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It was another cloudy morning.

Taro was making a house of cards on his side of the guard shack. Ever so slowly the brown haired chuunin delicately slid a Queen of Hearts on top of an Ace of Spades. With the action complete, and the five card-high house not yet toppled over, he grabbed the next card.

Naota watched impassively. The glasses wearing chuunin had literally nothing to do; the logs were all checked, double-checked, triple-checked and found to have no errors. The dark blue-haired chuunin had spent a good amount of time dusting the guard shack here and there, as last shift had left a complete mess… or so they claimed, since the pale chuunin had nothing better to do. The cleaning quickly stopped the moment Taro started making the house of cards, seeing as the movement toppled the deck pretty quickly, and since Naota was a very 'respectful' person of other's… oddities and interests, decided to just sit down at watch him.

That is until the dark haired and eyed chuunin suddenly looked towards the bridge, sensing a large amount of malevolent chakra bursting their way…

Immediately Naota was out of the guard shack, two tanto drawn in reverse grips as the chuunin watched the bridge with narrowed eyes behind glasses.

Taro was a bit slower, as he had just tossed the Jack of Clubs and 10 of Diamonds over his shoulder, drawing the iron bat off his back and standing next to his partner, trusting their judgment that whatever it was crossing the bridge was a potential threat.

For a second the two battle-ready chuunin watched the clouds roll along the solitary bridge…


"OH SWEET-THANK YOU AND HALLELUYAH!" something yellow, chakra covered and LOUD burst across the bridge, right passed the two stunned chuunin and towards the big gate and-!

Hugged it?

Both Naota and Taro's left brow twitched as they turned slowly towards whatever-it-was and spotted… Nii Yugito, in badly torn and ripped up travel clothing… hugging… the gate.

"Wha-?" Taro's mouth rightfully just dropped as a wayward hand vacantly pointed at… Yugito hugging the gate, "Nao-tan, I'm seeing this right?"

"It would appear… so?" the dark blue haired chuunin just blinked, pushing up their glasses, not sure what to think about… Yugito hugging the gate…

Then there came a boisterous laughter from the bridge, "Yugi-chan, ya gotta understand, just happy to be close and so far from the coast, dig?"

Two chuunin heads turned… and found Killer Bee, in equally torn up and damaged travel wear, just grinning wide.

"Sempai, quiet, don't have time to pull an Aneue on you," the twin-tailed blonde rubbed her cheek along the engraved giant gate, "savoring this moment…"

The Chuunin blinked.

Bee frowned, clicking his tongue before looking at the stunned chuunin, "Yo, ya'll better cut loose and give this gate a boost," he gestured with his thumb over his shoulder, "We got people to see, places to be, don't wanna leave bro out in the cold, yo."

"Two slants and a visual," mumbled Yugito at the gate.

Tiny blonde brows came down on the dark skinned jinchuuriki, "Pfft, like I wanna hear that from you, I'll have Sista' on me pretty soon," Bee bent his middle and ring finger on one hand and pointed at the blonde woman, his frown pretty obvious, but nothing on the Cheshire grin she was giving in return.

Naota and Taro were just glancing back and forth at the exchange, not sure they should move, or speak… or breathe honestly. These were the village's two Jinchuuriki, and they had been listed as on an 'extended training exercise' with no permanent date of return. It had been at least a year and a half since they left, and the way they were bickering certainly let it show.

The two chuunin gave each other a look, then Naota just sighed, shrugging before bringing their hand to pale lips and letting out a loud whistle.

The sudden sound stopped the two Jinchuuriki from their continuing debate on semantics before there was a loud groan of metal and everyone present could hear the chains supporting the gate brought taught and start to pull the thing up. Yugito gave a whine, having to 'let go' of the thing as it quickly raised before sneaking under it quickly and running off. Bee just shrugged his shoulder before giving the two chuunin a quick nod and stunning grin before walking casually under the thing, bending just enough to get under and going after his comrade. After another second the chains groaned again, slacked, and the gate dropped, shaking the entire bridge.

Taro just flatly stared, and opened his mouth to complain-

"Don't even," was Naota's crisp voice as the bespeckled chuunin quickly sheathed their tantos and walked briskly back into the guard house.

Taro pouted, sticking his lip out like a little kid, before going back in as well in a bit of a huff. As soon as he opened the guard house door he saw Naota already seated in their chair… and his house of cards had completely collapsed and was all over the floor. Brown eyes just glared at the cards littering the floor, but quickly closed the door and crouched to pick them up, the first being the King of Spades, "Guess it's time to start over…"

Reki was reading a 'report', which definitely wasn't a concealed copy of 'Tobacco Enthusiasts Monthly', when a deeply ingrained sixth sense, honed from over two decades of ninja service, started ringing in the back of her mind. Thin black eyes narrowed behind wireframe glasses as she lowered the 'report', neatly closing the file and stashing her magazine under her desk before her assistant noticed. She swiveled around in her wheelie chair, nothing from admin, nothing from accounting, nothing from records…

The black haired woman brought a hand up and held the cigarette in her mouth in deep thought, trying to guess where the 'sensation' was coming from.

"Uh, Taichou?" Kokuei turned around in his wheelie chair, he was perhaps Reki's longest lasting assistant, and with his years of experience working under the woman he had learned to take notice when she put away her magazine before lunch.

"Assistant!" the older woman barked, not turning on the young man, "I'm in need of…" black eyes narrowed on the door to the outer walk and most obvious 'entrance' to the Raikage's tower, "… something to drink."

The black haired young man just blinked confused at his senior, "Taichou?"

The equally black haired older woman turned and gave him a look with her black eyes, the same look that meant 'do what I say now, or suffer greatly the might of paperwork!'. The assistant gulped, jumped to his feet and ran off towards the nearest drink machine.

Reki watched him run off with bored eyes; he was a good kid in her opinion, learned quick enough and generally got what she needed without question. She smirked, taking the cigarette out of her mouth and gave a light laugh.

Too bad this lovely moment of relaxation was abruptly ruined as the doors to the Raikage's tower opened quickly and a blonde blur bolted across the room and landed somewhat 'on' the desk clerk.

"What the fu-!" Reki's wheelie chair was pushed back into the pillar in the center of the kiosk as something iron tight braced itself around her shoulders and something felt like it was rubbing on her. Somewhere in the chaos she lost her cigarette and heard purring.

"Damn, Yugi-chan~!" and somewhere an obnoxiously familiar voice was laughing.

