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Bella POV

Great...my first day at Forks High School and I can't even find the keys to my new red chevy truck, well it's new to me, other people wouldn't say it was new seeing as the red colour was faded and it was starting to rust, but anyway I loved it and I didn't care what people thought of me.

I decided to try my bedroom again so I ran up the steps and managed to trip on one of the steps causing me to hit my shin but I got straight back up and carried on. Most people would have sat there and complained about the pain but not me. I'm very clumsy.

I can remember my mother, Renee, taking me to ballet lessons when I was younger to help me with my balance but after my first recital when I bumped into one of the other girls causing a domino like effect with the rest of the class, I made Renee promise to never take me again.

My mother lived in Arizona, that's where I had been living for the past seventeen years of my life. I loved in it Arizona, the heat, the sunshine everything but when Renee decided to get married again and go travelling with her new husband I said I would go live with my father, Charlie here in Forks.

Renee and Charlie had divorced when I was still a young child, my mother said that she hated the small town and that she felt like she couldn't breath anymore and with that she packed up and took me with her to go live in Arizona.

I ran into my room and fell to the floor looking under my bed to see if my keys had wondered under there but there was nothing. I looked over to me bedside table and lifted my Wuthering heights book to find my keys, I sighed in relief and thought to myself why I hadn't looked in one of the most obvious places first.

I ran down the stairs nearly tripping again but managing to steady myself this time and grabbed my school bag. I glanced at my reflection in the hallway mirror to make sure my hair was still ok after my fall. I looked so pale and tired, I had pale purple circles under my brown eyes. They were probably there because I hadn't slept a wink last night and I didn't get much sleep on the plane yesterday morning either.

I brushed a strand of hair out of my face and put it behind my ear and walked out of the door. It was raining today which wasn't that much of a surprise seeing as the weather was constantly like this in Forks so I ran to my truck. Once I got in I put on the heaters and started my journey to Forks High School.

I pulled in to the student car park and parked as close to the back as possible, even if it meant I had to run through the rain and get soaked I didn't care, I just didn't want to draw any unwanted attention towards me. I hopped out of my truck and made my way to the office to pick up my lesson timetable.

The office was warm with a nice glowing light that made it feel homey. I pulled down my hood and walked over to the old woman sat behind the desk with glasses perched on the end of her nose looking at some paper work.

"Um hello I'm Isabella Swan, I'm new here, could I pick up my lesson timetable please?" I asked quietly. The old woman looked up and gave me a kind smile,

"Hello Dear, welcome to Forks High School, here's your lesson plan and a map. I wish you a good first day at school" she said cheerfully and handed my lesson timetable and map.

I gave her a shy smile and took the timetable while mumbling a thank you.

I made my way to one of the school buildings where I hoped my first lesson would be, I was looking down at the map when I felt something walk into me. I looked up to see a blonde haired boy with baby blue eyes and a cheeky grin. I felt the blood rush to my cheeks and my hands start to sweat.

"Oh I-I'm sorry I-I wasn't looking where was I was going..." I started to mumble and looked down at my feet, why didn't I just say sorry and leave. I was just about to leave when he grabbed my shoulder to stop me.

"Hey it's ok, I wasn't looking myself, I'm Mike Newton you must be Isabella Swan" he said holding out his hand.

I took his hand, "It's Bella, please just call me Bella" I hated it when people used my whole name.

"Ok, Bella it is then, so are you lost? If you want I could show you around" he said with another cheeky grin.

"Um that would be great thanks, you'de be helping me a lot" I replied with a small smile.

Mike showed me to my class and told me how to get to my other lessons. I thanked him and agreed to sit with him and his friends at lunch before heading into my english class.

I went to the front of the class and explained to the teacher that I was new here and headed to one of the empty seat near the back where I met a small girl with short spikey black hair and a great fashion sense.

"Hi, I'm Alice Cullen you must be Isabella, can I call you Bella for short?" She said with a wide grin. I smiled back, she was very forward but she seemed like the type of girl I could be friends with.

"Hello, yeah it's fine to call me Bella, I don't like it when people call me by my whole name." I replied

"Cool, so how you liking Forks?"

" Well I only got here yesterday and the weathers a lot different from Arizona but I think I could get used to the rain." I answered

"Wow! Arizona, I totally forgot you came from there, you're a bit pale. I guess you don't like the sun much" she joked

"Yea I know, I don't tan very well." I joked back with a smile.

The rest of the lesson continued like this, me and Alice chatting while the teacher had his back to us. Alice didn't make me feel like the new girl she treated me as if we were best friends and I hoped that one day we could be that.

After my first lesson with Alice that seemed to fly by I said my goodbye and told her I would see her in Gym, I hated Gym but knowing that Alice was in my class didn't make me dread it as much. The rest of the day dragged along until lunch which I wasn't looking forward to.

I had been getting stares all day because I was the new girl and I just knew that in the cafeteria it would be even worse with everyone's piercing eyes staring it me. You never know, I might get lucky and not trip which I most probably would do.

