out. "Kuzon, remember to watch out for your sister." Katara reminded the six year old child as he turned his head. "Of course mother." The boy said with pride as he then ran off.

Katara smiled as she then turned her attention to the small infant in her arms.

'It seems just like the yesterday I found out I was pregnant…Only now to have three children.' Katara thought as she smiled warmly.

After Zuko and Katara were legally married their duties to the Fire Nation were given. Katara attended Zuko's meetings and offered her advice to help bring peace to the nations. Generals and Governors admire the woman's strong will and powerful persuasion to the Earth King.

The rebellion riots in the Ba Sin Se slowly decreased by half as resources such as food and gold were donated to the weaker villages throughout the Earth Kingdom.

Improvement was steadily growing along with trade and profits around the world as towns joined together to create bigger farms for crops and built dam systems in dry areas to the villages hit by drought.

Avatar Aang then set out to the central base of the Earth Kingdom and reclaimed peace to the townspeople along with the agreement to help rebuild the abandon ruin of Taku to her former glory since multiply numbers of families doubled within the first year. As the city started to rebuild and was under construction.

The first trade route was reprinted on the map, since the city was once an important hub of commerce for the Earth Kingdom used to distribute cargo imported from ships to the entire nation, the system now was active again. People soon started to moved back into the city as news was heard of the herbalist's and her business was thriving again with the help of her new students, who joined the institute, making the herbal potions under her care.

The high demand for the medication grew as villages slowly became healthier and better in each community.

After a couple years Suki returned to her village and helped her neighboring villages with self defense training classes and yoga sessions.

Sokka joined Aang and Toph to the Northern Water Tribe offering another trade to the Southern Tribe to help rebuild the outer walls for the growing city. After that, Sokka decided to visit Suki on Kyoshi Island. It was a week long trip before he soon arrived in the Western territory.

The vast view of the blue ocean was seen as the wind howled strong against the currents and crashing waves. Soaring higher into the skies, the huge air bison roared loudly through the salty breeze.

Three figures on a leather saddle all waited patiently as the sound of waves grew louder against the shallow reefs. The sight of an island was seen with a vast forest of bamboo trees near the open shoreline.

Appa landed on the soft white sand as the traveler jumped off the bison. "Take care Sokka." Toph said as the young man waved goodbye.

"Appa, Yip-yip!" Aang called out as Sokka spoke out. "Travel safely!" the young Water Tribe warrior said as Appa bellowed before taking off into the skies.

Sokka smiled as then turn turned and entered into the forest, walking down the trail the Kyoshian village.

As the bison flew into the skies, a feminine figure was seen sitting in the center of a large saddle stitched with gray swirls into the brown dark leather. Toph looked down and marveled at the fine material. From what the girl could recall, it was a gift from General How and his Terra Team. The saddle matched perfectly with the Avatar's free spirit and optimistic nature, along with its earthly tone.

Toph turned her gaze at the back of the airbender's head as he rode on the head of the saddle. The sightful earthbender narrowed her eyes slightly as she played with her hair as it swayed in the breeze. Long strands flowed behind her as a dark green band pulled back her bangs. Her jade colored eyes glistened softly as she smiled and her cheeks tinted with pink.

Ever since she gained her sight, the earthbender never once stopped being in awe of the Air Nomad. The last of his kind in both spirit and tradition, he was also quite handsome in the young woman's eyes.

Her relationship with the Avatar was an innocent one. Still small kisses and friendly hugs they've shared throughout the years. As a couple her parents approved and her friends teased. But Toph was happy with Aang and so was he.

Within the past few years Toph and Aang have traveled to many areas throughout the Earth Kingdom. Rebuilding the homes and sculpturing the land into higher and bigger structures of towns and fields.

Toph smiled to herself as she then climbed over to the airbender and wrapped her arms around him.

Aang blinked before smiling, "Hey…Are you cold?" Aang said in a sweet yet worried tone as Toph giggled. "Nah, just a little lonely." The young nineteen year old girl said as she nuzzled against his cheek while her long hair flowed behind her in the wind current. Aang blushed as he gripped on the reins before clearing his throat. Toph giggled as the boy's modesty as she then spoke changing the subject.

"So where do we go now?" Toph asked as Aang turned his head. "Well, I already sent the letter to Zuko about our delay due to Sokka's stop. But it turns out we'll make it earlier than expected, unless you want to go somewhere before the Fire Nation." Aang said as Toph blinked.

"You mean we can have a mini vacation!?" Toph said with joy as Aang nodded his head.

Toph then thought about where she would want to go…After taking a few moments she spoke.

"I've always wanted to see the Southern Air Temple…You always mentioned it while on our travels during the war." Toph said as Aang smiled. "We're not far off from there. That would be a nice mini vacation for us." Aang said as he called out to Appa. "Yip-Yip, Appa! Let's go the Southern Air Temple!" Aang called out as Appa roared cheerfully.

The scene of the flying bison came into view as his form flew into the monochrome skies of deep shades of blue.

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