A Legend and an Angel

Rayme Gundham never really wanted to be anything other than daddy's little girl. But seeing Randy Orton's thick thighs, devilish grin, blue eyes, all while catching him exit a very steamy shower, is enough to make any good girl, especially Ric Flair's daughter, wanna go bad. Randy OrtonOC, Ric Flair, John Cena, Batista, HHH, others...

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I must disclaim that I own nothing. Not even my own soul. My soul belongs to the WWE, along with the sweaty, wrestlers that are my muses. Rayme Gundham (pronounced "ray me") is not a real person, nor a created person. She's a embodiment of several personalities that haunt me. Confused? Don't be. Relax, Review, and Enjoy.

This story contains sexual content, of course.

Chapter One- Always Right

Rayme Gundham didn't want to admit it, but he was right. He was always right. How in the hell he could see right through everything, she could never grasp. With his damn reading glasses and his house shoes. He thinks he's so smart. She wiped her nose with her sleeve and kept on crying.

She was upset. She just broke up with her boyfriend of 4 months, and sure, it wasn't a long time, but when you spend every single day together... That crap gets old quick. Her father told her to be careful. And she defended Charlie tooth and nail. From the day they met, to the day he caught him balls-deep in her friend, Liddia. He even starting stalking her when she wouldn't take him back, and for Ric, that was the wrong answer. And whatdya know? Rayme had to eat her words, with a large drink and fries.

She was crying like the world had just ended and her father, in his damn reading glasses and house shoes came up to her room in their huge mansion in Tampa, Florida, for a father-daughter talk, ya know? The one where you have be all macho and stick your chest out and shit. He entered her room nervous because through all the years he spent wrestling and bedding beautiful women, they had completely lost touch and he had no clue how to communicate with her. He wanted to be the best daddy ever, and set good examples, but his rap sheet with women made him a hypocrite to end all hypocrites. And to make matters worse, when she turned 21, she developed breasts, got contacts, and a nose ring, and God knows what other piercings. She had stopped playing rugby after high school, stopped wearing sweats all the time, and got her ears pierced.

He was doing the laundry the other night and stumbled upon some white laced undergarment material with a pair of red lips on the crotch. It resembled a women's thong. He was certain it didn't belong to her, perhaps some woman left it there from months ago, when he had last been intimate. He had nodded his head, he was certain. But when he questioned her about the offensive material and she told him that it was hers, he cried all night. It seemed like the "protection from the perverts that hang around dark corners waiting to corrupt and impregnate her" plan was failing miserably.

She was beautiful, just like her mother, Anna. She stood at 5'8 with brown and red locks running wild to the middle of her back. Heart shaped mouth, tinted pale pink. High cheek bones and the biggest, most innocent, grey eyes. She was his angel and after her mother passed away, he promised to make sure he protected her at all costs. The window was open, letting in the breezy September night air, also waving her dark locks in the wind as she held her head down between her knees. Her sobs simmered when she heard the door open, and the weight shift on her canopy bed.

"Hey, Tiny."
"Hi." She wiped her nose with her sleeve, like she did when she was younger and he smiled.
"I'm sorry he hurt you, honey. Boys do stupid things sometimes." She looked at him.
"Okay, all the time. But seriously, even daddy does dumb things." She rolled her eyes.
"Like what?"
"Like interfering and not letting you make your mistakes on your own. It wouldn't hurt so bad if you didn't have to prove me so wrong, right?" She nodded and sniffled.

"How did you get so smart? It couldn't have been through wrestling." They both shared a hearty laugh and he put his arm around his only blood daughter.

"The longer you're around to get hurt, the more you know." She thought about what he said and it made more sense as she thought about it. It must really suck to know the love game like the back of your hand, yet still walk right into heartache. He patted her knee.

"Guess what?" He was debating how he was going to break the news. It was now or never.
"You're getting married again?"

"No silly, I got a call from Stephanie."

She frowned up her face and he expected that. She knew what the fuck that meant and she hated it. It meant that she wouldn't see him for the next 6 months. She liked seeing her dad almost everyday. She couldn't live in this big house by herself. She didn't like him getting hurt all the time, and always being so tired. She was just getting into the swing of things and here he was, about to pull another disappearing act. He had enough money to live comfortably for the rest of his life and hers too. Why in the hell was he doing this?

"What did she want?" She already knew.
"She wants to bring back Evolution. The old gang. Big Dave, Randy, Hunter, and me. Cena's back on RAW, too. I'm thinking about going up to Connecticut tomorrow and renewing my 4 year contract." She noted the way his face lit up. She knew he was lonely being here with just the two of them and, truthfully, so was she.

"It'll be like one big party all over again. I mean, those were some of the best times I've ever had." Her face dropped. Shit, she wanted to go too. She wanted to talk to Uncle H and Uncle Dave again. She missed them so much. He wouldn't let her go so easily, so she decided to play her hand at some reversed psychology.

"Where am I going to stay?"

"You can stay here, Tiny."

"Alone? What about Charlie? What if he comes around and tries to bother me or something?"