The older jounin cracked open her eyes and spotted a lot of blonde, "The hell?" upon closer inspection, and realizing it was rubbing against her side, she realized it was a rather rough looking Nii Yugito… who was hugging her, and her chair, in a vice grip, "Um… Yugito-san?"

Yep, the Nibi Jinchuuriki was purring… and nuzzle-hugging her in a vice grip.

Currently black eyes turned towards the laughing bull, looking rather bored, "I'm assuming there's a reason for…" she glanced down at the cat-possessed young woman, "…this?"

"No worries Reki-san," Bee just grinned, moving his hands a bit into his rap, "It's just been awhile for Yugi-chan~, stuck on the island with just me and Matoi~ got kinda tired stuck with just us Boyz~"

"Uh-huh," fell flatly from the desk clerk's mouth. She glanced down at the nuzzling Jinchuuriki, "So is there an off button or something?" she glanced back up at the tan and tattooed Jinchuuriki, "seeing as I have kids, it's pretty obvious I don't exactly swing that way…"

Bee had to cover his mouth with both hands to sway the snickering that wanted to let loose at the stricken look on the cat-girl's face. She still didn't quite move and Reki just had to groan while rolling her eyes…

… Which spotted Kokuei coming back with refreshments…

… And an evil grin spread wide on the bastard's face, "Hey, Assistant!"

"H-huh!" dark blue eyes rose and blinked at his boss, only to see the predicament she was in for about a second and blush. Then he noticed the grin on the woman's face and suddenly shuttered…

"Catch!" and in a second too soon for either the poor assistant or clingy Jinchuuriki to notice, Reki had disentangled herself and tossed Yugito at Kokuei.

There was a muffled scream as cans went flying, before the two crashed to the ground and purring was heard again.

Reki wiped off her hands, turning from the amusement that was her assistant trapped in a vice that was their Nibi container. She casually turned back to Bee, eyes just as bored as they usually were, "So you guys are back?"

Bee's black mini-goggles just seemed to be staring at the mess that was his student and Reki's assistant on the floor. Said woman snapped her fingers and the big blonde turned back to her, tiny blonde brows high on his forehead, "Uh, yea, we back," he glanced back as the two had yet to disengage and started rolling around on the floor, there was some bickering but neither he nor Reki cared to decipher it. The snickering was back, "Nice attack, gotta distract, beat the beast by givin' it a feast…"

"Eh," Reki shrugged with a mild grin as she pulled out a cigarette from a carton with a folding fan on it hidden among her files and put it to her lips, "Thought about using a Kawarimi, but, ya know," she lit her joy, breathing in before leaning back in her chair and sighing out a cloud of smoke with a magnificent grin on her face, "Would'a meant he'd be sitting in my chair," she patted the arm of said chair, "and I don't let anyone sit in my chair."

There was a strange sound as the two on the floor seemed unable to disconnect from one another.

Reki just raised a black brow, turning her attention from the 'nuzzling' couple to the large Jinchuuriki, "What's with the… hugging?"

Bee continued to snort, one hand covering his mouth as he turned just enough to let the desk clerk know he was talking to her, "Ya know how there's two kinds'a cats?" a raised black brow and lone cigarette were his only response, "Wild ones and house cats?" at the continued flat look from the desk clerk the tattooed Jinchuuriki just gave a wide fanged-grin, "Let's just say, while Nibi-chan may think itself a 'wild cat', Yugi-chan ain't that," he cut a glance back to the smaller blonde, "She definitely a house cat~"

At the last comment Reki couldn't help the snicker as she removed her cigarette and breathed out slowly with a low chuckle, "That definitely explains the clinginess…"

There was a light growl and the two not involved turned to see Yugito standing with her head down and looking like a cat with its back arched high while Kokuei looked to have been mauled by a wild animal. Reki replaced her cigarette, covering up the devilish grin she was giving, and Bee had to turn around with a hand over his mouth to not bust out laughing.

The black eyed cat just glared.

Kokuei, after straightening his shirt and re-collecting the cans he'd haphazardly thrown about, slinked back to his side of the kiosk, specifically so that the pillar was between him and the female Jinchuuriki.

Reki didn't even care about getting her drink at this point, her fun was had. After removing her hand from her cigarette black eyes scanned the piles of folders on her desk, one of these was what she was looking for. After opening two or three she found the specific one, with a swift snap she closed it and looked over at Bee who seemed to have recovered from the sudden laughing fit, "Here," she held out the bland looking blue folder, "Give this to your brother."

The large Jinchuuriki grabbed the offered folder with a curious frown on his face, "What is it?" he raised a brow turning the blue folder over, sticking his thumb in the crack and almost flipping the thing open.

That is until Reki smacked his hand with another folder in her hand since she didn't have the reach, "Ah-ah," she grinned at the pouting younger man, a black brow was raised enhancing the smirk, "and that's an excuse to go see your 'bro'."

Bee wasn't the only one to deflate, off to the side Yugito's shoulders slumped as well, "Aww… straight back to work?"

The grin left Reki's face, replaced with a curious look, "What were you planning on doing?"

"Uh," a funny look crossed the younger blonde woman's face, "Well… hehe," a hand absentmindedly came up and scratched the younger Jinchuuriki's cheek, "That's… ahh… yea… hehe…"

Black brows rose, on both Reki and her assistant, as Kokuei leaned out from behind the pillar to stare at the blonde woman while his boss was just staring flatly with a cigarette sitting between her lips, "That's… not what I expected for an answer…?" black eye trailed to the larger Jinchuuriki, "Huh."

When Bee realized the older woman was staring at him he turned towards her and noticed those black eyes behind glasses just go up and down. The man's dark tanned skinned seemed to take on a few extra hues of red before he jumped and sporadically waved his hands around, "Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, WHOA! Hold up sister!" he pointed at the flatly staring desk clerk, "Ain't nothin' like that! Killer Bee's a straight gentleman! Ain't eva taken advantage of no shortie!" with the continued flat glare from the eldest shinobi in the room, he pouted and crossed his arms, grumbling to himself, "'Sides Yugi-chan'd straight up kick my can…"

The 'older' woman snorted with a smirk, eyes not so discreetly trailing to the smaller Jinchuuriki, "Whoever said it'd be you taking advantage of anyone…" It was a lot funnier watching Yugito sputter and turn red then Bee, even Kokuei had to snort as he turned back to his work, hand over mouth to try stemming the need to snicker. Reki merely sat there with a devilish smirk, all too pleased with herself.

