Hello people, this is my first Jimmy Two-Shoes fic. I decided to make one since I had an interesting idea for an episode of one of my favorite shows.

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Jimmy Two-Shoes in

Jimmy Who?

Chapter 1: Lost Memories of a Sweet Boy

Synopsis: Jimmy suffers from amnesia after an accident, so his friends try to be with him to make him normal again. As Heloise was helping Jimmy, she begins to realize her feelings for him and wants to tell Jimmy how she feels. However, Lucius had another idea for Jimmy which is to change him into a complete opposite of him. If Lucius succeeds, what will the disastrous aftermath will be like in Miseryville?

In the afternoon at Miseryville, Jimmy, the happy-go-lucky boy of the town, bought his new issue of a comic magazine called Lump from a news post and began walking back home on the sidewalk.

Jimmy examines the magazine and said, "Ooh! Can't wait for me and Beezy to start reading the new chapters of One Stand and Meruto! Also Mis Note for Heloise since she's into mystery!"

Jimmy began reading the issue and says excitingly, "Wow! One Stand is very exciting this month! I'm gonna show this to Beezy once I get to his house!"

He stops and waits for the light signal to green so he can go through the crosswalk. The signal turned green and Jimmy walks into the crosswalk.

As Jimmy crosses, he continues reading, "Oh Poffy, how will you get out of this mess?" Then Jimmy heard something as he utters, "Huh?"

Jimmy screams as he saw a fast, upcoming car that is about to crash into him. "AAAAAAAAAHHHHHHH!!!" BOOM!

Jimmy continued screaming as he was sent flying at high speed like a missile. He stops screaming as he look around his body and smiles as he says to the audience, "Hey everybody! No mortal injury!" He starts screaming again. "AAAAAAHHHH!!!"

He continues screaming till he saw a fountain at the main entrance of the park

Jimmy closed his eyes and prayed as he was sent flying, "Fountain! Fountain! Fountain! Foun--!" DONG!

"Not the Fountain."

Jimmy had his head directly crashed into and made a dent on the forehead of a recently-built statue of Lucius Heinous VII, made of 100% Gold to prevent certain destruction from a certain someone who is Beezy's girlfriend.

Jimmy then fell to the ground, all weak and dizzy as he looks into the sky. Before he passes out, he wonders, "What just happened to me? And more importantly, where am I? No, WHO am I?"

One Lavaworm passed by and says, "You're Jimmy Two-Shoes, idiot."

Jimmy then says, "Oh. Well, I know my name. But I still don't know who I really am." Jimmy then closes his eyes as he faints.

At the Miseryville Hospital…

We see Beezy, the big red demon, rushing toward the room where Jimmy is being taken care of. As he rushs, he shoves through doctors, nurses and other patients out of his way. He even punches one doctor out of his way as he yells, "DISTRESSED BEST FRIEND COMING THROUGH!!"

As he saw Heloise, Lucius, and Samy, Lucius's assistant, who are waiting outside the room Jimmy's in; he shouts as he cares for his best friend, "GUYS!!! IS JIMMY OKAY?!!! IS HE REALLY OKAY?!!!"

Lucius yells at Beezy, "NO YELLING IN THE HOSPITAL YOU IDIOT!!!"

Heloise then yells at Lucius, "YOU TOO YOU OLD STUMP!!!"

Samy then yells at Heloise, "YOU TOO YOU LITTLE BRAT!!! AND SAME GOES FOR ME!!!"

[Give you 3 points to what show I referenced this from. Hint: It rhymes with Kintama. XD]

Heloise, who's as concerned as Beezy, she told Beezy, "Beezy, Jimmy's not the type to die from an accident like that. To reassure you just for his sake, here's the new Lump issue he bought to calm yourself down." She holds out the Lump Magazine to him.

Beezy than glees, "Ooh!" He took the issue from her. "I've been waiting for that new issue to see what happened on One Stand! Want to read Heloise?"

Heloise says, "No, I'm more of a Mis Note fan. But bring it back after you finish so I can read that new chapter."

