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Title is taken from the story's main inspiration: So Contagious by Acceptance.


Moving In So Slow.

Xion's text message haunted poor Roxas for the rest of the evening.

He had no idea how to answer it, though he knew it was just a simple question. He sat on the edge of his bed doing nothing but staring dismally into the screen of his cell phone, reading the dreaded text over and over again. The guilt was swelling inside of him, expanding like a hot-air balloon, and by the time he finally decided to sleep for the night the guilt was so great he feared he would not be able to breathe.

Roxas somehow managed to drift off to sleep, however; for some reason he sort of had a feeling as to why he was able to sleep but he did not want to think about it because it would only make him feel embarrassed. He felt better in the morning, and he made sure to eat another stick of sea-salt ice cream before driving to school.

When he clambered out of the car and waved goodbye to his brother his phone began to ring. When he found Axel's name blinking on his cell phone screen he raised an eyebrow before holding the small device to his ear. "What is it?"

"You're at school again?" Axel sounded aghast, "Really, Roxas - you're serious about this girl, aren't you?" In the background there was the not-so-subtle sound of Larxene and Demyx snickering.

The blond rolled his blue eyes as he made his way towards the SS Wing. "You're making it sound as if this is a big deal-"

"It is," The redhead interjected, "Superior's got another job for us today and he expects you to show up!"

"I can't make it tonight," Roxas sighed, "I have a dinner thing and my mom's counting on me to be there."

The pyromaniac groaned. "Is it really that important?"

The blond pushed the doors to the SS Wing open and sifted his way through the throng of students. "Yeah," He replied over the buzz of various conversations swirling around him, "The, er, Hinomotos were invited - it's only common sense that I'm there to show them that I'm a good host."

He cringed when he heard Axel's sharp, exasperated exhale. "Why did I have a feeling Naminé was involved in all of this…"

"Really, Axel - what do you have against her?"

"Nothing, except for the fact that because of her you're all goo-goo-eyed and distracted!" He could almost hear his best friend's eyes rolling, "Don't get me wrong - it's great you're over that Olette chick but don't you think you're going a little too far on the Naminé thing? I mean, it's only been a few days!"

"Don't think I haven't thought of that already," Roxas muttered as he trudged up the stairs, "It's kind of frightening that I already feel so attached to her, but like I've told you many times before I can't help it - I'm drawn to her for reasons I can't explain!" He sighed and brushed his fingers through his hair. "Look, tell Superior I'm really sorry I can't make it tonight - this dinner seems important to my mother and I can't disappoint her; I've done that too many times already."

"Fine, fine-" He could hear Larxene and Demyx muttering something unintelligible in the background, "-I'll talk to you later, I guess."

"Later." The blond pocketed his phone as he sauntered into class; the first thing his eyes laid on was, of course, Naminé. He noticed that the metal crutches were nowhere to be found, and judging by the dazed expression on her pretty face she was thinking about something. Curious, he approached her slowly and leaned in; he was so close he could smell the addicting scent of her hair, and he briefly closed his eyes in ecstasy.

"Looks like you're getting better," He murmured into her ear; Naminé jumped in shock, snapping out of her daydream, and he could not help but laugh. "Did I do that?"

When she realized it was only him her shoulders dropped and she bent over to reach for her textbook. "Yes," Her voice was lower than usual, probably from embarrassment, "Do you take pleasure in scaring me? If I remember correctly you did the same thing during lunch yesterday."

Feeling uncharacteristically daring today Roxas lowered himself into the desk adjacent to hers. He smiled slyly at the adorably diffident expression on her angel's face. He could hear the conspicuous whispering of their fellow students but it was not of much importance to him. "It's not like I mean to scare you - you're just not paying attention."

"Did you have your ice cream this morning?" He could not blame her for sounding so suspicious; his light mood was a shock even to him, "You're still not as twitchy as I expected you to be."

Her spot-on observation was amusing, no doubt. "Yes, yes I did. You're being quite persistent on this, aren't you?

She smiled and leaned into her palm; the perfection radiating off of her was enough to strike him dumb. The sun peering in from the window stretched over her fair hair and it flickered in her blue eyes; she almost appeared to be glowing. "Isn't that a good thing?"

He sighed in content; if he could he would stare at her all day. "Of course it is."

It was nearly impossible to pay attention in class when he was fully aware of the girl he was fascinated with sitting right beside him; he could almost smell that rainy scent he grew to love so much in such a short amount of time, and the silvery flash of her hair would glint in his eyes every few minutes. Once in awhile she would let out an angelic sigh, clearly bored of the lecture, and she would lean farther and farther forward on her desk until her arms were pillowing her head. Of course he was not looking at her directly; he would glance at her every few minutes from the corner of his eye.

Class finally ended, but Naminé did not seem to notice; she was staring ahead with the same dreamy look in her eyes from before. Chuckling, Roxas leaned in towards her again and whispered, "Naminé, it's time for Math."

