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Jimmy Two-Shoes in

Jimmy Who?

Chapter 17: Unforgettable Bonds

The scene takes place in an unknown area in an office where we see a shadow figure sitting in a longarm chair facing backwards from the door.

Emilia enters through the door to get into the office and says to the one sitting there, "I'm back again, sir."

The shadow figure greets her, "Ah, Emilia. You've come back from your mission. That means you did your job huh?"

Emilia responds, "Mission has been accomplished Time Shadow sir. Asmoe Dio Valentine is finally defeated with the Black Lotus sealed."

Time Shadow says, "Ah, that's good. I knew it went very well and I didn't have to interfere."

He turns his chair around to see Emilia. Time Shadow is revealed to be actually more of an adult human. He wears a black trench coat and a black mask. His mask has white clock arrows with the minute hand pointing to the top and the hour hand point to the right like it is 3 o'clock.

Emilia replies, "Yeah. Although to be honest sir, it was pretty risky to leave the Arc Gear and the Liberty Ring in the hands of a boy named Jimmy Two-Shoes."

Time Shadow then responds, "That is true Emilia, but I didn't want to interfere considering that the group is supposed to be neutral even to the Heinous regime. The Chronic Watchers made a deal with the First so as long as we can learn the history he covered and limit the use of magic in Miseryville, he and his family can still rule Miseryville. If anything, it's best that we allowed Two-Shoes to defeat Asmoe since he can only be defeated and convinced by the one with a pure heart."

Emilia nods, "That is true sir. So, you are going to let Jimmy keep the items we gave him?"

Time Shadow answers, "It's for the best Emilia. He knows what the power is capable of so he won't use it much unless it is in case of severe emergency. His Sun Model Arc Gear fits him since he is full of willpower within just like what the founder said the user should be."

Emilia responds, "And you possessed Arc Gear yourself which is the Thunder Model that represents power considering that you are the current leader of this organization."

Time Shadow nods, 'That is correct since I am a descendent of the founder after all."

He looks at the large painting to his right which happens to be Raphael, who happens to be the one who founded the Chronic Watchers.

Time Shadow says, "Well Raphael's promises have been done with and he can finally rest in peace now that Asmoe is free. I have a feeling that will be more events coming and history being made. So possibly, I might see Jimmy Two-Shoes soon."

Two days have passed since the battle end. At a park in Miseryville…

Jimmy says to her, "Oh Heloise; that was an excellent day for both of us. You really know how to make this day great."

Heloise replies with a smile, "Thanks Jimmy. You know, there's something I need to tell you and I need it to get it off my chest." She puts her hand on Jimmy's.

Jimmy then responds, "You can tell me anything Heloise. Let's hear what you have to say."

Heloise takes a deep breath and begins to confess, "Jimmy… I…"

"HI JIMMY!" Jimmy and Heloise look back to see where the voices of two girls are coming from.

Jimmy is awed by the sight of them while Heloise is disgusted and says, "Oh, you have got to be kidding me."

A human girl with black hair and pink streaks in a green dress introduces herself, "It's me, Mary! I'm the girl you known for a long time back then and better at everything I know such as sports, cooking, and that's all the things you need to know about me to like me! Now that I returned, let's be a couple again!"

Jimmy was confused, "Uh…"

A brown cat girl with green hair introduces herself, "Hi! My name's Sue! Since we just meet, you are now in love with me just like the rest of the boys I just met a while ago. After all, I'm obviously much better than that no good girl Heloise since I'm prettier and obviously kinder than she'll ever be." She smirks at Heloise smugly.

Heloise remarks sarcastically, "Yeah, real creative names. Also, nice ways to look like a saint there."

Sue says, "Now then Jimmy, let's hang out instead of this no good witch."

Heloise growls angrily, "Now hold it one second you poorly-written bimbos; Jimmy is spending with time with me and I was going to ask him something very important right now! Jimmy, you can't possibly choose to be with these girls than the one who's been there for you?"

Jimmy thinks for a moment, "Uh huh. I definitely understand and that's why…"

He gets off the bench… and immediately hugs the girls Mary and Sue! "I'm going out with both!"

Heloise screams in shock, "WHAT? Are you kidding me? Why when you barely know them? Also, WHY PICKED BOTH AT ONCE?"

Jimmy shrugs, "I can't help it Heloise; they are just so pretty." He has sparkles in his eyes.

Heloise tries to calm down, "Well if you are picking two, then is there room for one more?" She walks to Jimmy and the girls with a suggestive smile.

POW! Heloise was punched by Sue into the ground.

Sue berates her, "Says you! Jimmy is ours now. You are just a mean girl who is obviously not worth his time like us despite barely knowing him."

Heloise looks to Jimmy in sadness, "Jimmy… you can't believe them. I'm always there for you."

Jimmy shrugs, "Sorry Heloise, if they said it then it must be true. So, see you." He walks away with Mary and Sue.

Mary says as she sparkles, "Oh Jimmy, we are going to spend a lot of time forever."

Sue looks back to Heloise with an evil smile, "Serves you right."