I entered the cafeteria, which was a lot smaller than the one back in Arizona, and made my way into the line. I bought a chicken salad sandwich with a bottle of lemonade and glanced around the room to find Mike. When I was just about to give up and make my way to my truck to eat my lunch there, I saw Mike waving frantically towards me with his big cheeky grin. I sighed in relief and made my way to his table in the corner.

Mike pulled out a chair next to him, I mumbled a thanks and tried not to show too much of my blushing cheeks by pulling my hair in front of my face. Mike introduced me to the rest of the kids who were sitting at our table. I recognised a few of them like Jess and Eric who were both in my Spanish class and Angela who sat in front of me in my Maths class. After that I just started eating my lunch only speaking when someone had asked me a question.

I saw Alice walk into the cafeteria and gave me a big wave, I smiled back and waved to her. She went and sat on a table with four other kids, three boys and one girl. The first boy I noticed was hard to miss, he was massive. He had dark curly hair, well built and was sat next to the girl.

The girl was beautiful, she had long, wavy, blonde hair, blue eyes. She had her arm wrapped around the big guys arm while he smiled down at her. It was obvious they were a couple.

The boy who was sat next to Alice looked like he was some way related to the other girl, they had the same colour hair, eyes and some of the same features. He kissed Alice when she sat down. I guess they were a couple too.

The last boy I had noticed looked like he was in a world of his own, reading a book. He had the most amazing reddish coloured hair that I had never seen before, I couldn't quite see his eyes as he was sat sideways on form me.

"Bella?" Mike said beside me "You ok? What you staring at?"

"Um nothing, I just saw someone from my English class" I replied trying to hide my blushing cheeks again.

He shrugged and carried on his conversation with...I think her name was Lucy...or Lauren, something like that anyway. Once I finished my sandwich I glanced back up at Alice's table. At exactly the same time the boy who eyes I couldn't see looked up as well.

His eyes were beautiful, they were bright green but I couldn't help but notice the pale purple circles under them. He looked like me this morning but worse, it looked like he hadn't slept in a few days not just one night like me. I didn't know that we had been staring at each for so long until I noticed everyone from my table stand up.

I grabbed my bag and hurried out of the cafeteria to catch up with Mike. I didn't dare glance back to see if the boy was behind me.

Mike was in my Biology class, which I had next, and said that he would show me the way after he had collected his book from his locker. We had a few minutes left to get to class and made it to the classroom just before the bell. I went to the teacher to inform him that I was new here and he showed me where to sit. I had to sit next to a boy who appeared to be asleep. Good, that meant I wouldn't have to answer anymore questions today like, Do you like Forks? Is it hot in Arizona? Why did you move here then? I was fed up with those sort of questions.

I settled in my seat and somehow managed to knock my book onto the floor making a loud slap. The boy sat next to me woke up with a jump and rubbed his eyes. Uh oh, not him please. I thought to myself, it was the boy from lunch. I mumbled a sorry and collected my book from the floor.

I glanced up at him and caught him staring at me, once he realised I was looking back at him he sat bolt up and faced the front. I opened my book and started to take notes. After ten minutes I glanced up again to find him staring again but this time he just gave me a crooked smile. My heart fluttered, he was so handsome. I felt the heat creep onto my face and turned back to my book. I swear I heard him stifle a laugh. After another 5 minutes I heard him rip some paper and second later he slid me a note across the table. I checked the teacher wasn't looking and opened the note, it read.

Hi I'm Edward Cullen.

And that was it. Short and simple. I wrote under it.

Hello, I'm Isabella Swan but call me Bella.

I slid the note back to him and went back to my notes.

After fifteen minutes he slid me another note,

That's a nice name. How are you?

What was I meant to say. Oh thanks your name is cool too. So I decide to just ignore the first part of the note and just answer the question.

Fine thanks, you?

I slid it back to him and faced the front of the class. He was faster this time.

Yeah thanks I'm good.

That was it. He didn't ask me any more questions so I thought that he had given up.

It was ten minutes before the end of class and the teacher had told us that we could have some free time to chat. I was doodling on my notes when I heard his voice.

"Hi, I'm Edward." he said sticking out his hand for me to shake. His voice was so beautiful, like velvet if you can describe a voice like velvet.

"Hi, um I already know." I replied and took his hand. When my hand took his, I swear I felt something, like an electric current travelling through my body, but that was just stupid, I must of imagined it and by Edwards face he didn't seem to feel anything, he just gave me that crooked smile again.

"I think you already know my sister, Alice Cullen?" so that's how they were related,

"Um yea, she's in my English and Gym class."

He nodded his head "she told me at lunch." He said. He'd been talking about me at lunch? I didn't know what else to say, I wasn't very confident with talking to new people. He was staring at me again and I could feel my cheeks get hotter and I was becoming very self-conscious did I have something on my face?