There was a hint of an embarrassed blush on her pallid cheeks as she stood up and retrieved her bag, and he shook his head in amusement as he waited for her by the door. She was unusually quiet as they made their way to their next class, and Roxas had an idea it had something to do with why she looked so distracted.

"Are you alright?" He asked, worry etched in his voice, "You haven't said a word since class ended."

"Yes," Her voice was automatic and mechanical, "I'm okay."

He concluded that she was not very good at lying. "No you're not," His conclusion was only further supported by the way her blush worsened; an idea concocted inside of his head and he smirked, "Okay, I've got another question to ask."

She cringed. "I'm listening."

He suppressed the urge to grin. "What are you thinking about right now?"

Naminé's wonderfully blue eyes dropped to the floor. "Do I really have to answer that?" Her voice was endearingly shy.

Hm, so it was something she did not want to tell him...interesting. "You can pass, remember?"

She looked so adorable, he had to restrain himself from reaching out to her. He was taken aback, however, when her expression suddenly changed from cute to frustrated; she threw her hands up in the air and let out a big sigh. "How the heck do you do that?"

He blinked in confusion. "Do what?"

Her eyes narrowed as she pushed the doors to the SM Wing open. "You cornered me in! You know what I'm thinking, but you just want me to say it out loud!"

Oh, this was getting interesting indeed. "I don't know what you're talking about." Though her assumption was incorrect he could not stop himself from smiling; the expression on her face was priceless. "Hey, you haven't answered my question yet. Or are you passing it?"

Naminé rolled her big blue eyes. "Tell me what you think I'm thinking first, and then I'll answer your stupid question."

Roxas turned towards the stairs. "Hold on," He quickly threw his arm around her middle and pulled her closer to him; the contact between their bodies made his heart go haywire but he tried to keep his composure. Judging by the maroon colour painted on the smaller blonde's cheeks she was just as embarrassed as he was. "Grab onto the railing, Naminé."

Her face was still red, but her eyes were narrow. "Don't change the subject." She muttered as she hobbled up the stairs; she leaned against him for support, and the closer she pressed her side against his the quicker his pulse raced.

He decided to tease her for a bit; maybe it would somehow coax her into telling him what she was thinking of. "Hm, what can you possibly be thinking of at the moment...or should I say, who could you possibly be thinking of at the moment?"

He hit the jackpot; the lovely blush on her face worsened and her beautiful eyes lowered to the floor. "I hate you." She mumbled pathetically, and he stifled a triumphant laugh.

Was it possible that she was thinking of…

Stop acting so cocky, his conscience kicked in again, Why the hell would she be thinking about you?

He shook his thoughts off and pulled away from her, though soon afterwards he gently placed his hand on the small of her back and began to push her down the hallway. "Oh, the possibilities…"

Think you're so smooth, eh?

"I know you know," She let out a sigh, "Just...just don't say it. You've humiliated me enough as it is."

The weariness in her tone tugged at his heartstrings, and he reached for his hair. "How are you sure that I know?"

"Because you won't stop grinning like you're the happiest person on earth," It was funny how that statement sort of rang true at the moment. "And don't you have to answer the question now?"

Unable to help himself Roxas smirked and shrugged his shoulders. "Well, since you assumed that I know what you're thinking I'm going to assume the same about you," He could practically hear the sparks of anger flittering around her, "And since you didn't actually answer the question I'm not going to either." He acknowledged her redheaded cousin, who had been staring at them the entire time from her seat. "Your cousin's waiting for you, by the way."

Naminé's small hands balled into fists and she stomped the floor with the foot that did not have the sprained ankle. "You...argh!" Her immature demeanor was very entertaining, and he could not hold in his laughter at this point. He was still laughing when she stomped all the way to Kairi's desk, and by the time he got to his he was chuckling and shaking his head.

He could get used to this.

He could hear the blonde's soft yet irritated voice from just a few rows away as class commenced, and Kairi's amused laugh and witty comments. He managed to pick up a tidbit of the conversation; Naminé was complaining about how irritating he was this morning. The thought only made his smile widen, though the possibility of her thinking about him was sort of unnerving; he really wanted to know what - or who - she was thinking about, and he wanted to find out now. If it really did end up being him, what could that mean?

The second half of class was a work period; he slipped out in the last five minutes to grab another pair of sea-salt ice cream sticks before rushing back towards the hallway with his Math classroom in it. By the time he arrived the bell just rang, and he noticed the blonde and her redheaded cousin walking out of the door, chatting amongst themselves. Kairi's eyes briefly met his and she smirked; he smirked back. She turned back towards Naminé to utter something to her, and when the blonde turned around to face him the frustrated expression on her pretty face was so tempting he almost lost his self-control.

"What do you want?" He found it amusing how he thought she was actually pretty when she was angry.

"Nothing, I just wondered if you wanted to spend lunch with me again."