Heloise screams in frustration, "AAAAAHHHHHH!"

Suddenly, Heloise stops screaming as soon as she realizes that she's still in her bed and it's morning.

Heloise sighs, "What a nightmare. Dang, must have been that horrendous story by that horrible author on Ghoul FM. Seriously, that gave me abominating thoughts."

Her nightmare popped out of her brain and it is Jimmy being with Mary and Sue as they are both laughing at the saddened Heloise.

Heloise grabs her nightmare very angrily and yells, "GET OUT OF MY HEAD!" She throws the thought cloud right on the floor.

BAM! Heloise starts slamming the nightmare with the steel chair rapidly! BAM!

She then throws the bended steel chair away and… BAM! She elbow drops on it! "HI-YA!"

CRASH! She throws the thought out the window in a release suplex. But she wasn't done…

Heloise pulls out a rocket launcher! She shouts, "EAT THIS!" She fires the rocket at the beaten-down thought.

BOOM! The thought was blown up and reduced to flames after the smoke clears.

Heloise takes a deep breath and smiles, "Ahh, it feels good to take my anger onto such horrific thoughts."

In Heloise's home at 2:00 P.M….

RING! A phone was ringing and Heloise walks over to answer it.

"Hello?" She answers.

"Hey Heloise!" It was Beezy's voice.

"Oh great…" She mutters in a grumpy tone. "What do you want Beezy?"

Beezy replies, "I just want to talk. It's been 2 days since the whole Asmoe incident."

Heloise asks, "Yeah. So, how are the guys from the Party Fighters group thingy doing?"

Beezy says, "Oh Crocker has opened a new shoes store and for some reason keeps giving me messages saying 'Call me 3'."

Heloise shrugs, "Guess you don't really get his lifestyle, although wanting to be with Jimmy just as I do bring some interesting questions." She mutters with a deadpan expression.

Beezy continues, "Also Albert, he gives me a message that says he's going on a long journey."

We cut to scene in a storm at an ocean where we see Albert on the ram, shirtless.

Heloise replies to that image with disgust, "Okay, I did NOT have to see that."

Beezy then says, "I haven't heard anything from Emi. Also Daniel, he just met Jimmy yesterday and has gotten a bit more social lately."

We cut to Daniel leaping with joy shouting, "Dreams do come true!"

Heloise speaks on that in a deadpan tone, "A bit? Try a complete 180!"

Beezy giggles, "Tehe. Yeah. Oh Elvis guy, he says that he's trying to start a music career but only to be thrown into the streets."

Heloise shrugs, "He wasn't going anywhere anyway so who's cares about him."

Beezy says, "Well anyway, what are you planning to do today?"

Heloise says, "Oh I was about to spend my day with Jimmy just for your information." She had an annoyed look.

Beezy then says, "Oh really Heloise? Then in that case, I might as well spend time with Dad and then date Saffi later tonight."

Heloise raises her eyebrow and asks Beezy, "What about hanging out with Jimmy today?"

Beezy answers, "Well if you want it to be just you two, then I don't mind at all for today."

Heloise was surprised, "Okay one question: Who are you and what you have done with the real Beezy?"

Beezy replies, "Uh Heloise, I understand that you are feeling suspicious about me just letting you be with Jimmy alone without me. Look, I thought you deserve something since you were the one who wanted to save Jimmy the most and has gone through a lot of torment to do so."

Heloise says, "Yeah. It's a good thing that Jimmy was there to help all of us although he couldn't have done it without us and the rest of those who fought Asmoe back then."

Beezy agrees, "Uh huh. The entire incident was pretty much something you see from a dark anime show. Man, it was a crazy ride!"

Heloise nods, "I know. Well Beezy, I don't know what to say but… thanks for giving me this opportunity."

Beezy replies, "You're welcome. Even though we haven't really like each other that much, but we both care for Jimmy and we are there for him like he is there for us."

Heloise smiles, "Well for once Beezy, I'm glad being friends with you."

Beezy laughs, "Haha. Yeah…" He then realizes what she meant, "Hey! What's that supposed to mean?"

Heloise laughs, "Hahaha! Well Beezy, I'll try to have fun with Jimmy without any trouble. I promise."

Beezy replies, "Oh good. Just do whatever you want with Jimmy and just be sure that he's also happy."

Heloise nods, "I will. Bye!" She hangs up the phone.

Heloise was perplexed, "Well what do you know? Beezy, the same person who's usually in my way, is actually giving me a chance to be with Jimmy alone for one day. That means one thing… I actually might have a chance after all." She has a huge smile on her face.

She picks up the phone and dials Jimmy's number. She waits for him to answer the phone and he does when speaks through it. "Hello?"

Heloise says, "Hi Jimmy! What are you doing?"

Jimmy replies, "Oh hey Heloise! I'm not doing much in my home. So anyway Heloise, what's up?"

Heloise answers, "Oh, I just want to ask if you are doing something later."

Jimmy responds, "To be honest, I don't have much planned. Why?"

