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It only took Jarod 5 minutes to pack and leave his room. He was not about to trust Parker to keep to her 15 minutes. It occurred to Jarod that she toying with him and did not have his exact location. But Parker did not play that way and if she said she knew where he was then she most likely did. She had sounded odd on the phone, not like herself at all and it made him wary. What bothered him most was that she seemed to have no interest in their game of chase and run anymore. It was not like Parker to quit or give up. Jarod shrugged and moved quickly to the parking area. Figuring out Parker was never simple and he would have to wait until he reached safety to try.

He had almost reached his car when he saw the man leaning against the car. He was about to turn to flee when he saw who it was.


"Miss Parker sent me. She said to give this to you" Ethan said walking over to his brother and holding out an envelope.

Jarod ignored the envelope Ethan was holding and grabbed Ethan and said with a sense of urgency "Get in the car we have to go." He was in the car and pulling out before Ethan could close the door.

Parker laughed softly she set the phone down. Being ahead of Boy Genius: 100.00 dollars, disconcerting him with mysterious bull crap 500.00 dollars, sending him running into the night with no warning: priceless. She took a perverse pleasure in being the one pulling the strings for once. Honestly, she could have accomplished her goal with less of the cloak and dagger but the truth, however petty, was that it was just too good of an opportunity to pass up. Besides if he had not called her then he could have left at his leisure. She had lied about the 15 minutes but Ethan was there already she could feel it and it was time to get all the players in place. And when all was said and done at least Wonder Boy will get his happy ending, his family reunited and she at best was exchanging one hell for another.

There was a certain amount of satisfaction in watching plans come to fruition. In the end it was not the FBI Parker sent after the Centre, it was the IRS. Criminal charges would come later. The IRS wanted the billions owed to them and the investigation would lead to the Centre downfall. It had been a simple matter of having Broots hack the income and earnings documents before he left. The Centre was no more honest with their taxes than it was with anything else.

Parker had flooded the lower sublevels several months ago. She was still amazed that the very obvious weakness had never been exploited. A few carefully placed charges was all it took in the end, building so many sublevels so close to the ocean made the task easy enough to accomplish. The flooding forced Raines to move many of the inhabitants of the Centre away. It was during this time that Angelo had finally left, she had worried at first but she felt that he was safe. The flooding had removed many people from harm's way and placed a great deal more in the path of rescue. A few more weeks and everything should be in place.

It doesn't have to be this way. You don't have to be alone.

Parker concentrated for a moment and blocked the voices. She knew they didn't approve but that really did not matter to her anymore. Alone was fine with her people couldn't betray, manipulate, and die on you if you were alone. Besides, she had no more time for voices at the moment. Miss Parker had a meeting with a man about a certain 8x12 room and a term of occupancy to negotiate on the off chance she beat the odds. After all a 90% probability of death did leave a chance that she would need to include the future in her plans.

"I want the perpetrator caught and caught now." Mr. Raines wheezed out. "Either you find them or your use to me is limited Mr. Lyle. I will not tolerate another failure. Is that clear?"

"Crystal." Lyle muttered.

Raines waived dismissively and Lyle turned on his heel and left the office. He was not going to give the old ghoul the opportunity to remove him. Lyle would get to the bottom of the string of 'misfortunes' that had befalling the Centre. He knew that Raines thought Jarod was behind them but Lyle was certain it was not. The plan was direct, lethal, and was aimed to cut the Centre off by the balls. In short, his sister was in it up to her pretty little neck and he was finally going to get the satisfaction of taking her down.

He was almost ready to put some plans of his own into action. Lyle smiled an angelic smile that was marred by the coldness of his eyes. He wondered how many days she would hold out he hoped it would be awhile. He was going to get to know his beautiful sister very well. Lyle whistled as he left the Centre he had a few preparations that still needed to be made.