His neck stiffened at the thought. After he showed up at his house and stomped a mudhole in him, breaking 3 ribs and puncturing his lung, he doubted very seriously that he would ever be bothering her again.

"He won't be bothering you at all anymore."

"I just don't wanna be alone." He nodded.
"Well, where did you wanna stay?"
"With you?"

He turned his head away from her and sighed.


She had those big eyes that made him give in every single time. She knew she had him, but she wanted to be certain.

"But what about the wrestlers? You always told me that they were perverts."
"They never said anything before."
"I don't look the same as I did last time."

She had a very good point. So good, he wanted to change his mind. But he already said yes.

"They won't be bothering you, Tiny. Not if you're with me."
"Daddy, stop calling me Tiny." She smiled and giggled. He mocked hurt.
"No. You're always gunna be my tiny princess. You were so small when you were little. I swear I could fit you in my hand. The first time you opened your eyes, I was sold." She loved to hear stories about when she was young and innocent. She wished she was still so innocent.
"You leave tomorrow?"
"We leave tomorrow. At noon, we head to the airport and fly out by 2:30pm. Make sure you have your stuff together by noon, honey. I know how you ladies like to take your time getting dressed."
"Ok, daddy." He gave her a bear hug and kissed her forehead. He pulled away and stared into her eyes, careful not to tear up.
"This won't be the last time you get hurt. Hell, there will never be a last time. You just have to open up and love like you'll never love again."
"Ok, I love you, daddy."
"I love you, too....Tiny." She laughed and hugged her father again. He left her room to finish packing. And she sat up in her bed and wiped her face.

He was right. He always was.


The Next Morning

Randy Orton stirred and sat up in his bed. It was 10:45am. The day of the RAW taping here in Connecticut. Today he would meet with Vince and Stephanie to talk about the Evolution reunion. He couldn't lie, he was excited as hell. He hated being a heel. You didn't go to as many signings and your promos were cut short. He had a girlfriend that he loved very much and was very faithful to, but let's face it, it's hard to get pussy if you're publicly hated. He never indulged, but it was very ego-stroking to know you're wanted.

He laughed at his thoughts while laying in his bed, naked, and alone. He thought to call John and ask him to come with him to the meeting. He was going to be bored as balls. He missed the old gang, they would all go out and tear up the town, drinking, fucking, drinking, and fucking and whatever the fuck else they wanted to do. Now Dave is taking time off because his daughter's having a kid, Hunter is going through a fucking mid-life crisis, John has a broken arm, and Ric is at home with his daughter. He leaned over to the hotel nightstand and grab his phone.

"Yea?" John answered the phone in a sleep-filled voice.
"What are you doing?"
"Nothing. Just staring at my morning wood, ya know. It is still morning."
"Sorry dude. Did you wanna hang out later?"
"Oh, like a date?" John put on his girly voice. "Well, I would have to ask my father and you would have to bring me home by nightfall. Are you gunna bring condoms?"

Randy had to laugh. John was one funny asshole.

"Seriously, I have the meeting thing at 5pm. I think the rest of the gang is gunna be there, too. We should chill afterwards. Go to Lucky's and grab some drinks or something."
"Dude, even if you buy me drinks, i'm still not putting out."
"Fuck you asshole, i'm being serious."
"I noticed, now what's wrong with you?"
"Randal Keith Orton, please tell me what is ailing you."
"Nothing's wrong, you weirdo."

John laughed into the phone. "Weirdo? Wow..."

Randy was starting to get impatient. "I'm having some minor problems, ok."
"Like erectile-wise or...."
"Me and Jestina are having some problems." The line fell quiet. John knew it was coming. That chick gave him the creeps, always trying to push up on him and flirt. He told Randy before, but that motherfucker was pussy whipped. "Oh. What happened?" Randy felt his anger rising just thinking about it.
"Nothing, I heard some shit from AC." {Adam Copeland}"What worries me the most is how he knows about her scar."
"What scar?"
"Exactly, my point. She has a small scar on her inner thigh. You wouldn't be able to see it unless you were close enough. Anyways, we can talk about this later. I'm gunna get dressed and call up Ric to see if he's going to be there."
"Yea, man. Sorry about that shit. Cya later."
"Alright." Randy slammed his phone down and sighed.

Dammit, Jestina. He growled into the morning breeze.

Maybe she just told him about it in conversation.

But the story behind that scar isn't exactly dinner conversation. He thought, more or less trying to convince himself. He forgave her for cheating before. And he never fucking does that. And that same sinking feeling he got from the first time was creeping up on him now.

He wanted to call either AC or Jestina and demand answers. To fight, scream, and have his way. But he couldn't. He couldn't boss around AC like he does in the ring. He can't just punt him until he gives up information. And he's not exactly the smooth-talking, lady-killer he fronts for most people. To her, he was just Randal. And sure he was the chief money maker in his relationship, he wasn't wearing the pants. He was wearing heels and a fucking skirt because she saw right through his macho man bullshit.

He sighed again and tried his hardest not to anger himself into tears.