Heloise then says, "Well Jimmy, I just want to know if we can… hang out together by ourselves for the rest of the day?" She gives off a light smile.

Jimmy thinks for a moment and says, "Sure Heloise. Well, what about Beezy?"

Heloise responds, "Oh he doesn't mind since he's going to spend time with Lucius and then Saffi later on. As a matter of fact, he just called me a minute ago."

Jimmy was intrigued, "Hm. That sounds fine. Well Heloise, of course I'll spend my rest of the day with you."

Heloise cheers, "Yes! Okay, so let's see each other in 4:00. I'll get ready by then."

Jimmy nods, "Alright. I'll be right at your door by then. See ya!" He hangs up.

Heloise hangs up the phone and she was very happy. "YES! Finally, a day with Jimmy alone! After the whole of week of total chaos, I can finally spend the rest of the day with him! Then, maybe..." She sighs passionately while in love struck and hugging a Jimmy doll nearby.

Then, Heloise realizes something as she drops the Jimmy doll. She begins to worry, '"However, things like this often comes back firing in my face. Jimmy is often unaware of my feelings toward him no matter how hard I try."

She sighs depressingly, "Oh Jimmy, what can I do to make you understand about the fact that I really like you? It's like having a curse of not being able to be with someone you truly love. If I were to tell Jimmy today of how I feel, then it might have gone a lot worse…"

Heloise shakes her head and says, "No, I'm not going to let that happen. Now then, time to get ready for my date with Jimmy."

In Lucius's home at 2:30 P.M.…

Lucius is relaxing in his living room while reading some books. "Ahh, it's nice and cozy in my own home."

Samy arrives with a cup of coffee, "Here's your coffee sir."

Lucius thanks him, "Thank you Samy." He takes a sip of it.

Samy tells Lucius, 'So boss, how are you feeling now?

Lucius says, "I'm still recovering from that trauma past week. Man, I can't believe all that chaos was caused by a powerful teenager who lost his love because of Lucius Heinous I, and then I brought it all back out by making Two-Shoes miserable with Asmoe's blood. In the end; Two-Shoes won, Asmoe was purified, and then away sent packing. I just can't believe he managed to make Asmoe see his errors before his departure. It's like he has some ability to make anyone even his enemies into allies!"

Samy chuckles nervously, "Well sir, I think you should be glad that Jimmy and the others stopped Asmoe's terror. After all, he now has the power to do it and he has his friends to help him through. Besides, imagine threats like Asmoe coming to attack you."

Lucius sighs, "I understand. Now that I think about it, having Two-Shoes protect Miseryville isn't so bad. If he does the ability to rehabilitate potential deadly threats, then he's actually useful to me. Man, how could I not think about that?"

Samy replies, 'Maybe it's because you dislike him that you haven't seen the bigger picture in it."

Lucius says, "I guess you are right. Well, anyone can be a potential threat like Asmoe but at least we have Two-Shoes to stop and rehabilitate my enemies. Now that I also think about it, it would not be the same without having him around. I guess I should consider him as a rival since he actually gives me a challenge in making misery."

Samy smiles, "Now you're talking sir!"

Lucius then glares at Samy, "Don't tell anyone else of what I just said, OK?"

Samy nervously said, "Sure thing boss!"

Beezy walks into the room, "Hi Dad!"

Lucius sees his son, "Oh hi son. Is there anything you want from me?"

Beezy replies, "Well, just want to check to see how you are since you went through a lot in the past week. Which is why Misery Inc. has been shut down for a week since it is being rebuilt from the whole Asmoe incident."

Lucius then says, "Yes… Glad that nightmare was over."

Beezy then asks him, "So Dad, what are you doing?"

Lucius answers, "Oh I'm just catching up on history about the First Generation of Miseryville. Who would have known that the Four Horsemen back then were the most powerful warriors in Miseryville, only for all four to be killed by Asmoe back when he was using the Black Lotus?"

Beezy responds, "Yeah. Considering how I was nearly killed by him if it weren't for Jimmy healing me, that's to be expected."

Lucius smirks, "I know. Well son, it's nice to see that you want to spend time with me despite my actions in the last week and the fact that you punched me instead of Heloise."

Beezy laughs, "Hahaha! Yeah. Although you had it coming and Heloise would have killed you if I hadn't stepped in."

Lucius sighs, "I guess. I'll let it slide since I'm the one who let all this chaos to happen."

Beezy smiles, "Aw, thanks Dad."

Lucius replies, "Don't mention it Beezy. Well I'm going to see Jez in an hour so let's spend our remaining time together."

Beezy answers happily, "Okay Dad!"

Samy sees them and couldn't help but smile, 'Aw, they are getting along like father and son.'

Outside Heloise's home at 4:00 P.M. …

Jimmy arrives to the door and is wearing a black jacket with red flames which is similar to the one he wore when he was in his Ultra form in his fight against Asmoe.

He says before knocking on the door, "Well, time to begin my rest of the day with Heloise."

He knocks on the door and waits for Heloise to come out. The door opens and he says, "Hey Heloise, what do you want to do… Oh my…" His eyes widened when he saw how Heloise is dressed.