Lucius sighs as he said, "Why am I here out of work? I don't even care for Two-Shoes! Not to mention I got a call that there's a bump on my golden statue! And most importantly, why is there still a hospital in Miseryville?! This is a town of misery, not a community!"

Samy who was actually responsible for that idea, he responds to his boss, "Uhh… So people can go heal themselves from pain and come back for more misery sir? It's a good way to keep our business running."

Lucius groans and says, "Fine, whatever makes our company bloom. After all, the place did save my life once."

Flashback into Misery Inc…

Lucius and Samy were in the testing room, checking out his new Misery Inc. product made by Heloise which is really her idea and it appears to be a black, metal cubic shelter.

Lucius glees, "It's here, the new product that will bring misery up to eleven! The Misery Room! Once you enter, you will suffer pain and misery in every direction! The perfect product if you will. Muahahahahaha!" He laughs evilly.

Lucius asks Samy as he opens the door of the Misery Room, "Samy, why don't you give it a try before we sell this?"

Samy shrieks from what his boss says, "ME?! But sir, can we just wait for Heloise to come back from her potty break and try someone else because who knows what would happen that someone like me would most likely die from that thing!"

Lucius then replies to him evilly, "That's exactly where you come in." Samy was horrified as he heard that.

Outside the Misery Inc. building, Jimmy and Beezy were playing baseball. Jimmy was the batter and Beezy was the pitcher. Before Beezy throws his ball, he shouts at Jimmy, "Try to hit this, Jimmy!" He throws the ball at very high speed due to his strength.

Jimmy swings his bat and hit the ball so hard that it flown very high and hits the window of the Misery Inc. building. Jimmy looks scared as he utters, "That can't be good."

The ball travels in the building as it bounces from wall after wall in the hallway of the factory and then it reaches to the testing room. The ball enters the testing room as the door automatically opens so the ball can go in. The ball then breaks through the window glass into the testing area. The ball then hit Lucius which caused him to go into the Misery Room, with the door shut! The noises from inside the Misery Room occur as Lucius screams…

"AAAAAAARRRGGGGGHHHH!!! STOP!!! HELP!!! SOMEONE!!!! SAVE ME!!! I'M BEING KILLED FROM THE INSIDE!!!!!" Lucius continues screaming as the sounds of electricity shocking, swords cutting, drills pressing, machine guns shooting, punches being thrown, beasts roaring, bombs exploding, lasers firing, and fire burning occurs all at once.

Heloise returns from her potty break and presses the button that stops the noises and opens the door to see Lucius comes out all burnt black.

Heloise asks Lucius with a smirk on her face, "So, how's the new product Lucy?"

Lucius tells her painfully, "Too much pain… needs more misery." He falls face down on the floor and tells Samy, "Samy, call an ambulance."

Flashback ends…

Lucius angrily says, "And that just happened yesterday! All because of Two-Shoes!"

He begans to rant about Jimmy, "I've had it with him ruining my life! He brought happy into my town, turned my own son against me, and he even called me Lucy!!! Also more importantly, WHY I AM HERE TO SEE HIM?!!!

Heloise glares and replies to her boss, "That's because Jimmy thought of you as a friend. So be grateful you grouchy old troll!"

Lucius then laughs, "HAHAHA! Me? A friend of Two-Shoes?! Don't make me laugh! Ha, like I care about the one who would happen to be the cause of my OWN misery!"

Heloise remarks to him, "I thought you like misery."

Lucius said angrily to her, "Yes! But not when it's happening to me!"

Heloise smiles as she says, "So you don't exchange roles in S&M roleplay? Wuss."

Samy and Beezy snickers from what she had said.

Lucius sarcastically laughs, "Ha ha. Very funny. I rather eat sewage then be friends with Jimmy who happens to be a foil to me, a bad influence, and a complete waste of life!"

Heloise gasps and then threatens him, "You say that again and you will be like this guy here!"

She points to the tied-up demon who happened to be the driver that caused Jimmy's injury.

The driver said, "I said was sorry! I was talking on my cell phone and I didn't see him on the road! So I thought he would instantly forgive me for seeing what a good guy he is."

