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Thin Line Between Love and Hate

Sirius Black hated Severus Snape.

Severus Snape hated Sirius Black.

That's what everyone thought, but it's never that simple, is it?

Sirius never hated Severus, just went along with his three friends to fit in and gain popularity from the school. He did pranks and called Snape names, but only because it got him positive attention and laughs around him just like his friends. Sirius was never someone to hate someone he didn't know, but for Severus he made an exception because...well, hey, who liked Snivellus anyways?! From what Sirius knew Snape was someone you were just supposed to hate.

Severus always hated Sirius, but only because he hated everyone, especially when they are friends with James Potter. He stayed quiet and out of people's sights just so he could hide and pretend that at least one person cared about him since his mother's death. No one knew about his life and he kept it that way, so that no one could use the information against him. Just like why he tried not to make any friends, so no one could betray and hurt him. Severus built an image where no one would want to be with him.

Yet, neither knew why the other one hated them. Both reasons so different and then again, so alike.


It all started on a nice and warm day near the end of the 4th year at Hogwarts.

A young hook-nosed boy sat under a tree by a huge lake reading a book he had borrowed from the restricted area of the library. This boy was trying to keep his mind off of going back to his home and stay away from other students in case they wanted to pick and prank him for the end of another school year. He was doing a pretty good job until his nickname rang out from somewhere behind him.

"Hey! Hey, Snivellus!"

Severus didn't even have to look up to realize that who called him was no other than the famous James Potter, no doubtly being followed by his gang. Sighing, he just remained sitting against the tree, reading again and did not stop until shadows fell over him. Severus scowled and glanced up looking at the two figures between his long, greasy hair, noticing them right away.

"What do you want, Potter...Black?" he asked, vemon dripping with every syllable.

"Ahh, nothing really Snivellus. We were just wondering where you go every summer, I mean it's not like you have a home to go to, do you? Because if I were your parent I would have surely disowned you by now, if I hadn't killed myself," James replied, laughing a bit as Sirius snickered, agreeing.

Severus' hands tightened on his book, his knuckles turning white as he glared hatefully up at them, "Oh, shut it, you don't know anything and I sure as hell don't have to tell you my business! And Black was the one disowned by his family, not me."

Sirius' lip curled back and did a type of growl, "How dare you!" he hollered before whipping his wand out and shoting a slashing hex at Severus' arm.

Severus, expecting it, already had his wand out and quickly released a shield around himself as he let a slight smirk trace his features before speaking, "Heh...hit a nerve there, did I, Black?"

James glared, hard, alongside of Sirius, both of their wands pointing directly at Severus' chest now. Severus kept his shield around his whole body, glaring just as hard back. He would never say it out loud, but he actually didn't mean to insult Sirius so harshly, but he had to to keep Potter away from prying into his personal life.

Sirius, beign smarter than he acted and looked, smirked as his foot went right through the shield and kicked Severus' wand out of his hand, making it land a good three feet away and the magical shield vanish. Yet before Severus' eyes could even widen James did a full-body binding spell causing said student to fall sideways with a quiet thud.

"Hey...never underestimate your enemy, right Snivellus?" Sirius spat out with a satisfed grin upon his face. While brushing some hair away from his face he laughed inwardly, it was obvious that the shield Snape had produced was only to defend himself against magical attacks, not physical ones.

James chuckled at the action before stepping a foot down on Severus' back, making Snape's face mere inches above the dirt and grass below him. Severus turned his head to avoid the dirt and regretted the decision as soon as he made it when a foot connected with his jaw making his vision cloud with a few stars. He had no doubt in his mind that there would be a nice, dark bruise upon his jawbone in the next hour or so. But the second after that thought went through his mind, a memory took it's place. This memory was a recent one, one of last summer actually.

Tobias Snape, Severus' alcoholic, muggle father had drank too much again. He swayed into the kitchen to where Severus was quickly, but quietly making dinner for his so-called father like he always did. He noticed Tobias stumble in said kitchen, but the hairs on the back of his neck rose when he noticed just how close this father was getting. Severus stayed as still and silent as possible praying, hoping that his father would glance at the food and sit down rather than...well, anything really. He heard Tobias complain about wanting roast beef and winced when he heard a slight growl and then saw a hand reach around and grab his throat before slamming him to the cold tile floor. He had gasped for air and inwardly cursed his father for breaking his wand everytime he came home for the summer.

Severus, when finally released, panted and turned of his side holding his brusing neck. He was about to thank Merlin for only slight strangulation when he saw Tobias from the corner of his eye with the pot of hot homemade soup he had made and a wicked grin. Severus shut his eyes tightly and soon afterwards screamed as he felt the steaming liquid splash upon his right side/shoulder, chest, and tender neck. He screamed loudly feeling his skin grow irrited and knew it was going to blister and probably was second-degree burns from the peeling sensation on his shoulder.

Severus should have known better than to scream since soon after he did a foot connected with his jaw and then another swiftly kicked his temple. He instantly grew quiet, biting down upon his lip to stop any sounds that threatened to come out. He didn't know how long he laid there gnawing at his now bleeding lip with his father hovering over him, but it felt like forever. When Tobias just snorted, apparently bored, and stumbled out of the kitchen Severus watched him leave through blurred eyes before slowly sitting up and sobbing silently while checking his new wounds.

Seeing Severus' body go limp and unmoving even with the binding spell made Sirius feel slight pity towards the boy. It always made him wonder where all the fight in the guy went when he was so full of fighting spirit not even minutes ago. Sirius' brows furrowed, thinking, as he watched Snape's eyes didn't only avert from him, but also slightly glazed as if he was in a daze, a daydream of some sort. Watching Severus' eyes widen a bit and face twist in pain Sirius glanced over at James and saw why. James had his foot still upon Snape's back while one of his hands grabbed a handful of black hair, pulling his head up and back in an awkward position.

Severus was actually glad that Potter had pulled on his hair and head when he did because he wasn't sure if another memory would appear if something didn't stop him. The pain Potter gave when jerking his head back and pressure upon his back was enough to snap him out of his daze.

"Hey Jamie....lets just leave him alone for now and go find Remie and Pete......before they find us," Sirius said taking James' arm gently and pulling him off. He didn't know why he said it, but he just let the words flow out of his mouth, adding the last part so James wouldn't argue.

James pouted a bit before grinning, "Yeah, your right, if Remus saw us now we would get lectured again plus...Snivellus isn't worth our time," he said kicking Severus in the ribs for fun before turning and headed back to the castle, releasing the full-body bind as he went.

Sirius followed James, but after a few steps glanced back at Severus only to stare in shock and even awe as he clearly saw the unshed tears in his void-dark eyes. He watched Severus stand up shakily, pick up his book and wand and then dust himself off before rubbing his soon-to-be brusied jaw with that dazed expression once more.

Hearing James yell about how slow he was being he reluctantly tore his gaze from the very different Severus he had just saw and ran up beside James striking up a conversion quickly, anything that kept the image of Snape with those hurt, dazed eyes on the verge of crying out of his head.