Heloise is dressed in a strapless black dress with crystal earrings and a diamond-studded headband. She is also wearing makeup with light blush and lipstick.

Jimmy snaps out of his trance and says with a smile, "Heloise, wonderful outfit…"

She looks at Jimmy and was surprised to see that he is trying out a new look judging from the jacket he is. She smiles suggestively at him, "Thanks Jimmy. I could say the same about you."

Jimmy giggles, "Just want to try out this look for today."

Heloise responds, "Well, it does make you a lot cooler."

Jimmy grins, "It sure does. So Heloise, I got two tickets to see the new 'Samurai Berserkers' movie which was released 3 days ago. We weren't able to watch it because of the whole Asmoe incident and Beezy already saw it with Saffi."

Heloise replies, "Isn't that based on the over-the-top game series with the samurai hero going all 'Let's Party!' and fights in a very energizing way?"

Jimmy responds, "Oh yeah!"

Heloise smiles, "Sure! I'll see it with you."

Jimmy grins widely, "Great! Let's hurry up then, the movie starts in 15 minutes!" She grabs Heloise's hand and they both ran off to the movie theater.

Two hours and thirty minutes later outside the theater…

Jimmy and Heloise walked out the movie with smiles on their faces.

Jimmy says, "Wow, that movie was awesmazing! It was even better in 3D!"

Heloise smiles, "Tell me about it. The action in the climatic final battle was so epic it blew up the theater room!"

We cut back into the destroyed theater room with some people inside lying around on the seats that weren't blown off or on the floor while groaning in pain from the movie effects.

Jimmy chuckles, "Hahaha! Yeah, it was great."

Heloise then says to him, "Uh huh. So Jimmy, what do you want to do now?

Jimmy's stomach growls and he blushes, "Well, I'm getting hungry."

Heloise responds, "Well, so am I. I know a place that just opened today and it has music and dancing."

Jimmy grins, "Dancing? What are waiting for! Let's go!" Jimmy ran off to the restaurant while dragging Heloise along.

In the restaurant called "Club Deva" at 6:50 P.M. …

We see some people at the tables talking or eating while other people were around the dance floor. Jimmy and Heloise were already at the table waiting for their food. The waitress arrives to give them slices of a sub sandwich.

Jimmy was looking around the place, "Wow, this is such a great place. Heloise, this is a great spot you picked."

Heloise smiles, "Thanks Jimmy. And the VIP seats were free for both of us because we are heroes and I didn't have to intimidate the management to get them."

Jimmy eats one of them and says to Heloise. "So Heloise, things have been going a bit unusual since the last 2 days. What's going on with Lucy?"

Heloise answers, "He's taking a long week break because he is burned out from what happened to him ever since Asmoe created chaos for the last week."

Jimmy responds, "Yeah. I mean after being imprisoned in a cruel but hilarious way for 3 days, seeing the entire chaos unravel, and then having to stand up against Asmoe despite the huge difference in power; that's pretty understandable."

Heloise nods, "Yeah… So he'll be back 100 percent after this week's over and Miseryville is fully rebuilt again."

Jimmy thinks for a moment, "Hmm… I see. Well, good luck to Lucy then."

Heloise sighs, "Oh Jimmy, you are so easily forgiving."

Jimmy shrugs, "Hey. At least Lucy learned his lesson."

Heloise nods, "True. So Jimmy, how do you like this new place?"

Jimmy replies, "I love it Heloise! The place is great and the music is also great. Man, it's like we are practically on a date."

Heloise smiles nervously, "Hehe, yeah… I know huh? Well, just want to make our day and night go really well and the dance party has barely started yet which should in five minutes."

Meanwhile at the other side of the restaurant, we see a waitress serving a wheelbarrow of food to the table of two. She said, "Here are all the tonight's specials for this hungry couple. Remember that the tonight's dance party will start very soon."

"Okay! We got plenty of time for that!" It was Beezy! "Isn't that right Saffi?"

Saffi nods happily, "Uh huh!"

Saffi is wearing a ruby red corset and a red skin-tight miniskirt along with fishnet stockings.

Beezy giggles, "Hehe. Well, let's dig in!" He and Saffi pulls out forks and knives and they both at the same time launch themselves into the food and started eating rapidly.

Back to Jimmy and Heloise's table, we see their plates empty since they have finished their sandwiches. Jimmy says while feeling satisfied, "Oh Heloise, these sandwiches were great."

Heloise responds, "Yep. So, wanna hit the dance floor since the party's starting?"

Jimmy responds cheerfully, "You bet! Let's dance!" They both ran off to the dance floor.

Many people gather into the dance floor and we see a DJ with a skull for a head at the booth. He announces, "Hey people, this is DJ Skullz and I welcome all to Club Deva! Get ready for the party of your life as we bring out the best dance music! Now, let's begin people!" He plays the loud booming dance music as everyone cheers and start to dance.

Jimmy dances by shaking his fist in the air to the music beat and then he hops his feet in sidesteps. Heloise waves her arms in the air and then she shakes her hips to the music beat.

