Who you callin' Hyuuga?

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Rai no Kuni, the land of Lighting, was a treacherous place. The majority of the country was divided by a steep mountain range, on one side the ocean, on the other a lake that was large enough to be considered one. Between water and rock what little land wasn't sand or stone and was habitable was made farmland. The more north in the country one traveled the colder it got making the climate and living conditions that much harsher.

'The harsher the climate, the harsher the people' it was always said.

Kumogakure no Sato was no different than the country it resided in. buildings built high up in the spire-like mountains, where one wrong move, a single slip, and a person would fall for days until they finally hit the valley floor and died. At least that's what was said. The thin atmosphere, constant could cover, and rocky barren environment made for a hard living, but the inhabitants of Kumo were ninja, and ninja either lived or died by this environment. Those that lived became great shinobi, those that died were forgotten.

The Raikage sat on his throne-like chair in deep thought. He had been Kage for little over a year and he had pushed for his military power to amass and stockpile anything and everything that could be used as a weapon. Kumo was a major power in the world as one of the top five villages, and he wanted it to stay that way. It may have been smaller than the other 'big 5' villages, but he knew the quality of his ninja was well above the cut of the others, at least he damn well hoped they were. But even if quality wasn't enough, the Raikage had sent covert missions to steal jutsu scrolls from other villages, and the occasional bloodline if they could find it. He wanted his village strong and he wanted it to continue that way.

The only downside was his 'plans' weren't amounting to very much. The jutsu hunt was fairing 50/50 at best, for every one they gain, they lost another. This wasn't that bad, at least they were getting something he supposed. What was really on his mind was the 'bloodline' hunt. His ninja had managed to snag a few here and there, but none were really all that impressive, and with the civil war in Kiri and the literal 'bloodline hunt' it wasn't like his people could walk around easily without stirring something up… and the remaining 'Big 5' were being just as stingy. The last Raikage had caused a war with Konoha over less then stealing a clan's blood or techniques, and that had finally ended, but that didn't mean Suna or Tsuchi weren't inches away from starting something with either village in their 'weakened' state. The Raikage scoffed at the idea. –Kumo isn't weak, not as long as I'm the Raikage it sure as hell ain't-

His colossal fists gripped the arms of his 'throne' as he continued thinking. As he figured this whole mess was turning out to be a huge hassle. –There's only been one big score throughout this whole mess- A large grin spread on his face as he rubbed his blonde goatee in thought. A few months into his regime his ninja came across a remote village on some no-name island that had been completely destroyed. The place looked like it had burned to the ground but the few villagers that survived said that 'zombies' had attacked them, so of course the Raikage had his ninja investigate. What they found was a blonde girl of about 15 years old, and lo and behold she had the Nibi no Nekomata sealed inside her. How the Bijuu got sealed, or the Jinchuuriki ending up in the middle of nowhere was beyond him, but hey, waste not, want not. His ANBU went and retrieved her with little effort, and Nii Yugito became the property of Kumogakure.

That was one success among a myriad of failures or plain disappointment. Now he was here, waiting on another 'prospect'. Should his man fail he would feign ignorance and claim the bastard was working solo to try and 'impress him', should he succeed… well, waste not, want not. The Raikage still planned to play ignorant either way, he knew from experience going into another war with Konoha over this would be futile, and unlike his predecessor he wasn't foolish enough to spout his triumphs, no, this Raikage knew when to keep his damn mouth shut, and contrary to what others may think of him he knew damn well how to play politics to his favor, one way or another.

The doors to his 'office' creaked open. There was only one person he was expecting at this time of night, and he had better have what he wanted. His black eyes narrowed on the one eyed jounin that walked in through the door, carrying an obviously unconscious young girl under one arm. –Idiot- was all the Raikage could think as the man walked toward him, setting the girl down and bowing before his leader.

"Raikage-sama, I return successful in my mission," he raised his bandaged head with a smirk on his face, his one revealed eye showing the triumph he felt. The Raikage could barely stand the guy at this point.

"So this is a Hyuuga?" he looked down at the little girl with his black eyes, he noticed this dumbass had tied both her legs and arms up as well as placed a gag on her and a bandanna around her eyes so, he assumed, she wouldn't 'see' anything. Again the idea of this man's laking brain cells came to the Raikage's mind. His coal eyes shifted back to the jounin kneeling at his feet, "Why is there a bandanna over her eyes?"

The man stiffened, "So she wouldn't see where I was going or who I was, lord Raikage," the man was practically shaking in his boots over a simple question, he really was an idiot.

"Tell me," the Raikage stood up from his seat, "Why would an unconscious child be able to 'see' anything?"