Bee just glared, tiny blonde brows low with a pout, "You suck…" the elder desk clerk made a shooing motion with her hand, smirk never leaving the woman's face. Bee just grumbled as she shuffled towards his brother's office, grabbing a twitching Yugito and dragging her off.

Reki just watched them go, thin black eyes just trailing them until they left her sight; smirk never once leaving her lips.

"That was mean Taichou," Kokuei commented over his paperwork.

Black eyes turned back to him, "Quiet Assistant!" the older woman barked causing the young man to fidget. Flat eyes stared over glasses at the back of his little black head as he was sweating bullets, "Where's my drink?" there was some kind of pathetic man-squeak and Reki's evil grin was back in place.

In the Raikage's office there were only two things that could be heard: counting and vigorous grunting…

"393… 394… 395…" a flat deep voice sighed, "396… 397…"

"Oh, COME ON!" another, nasilier voice screamed out, "ARE. WE. DONE. YET!"

A red eye stared at the smaller man, who had his arms crossed and eking 'pissed-beyond-all-reason' as he grit his teeth under closed eyes… on the other end of the barbell. Seichi just closed his eyes, mentally counting the ups and downs of the barbell the two of them were doomed to sit on, before opening them and staring down at the man pumping iron, "That's 400 Raikage-sama, this rep is done…"

There was the sound of a VERY large crash as the dark skinned oni of a man merely tossed the over-sized barbell. Like most things in the Raikage's possession it was purely stunning it didn't bust a hole in the floor, must have been reinforced…

Jimei promptly squealed as he fell off the left side of the several ton barbell while Seichi was just siting calmly in lotus on the right.

The Raikage simply sat up on the bench and grunted, reaching over to roll his shoulder and completely ignore the two idiots.

"HELL man?!" the platinum blond whined from the floor, "what was that, a truck?! Iwa-nin?! AKAMICHI!" he was screaming stupidities again, god the blonde Kage just wanted to punch him…

"Jimei," the low growl of the sandy-red-head was a blessing, as Seichi merely stood up and gracefully stepped off the barbell, landing with barely a sound and giving barely a glance to his partner, "Shut up." There was a whine as a response but he wasn't paying attention, the red-eyed Jounin simply walked over to the side of the bench, grabbing the bottle of 'water' and towel and handing it to their leader, "That's 30 so far, anything else you'd wish to do, Raikage-sama?"

Beady black eyes just stared at the man, "Hmp," there was a pout as he grabbed the towel, putting it on his shoulders and snatching the bottle from him. The knife-wielding jounin merely nodded his head, recognizing he was no longer needed at the moment. The Raikage simply growled to himself, drinking his drink, ignoring the sweat on his back, the slight burn in his muscles or the two arguing in the corner.

It had been almost a year since those two had left; leaving him feeling oddly 'alone', not that he'd mention it to anyone. Sure, he'd felt something when his brother went off to train Yugito, but he'd still had Kemui to shadow him like normal then, or Yorihi to help train… what'd he have now? The white woman's two subordinates trying to do her job and that conniving bastard?

The Raikage grunted, staring at his drink. If he was like this after barely a year, how the hell was he going to make it through four with the dimwit duo and Reki?

"Seichi you cod-off sonvabitch!" the squeally voice of the short jounin cut through the Raikage's angst… and against his better judgment he looked over his shoulder to watch them. Jimei was a short man, he looked about fifteen years younger than he actually was, something a lot of Iwa-nin had in common, and was always loud and annoying for no reason. From what he remembered Kemui had picked him up once she had made what she considered an 'honorary' title of 'Jounin'. She had been sixteen or something and only served him over a year and a half when she just walked into R&D and a day later was dragging a disheveled wild man to Kumo's hospital. There had been a big spectacle, the doctors not knowing what to do with the man since his 'injuries' appeared mental instead of physical, and then one of the higher ranking assassins had shown up only to glower and call the Raikage, his father at the time, and he came to defend his obviously demented friend. At that time he had only been a Chuunin with Bee dragging behind as a Genin, so 'technically' he couldn't tell the woman what to do or question her authority in whatever matter, like body-napping an R&D test subject. What he remembered most poignantly from that scene was his father, practically twice Kemui's size barking, yelling and screaming at her the number of 'fuck-ups' she'd just preformed, and all she'd done was said in a quiet voice 'I won him'. As if to prove the point an R&D representative had shown up a moment later, handing her a piece of paper stating 'Jimei' as her property. His father had been pissed, more for looking like an idiot to such a tiny woman, but he'd only smacked the Assassin there witnessing it upside the head, calling the man a moron for not getting his facts straight, and the two had left. Kemui had just stared until they left, then turned to him, just 'Jin' at the time and apologized for her reckless behavior.

The tall red-head smacked the older man upside the head, very stern and ridged in his movements catching the blonde Raikage's attention. Seichi was a different matter, a tall muscular dark skinned man, the only oddity about him being his red hair and eyes, it definitely stuck out in the Land of Lightning, but from what the Raikage knew his 'family' was actually older then the village was and indigenous to these mountain areas. So as far as he knew, when the first Raikage decided to build the village here, the 'Utsurabon' clan was forcefully 'added' to their ninja ranks. He always assumed they 'fought' the invaders but lost and were forced into being ninja since they were always such a small clan, even now with only a handful of members. From what he knew of the younger man he had been a promising ANBU member until he approached Kemui for whatever reason she never told him and after beating her 'dog' Jimei got trashed by the woman in an instant. Ever since then he had been in charge of Jimei, since he was a well-trained medic-nin and competent fighter it was his responsibility to 'watch' the slowly slipping lunatic. This had still been during his Father's time and part of the younger Raikage wondered if she had been purposely pissing his old man off by taking a member of ANBU as her subordinate. Maybe Seichi had been ordered to kill the woman, maybe he had just attacked her on his own, he didn't know, Kemui just showed up the next day with two subordinates instead of one.

The Raikage just turned forward, rolling his shoulders, now he understood why she had bothered 'taking' subordinates at all. He never noticed them before but whenever Kemui was 'away' those two took up the slack her absence left, primarily her counter-intelligence/assassination/spying/whatever the hell she did just by being 'in' the village. The two were her insurance that the village was safer while she was 'gone' then when she was there, as the reports he'd been getting from Reki were telling him. ANBU hadn't found anyone suspicious but occasionally got one or two 'detainees' out of nowhere and they were usually people no one would ever suspect. For Ninja they were excellent at infiltration, but compared to Kemui and her apparent 'students' they might as well have had giant bull's-eyes painted on their backs with a sign hanging over them saying 'I'M A SPY!', as Jimei quipped one day when he was reading a report from the petulant bastard.