Heloise notices Jimmy's dancing skills, "Well, someone has been picking up some new tricks."

Jimmy replies with confidence, "That's nothing. Check this out!"

He grabs Heloise's hand and he spins her hard like a tornado. He throws her up in the air and he does a leg split right onto the floor. Heloise stops spinning and falls down, only for Jimmy to jump from the floor with just both feet and catches her in his arms. His right hand on Heloise's back and her left leg wrapped around his left arm in a closed Tango position.

The people who were seeing this gave a round of applause to Jimmy and Heloise.

Heloise was amazed, "Wow, that was impressive Jimmy!" He has her head up to see Jimmy's eyes and smile. She gasps as her eyes sparkle from the sight and having to be so close to him.

Jimmy smiles cheerfully, "No need to carry me on the dance floor since I can also contribute!"

Heloise replies with a soft sigh, "Oh definitely…"

They stopped what they are doing as they heard other people chanting "GO! GO! GO! GO!" at another dance group.

They saw over the crowd to see the couple, and it was Beezy and Saffi who were doing many dancing positions.

Jimmy was surprised, "Hey! I didn't know Beezy and Saffi were dating here. Man, they are really good."

Heloise sighs disappointingly, "Oh man, just as we were getting to the good part."

She examines Saffi who was wearing a red corset and mini skirt for her date. "Wow, she's looking good as usual…" She sighs from how her body compares to Saffi's curvy figure but she snaps out of it. "Don't worry Heloise; Jimmy's not that type of guy."

Peep appears out of nowhere and says to Heloise, "Hey Heloise, how about you and I have this dance?"

Heloise brushes him off, "Buzz off Peep, I'm trying to have fun with Jimmy and I had enough creeps going after me for one week."

Peep was shocked and he groans, "Oh, I can't believe I sneaked in here for this."

Beezy shouts at him, "BURN!"

Jimmy cheers, "Woo-hoo! Go Beezy and Saffi, bust more moves!"

Beezy replies happily, "You got it pal! Let's go Saffi!" He throws her up in the air.

Saffi spins herself in the hair while pausing in several poses until she sees a large spherical statue far from her in the club. She then stops what she's and changes her stance in midair into a launching pose. She roars, "CRUSH!"

Saffi immediately rockets herself towards the statue at lightning speed with a closed fist.

Heloise sighs in a deadpan tone, "Here we go…"

Jimmy smiles, "Just like old times…"

Beezy blushes as he looks at Saffi, "I can see her undies from here…" Jimmy and Heloise looked at him weirdly.

Saffi makes it to the statue and when before she punches the statue, we cut to the outside of the club and….

BOOM! The building explodes from the inside with pieces from the statue and the people bursts out of the doors and windows screaming.

Jez and Lucius were very surprised when they were about to go inside Club Deva.

Lucius sighs, "Beezy... Well teenagers, what can you do?" He shrugs at the audience.

We cut back inside the club where we some of the people lying around the damage hurt while other dancers were stunned from what just happened.

Heloise comes out of protective barrier along with Jimmy who was astonished from what Saffi had done.

Jimmy says, "Wow, Saffi has been improving her statue breaking skills since the fight. Hey Heloise, great job with the barrier you made."

Heloise smiles, "Thanks Jimmy. I made it just in case some things like this happen to us."

Saffi then lands in Beezy's arms from the air. The people then surprisingly give a round of applause to the two and then continue their dance as the music resumes.

Lucius says to Jez, "Well Jez, the music is still playing so let's hit the dance floor shall we?"

Jez smiles at him, "Okay then. I'm in mood for a wild party anyway." They both entered the building to join the dance with the people.

Beezy laughs, "Hahaha! Man Saffi, you sure know how to bring the house down! Oh, you and I are going have a lot of fun all night…" He grins slyly at her.

Saffi grins seductively as she rubs her boyfriend's face, "Mhm, smoothy-smooth~" They both have hearts sprouting around them.

Jimmy was amazed, "Wow, those two are great. Say Heloise, wanna continue our dance?"

Heloise replies happily, "Oh yeah!" They both continue dancing together.

In the Miseryville park at 9:30 PM…

Jimmy and Heloise were walking through the path as they look around the place at night.

Jimmy sighs, "Man, I had a great time at the dance club. Thanks Heloise for showing me that place."

Heloise replies, "You're welcome Jimmy. It was wonderful for both of us to spend time together without any trouble."

Jimmy chuckles, "Hehe, yeah. So let's stop and relax on a bench so we can see the stars."

Heloise nods, "Okay."

Jimmy and Heloise were on a bench seeing the stars in a bright night.

Jimmy says to Heloise, "You know Heloise; it's been a very crazy week for us ever since I had amnesia when I crashed my head into the statue."

Heloise responds, "Not to mention the weird part was because of that, Asmoe was brought back to life and he nearly destroyed the entire world."

Jimmy whistles, "Oh yeah! Never saw that coming. Boy, it was a crazy ride that nearly led to such a train wreck."

