A/N: When I started writing this story, years and years ago, I knew exactly how I wanted it to go. Had it all planned out. Problem is, RL got in the way. Lost my job, lost my hands, lost my life. It really sucked and for a while everything had to go on hiatus. But now that I'm settled again and I finally have all the time in the world to write again, nothing works! Makes me want to tear my hair out.










So it's not really a spoiler—everyone knew how this was going to end from page 1: the raven eats the prince's heart (come on, like you didn't know that already). I mean, can it end any other way? I just can't figure out how to get there. The characters are giving me a hard time, especially the raven. He's so useless and I keep having to create new OCs because he can't do anything on his own. And the prince is just as bad. I don't even know why I keep writing anymore. The story won't go the way I want it to and it's not like anyone's reading anymore anyway...

I mean I've literally tried everything. I knew that whole ghost knight and his lover sideplot was sort of mistake even when I was writing it, but I kept hoping she'd take on the Princess Tutu role and try to help the prince get back his heart which would set the whole plot in motion again.... It kind of got sloppy in the middle and maybe I should cut those parts out when I revise. But God, the idea of revising this monster makes me never want to look at it again. And it just keeps getting longer and longer and I want to just quit sometimes, but I really really want to see the end too, so I'm going to try some thing new, something no one's written before.

It's kind of a plot-device and maybe a Mary-Sue (ok, so I tried the Mary-Sue litmus test on her and...well so what if her name has a significant meaning? how does that make her a Mary-Sue? whatever) but I'm going to try to go with this new character, since nothing else worked and I just kind of want to finish the damn thing.

You know, usual disclaimers: I don't own The Nutcracker or Swan Lake. I'm just borrowing them ;) Also, I don't actually know German so if you see mistakes, blame it on babelfish.

Ok, so onto this chapter.