Then the bell went, saved by the bell I thought. I mumbled a bye, grabbed my things and walked out of the classroom before he could say anything else to me. That was weird, I never reacted to someone like that before, sure I get embarrassed a lot but never like that.

I walked out of the building and over to the gym, the cold breeze felt nice on my burning cheeks and I didn't care that me hair was getting wet from the rain.

I entered the Gym and noticed Alice in the corner of the changing room so I went over,

"Hi Alice,"

"Oh Hi Bella" she shrieked and pulled me into a hug. I was a bit surprised that she hugged me, she only met me this morning but it felt like we had been friends for years. I returned the hug and started to get changed.

Once we got changed we headed out to the gym and sat on the bleachers as the Coach wanted to go through some rules for basketball. I hated Gym but if I had to pick one sport to play it would have to be basketball. I wasn't that good but believe it or not I did manage to get on to the girls basket ball team in my old school, but then managed to sprain my ankle while playing so I had to be took off the team.

"So how's your day been?" Alice asked

"It could of gone worse," I replied

"Made any new friends?"

"Um, you but it seems like I've known you for ages," I told her, shocked that I had just said that out load, she probably thought I was weird now I said that, but she didn't look that freaked out.

"I feel the same way too Bella, we're going to be great friends Bella, I just know it" she stated with a huge grin. I smiled back

"And I met Mike and some of his friends but I don't really know them yet, oh I just met your brother too" I informed her.

"Cool, I have another brother to called Emmett, he was the big guy sitting at my table at lunch. So was Edward acting ok in class? he seemed a bit tired earlier on and he wouldn't stop studying at lunch, he's never normally like that." She questioned

"He seemed ok, he was very friendly." I replied, blushing when Alice raised an eyebrow at me. "I mean he made me feel welcome, he didn't ask me loads of questions like the other kids here" Alice's smile widened, oh god she probably thought I liked him, sure he's good looking and friendly but I just met the guy. Just then the Coach finished his talk and put us into teams.

The Gym lesson wasn't too bad, I wasn't the worst player but then again I did hit another girl on my team, she didn't seem very happy but I did say sorry. After I got changed I went out to the car park with Alice, we swapped numbers and said our goodbyes as Alice said she was going to meet Jasper before he left.

As I made my way out of the car park I saw Edward, he was leaning against a silver Volvo with his arms crossed. As if he knew I was looking at him he turned around and smiled at me. I felt the heat creep back onto my cheeks again and smiled shyly back. His smile widened and he started to chuckle, I didn't know what was so funny to him until I heard the line of cars beeping their horns behind me. I looked forward and realised that I had been holding the line of cars up, I quickly pulled away but not before I saw Edward laugh again.

As soon as I got home I started my homework, Charlie wasn't going to be back from work until 8:30 so it seemed a bit early to start dinner. Once I finished my homework, cleaned the house and did the laundry it was 7 o'clock so I decided to start dinner. I wasn't sure what to cook for Charlie, I know that he used to have take-a-way's nearly every night as he was no good at cooking but lucky for him I was. I decided on spaghetti Bolognese.

Just as I was laying out the food on the plates Charlie walked in hanging up his gun and taking off his work boots,

"Hiya Bells, what's all this, you didn't have to cook I was going to get pizza seeing as it was your first day at school and you might be worn out," Charlie said while sitting in the chair opposite me,

"It's ok dad, I wanted to cook." I assured him

"Well thanks, it smells great. So how was your fist day? Made any new friends?" Charlie questioned me.

"It was ok. I met a few new people,"

"Any one I know?" I don't know why he asked he knew that he would know them seeing as he was the chief of police her in Forks and it was such a small town he probably knew everyone along with their address, middle name, name of first pet, blood type...

"Well I met this kid called Mike and a few of his friends. Oh I met this girl in my English class called Alice Cullen who seemed pretty friendly and her brother Edward Cullen is in my biology class."

"Ah the Cullen's, their a nice family. Dr Cullen was the best thing to happen to the hospital and Esme is a lovely woman. The kids are great too well Edward got caught once speeding but that's in the past, he was going through a rough patch."

"Rough patch?" I asked

"Yea, Edward was adopted by them when he was younger, Esme is actually his Auntie,"

"Why was he adopted?"

"Both of his parents died. It was the anniversary of their death when I caught him speeding." He continued.

And that was it we didn't speak for the rest of the meal. It was silent, but not a awkward silent like I had today with Edward but a silence that didn't need to be filled.

Once I cleaned up I said goodnight to Charlie and headed up stairs to have a shower and go to bed. I let the warm water run over my body, I felt exhausted and just wanted to sleep. I got out the shower dried my hair and pulled on my sweat pants and top I used for pyjamas. As soon as my head hit the pillow I fell asleep.

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19th September: Hi, I just wanted to say that I have changed this chapter a little. At first I said that Edwards father had killed himself but didn't like how the story was going. So I changed it.