Heloise giggles, "Hehe. Yeah…"

Jimmy continues speaking, "I mean I was given the gear to defeat Asmoe and having the power to boost all of our hidden potentials. We had to use everything to beat him and then, you and Saffi even worked well together to get him down and then wow… never knew you had that in you Heloise…" He looks surprised when he said it.

Heloise blushes as she shrieks, "Jimmy! I can't believe you brought that up! We only did it just to exploit Asmoe's weakness when it comes to girls and a low way to bring fanservice to this story! It's not like that I actually had fun doing that with Saffi." She folds her arms out of embarrassment.

Jimmy laughs sheepishly, "Hehe. Sorry that I brought that up."

Heloise replies, "It's alright. After all, I notice that you actually did enjoy watching that judging from that beet red face days ago. Oh Jimmy, you really are just like other boys." She sighs in disappointment just to tease him.

Jimmy gasps, "Heloise! I… I wasn't myself before then!"

Heloise giggles as she was amused from Jimmy's reaction, "Oh it's alright Jimmy so lighten up. Saffi and I did look good after all." She winks at the audience.

Jimmy smiles nervously, "Yeah. I admit it. Well, moving on…"

Heloise smirks, "Alright, well you manage to remember yourself again before Asmoe was defeated by all of us."

Jimmy says, "Yeah. I couldn't have done it without all of your help and especially for not giving up. Heloise, I was even impressed how you fought by yourself."

Heloise responds, "Thanks. Well, you know I'm not the one to be messed with. No matter how powerful the foe is, I get even. But then again, I couldn't have done it without you and the others."

Jimmy agrees, "Yeah. That's the power of friendship Heloise. We are always there for each other in a crisis. Heck, I help anyone who is in need."

Heloise asks him, "Really Jimmy?"

Jimmy answers, "Oh yes. I know that you have been through a lot just to help me. I'm happy that you cared that much for me since you were a true friend. Then again, Beezy and I couldn't have done it with you since you are the smartest person I know."

Heloise was touched, "Aw Jimmy… thanks."

Jimmy replies, "You're welcome. You know Heloise; I don't want anyone to go through the same dark path Asmoe had gone through."

Heloise frowns, "Yeah, I understand that."

Jimmy nods, "Totally. He lost his family and then Sara in a horrible way. No one wants to live through that in complete loneliness. That's why I'm going to improve myself as a friend and not let anyone go into that path ever again."

Heloise replies, "I see. So Jimmy, you really are trying to improve yourself. I'm glad that you are since to tell you the truth, I've been trying to work myself as well."

Jimmy was surprised, "You don't say? Well I guess it must be the anger issues you are trying to improve on. No offense." Jimmy braced himself.

Heloise calmly replies, "None taken. It's not just my temper issues but the conflicted feelings I had from the inside."

Jimmy reassures her, "Not to worry Heloise because you got me and the others to help you. Just remember that you are not alone and that it's okay if you need help since we are human. After all, that's why I risked my life to save you because I do it for anyone who is a friend in need."

Heloise nods in agreement, "You are right about that. As a matter of fact Jimmy, I do have something to get off my chest and it's something that you really need to hear." He smiles sincerely at her.

Jimmy places his hand on Heloise's and says, "Then as your great friend, tell me everything of what you have to say. Just let it all out since I'm here for you."

Heloise couldn't believe it since Jimmy had promised to listen to what she has to say. However, she feared that if she makes her moment now then there might be a chance that it could go wrong for her like previous times. Heloise hesitates for a moment because Jimmy held her hand as soon as she was about to speak.

She then took a deep breath and says, "Jimmy… I… I…"

She can hear her heart beating slowly as she still held herself from finally confessing to him and she looks at Jimmy who actually wants to know what she had to say. Her heart then beats faster as she continues holding herself until… she finally let it all out… in a way Jimmy didn't expect.


Heloise smacks Jimmy's hand off of her as she screams in frustration, "I CAN'T DO THIS!" She storms off the bench.

Jimmy was absolutely shocked when Heloise just did that. He gets up and tries to speak to her, "Heloise…? What's wrong?"

Heloise yells back at him, "What's wrong? I'll tell you what's wrong! It's just that whenever I want to have time with you, it always comes to bite me because of everything trying to interfere with my moments! I just couldn't take it because something bad would happen to get in our way!"

Jimmy tries to reassure her, "Heloise, calm down! I know that you have been very anxious to tell me something especially since I had amnesia. But I don't understand why you have to be feeling that way."

Heloise then replies in a cold manner, "That's the problem Jimmy, you DON'T understand! You never really did since we first met. No matter how I tried to make it obvious, you don't get how I feel about you because you were so clueless!"

Jimmy felt concerned. "Heloise…"

Heloise sighs, "Jimmy, I've been there for you ever since we became friends and I'm there for you in case you need some help. You're a sweet guy but, there were moments when you never understand me even as a friend."

Jimmy was surprised, "Really?"

Heloise sighs, "Yes Jimmy. Whenever Beezy or other circumstances interfered our time, you paid very less attention to me. It makes me sick!"