Heloise angrily yells at him, "He would but not after you met me you scum! I'm so going to enjoy using you for my next invention!"

Samy mutters to himself, "Wow, someone is being touchy today."

Heloise hisses at Samy, "What was that?"

Samy replies fearfully, "Nothing."

A tall, yellow skinned demon with an eagle's head who is wearing a doctor's uniform, walked out of the Emergency Room and greeted them, "Hi there, I'm Dr. Vinyl. I want to let you all friends of Jimmy Two-Shoes-"

Lucius then interrupts, "HE'S NOT MY FRIEND!"

Dr. Vinyl continues his speech, "…know that he will be alright. He only suffered from a critical injury into his brain" Everyone was alarmed for that statement.

"You can see him now if you want to-GAH!" Dr. Vinyl was then pushed aside into a wall as all of Jimmy's guests ran into the room to see Jimmy sitting up awake.

Dr. Vinyl comes to Jimmy who is looking around and said, "Mr. Two-Shoes, your friends (Lucius: He's not my friend!) are here to see you." Jimmy looks at his guests who are checking on him. They all spoke to him.

Beezy happily says, "Hey Jimmy! Glad you're all right, buddy!"

Heloise says in a sad way, "Jimmy, did that mean, old driver hit you on purpose?"

Samy says, "It's nice to see you Two-Shoes."

Lucius angrily says, "Hello Two-Shoes, I was hoping you would die."

Jimmy then says to all of them, "Thank you all for checking if I'm okay. And most importantly, who are you guys?"

His guests were very shocked to hear that question as Jimmy now doesn't remember them.

"Jimmy…" Beezy whimpers.

"Two-Shoes…" Lucius says in shock.

"Can't…" Samy was also shocked.

"Remember us?" Heloise says in a sad tone as she was hurt the most from hearing what Jimmy said.

Dr. Vinyl then says, "I'm afraid that he can no longer remember you all as he now have amnesia."

Beezy nervously laughed and walked over to Jimmy and said, "Jimmy, don't joke around. Don't you remember? I'm your best friend, Beezy. And my short dad, Lucius, who you call Lucy." He points to Lucius.

Lucius then retorts angrily, "Who are you calling short?! And Lucy?!"

Jimmy thought for a second and said, "Nope doesn't ring a bell."

Beezy tries to calm down but became desperate and yells "JIMMY!!! Don't you remember me as your best friend, comrade, the things we did together, and our secret handshake?!!!"

Jimmy says to Beezy, "I'm sorry sir, but I don't remember any of that."

Beezy then yells so loud the whole town can hear him, "NNNNNOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!"

He holds Jimmy and shouts, "JIMMY!! WHY DON'T YOU REMEMBER ME?!!! IT'S ME, BEEZY!!!!" Beezy cries as he shook Jimmy violently.

Heloise stops him and says to him, "Stop it you idiot! Now that Jimmy has amnesia, he's as fragile as a kitten! Doc, how bad is it?"

Dr. Vinyl says to her, "I analyzed him and judging from his behavior to us, he doesn't seem to remember anything about being in Miseryville. He knows his own name but not his whole self."

Beezy then cries, "You mean Jimmy's not himself?!" Beezy sobs over Dr. Vinyl's coat, leaving a huge wet mark on it.

Dr. Vinyl then replies to him, "No, he's not I'm afraid. But he might remember as long as you're with him." Beezy then stops crying.

Heloise came over to Beezy and says in a calm manner, "Look Beezy, all Jimmy needs to do is to hang out with us. So that way, he will remember us in no time. Let me show you how to treat him."

Heloise then walks over to Jimmy and says to him in a sweet tone, "Hi Jimmy, it's me Heloise, don't you remember me? We hang out together and you loved to have fun." She made a cute smile.

Jimmy thinks and then said, "Hmm, nope, I can't remember anything. Wait a minute, were you that girl from yesterday…" Heloise gasps with joy. "…who sold me girl scout cookies?"

Heloise's face faults and her left eye twitches she answers, "No. Think harder."

