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Chapter 2: A Beckoning.

After the second movie of Mewtwo, Mewtwo was a wanderer. All the cloned pokemon that he created now wanders as wild pokemon and no one knows the difference. After Mewtwo wandered for so long, decided to create another castle for whatever uses. Mainly to just have a place to stay and keep an eye on Team Rocket. He couldn't make up his mind if he would rather allow Team Rocket the chance to capture him, or just let them be.

If he let Team Rocket live, there was always a chance they would come for him or put the pokemon clones in danger. All he knew was that he at least needed to be one-step ahead of anything Team Rocket had planned. Just then, Mewtwo heard a knock at the door. He turned on his television screen and it showed Buizel and Riolu from the night before, when he had saved them. He let out an annoyed sigh as he went to answer the door.

The doors were like two buses standing on their back bumpers. The doors rattled and squeaked as the opened, revealing Mewtwo's body.

"Mewtwo." both Riolu and Buizel said at the same time.

"What is it?" Mewtwo said already annoyed.

"You ask him." Riolu said poking Buizel in the side.

"We need to ask you about a test, that Team Rocket forced Riolu to do." Buizel said looking up at the large Mewtwo.

"You mean that test that Riolu was doing when I rescued you two?" Mewtwo asked.

"Yes, what was he doing?" Buizel asked.

"It's called mating." Mewtwo replied with a blush.

Mewtwo knew of mating and the ways to reproduce, but he had never participated in such irrelevant situations. He just stuck with his nerdy inventions and kept an eye out for danger. He had always protected the cloned pokemon he himself created, but never had the time to find a mate.

"What is mating?" Riolu asked.

"Mating…, just ask someone else." Mewtwo said with a growl before slamming the door.

Riolu's little feelings were hurt as he just sat down and began to pout, "I'll never know what terrible thing I did to Rattata."

Buizel growled as his anger skyrocketed. His body glew with all the powers of the fused pokemon DNA and he aimed that power at Mewtwo's door. With a watery fury, Buizel blasted the door off the hinges.

"MEWTWO." Buizel yelled.

Mewtwo turned around, and even he was a little frightened from the power reading his psychic mind was picking up from this Buizel.

"You might as well come in then." Mewtwo said swallowing and trying to hide his vulnerable scared side.

"That is more like it, come on Riolu." Buizel said happily.

Riolu instantly lifted his spirits as he followed Buizel and Mewtwo into the castle.


In the near bushes:

"You really think we could capture Buizel and Riolu without back up?" James asked.

"Yes I do, this is our chance to prove ourselves to the boss." Meowth said with a sly grin.

"I'm guessing you have a plan then, Meowth?" Jessie asked.

"Meowth, that's right!" Meowth replied happily.


On a cruise ship, passing the island that has Mewtwo's castle on it and the island is named, Fullmoon Island: (just a note, Ash's Buizel and the Buizel from the Team Rocket are different pokemon.)

"I'm really glad we won the contest and received these free tickets." Dawn said with a carefree grin.

"Yea, we really needed this break." Brock said.

"CANNON BALL." Ash yelled as he jumped into the pool, but ended up with a belly flop.

"At least Ash is having fun." Brock said with his usual chuckle.

Just then, Brock spotted the lifeguard. She was a beautiful officer Jenny and she had a Growlithe sprawled in her lap, scratching its belly.

"Oh, behold my beating heart." Brock said in a dramatic poetic tone as he rushed to Jenny, "You half to save me, because you have taken my breath away."

"You're not drowning so leave me alone." Jenny said as Growlithe started growling.

"AHHHH." Brock yelled as Croagunk used his poison jab to paralyze him and he drug Bock off, "I'll be back my love."

"Pika…, Pikachu." Pikachu said happily, as he lay back in his little float on the water in the pool.

The cruise ship deck had a light brown boarded deck and with an eight foot pool. The pool was huge enough for plenty of people to play in. On the second deck, their were shops and a pokemon center for weary tired pokemon. You could even take your pokemon to get them a massage. Little did the crew of the boat knew, a storm was nearing and the boat was going to have a little accident.

The clouds boomed and lightning shot thunderous booms in the sky after its departure. The boat shook as the storm violently threw the boat back and forth in the waves of the sea. It was as if Lugia himself was angry at the boat as the sea rumbled angrily. If you listened carefully and drowned out the sounds of waves and lightning, you could hear the ship crying, as its metal was bent and stretched. The people on the cruise that were lucky enough to hear the announcement was on their way to the lifeboats. Ash, Dawn, and Brock wasn't lucky enough to hear them and were left on the deck.

"ASH GET OUT OF THE WATER." Dawn yelled as she looked at the thunderous sky.

Ash quickly got out and the three ran to the lifeboats. No one were to be seen, the crew had already left. You could see the lifeboats in the distance, rowing out to sea. The boat finally gave a startling crack as the boat split in two.

"Piplup, I choose you." Dawn yelled.

"Buizel, I choose you." Ash yelled.

"Croagunk, I choose you." Brock yelled.

The boat's deck submerged in water as the three held onto their pokemon. As the boat sank, it sucked Ash, Brock, and Dawn down into the depth of the ocean with it. Piplup, Buizel, and Croagunk tried there best to bring the humans to the top of the water.