Jimmy gasps when she would say something like that.

Heloise then says, "You know Jimmy, I would forgive all of that because you are still young at heart and still ripe with joy in you. However, there was one time you really hurt my heart…"

Jimmy responds to her, "Tell me Heloise. I want to know."

Heloise says to him, "Jimmy, you remember the time I made my robot self Schmeloise?"

Jimmy replies, "Ah yes Heloise. I do. Why do you say that?"

Heloise then says to him, "Well Jimmy, it was the moment of when you meet her… you really liked her over ME, the original girl who liked you!"

Jimmy was shocked as he didn't know how Heloise was feeling back then.

Heloise continues speaking, "I was very jealous because you chose a robotic copy over me and that you didn't treat me the same way you treat her! I don't want to tell you this Jimmy, but that was the time… that I ALMOST gave up on you." She said in a very depressing tone.

Jimmy was very devastated when Heloise just said those last words to him. He didn't realize until now that Heloise would say that because of how he didn't know how much he means to her. It really felt like losing a friend because of his ignorance of the one who actually likes him.

Jimmy is saddened, "Heloise, I didn't know you felt that way. Man, what have I done? I feel like a complete stupid jerk to you since I must be really messed up to like a copy over you."

Then Heloise says as she turns her head back, "You darn right you were. However, I didn't give up on you for something like that."

Jimmy perks his head up.

Heloise speaks, "It's just that ever since we first met, we became friends suddenly and I question myself why? So that's why Jimmy I want to ask you this: Why would a mean girl like me who has a reputation of destroying things and inflicting pain on others for fun would be friends with a nice guy who likes to spread happiness around town?"

Jimmy thought about the question after moments of thinking but he showed to not have an answer. "Tell you the truth Heloise, I never really thought of that."

Heloise replies, "I didn't know why also until I realized that deep down, I have gotten very fond of you to the point that I was actually happy being with you instead of just destroying things for fun. I never had that kind of joy before with another person like you."

Jimmy continues listening to Heloise's words and he was awed.

Heloise then says, "But then, it got to the point that I actually couldn't afford to lose you. To the point that I actually would, I just can't." She has her down in depression.

Jimmy was concerned as he asks her, "Then why?"

Heloise begins to struggle with her emotions, "Isn't obvious? The reasons why I'm with you, why was I able to tolerate your friends, and why did I help you at times even when I risked my your for you! That's because after all this time…"

She turns her head around to Jimmy and shows tears flowing from her sparkling sad eyes complete with a small, soft frown. She finally answers in a heartfelt tone…

"…I love you…"

Jimmy was absolutely surprised from what he had just heard from her. He was speechless from the answer he heard from Heloise which he thought was much unexpected to him. He was confused, "Wha…"

Heloise heard it and she yells at him out of frustration, "I SAID I LOVE YOU, YOU IDIOT! WHY CAN'T YOU GET THAT INTO YOUR THICK HEALED SKULL?"

Jimmy was snapped out of his confusion when he paid attention back to Heloise who then… dropped down on the ground with sadness.

Heloise begins to cry, "Jimmy… why? Why won't you get it, maybe am I that much of a monster to you to think I wouldn't love you?"

Jimmy was alarmed from what Heloise just said.

Heloise continues talking, "I guess it might be since I get enraged very often. It's just when I'm with you Jimmy, it's like being warm from that light you brought out. I guess that's really the problem, I didn't want to take too much of that light. I might have feared of becoming what I hate and it's to be too soft in front of everyone. It pains me…"

Jimmy shows great concern for her. "Heloise…"

Heloise then says, "Maybe either way, you might be here to make me miserable because I fell in love with you. If it is true, then I guess I really deserved it after all the bad I have done despite I try to be good to you. Oh Jimmy…" She breaks down sobbing with her tears continue flowing from her eyes.

Jimmy didn't know what to say when Heloise just said that he might be making her miserable because of his ignorance. He felt horrible because she might have been right. He did not want to see Heloise continue feeling this way any longer because he doesn't want to lose her because of his own ignorance of her heart.

He started to feel something in his heart which started to spark within him when Heloise was showing her emotions to him. It was the same feeling of how he felt when Heloise was with Peep which made him jealous but the same feeling he had started to grow as he began to see Heloise in a whole new light.

Heloise then gets up with tears in her eyes, "I'm sorry Jimmy, I just wanted to tell you about how I feel and already did. I don't know how I can go from here now that I told you everything. I guess I should just leave right now so I don't have to hurt you or myself anymore. I'm sure that you would be better off with some girl who's more human than me. Good night Jimmy… and goodbye…" She said in a very sad tone as she starts to walk away.

"Heloise, don't leave so soon." Heloise turns back to see Jimmy who just said that and she was surprised from seeing his face… in tears.

Jimmy then says to her, "If that's everything you had to say, then boy do I feel pathetic." He tries to smile while he had tears flowing from his eyes.

Heloise was astonished, "Jimmy… you're crying…"

Jimmy tries to keep his smile, "It must have been those things you said about me which might have been true based on how you felt. Either way, I kind of deserved it. If you are crying because of me, then I should cry as well as an apology."