Jimmy tries to think and possibly got it, "Then you must be that girl who I saw…" Heloise was about to glee until Jimmy said, "…as a ballerina?" That comment struck Heloise like an arrow through her heart as he completely forgot about her.

Heloise had a shocked, pale look on her face as she utters, "He sees me… as just a little girl?" Everyone in the room who saw this was completely horrified as they felt her deathly aura rising.

Beezy chatters his teeth, Samy shivers, Lucius was standing all afraid, and Dr. Vinyl sweats as he says, "This can not end well."

Everyone else outside the hospital stops what they were doing and one guy utter faintly, "I smell death."

Heloise began breathing loudly with a deathly look on her face as she looks like she's set to kill.

Samy shrieks fearfully, "He's dead! He's really, really dead! He just compared her to a little ballerina girl! Judging from her age, that is just like saying that the girl is not developed on both the inside and the outside at all!!

Dr. Vinyl remarks to him calmly, "Nope, he just completely forgotten her. It is just as bad judging from how her heart is broken from that statement."

Lucius says, "Oh, I can't watch! But for the sake of misery, I will!" He pulls out a camera while smiling.

Beezy begs to Heloise, "HELOISE!!! DON'T KILL HIM PLEASE!!!"

Heloise spoke calmly to Beezy, "What are you talking about? I'm just going to help him remember us…" Beezy sighs with relief.

"…IN THE MOST PAINFUL WAY POSSIBLE!!!!!!" Heloise shouted angrily as she pulls out a HUGE spiked hammer.

Beezy screams, "NOOO!!!" And then tries to hold her down but failed to do so as Heloise pushed him back since she's too insanely mad.

Heloise yells, "Jimmy, I'll make you remember me… even if I kill you!!!"

Suddenly as soon as she was about to strike him, Heloise stops what she was doing as soon as Jimmy hold her arms which caused her to drop her hammer and then he looks at her with a serious look on his face with sparkles and a rosy background behind him. Heloise wonders why she stopped as she looks at him. "Impossible. Jimmy actually stopped me. What's happening to me? Could it be..."

Jimmy says to her in a calm tone, "Look, I'm really sorry for mistaking you like that. I didn't mean to call you little but you're obviously around my age. I mean, I don't care about how a woman looks as long as they are nice."

Heloise was then feeling her heart being restored from his comment as she raises her arms down. She feels like an abandoned kitten who wanted to be love but only to be actually receiving it.

Jimmy then said in a gentleman way, "I just prefer someone who I can be with for happiness. Besides, I just think you're pretty cute." Heloise gasps and blushes as she heard that.

Lucius and Samy were also shocked, "HUH?!!!"

Beezy says as he was also surprised, "Yep! That's definitely not Jimmy!"

Heloise thought, "This Jimmy… He really is not himself. Should I really prefer him as he is now?" Heloise then realizes something, "Wait a minute, I see! No matter how different he is, he's still the same Jimmy who has the heart of gold."

Jimmy then concludes his speech, "So please Heloise, I'll try to remember you as well as everyone else who knows me. Just be kind and show that you're a good person to me, okay?" Jimmy smiles friendly at her.

Heloise then says in a sad tone with cute puppy dog eyes, "Yes, Jimmy. I'm sorry. I guess I really do feel bad about it now."

Jimmy then forgives her, "It's alright. I know you are really good on the inside. You just need to be hugged." He then hugs her.

Heloise was shocked from what Jimmy did and she felt really happy on the inside as she knows that Jimmy may not remember himself, but in no doubt that he was always kind to everyone around him. She wonders in thought, "Oh Jimmy, why are you so nice to everyone, even me? I don't deserve it, yet you are willing to give it to me."

As Heloise was done being hugged by him, she thought back in the past about how Jimmy was so kind to everyone he met, especially to her.

Before Jimmy appeared, she was a rotten girl who brought pain to everyone she ever met. She never had any friends because everyone feared her for being smart, devilish, and cruel. Her boss used that as a way to bring misery to the town. She thought that if she doesn't get what she wants, then she'll give pain.