Back with Riolu, Buizel, and Mewtwo:

"Ok sit down." Mewtwo said pointing to a place on the floor in front of his big chair.

Buizel and Riolu did as they were told and sat down. Mewtwo sat in his chair and it seemed like he was searching for the right words.

"Mating…, let's see how I can best explain this." Mewtwo said with a sigh, "Mating is a way to produce baby pokemon."

"How do you mate then?" Buizel asked curiously.

"Well, you know that thing you use to pee?" Mewtwo asked feeling stupid and awkward about explaining this.

"Yea." Buizel and Riolu answered at the same time.

"That is called a penis and only males have them." Mewtwo said blushing at the word.

"What do females have?" Buizel asked.

"They just have holes." Riolu said before Mewtwo could reply.

"That hole is called a vagina." Mewtwo said to them.

"Va…gi…na?" Riolu asked curiously.

"Yes, and you put your penis in her vagina to mate." Mewtwo explained again.

"Can two males mate?" Buizel asked.

Riolu was a little shocked at what Buizel asked.

"Two males can't mate." Riolu said confused.

"Not exactly." Mewtwo said fearing about what he was going to explain, "Two males can't have babies but they can mate one another."

"What do you mean, they don't have vaginas?" Buizel asked curiously.

"They can either orally pleasure one another, or mate with their holes that they poop with." Mewtwo said getting a little aroused at the talk, "But it is wrong for you to force someone to do this, you understand?"

Both Buizel and Riolu nodded, but that made Riolu feel even worse for forcing Rattata.

"What about Rattata that Riolu forced?" Buizel asked.

"That Rattata was forced into heat by Team Rocket and Riolu couldn't control himself because of the extra scents they forced into the room." Mewtwo explained, "Now, do either of you have any more questions?"

"Nope, that explains it." Buizel said with a smile.

Riolu didn't feel as sad as he was, but he still felt like he could have stopped himself from rapping that poor pokemon. Just then, the ceiling crumbled as a hole was crushed into it. A robotic arm swooped in and grabbed Buizel and Riolu.

"Prepare for trouble." Jessie said.

"Make it double." James stated.

"Enough." Mewtwo growled using his powers.

With a wave of the hand, Mewtwo crushed the robot and threw Jessie, James, and Meowth to the floor.

"We weren't through." Jessie growled.

"Trust me, you are through." Mewtwo said as he lifted Team Rocket with his powers.

Mewtwo erased their minds before tossing them in the air.

"WE ARE BLASTING OFF AGAIN." Jessie, James, and Meowth yelled. (Sorry but it was just so tempting.)

Mewtwo then turned his attention to his monitor on the wall. He immediately recognized the three humans he saw or at least two of them. Ash, Brock, and Dawn was drowning in the water and their pokemon were trying their best to save them. Mewtwo waved his hand once again and Ash, Dawn and Brock appeared in the room.

"Mewtwo…, is…, is that you?" Ash asked coughing up water.

"Yes, it is me." Mewtwo replied to Ash.

"Thanks…" Brock said with his own cough.

"Bui…, Buizel…, Bui." Buizel asked Mewtwo. Translation, "Do you know these humans?"

"Yes, they helped me a couple times." Mewtwo replied, "How about you two leave."

Buizel and Riolu looked at Mewtwo, then at the humans, and turned to leave. Buizel and Riolu didn't want to risk being slaves again, and certainly wasn't going to risk it. Once they were out of the castle, they ran back to the cave, they stayed in that night.

"Mewtwo, it's good to see you again." Ash said with his hand outstretched for a handshake.

Mewtwo answered and took his hand, "likewise."

Then Mewtwo's screen came back on once again. A chopper with the Team Rocket logo was nearing the island. Several miles behind that one, was followed by dozens of battle Rocket helicopters. Mewtwo was going to be in for a fight of his life.

"Team Rocket, they must be coming to capture you Mewtwo." Ash said getting angry at the sight of the helicopters.

"I think it isn't me they are after." Mewtwo said switching the screen to Buizel and Riolu.

Ash, Brock, and Dawn returned their pokemon as they looked at Buizel and Riolu run back to their cave, on the monitor.

"Why would Team Rocket go after them for?" Ash asked.

"Team Rocket fused several pokemon DNA together into that Buizel's and Riolu's bodies." Mewtwo explained.

"Does that mean those two are stronger than you Mewtwo?" Brock asked curiously.

"Yes it does, but they are just barely adults, they are kids at heart." Mewtwo pointed out.

"How long do you think we have before Team Rocket gets here?" Dawn asked.

"Three days, maybe four or five depending if I can conjure up a big enough storm." Mewtwo claimed.

"We will stay and help." Ash said seriously.

"No, this isn't your fight." Mewtwo said teleporting Ash, Dawn, and Brock from the castle and using his powers to fix the damage to his castle.

Ash and Brock knew about Mewtwo's unwillingness to put others in danger, but also knew he wasn't strong enough to face Team Rocket.

"What should we do?" Dawn asked worried.

"I would suspect that we go get Buizel and Riolu's help." Ash replied.

"Ok, but it is getting dark, we should go tomorrow." Brock replied.

Ash and Dawn set camp as Brock started cooking.