"W-well, that is sir…"

He took a step forward, "Why would you even bother blindfolding a Hyuuga?" his coal colored eyes steeled on the man as he stepped forward. His heavy steps in-avertedly awoke the previously unconscious young girl, the Raikage could feel a small spike in her chakra and he was almost positive she just activated her eyes. He grinned in the back of his mind. –Perhaps this wasn't a total waste- he noticed she tensed but otherwise stayed still, perhaps planning to play unconscious, or was just too afraid at the moment to move, whichever the case didn't matter to him, she seemed to have the right instincts and that would work fine in his opinion. But first, back to business.

The large hulking form of the Raikage towered over the quivering jounin and captive young Hyuuga; the man grabbed the jounin by his flak-jacket and raised him so he was eye-to-eye with him, which happened to be a good two feet off the ground. The Raikage growled, "When I asked you to bring me a Hyuuga, I said a 'Hyuuga', as in one that actually knew some of their arts, not some small girl that can barely walk, let alone who knows if she even has their eyes!!"

"S-sir… I-I a-asur-"

He clinched a large fist around the man's neck, "I don't accept excuses," in one swift motion the Raikage dropped the struggling jounin, only to impact his chest with his fist and send him through a wall, the impact was strong enough the Raikage was confident the bastard would never get up again, but just to be certain, "Killer-Bee!"

"Yo' my brotha'," a seemingly miniature version of the Raikage appeared, well shorter version anyway, the only difference between the two that anyone could tell was the minor height difference and that Killer-Bee wore small dark shades and had a tattoo that looked like bull horns on his left cheek. Otherwise, it was pretty obvious the two were related. He grinned widely, "You summoned me, the one and only Killer-Bee!!"

"Bee, shut up," the Raikage said shaking his fist off, he glanced at his younger brother, "Get rid of 'that'," he waved his hand at the crumpled form of the dying jounin, "Preferably somewhere where it can be 'found'," his brother's grin widened slightly.

"Your wish is my command, lord of my land!!" he saluted his brother and disappeared in a puff of smoke, along with the body of the jounin.

"Hmp," The Raikage looked at the wall he'd busted in, formed three seals and watched it reform with ease. –No one will know what happened here- his coal eyes turned to the tiny form now quivering on his floor. She hadn't moved, either from fear or deeming it useless he wasn't sure, he crossed his arms and just stared at her small form. –What to do now? Hopefully Bee will deposit that body somewhere Konoha will find and they'll think he died enroute from someone else, perhaps 'another' buyer for the young Hyuuga, thus taking all heat off of me and Kumo…- he stepped closer to the little girl and watched as she froze up, this didn't faze him as he continued until he was right in front of her. He grabbed a fistful of the back of her kimono and brought the kid up to his level, as soon as he saw her wrapped up face he frowned.

-That fucking idiot…- her forehead was clean, this could only mean one thing, that trash he just took care of kidnapped the Hyuuga main family's heir. –I tell him to bring back a Hyuuga alive, he brings me their fucking heir…- he growled and clinched his fists, "If he somehow survives I'm going to kill him again…" the girl in his hand took a sharp intake of breath, she was definitely conscious. He looked directly into her bandage wrapped eyes, his narrowing, "You can see me can't you?"

She seemed to freeze again, hesitating for a long while before ever so slightly tilting her head.

The Raikage grinned only the slightest, "You're a Hyuuga right?"

She nodded vigorously and started making noises like she was trying to say something.

The Raikage narrowed his eyes and tilted his head a bit, "You say you're a Hyuuga?" she nodded again, "I don't see a Hyuuga here, I just see some blind kid," she shook her head vigorously 'no' and he only smirked. He immediately dropped her, at least five feet, and she landed rather hard on the floor, "What's the matter, if you're a Hyuuga you should be able to get out of that," he watched as she began to struggle harder against her bonds. The Raikage had to admit she was showing a lot of spunk for such a young kid. –She can't be more then 3 years old, yet she seems to understand this situation better than some Genin- he stepped closer to her, kneeling down, "You want me to untie you?"

She seemed to freeze up a moment before 'looking' away, as if thinking, before vigorously shaking her head 'no'.

"Heh," the Raikage grinned showing off elongated canines, "You got some spunk kid," he picked her up again and brought her face-to-face with him again, "Even if you don't stand a chance of getting free from this," he raised his hand up and tugged on the bandana around her eyes, pulling it down so that he came eye-to-eye with the young Hyuuga Heiress, her adolescent Byakuugan active and showing fiercely. –They even look fierce as children with this thing active- while the pulsing blood vessels around her eyes made her look frightening the veteran Kumo-nin could see clearly how afraid she was. Here she was, tiny and small even for her age, being faced with a Kage, and despite the obvious fear was still trying to look brave. He grinned again, "I guess you aren't a Hyuuga after all…"

Her eyes went wide with fear at his statement, he could see it in her eyes she was afraid of what was going to happen to her, and he had the feeling she had some horrible ideas, even if she wasn't old enough to completely understand them.