The Raikage had nearly thrown the midget psycho out through a wall when Seichi had simply stabbed him with something and dragged his unconscious body away. A normal person would have found it somewhat funny if it weren't for the idea that the midget was one dose away from a breakdown and possible massacre and the 'tall' one was packing enough drugs to drop all of Iwa's forces in one fell swoop because of it.

THAT had been the day the blond Raikage had noticed those two had been around him more often, and he wanted to hit himself because that was six months into being stuck with them...

Back in the present the Raikage just growled, holding his head, annoyed beyond all reason that Kemui left him with a bunch of morons…

"Raikage-same," the subtle voice of Seichi called over the large man's shoulder, "Your rest is up if you wish to continue?"

Beady black eyes just stared over his shoulder at the younger man's red ones, he gave a grunt before turning back away waving his hand, "Add another hundred…"

He could just feel as the sandy-red-head nodded, moving to do as commanded. He wasn't so bad, the Raikage mused, just quiet and very serious.

"Jimei, another hundred," beady black eyes glanced over his shoulder as the tall younger man grabbed the short older man by the collar of his vest and dragged him over to the barbell.

"Aww, c'mon Seichi! I've already added like 500kg!" the short platinum blonde kicked and screamed until he was thrown on top of the barbell, which he latched onto with a grumble, "Jerk!"

Red eyes just glared tightly, "Just do it," he commanded as he moved to sit on the other side, taking a lotus position and sitting calmly.

Seichi continued to grumble another moment before dragging himself on top of the barbell, preforming a handful of seals and tapping the thing, causing the holder to groan under the sudden added weight. The pale faced blonde growled before turning to his comrade and pointing indignantly at him, "If I break something, it's your fault!"

A single red eye glared, "Shut up Jimei."

The argument would have continued if the Raikage hadn't cracked his knuckles, bringing both jounin's attention to him and the glare he was leveling the short one's way. The 'older' man simply gulped, looked like an idiot as he laughed nervously and held out a hand as if presenting the barbell to the big man. The large blonde simply glared, taking his position and lifting the oversized and overweight thing.

"1… 2… 3…" came Seichi's monotone voice as he counted out the lifts.

It was about half way through this rep, somewhere around 267-ish, that the blonde Raikage became suddenly aware of an annoying presence. At first it was like a twitch in the back of his mind that he couldn't shake, for some reason his mind was equating it to 'dread'. He pumped out a few more trying to ignore the ominous feeling.

It was as Seichi's monotonous voice threw out a flat, "300…" that the door to the Raikage's office got thrown open…

"HEY BRO~!" a very LOUD and OBNOXIOUS voice yelled out over the slam of wood on wood as the Raikage's grip on the bar became suddenly tighter, "GUESS WHO'S HOME~!"

To the Raikage's credit only his left eye twitched.

There were muffled footsteps in the adjacent room, two voices male and female quipping about the empty desk, sofa, pull-up bar. Jimei leaned over trying to get a better look at the 'intruders' from his up-and-down vantage while Seichi just kept counting. The Raikage was going to ignore it for as long as possible.

Killer-Bee cocked his brows as he scratched his goatee, "Hmm, wonder where bro's at, Reki said he'd be up here and t'go stat~"

"An actual rhyme, Senpai," Yugito had moved over to their leader's desk and started riffling through papers and folders. She gave him a Cheshire grin for all of a second, "I'm impressed," before going about her business.

The larger Jinchuuriki just glared flatly at the smaller woman, putting his hand on his hip, "Pfft… like Sista''d eva say that, pussy-cat~" he gave a wide fanged grin at the glare she sent him for the name.

The finicky woman just snorted at him, looking around the littered desk, it certainly was a strange day indeed that it was covered by books, pamphlets, and various other papery-things she poked at, "Hmm, wonder where aneue or Joshu-san are," she poked one of folders and thought for a moment it moved on its own, a blonde brow twitched, "Can't imagine either of them would let this slide…"

There was a grunt that caught both the Jinchuuriki's attention. Bee and Yugito turned to an open doorway connecting to an adjoining room. They both sneaked to either side and poked their heads around the door to see what was on the other side. To say Yugito was twitching as Bee just walked in with a frown on his face.

"Oi, bro!" the larger Jinchuuriki gave a puzzled look, his small brows twitching from side to side, "What'cha got goin' on? Why an't Sista' spottin' you?" he was pointing between the bored looking Jimei hanging off one side of the barbell and the patiently counting/meditating Seichi, "An' what're you up to, foo'?"

Yugito closed her eyes with a twitching brow, "That was terrible…"

The Ushi-oni container just crossed his arms, ignoring the cat.

There was a huge shake as the Raikage tossed the overweight barbell, Jimei made some scream along with mild cursing; Seichi as always didn't seem fazed. The Raikage on the other hand just sat up and was staring flatly at his brother, causing Yugito to squeak from the door when his sharp eyes spotted her as well. There was a distinct frown on his face, "I see you're back, report."

Both Jinchuuriki flinch, Yugito jumping from her spot behind the door to standing next to her senior in proper report mode. Both of them saluted their leader, giving an affirmative "Hai!" as Bee pushed up his mini-shades, "It's like dis, bro, I got Yugi-chan hooked yo, finished up wid the island, sho' got that cat mixin' ta our flow~"

There was collective brow twitching.

"Not… touching…" Yugito said flatly waving her hand.

One of Jimei's pierced dark brows was going into overdrive, "Da hell!" he pointed at the man at least twice his side, "You call that a rap!" the little man was shaking as his voice was escalating, "that sucked!"

Yugito had her eyes wide on the 'little' man as Bee seemed to zero in on his would-be critic, "What'chu talkin' 'bout chibi?"

Jimei seemed to just puff up, stepping closer to this 'junior' man, "Biggie pleaz," he waved his hand, "Callin' that a rap, boy I can tell ya know thas just whack, slipping in sumin' you don't need, sho', 'stead of picking what ya please, yo, need ta get the seeds, bro… dig 'im deep in the flow, not worryin' 'bout the game, 'n grow~"

To say everyone else was stunned was an understatement… who knew the crazy guy could rap?