It was then the moment that changed her life as she met an angelic boy who was very friendly with everyone. He introduced himself as Jimmy Two-Shoes and wanted to be her friend. Heloise was shocked as this is the first time someone really wanted to be friends with her. No matter how much she tried to get away from him, Jimmy's resolve to make friends was strong and it overwhelmed her into giving in.

As Heloise hangs out with Jimmy for many days, she was intrigued in how he was so friendly with everyone he met, even the ones who dislike him. She then was starting to feel emotions that are alien to her. She wondered what they were as she was with Jimmy. She couldn't help but be happy as she was with him. As she saw how Jimmy's a great person to be with due to his messianic-like traits, she then realized the answer to what she was slowly feeling.

It was Love. It was the first time she felt something so heartwarming in her life. Jimmy was the only one whose very kind to her and is not willing to abandon her as a friend. Heloise tried to be nice to everyone who likes him but often failed to do so due to her violent nature. Jimmy doesn't mind that she works for Misery Inc. as long as it pays well for her.

She was aware that Jimmy has yet to know about her feelings due to the fact that he's still a young boy at heart. She does what she can to get him into noticing her. Especially at times that she was so close into doing so.

After she's done thinking about the past for a moment, she now has the feelings to confess her love for him but will wait as Jimmy doesn't know who he is yet. She thoughts happily at him, "Jimmy, please come back as the old you. I have something important to tell you."

Everyone in the room was awed by how Heloise was stopped very quickly by Jimmy.

Lucius groans, "Oh man! I wanted an all-out thrashing, not a lovey-dovey scene!"

Samy then sighs passionately, "Aww, young love."

Beezy sighs in relief, "Woo that was a close one. So uh Doc, all we have to do is to be with him for a long while?"

Dr Vinyl says, "That's correct Beezy. You and Heloise need to take care of him to get him back remembering again. He just needs to be with somebody he can trust. He has a fragile mind so he can be manipulated easy. After all, he does trust you both as friends."

"I don't mind~." Says Heloise as she moves closer in a flirty way to Jimmy who was nervously laughing at her actions.

Dr. Vinyl told Jimmy, "Ok Jimmy, by tomorrow, you will be escorted home by your friends. They will take care of you until you remember who you are. Okay?"

Jimmy then says, "Okay Doc. If they're my friends, then I'll trust them." Beezy and Heloise smiled from what he just said.

Dr. Vinyl nods and then told to his guests, "All right people, visiting hours are over. So now you can go home."

Heloise groans, "Aww… oh well. See you tomorrow Jimmy!" She giggled as she left.

Beezy then also says goodbye to Jimmy, "Bye Jimmy! We'll be here tomorrow to pick you up!"

All of Jimmy's guests began leaving the hospital.

Lucius muttered, "Well that was a waste of time." As Lucius was about to exit the lobby, he realized something that just hit him.

He said to Samy, "Samy, now that Two-Shoes is not who he thinks he is, shall we help him, in our own way?" Lucius grinned evilly.

Samy then replied, "I don't know sir. He already has his friends. Do you really want to help him remember?"

Lucius then said, "Nope. I'm just going to help him, by changing him for the better! Hehehehe!!

Lucius laughed evilly but only to be interrupted by a nurse who happens to be bigger than Beezy himself.

The nurse said in a man's voice, "Hoo, you two look pretty sick. Let me take care of you!" She proceeds to grab them.

They both shrieked as they tried to exit out. Lucius managed to get away as he exit out the door but Samy didn't make it as he was grabbed painfully by the nurse.

Samy try to call Lucius for help, "Mr. Heinous, SAVE ME!!!" Then Samy's eyes widen as he saw Lucius's limo drove away quickly.

As Samy was being taken away into an exam room, he thought to himself, "Mother. Father. Anyone who is hearing me, guess what I discovered?"

The nurse said him, "You like you need a flu shot. Here you go!" The nurse pulled a HUGE syringe that's as big as a bazooka!

Samy then answered his question to himself. "I learned that even the safest places in the world can have… real misery."

Cut to the outside of the hospital as a stabbing sound has been heard. STAB!

"GYAAAAAAAAHHHHHH!!!!" Samy screams painfully as soon as he was taken care of.

To be continued…