He sighed and in once swift motion all of her bindings shredded, this seemed to surprise her more than his statement. He set her down gently, letting her stand on her own two feet. She didn't move, she was frightened, nervous, and probably scared half to death, but she was still standing in front of him of her own accord and didn't move a muscle. –Have to say that's more than some well trained ninja, even from here…- he put his hands on his belt and just stared down at the little slip of a girl in front of him, "What's your name?"

She gulped and lowered her head, he was sure she said something but it was too low for him to catch it.

"Louder!!" he yelled and she jumped at least a foot in the air.

"H-Hy-yuu-ga H-Hin-na-ta!!"She screamed as loud as she dared, he could tell she was used to being quiet; well he'd just have to change that.

"No its not," her head turned up to his face with fear and shock written all over it. He crossed his arms as he looked down at her sternly, "your name is Tenkyuu Yorihi!"

She vigorously shook her head 'no', "N-no… i-its-"

The Raikage stomped his foot down, spooking the girl, "No, whatever you think you were is no more…" he gave her a stern look with his arms crossed, "This 'Hyuuga Hinata' you speak of doesn't exist," he said firmly looking directly into her eyes, he saw the fear, he saw a sadness as tears pricked the edges of the tiny girl's eyes, but at the same time he saw a spark. He wasn't sure what it was, but he would find out eventually, "Now tell me, what is your name?"

She shrunk again, bowing her head and mumbled, "H-Hyuuga H-Hi-"

The Raikage stomped his foot again, "Is that how you address your Kage?!" he reached out and lifted her head up so her pale eyes met his black ones, "keep your head up," he tapped her shoulders down, "keep your shoulders back," he crossed his arms again and appraised her, his small blonde brows knitting, "and stand up straight!" she did immediately. He let a small grin pass his lips, "Better, now remember this," he looked down at her sternly, not coldly or cruelly like she had expected, just stern as he placed his hands back on his hips giving her full view of the gold belt her wore, "Always present yourself at your best! Never back down from someone, even if they are your Kage," he leaned down towards her looking her still form over, "don't show your fear, stand proud, and speak loud!" he struck a pose flexing his muscles and shouting to the havens, "I am the Yondaime Raikage!! GOUZEN JINRAI!!" and he ended with a loud laugh.

A small sound found its way to his ears as he stopped laughing. He looked down and found it to be the tiny girl at his feet, laughing as well. He let and honest grin grace his lips as he looked down at her waiting for her to finish. When she finally did she seemed to notice he was watching her and turned the most interesting shade of red, his smile turned into a smirk, "Now, little one, tell your Raikage what your name is?"

She froze a moment and hesitated. He watched her as her mind seemed to try and make a decision. He waited patiently, hoping to hear the correct answer. –The sooner I can get her to drop her old self, the safer Kumo will be…- he looked down at her with concerned eyes, -come on child, the sooner you accept this, the less cruelty you will have to face here…-

She fidgeted, then started questionably in a low voice, "I-I am… I am Hyu-" she started but heard the Raikage clear his throat. She looked up at him with confused eyes; she honestly didn't know what to do. Her mother had always called her 'Hina-chan' before she disappeared, and her father barely said her name anymore. She was torn, confused, she had heard from others in the compound that outsiders like this were bad, that she should never go near them. That they would try to hurt her no matter what. She looked up at the Raikage, he was huge, he easily could tower over her father, but there was something in his eyes that said he wasn't trying to be mean or hurt her. Her mother always said she had good eyes for people and that she should trust them. Perhaps… perhaps she isn't who the people at the compound always told her, this man said she was someone else, and he had taken her away from the man that took her. He had been spending this time with her, talking to her, looking at her, not with a cold stare or bowing and never looking her in the eye like she got at the compound. Maybe, he was right.

The little girl with the pale eyes stilled, her mind made up, she nodded her head lightly and looked up at the large man called 'The Raikage'. He was simply looking at her, expecting her to say something. She stood up straight, put her shoulders back, and held her head up high as she looked him straight in the eye and yelled with all her tiny little might, "I AM TENKYUU YORIHI!!"

And the Raikage smiled the biggest, largest and most infectious smile she had ever seen in her young life.

Tenkyuu = Rain from a cloudless sky, Yori = From, Hi = Fire, = Cloudless Rain from Fire

Gouzen = Roaring, Jinrai = Thunderclap, = Roaring Thunderclap

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