So it was a bit weird when Killer Bee got down on his knees, still effectively taller than the short man with the pierced eyebrows and platinum blonde hair, "MASTA'!"

Jimei managed to raise his hand as if to say something important… before being hauled up by Seichi and dragged out of the room, "NOOO….!" The little man yelled, dangling from the taller jounin's shoulder, "I'M COOL FOR ONCE!"

There was a mumbled growl as the two exited the door, but if anyone asked they were pretty sure the retort was a low, "Shut up, Jimei," and leave it at that….

The Raikage was rubbing his eyes, thank whatever gods Seichi had enough sense to get the two of them out of here, he didn't need his brother getting 'tips' on how to rap atrociously MORE, "Bee, if I don't get a report I can understand I'm grabbing by the throat and tossing you out that window," he pointed behind the two Jinchuuriki not bothering to look up.

There was a distinct gulp, but from who was anyone's guess.

"Aight, to make it simple bro," the normally so jovial and rap-tastic jounin stood up straight, a frown on his face as he looked at his brother seriously, "Its like this, took Yugito to the island and had her go through the Jinchuuriki trials, she passed 'em to say the least, now she has full control of that cat," he scratched the side of his face, "Though considering how fast she did it I get the feelin' that cat wasn't bein' as 'against' her in control as it was before…" pause, "yo."

The Raikage's sharp beady eyes glared at him for that one little 'slip' but otherwise didn't maim the man, that was good enough for now, "I'll want a detailed report, but if that's basically it-"

"Question, bro?" the larger Jinchuuriki had his arms crossed with one finger raised, "Where is Sista'?" the look the Raikage's face seemed to darken a bit, "I get those two were her lackies, I remember them, but what the hell they doin' here helping you blow off steam when it'd be safer having her spot you," he scratched the side of his jaw, "I can't see either of them being able to catch that thing if you overdid it…"

Neither of them probably noticed by behind the Uchi-Oni container Yugito was staring with her mouth slightly wide. –Aneue could…- her black iron eyes traveled to the monstrocity that was the Raikage's barbell, hear the floor groaning under its continued weight, then remembered the size of Kemui compared to the Raikage and her left eye couldn't help but twitch. –She could pick THAT up?!-

Back to the large men, the one sitting grumbled, "She's on a mission."

There was a distinct 'non-believing' frown on Bee's face, "Uh-huh," the man looked around, nothing ever really changed in the Raikage's exercise room, but he recalled the desk in the other, "How long she been gone?"

The man's beady eyes tried to stay on his annoying brother but shifted just the slightest away, "Over a year," he mumbled, but with the sudden gasps from his brother and Yugito it was obvious it was a 'serious' matter. His brows furrowed, "it's a long-term mission, supposed to be four years or so…"

"FOUR YEARS!" Bee couldn't help but yell, "Damn! Who the hell would require such a mission, an' ain't Sista's specialty just get-in-get-out an' killin' the guy?" he made a gesture of slitting ones throat as he spoke.

The Raikage just glared, something hard and quite pissed off, "Who do you think?"

There was an unconscious shutter from the larger Jinchuuriki, "Oh…" another shutter, "The hell they want?"

The large Oni of a man that lead them just glared flatly, "Need to know," he held out his hand, "Now I know Reki sent you up here with something for me…"

A scowl passed the 'junior' man's face as he pulled out the folder the desk clerk had given him, "What's this about?"

"Need to know," the man gave a smirk as his brother growled, flipping open the folder and skimming it for relevant information, it wasn't much, but it was obvious the black haired woman was definitely looking for something specific, that final nail that would show them exactly who they might be dealing with. He gave a sigh; these two didn't need to worry about it just yet, "Bee."

"Yea, Bro?" the man looked more miffed than normal, just knowing his brother was holding out on him and wondering why.

Beady black eyes stared, "There's a stack of folders on my desk," there was a grunt that sounded distinctly like 'yea, didn't notice', causing the large man to growl, "They're of academy grads in a month, I want you to pick a team and train them-"

"WHAT!" was the indignant response causing the other two to flinch at the sudden loud noise.

The large blonde growled, rubbing one of his ears, "Would you let me finish!" the glare was enough to tone down the Jinchuuriki's seething, "Bee, you've already proven apt at training others," he nodded to the small blonde woman that was practically forgotten throughout the brothers' conversation, "I want you to keep that up, giving us more adept troops, understand?" there was a 'hidden' meaning behind the Raikage's desire to have his brother train a genin team, it would mean he would be forced to stay closer to the village, well within his reach and protection.

By the look on the 'younger' brother's face, the Raikage wondered if he understood that was his real intention, "Tch," Bee turned, arms crossed over his chest, "Fine…" he nodded his head towards his brother, "Yori-chan better be in that stack," He gave a wide fanged grin.

The 'elder' brother could only sigh, running a hand over his face, he had hoped to avoid that topic, "She's not here." He said flatly between his fingers.

"Say what?!" the Raikage wasn't sure which of the screamed that, probably both, but when he looked up with his beady black eyes both of them looked stunned, hurt, and angry.

The large man on the bench just sighed, really wishing he could have avoided this topic, "When I sent Kemui on her mission, I sent Yorihi with her," he lowered his hand, giving them both a stern glare to not interrupt, it was hard enough just telling them, "I don't know where she is but I have her word she is safe and being trained, as we speak," the village leader's shoulders slumped as he looked down. He trusted his assassin; the woman hadn't let him down yet, so all he could do was wait. Why the hell did that make him feel like somebody's wife…

He could tell both Yugito and Bee wanted to say something, both opening their mouths but failing to release any words. He didn't bother to look up, not wanting to look at their stunned or confused looks, not wanting to be reminded that he was just as worried as they were, that he actually missed his 'not'-daughter… and that damn woman.

But he trusted her… it only meant he had three more years until his trust was proven right or wrong.

"Uh-um…" both large men turned to the previously quiet woman, "Wh… when are they supposed to come back?" this was not what Yugito had been hoping for when they came back. Both her and Bee had been eager to get back, to help train their 'niece', as ever since her mastering control over Matatabi, the cat had gone at length explaining several aspects of its and her past. Things she had only questioned after their 'sudden' survival and garnered no answers… now she had them, at least one side of them, and it had made her antsy about coming back and finding out the rest… about confronting that woman she now called 'Aneue'.

