Public Display of Affection

There was always something funny going on around the world. For example, in the park, couples could be found dating and having fun, chatting away happily, and the next thing that would happen was something… that was too intimate and possibly disturbing to explain in this K rated fic. Well, maybe that wasn't funny for most people. But there was at least one person in the world that found it funny.


Public display of affection was something that always bugged him. The fourteen year old honestly thought that it was disgusting yet amusing at the same time. He found it… highly interesting. Yet at the same time, he felt as though people should keep something like that to themselves rather than showing it publicly.

It intrigued him, nonetheless.

Sunday was really his favorite day.


Because he could go to the park on Sunday. And once in a while, he could spot couples that were showing… affection all over. PDAs…

It was never boring in the park.

For most, it would be boring, but for young Roxas… no, of course not. It was something definitely worth watching. In fact, he got the VIP spot to watch up close. For instance…

The couple in front of him was eating each other's faces out. It started out with a simple, innocent peck on the lips. Then, lips parted and tongue poked out of the male's mouth. The male took a single daring step, licking the girl's lips, asking for entrance. The girl hesitated for a while, shy and embarrassed, but eventually, the male won. And it evolved into a sloppy, but then passionate kiss, a lot of tongue-ing and a lot of wet noises.

Cerulean eyes were staring with much interest. An index finger raised and was put at the lips. Young Roxas' head was poking out a bit more to watch…more closely. He narrowed his eyes, tilting his head to the sides to watch it from many different angles. Then his head bobbed up and down.

"Interesting…" he breathed out as the couple kept kissing.

And suddenly, the girl stopped. When she opened her eyes, she was astonished. Her eyes went wider that Roxas would have ever imagined and she fell off from where she was sitting.

"Rena!" the male sounded, worried.

"You two are funny!" Roxas grinned brightly. "Don't mind me! Please keep on doing what you were doing!" he requested innocently and sincerely, grinning ever so brightly.

The male dead panned, blinking his eyes as well as the girl.

And then the both walked away from the park.

"Aww…" Roxas was disappointed.

But then, as he scanned the area, he found another couple doing the same thing. He immediately skipped over to the other side and he stood right in front of the couple, just a couple of centimeters away. He grinned again, watching. Then, he frowned. It was a bit weird at first, but he chuckled softly in the end as he heard and observed how out of breath the couple was because of the kiss.

And this time, Roxas wasn't given the opportunity to watch for long as a familiar voice called for him. "Roxas!"

He raised his head only to see a redhead two years older than him running over to him.

The redhead grinned as he approached him. "Whatchu doing?" he asked.

"Watching!" Roxas grinned.

Axel's jaw dropped. "You're doing it again," he pouted. "I thought your mom said that it's rude!" he commented as he dragged the blond away from the site.

Roxas merely chuckled as he was dragged away by the redhead.

Ah well, there would always be another time, right?

PDAs are everywhere…

Maybe, he could convince Axel too and invite that best friend of his to watch PDA together with him. It was always a nice way to spend the Sunday.

"It's rude, Roxas!"

"Not when people display it publicly, Axel. It's public and I'm allowed to watch and stare."


Haha. Have been talking about PDA today and I thought I should write this out. X3 hope you enjoyed.