This is an ItaSasu fic with a big hint of ItaHida. It's only a two shot, but I might make it longer if enough people ask or suggest it. Depends on the reviews, you know?

Warning: This is very, very graphic. There is no rape or abuse but extreme smut.

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So, without further suspense or waiting, here is Innocence.

Chapter 1: Taking A Ride

He watched, as the white haired man lowered himself slowly onto his Aniki's long pierced cock, grunting softly as the silver balls rubbed against his entrance.

Who was he?

Why was he with his Aniki?

More importantly, who the hell did he think he was?

Sasuke's black eyes glowed furiously as he continued to watch the way his Aniki smiled at the man, his face shifting away from it as he moaned. His long, jet black hair was still in it's neat ponytail, his stunning red eyes staring down at the male's body as he sat on him, trying to grow accustomed to the huge rod. He was still fully clothed, his black muscle shirt tightly hugging his torso and the black leather pants only unzipped with his cock popped out. The equally black leather boots were the only thing of Itachi's that was on the floor.

A piece of black hair flowed silkily over Sasuke's eyes, making the somewhat secret event hard to see from the crack in the doorway. He lifted a creamy white hand and moved it behind his ear.

"Hidan…" he heard the low, the voice he dreamed about, the voice he touched himself to, the voice that was supposed to be whispering to him.

"W-Wait a fucking second! This fucking hurts!" He heard the sharp answer, immediately recognizing it…from church.

The deep chuckle that passed through Itachi's godly lips sent a shiver down Sasuke's spine.

"Well, I don't have all night And I know you don't either, Father."

Sasuke's eyes widened and his jaw dropped. The priest from church?! But he's a PRIEST! His 14 year old mind could not comprehend why a priest would be fucking his brother.

The once holy man smiled and leaned forward, pressing his lips to Itachi's.

"Then why don't you fucking help me, Itachi?"

A smirk immediately placed itself on Itachi's lips as he let his hands grip Hidan's hips.


He lifted his hips and pushed them back down onto him sharply, a pained whimper coming from Hidan's lips. He lifted them again, and this time, Hidan lowered himself, pleasure replacing the pain quickly. He continued on his own as Itachi began stroking his bouncing cock.

He started to ride Itachi roughly, literally jumping on his cock, loving the way the silver piercings rubbed against his prostate, making him scream. The elder Uchiha moaned softly as the piercing moved against the tight entrance, making his cock throb with the feeling. The loud slapping sound that came from Hidan's ass slapping against the dark leather echoed through the room and down the hall.

Sasuke could feel his heart beat faster and his own erection twitch when he heard his brother moan. He really didn't know what to do. Should he interrupt? Should he walk away from it? Should he stay and watch?… Should he join in?

No, his brother would never go for that…would he?

Damn it! He silently slapped his forehead. Why do I keep thinking these things? Aniki would never-

"Ahhhhh! Fuck! Ooh…" The priest cursed and moaned until-

"Oh, God…nngh!"

He came, the long strips of white cream staining Itachi's shirt. He gasped as he felt the hot liquid fill him up to the max, leaking out, and giving Sasuke a full view of what his sex god of a brother was capable of.

The tip of Itachi's cock was still inside Hidan, rivers of pure white cream flowing from the man's entrance. Sasuke's mouth began to water as he stared at the lovely sight, but of course, the shrill ring of Itachi's cell phone indicated that his precious Otouto would be home soon.

Not wanting to get caught, Sasuke ran to the front door of their 6 room house and stepped outside, where his book bag still lay. He went and hid in the bushes for about ten minutes when he heard the conversation his brother was having with the priest through the open window in the kitchen.

"So tell me, when can we do this again, Father?" Itachi. Sasuke's teeth began to grind together. Of course he would've enjoyed the little session they had. He was a grown man, he was allowed to do what he wanted.

A chuckle came from the priest's mouth. "Anytime Itachi…But…"


"It's Sasuke…he's growing up now."

Itachi looked over at the violet eyed man, his own eyes glowing slightly.

"What about it?"

"Well, maybe it's time you tell him how you feel about him."

Itachi's eyes widened. "No way! He's only 14. If I tell him…exactly what I feel for him, I'm pretty sure he'll freak out."

"It was just a fucking suggestion, Itachi. I'm sure Sasuke would be able to fucking handle any damn thing you throw at him. Especially that huge-"

A chuckle came from the elder Uchiha. "Okay, I think it's time to leave now."

Hidan let out a small laugh. "Well, just think about it, Itachi. You wouldn't have to hide shit from him anymore."


Hidan shook his head and walked out the door, fitted in all white. Tight white jeans, a white button down shirt and white Gucci shoes. In one word? Gorgeous. Even Sasuke let out a little squeal when he seen him.

His brother though was very close to the same. At times, Itachi could go completely Goth and wear all black. At other times, he was all business, and made it look good.

…Like now.

He had changed his all black attire into a white button down shirt, the sleeves folded until they stopped on his biceps, long black pants and, to keep it simple, his socks, since he was at home. A gold chain was around his neck, and a matching bracelet on his wrist.

Now, Sasuke was drooling. He always liked seeing his brother dressed up like that, even if he was just staying home.

He looked away from Itachi and watched the shiny silver car drove away, waiting until it was out of sight and his brother walked inside the house for a few minutes before he ran up the steps and unlocked the door.

End Chapter

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