"Three years," the Raikage said lowly, giving a grunt as he stood up, towering over the smaller woman and just a bit over his brother, "give or take a few months, that should be when Kemui's time-table is finished, assuming she doesn't accelerate it or nothing happens, and then Yorihi's training will be done with and she'll be retrieved…" the large Oni of a man brushed past the two, stomping away with his heavy boots into his 'office'.

Both Jinchuuriki frowned, giving each other a look before following their leader.

Before either of them could speak the man was at his desk shifting around for something, "Yugito?"

"Y-yes, Raikage-sama?" the smaller woman spooked, not sure why he would be addressing her directly.

The large man pulled out a folder, apparently the one he had been looking for as he turned to the smaller Jinchuuriki, "I have a different assignment for you," he held out the thing expecting her to take it, "While Bee is training a new team; I'll need you working covert missions-"

"Aw, man!" of course Bee immediately complained, "How come Yugi-chan gets all the fun?"

Beady black eyes were automatically glaring at the larger Jinchuuriki, "Because you have about as much stealth as a bull in a china shop," the rapper raised his hand as if to defend himself but already the Raikage was ignoring him, turned on the smaller woman and looking down at her with stern eyes, "I trust that 'cat' inside you has taught you a thing or two about stealth?"

The smaller blonde gulped, taking the folder finally from the large imposing man, "Y-yes, Mat-" she shook her head remembering the Bijuu's name wasn't exactly something to be thrown around casually, "T-the Nibi is a cat, sir," there was a bit of smirk pulling at her lips as she looked back up at the stern man, "I don't think she would be very happy if her 'container' couldn't at least pass her standards of 'stealth'…"

"Hmp," the large man grunted, "Take that over to R&D, they owe me some reports, then report to Reki, she will have your missions for you, otherwise speak to the Commander at T&I," he waved his hand, "Dismissed," turning back to his cluttered desk and scowling brother.

Yugito could only blink at the quick dismissal, already the brothers were getting in a heated argument over the fact that Bee wasn't particularily interested in 'training' some 'punk genin' and his brother, The Raikage, was having none of that. She looked at the folder in her hand, curious what it was but knowing better then to peak, especially if it was something for R&D…

When she looked up the Raikage had Bee in a full-nelson and she decided it was probably best she leave them to their 'business'… else she get caught up in their 'argument'. As she slipped out the door the Nibi-container couldn't help but hear a struggling man-scream as it sounded like the desk was just smashed to pieces.

There was a heavy sigh in front of her, "Not again…" Looking up Yugito spotted Joshu… with a semi-large stack of papers and a frown under his shades, "That's the third desk this month…"

The blonde could only sweatdrop at the man's exasperation, give an embarrassed chuckle and slip around him… she had 'work' to do after all.

"Ugh… today is so boring," a moderately sized man complained, leaning back in his flexible chair and having his boots spread wide on the console in front of him. Kimyou wasn't what anyone thought of when they heard the term 'R&D scientist', the man was built better than any jounin which he barely contained in his standard white labcoat over his flak-vest and black uniform. He was of moderate height, moderately dark skin-tone, and looked moderately bored all the time. His only real 'distinguishing' features, other than muscles that looked about to rip his labcoat to pieces if he so much as flexed too hard, was a vertical scar on the outward side of his right eye, and a long string of hair that stuck out in his face that for whatever reason didn't stay with the rest of his dark-chocolate colored hair he had pulled back in a rough ponytail. What he was currently doing, that was so boring that he leaned back in his chair with both hands behind his head and boots on the console, was 'watching' a large screen, seemingly of a 'first-person' view of the inside of a room…

"Quit complaining," a woman 'next' to the man, on the other side of the console, stated as she was turned to a smaller screen. Yue, as 'leader' of the 'observation' team assigned to one of Section S's latest projects, was charged with filtering through the video feed they already had and editing/transcribing as necessary before they completely deleted the information, as per the subject's request. She was a relatively 'average' looking scientist, being all but covered in her standard R&D white labcoat, even if it was opened revealing her 'corset'-styled flak vest that left her voluminous cleavage rather open and obvious, mixed with the short black business-looking skirt and one would be hard pressed to think she was ever an ANBU-level konoichi, but pretty much anyone in R&D was that high or just crazy enough to qualify for working there. She had a pen flipping around in one hand as she tilted her head, long pale-cream colored hair up in a bun to keep it out of the way and add to the 'look' she was so used to using from her 'seduction' mission days. The woman kept flipping a switch back and forth with manicured nails, rewinding and fast-forwarding a scene from a while ago their 'charge' had taken…

Kimyou, still bored with what he was supposed to be watching, leaned further back in his chair, over the woman's shoulder and tried to see what she was 'editing'. When he saw black hair and lots of 'skin', he made a completely undignified sound and nearly fell out of his chair, "YOU'RE WATCHING THAT AGAIN?!"

"Hmm?" the woman with her sly light eyes glanced at him over her shoulder, "You say something?" 'unfortunately' the woman's move caused more of the 'screen' she was looking at to be viewable… there was pale skin, LOTS of it, with certain discolorations that cause the man's cheeks to turn red.

"T-turn that off!" the male scientist waved his hands around, glaring his dark brown eyes at the woman, "What's wrong with you?! That's private!" the red on his face increased when the woman 'accidently' hit a switch that turned the volume on…

"…N-no… J-Jin… n-not… h-he-OOH!"

The male scientist choked on his own saliva while the woman was just grinning like the devil.

"Oh, I'm sorry, did I hit the volume," she clicked the button, 'accidentally' increasing it as the woman on screen moaned loudly and the man she was with gave a dastardly laugh, "OOPS! I'm sooooo sorry, that was the wrong way~" she flipped the switch again, this time actually turning it off, the devil's smile never leaving her face.

Kimyou was red, one hand holding his nose and the other his pants, "Fucking, evil, perverted bitch!"

"Meh," Yue just waved her hand, she'd heard worse in her career and they both knew that.