Heloise came over and places her hand on him, "Jimmy, you…"

Jimmy responds to her as he wipes his tears, "That's right Heloise; I understand… everything of what you said."

Heloise was awed and asks, "You mean…"

Jimmy replies, "Yep, never realized I meant that much to you and boy do I feel stupid. I really do need to improve myself as a better person. To be honest, I did have a certain feeling when I just couldn't bear to lose you also."

Heloise couldn't believe what she's hearing.

Jimmy then says, "Yeah. I believe it was the time I was jealous when you were with Peep and I couldn't think of you being with him over me. I didn't know what I was feeling around you but then… that feeling grew as I saw you in a new light when you did a lot to help and be with me."

Heloise's eyes widened.

Jimmy says, "Heloise, I didn't want to lose you also. You always believed in me even when I did ignore your feelings. I finally came to a realization…"

Heloise asks him, "And what's that Jimmy?"

Jimmy gives off a gentle smile, "Heloise…" He puts his hands on her shoulders and says to her face in a soft tone. "The most awesmazing girl I ever known… is standing right in front of me. I thank you for being honest about yourself Heloise and I do too… like to be with you together."

He kisses Heloise on her cheek!

Heloise was astonished when Jimmy just kissed him as it felt like she was dreaming only it was real. She then couldn't hold her joy as she shouts, "Jimmy!" She hugs him back.

Jimmy chuckles, "Haha! Wow, who knew you had that much spark in you?"

Heloise then let go off and says. "So Jimmy; now what since you and I are…?"

Jimmy responds, "Well, I don't want you to lose your job and reputation because of me. I'll let you do what you want as long as it is for work or science. I want to make you happy also. Just be yourself."

Heloise smiles, "That's fine by me."

Jimmy answers, "I don't want to change too much in our future just because we are a couple now. Besides, you don't have to fight with Beezy over who's my best friend since you are already my girlfriend."

Heloise says, "Yeah. And Jimmy, I don't want you to change much as well. I still like your old goofy self."

Jimmy giggles, "Haha, okay anything for you Heloise."

Heloise then says, "Alright. Oh and I almost forgot Jimmy…"

Jimmy asks her, "What Heloise?"

Heloise grabs Jimmy's shoulders and pulls him right to her and then…

Heloise kisses Jimmy passionately… on the lips! Jimmy was absolutely surprised from not just how Heloise did it but that he actually enjoyed it!

After the kiss, Jimmy was blushing madly and was still surprised. He lets off a soft whisper, "Wow… Heloise…"

Heloise smiles cheerfully, "Thank you for being there for me."

Jimmy snaps out of it and says, "You're welcome… So let's go back home…" He holds her hand as they both walk back home.

They arrived near their houses.

Jimmy says to her, "Heloise, this has been a very wonderful time for us together."

Heloise replies, "It sure was Jimmy."

Jimmy speaks, "So, any plans for our next date?"

Heloise ponders, "Hmm, I'll think of something."

Jimmy responds, "Great. Tomorrow, we are going to hang with Beezy in the afternoon since you are still on break."

Heloise smiles, "Alright. Good night Jimmy. I love you…" She hugs him and kisses him on the check.

Jimmy smiles and hugs her back, "Good night Heloise and same to you."

Both let go each other and they walked back inside their homes.

Jimmy enters his house and sees Cerbee. "Hi Cerbee." He asks him to come over.

Cerbee approaches him and licks him.

Jimmy says to him, "Today has been a very great day. There was no trouble, I had a blast, and I got a girlfriend and her name is Heloise."

Cerbee was glad to hear that and barks, "Arf!" He licks Jimmy again.

Jimmy laughs, "Haha! I'm tired Cerbee. We will play tomorrow." He walks upstairs to get ready for bed.

Jimmy in his room and he looks out the window and says, "After this week, I learned even though memories may be forgotten… but the bonds with my friends are not. I promise to myself that I won't ever forget them, especially the one who truly loved me."

He smiles as he looks out the window. "I won't… because my friends loved me and so does Heloise who did all this time."

In Heloise's home…

Heloise was in her room as she looks at Jimmy's picture.

She sighs happily, "This has been the greatest day of my life. Jimmy finally understands me and he loves me back too. All it took was for me to just be honest with my feelings and he finally gets me. He's like a guardian angel that is always there for me."

Heloise hugs a Jimmy doll nearby her tenderly as she is finally happy. "Oh Jimmy, I will always look out for you because even you can never forget who really loved you. That's why Jimmy… I will love you forever…" She smiles passionately as she lies down on her bed.

Outside their home, we see spirits of Asmoe and Sara looking at Jimmy and Heloise's houses. They both look at each other with a smile because they see that the other two are happy just like them. They both continued to walk down the street at night while they hold their hands as they are still happy with each other because of love.

The lives of Jimmy and his friends may have changed but their adventures will never stop which is because in Miseryville… Jimmy Two-Shoes will always find a way to have an adventure.

The End...

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