The man's thick dark brows twitched as he glared at her, still holding his nose and pants, "The fuck is your problem?" he glanced at the screen again, seeing mostly an Uchiha's chest or neck with occasional flashes to something in the distance over his shoulder, "Tch, course, typical woman…" the man growled, "fawning over one of those pretty-boys…"

"Please," the woman nearly shouted indignantly, "I could live without ever seeing another one of those pale bastards," a vicious smirk crossed the woman's face that Kimyou couldn't see from his vantage, but he could definitely hear it in her voice, "I'm more interest in a 'different' pale skin in this shot…"

Dark eyes rolled, "Lesbian…"

A pen shot through the air at dangerous speeds that if the man hadn't dodged could have easily gone through his skull. When he looked back the scantily clad researcher was turned towards him, legs and arms crossed as she glaring at him almost bored while revealing the entirety of the screen she had been watching, "For your information, straight-man," her pale cream brows inclined to add emphasis, "I was counting how many ANBU she was pointing out during this section…" she turned back half way, kicking her legs as she huffed exposing more of her chest and glancing at the screen with her light eyes, "not just admiring the woman's tone skin or hand-held breasts," the added hand gestures and perverted smirk were not helping her cause.

Those dark eyes just stared flatter, "Lesbian," he dodged another pen, simply scooting to the side, eyes still flat as he moved to 'examine' the footage as well, "What's this you're talking about, 'ANBU' she's spotting?" he watched a few seconds, seriously not in the mood to see another man, especially an Uchiha… he'd send the woman a card when she got back, talk about taking one for the team, "I'm not getting anything but that di-" He cut himself off by putting his hand over his mouth as the 'camera' panned 'down'… he didn't need to see that… EVER! He closed his eyes, rubbing vigorously, "Brain bleach, where is it!?"

The woman in front of him snorted, "It's just a bit of cock, get over yourself…" a smirk, "straight-man."

The male scientist lowered his hand just enough to give the woman a one-eyed glare, "Thought you admiring the 'other' view…"

There was a half-hearted shrug as the woman was solely watching the screen, "I'm bi, thank you for asking, I can appreciate any form of human anatomy," her head tilted at an odd angle as the 'screen' panned down again, garnering more of the 'woman's' visage then the man's, "Though I do have to admit… of all the 'bodies' I've studied, the most satisfying are those from our own village," a much more lecherous smirk picked at the woman's lips, "It must be the atmosphere," if Kimyou were paying any attention where the woman's eyes were he would have seen them give a quick run over his own physique before hopping back to the screen, noticing a shift in vantage, garnering a smirk of a different kind as the woman paused the frame, "Ah! See that!" she pointed at a spec in a tree from when the woman was looking over her 'lover's' shoulder, "ANBU!"

The man leaned down, squinting at the screen, it was hard to see with the pixilation and distortion but it definitely looked like 'something' was in the tree what wasn't 'natural', "Well, I'll be damned…" he leaned back, crossing his arms, unknowingly tightening his labcoat on his arms and causing Yue to inwardly squeal, "She was spotting her spotters during sex?!" his head tilted, "The more we watch this woman the more impressed I am at her mental functions…"

"No kidding," the lecherous woman smirked as she hit 'play' again, "I've counted at least five so far, that's a normal squad size, and while I'd like to think they were trying to actually hide, I'm more convinced she did this," she waved as the sex became more apparent on the screen, "As more of a 'show' for them, the addition of having this 'Uchiha Jin' fall more idiotically in love with her persona and providing her the 'perfect' in with their clan was just a bonus…" there was a deep loving sigh as the woman set her breasts on the desk and almost moaned, "such a mind, I would have loved to been assigned a team with her… my missions would have been far simpler…"

The bulky scientist frowned, standing straighter, "But there is a distinct difference between what she's doing and your flimsy 'seduction' missions," he waved at the screen, ignoring the woman's glare, "No Konoichi in their right mind would allow such a thing," his arm absently pointed to the large 'live' screen, "all just for an 'in'," there was obvious anger in the man's voice as his thick brows were furrowed and the two turned to the 'live' screen. On it was a far different story from the one they were just watching, which had been an 'incident' months ago, about four to five months into the mission…

Now it was over a year, and the woman on the screen, who was brushing her long white hair in a full-length mirror thus allowing them a 'look' at her physical appearance, was heavily pregnant… by their estimates, if the previous 'incident' was the origin, the woman had a month at most until she popped…

"What Konoichi would disgrace herself to carry an enemy's child?" the man was furious, more so because over the course of 'watching' the woman he had actually gained a level of respect for her ability to slip in and out of places unnoticed. Now this…

By contrast, Yue had a 'sad' look on her face looking the screen. What Kimyou said was valid, seduction missions were 'typically' short-term and only as a means of assassinations. She'd never heard of the 'last' actual Assassin Kumo had ever taking such missions, as with her training and ability, as she learned from working in R&D, it was entirely unnecessary, but after watching the woman she started to understand why, "You can't argue with results," her voice was lower than normal and it was that small difference that had the man looking at her, "in this past year she's managed to eliminate ten of her targets without any suspicion put on her, two while pregnant, effectively making her not a suspect." A tight frown formed on the woman's lips as she stared at her coworker, like him she learned to respect the woman through their observation as the only thing she knew about her 'previously' was a page long report that was mostly blacked out, "You're right, any 'self-respecting' Konoichi would never do as she has, marry into and conceive within her target's clan," she turned towards the screen with a stern look, folding her arms under her heavy chest, "And it is for that very reason, she would have been caught and killed by now…"

The frown spread on the man's face, his fists tightening but his eyes seemed to soften, "They really do think differently than us, huh?"

The woman just sighed deeply, closing her eyes, "From what little information I could dig up on her clan, and from what I can remember from working with them, yes," her eyes opened as she watched the woman finish her routine, making a signal into the mirror they had come to recognize as 'all clear' even if it only looked like she was rubbing a white brow, "Yes, they think on a completely different level then 'we', Shinobi, do…" the scientist's pale brows furrowed upward giving her a worried look, "I remember one saying, in a rather condescending voice, 'we think nothing, seek nothing, are nothing,' when I asked why they 'degraded' themselves to the kind of work they did… now I understand better watching through her eyes…"

"Hmp," Kimyou was still frowning, but this time looking away scratching the side of his head and running a finger along his scar, "anything for the mission, huh?"

Light eyes trailed to the man, "You have to admit, using the tactics she's employing on them, she could just as easily fool all of us."

The frown deepened on his face as he released some kind of growl, childishly crossing his arms, straining the seams on his labcoat, "Can't argue with results," a thick manly brow twitched, "I know!"

The woman smirked, leaning on one hand and glancing at him over manicured nails, "So long as you know~" she watched him squirm a minute before turning her eyes back to the screen, the woman seeing her 'husband' off, zeroing in on the Uchiha crest on the back of his uniform, "when you really think about it, her tactic is the most effective way of getting 'in' the clan without suspicion, and no shinobi-clan, no matter how paranoid or pompous would say 'no' to a woman carrying their blood…" her head shifted to the side, watching as the woman seemed to exit her 'home', going on a daily walk she always did, really just a routine to allow the ANBU to 'see' her and gain as much information as possible and appear 'normal', "add to that, no one would suspect a pregnant woman either as an assassin… it just goes against human nature to suspect such a thing…"

There was a distinct sigh next to the seated woman, a bit of a growl at the end of it, "Still…" he was scratching his head again, "I just don't like it…"

"Hah!" the sudden laugh caused the man to jump and look at his co-worker, "Kemui-san, one, Kim-kun, zero," the woman turned with a smirk at him, "Just more proof the woman is truly a master at her craft~"

The man was still giving a frowning-pout as he looked down at the woman, just glaring with nothing really left to say…


Both scientists turned in tandem to look at what made the sound… it was a young blonde woman with her hair in twin-tails and black eyes stuck on the large screen behind them, the folder in her hand at her side almost falling as her eyes were going wide.

Two sets of brows rose, one on the seated buxom woman and the other on the standing buff-out man. Both shared a look, glanced at the interloper then turned to see the screen she was staring at, neither of them caring that it appeared as if the 'heavily' pregnant woman had just made it to an intersection and paused to take a rest, a blonde boy with whisker marks on his cheeks finding her and apparently jumping up and down speaking excitedly and animatedly to the woman, too bad they had the volume off and couldn't hear him.

"I-is that-" she didn't remember pointing at the screen as all she could do was stare, watching those familiar pale hands move and entertain the excitable boy as he smiled at the 'screen'. She had entered the room she was instructed to go to some time ago, entering when the man first commented about his co-worker's orientation and the following debate. It was when the mentioned 'Kemui-san' by name that she finally realized that the white haired woman she had been staring at on the screen, the one with the long white hair down and not 'up' in all her braids, and quite obviously pregnant was-was… "A-Aneue?"

Brows rose higher on the scientists, again sharing a look, though this time Yue decided to turn on the 'younger' woman with a frown, "This is a 'restricted' area, blondie," the condescending tone of her voice was enough to snap Yugito out of her daze and finally 'look' at the scientists and not the screen. Yue was not amused, "I trust there's a reason you've just waltzed in here looking all over top-secret-you-will-be-killed-if-you-speak-of-this equipment and an on-going mission?"

Yugito gulped, looking between the two, suddenly feeling an extreme drain as everything seemed to be circling in on her. She needed to get out of this place, needed to think about what she just saw… she shook her head –'Mission' first, freak out later- taking a deep breath she approached the scientists, holding the folder out, "T-the Raikage sent me to give you this, r-requesting an update on…" her voice trailed off as her black eyes wondered to the screen again, something tugging at the edges of them.

The female scientist, Yue, didn't give one bit of a damn what the girl's problem was, she grabbed the folder, flipped it open and quickly scanned the forms inside. It was just another status update request, the woman snorted uncouthly as she turned around, whipping out a pen and signed the bottom, snapping it closed and turning back to the woman, "The Raikage is going to have to wait, and he knows this, as the information, as per the subject's own request, must be transcribed to a 'non-personal' format before it can even be reviewed, and discovering just what exactly that woman meant to be 'purposeful' or not is hard to determine," another ruffled snort as she glanced at all the back log, "I swear, even a T&I mind-reader would have a hard time deciphering these glances, he knows not to expect it so quickly…"

Yugito just seemed to shutter, giving an awkward nod as she took back the folder, giving an awkward glance back to the screen.

A thick manly brow furrowed as Kimyou looked the young woman over, "Is there something else you need?" the woman's spooked black eyes jumped to him when he spoke, causing one of his brows to rise, "You keep staring at the screen," he said flatly, just eyeing the blonde.

Yugito swallowed hard, looking to the screen one final time, staring through her sister's eye at the small boy about Yorihi's age just grinning at her, unable to not notice the rather large swell of her stomach, "I-I just can't believe it…" her hand tightened unconsciously in front of her chest, "This is An-Kemui-san's mission?"

The scientists shared a sharp look before both glared at the intruder, this time it was Kimyou who spoke as he stepped in front of the smaller woman blocking her view, "I suggest you leave." Black iron eyes turned on the man, suddenly the 'shock' was gone and they were hard, as if he was the one in the way and should move. Kimyou may have been a scientist and working for R&D now, but he was once an ANBU just like most of the other psychos that ran experiments in this place, he wasn't 'The Butcher' for nothing and this little girl wasn't going to scare him.

He was lucky Yugito simply turned around, movements tight as she stomped towards the door, nearly ripping it off its hinges in her haste to leave.

There was a deep sigh that filled the room as soon as the doors closed, neither realizing it was both of them.

"You're lucky, 'Butcher'," Yue's voice caught his attention, she only spoke that name when he was seconds away from losing his head, "I think we both just met our 'second' Jinchuuriki…"

"Hmp," the man scoffed, turning around back to the screen, "You sound almost worried, 'Body-Snatcher'," he could feel the woman's light eyes harden on him, as she too turned with him to continue their 'work'.

"I never liked that name," she said dismissively, adjusting her labcoat, "Made it sound like my art was nothing but a mongrel monstrosity…"

A sick grin crossed the man's face, "That's what I thought too," a dark laugh left his throat, "Suppose that's why they have us working together…" his eyes traveled to her busty form, "The 'Body-Art-Collectors' I believe they called us back in the day?"

"Tch," the woman dramatically rolled her eyes, turning back to her 'editing', "Like any of those bastards had any idea what 'Art' is…" she hit play, watching the scene from months ago continue, a hand coming up an pointed at the screen, "Now that body would have truly been worth my time!" she sounded indignant, pausing a screen that had a sizable amount of the white assassin's flesh on it.

The man behind her only chuckled, "Guess that's why they need our highly trained 'eyes' to spot what they can't see…"

"Hmp," the woman threw over her shoulder, "They just figured this would distract us…"

"And it isn't?" that wicked grin turned on the woman leaned over her desk.

"Yes," there was that heady sigh, "I suppose it is…"

The shared a dark laugh, for once 'enjoying' their work, and admiring their 'subject' as she did hers…

Aneue- older sister (also used like Aniki for female seniors in yakuza/gangs)

1kg = about 2.2lbs, 500kg = 0.5 metric tons = 1102.31lbs

Kimyou – strange, queer, curious

Yue – reason, cause, circumstances

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