Her eyes softened a bit and her cheeks grew pink. "Of course I do." She murmured shyly, and his heart began to hammer painfully against his ribcage at the sight of her abashed expression.

By the time he led her back to the bleachers by the PE Wing his desire to break into her thoughts was nearly unbearable; it nagged relentlessly at the back of his brain as they stepped higher up onto the bleachers, and it clawed vigorously at his insides when they finally sat down.

He pulled out the plastic bag with the sea-salt ice creams and another sandwich in it. "Can you please enlighten me on who - or what - you were thinking about? It's been bothering me the entire period." He gave her the sandwich first.

She gave him a victorious grin before biting into her lunch. "I thought you already knew."

"No, you only assumed that I did."

Her eyes narrowed again and her fingers twitched against the soft bread of her sandwich. "Stop playing dumb - you just want me to say it."

Roxas' self-control was dwindling, and it was dwindling fast. Before he knew it he was leaning forward again, and they were so close he could feel her bangs brushing against his forehead. Naminé's breathing hitched as he spoke in a low voice, "So what if I want to?"

She twitched; she seemed to be having some kind of internal conflict. The blush on her face spread to her neck and the tips of her ears and her silvery blue eyes were so wide it was a wonder why they were not tearing up yet. "Er, I-"

He managed to will himself to lean back, and he reached upwards to tousle his hair. "There's just...something about you when you do that." He realized much too late in the sentence that he was merely thinking out loud, "It's irresistible."

Her blush somehow worsened. "W-what are you talking about?"

"Now who's playing dumb?" He already spoke his mind, so why not do it again? "When you stutter and your eyes lower and your face goes all red - you do it all the time." Not that he was complaining.

Her eyes lowered to her sandwich; her face was so red it was nearly violet. "Only when you're around." She muttered in a voice so low he thought he had imagined it.

Hm, so this conversation was actually going somewhere. "Oh? Why is that?"

She sighed and continued to nibble at her sandwich; it seemed that she was trying very hard to avoid eye contact with him, and he liked it. "Do I really have to explain?" He deliberately decided not to answer and she sighed a second time. "Don't you ever notice the way girls stare at you when you enter a room, or the way they sigh when you merely turn in their direction?"

What was she getting at? "Am I supposed to?"

Her voice remained low and somewhat spiteful. "I think the girls in class are going to start hating me soon for stealing you away from them. Didn't you see the way they started whispering when we sat together in History this morning?"

So she noticed too. Roxas chuckled and handed her a popsicle when she finished her sandwich. "Stealing me away? They never had me in the first place. Besides Olette no one here's really caught my attention-" Except for you, of course. "-most of them only care about who has more money than who. Being brought up outside this neighbourhood makes it easier to see through the plastic and shiny surfaces."

Her flaxen head tilted to the side and he suppressed a smile. "So they're not as perfect as they look?"

Her innocence was endearing. "Of course not - nobody is. The thing about the higher ups: the money does all the talking upfront, and the rest is done behind your back."

"That's true…" She trailed off, tugging on the little flick of hair near the back of her head. The look in her eyes was easy to read, and his lips curved into a smirk.

"If you're thinking what I think you're thinking, they're not." When her head jerked upwards his smirk widened. "Your cousin, my brother and the other three are probably the only ones around here I'd consider real people. You should stick with them."

Naminé's answering smile was small, tentative and lovable. "What about you? Are you real?"

"I wasn't brought up here, remember?" He smiled back, "That makes the two of us."

Her blush returned and she tried to pay attention to her ice cream. "Okay, now that you know, it's your turn to tell me what - or who - you're thinking of."

She made things too easy. "You didn't answer it directly so why should I?"

Her temper flared up again. "UGH!" She flailed her arms in frustration, nearly dropping her popsicle in the process; he doubled over in laughter.

English and Gym flew by afterward due to Roxas' new and improved mood. He was now in the car with his brother, listening to happier music.

"I've never seen you smile like that before," Sora commented with a chuckle, "Somebody's excited to eat dinner tonight."

"Shut up," Roxas retorted, though he was still smiling, "Why can't I bask in my own happiness without someone interrupting me?"

"Sorry," His twin snorted as the blond drove into the Katsura manor, "It's just something I have to point out." He scratched the back of his head and frowned. "Er, d'you know what you're wearing?"

The blond shrugged as he ducked out of the car. "It shouldn't be that hard to find something to wear - it's not like we don't dress up for dinner all the time."

"True." The brothers made their way into the house and into their respective rooms, where they spent the hour doing their homework. After finishing Roxas stepped into the bathroom and cranked the shower on; the hot water skimming over him instilled a thinking mood, and the first thing that came into his head was the phone conversation he shared with Axel this morning.

"Don't you think you're going a little too far on the Naminé thing? I mean, it's only been a few days!"

He shook it off as he stepped out of the glass cubicle, watching the tiny water droplets splay all over the grey tiles before running a towel through his hair. His best friend's voice continued to nag at the back of his head as he slapped on some cologne and feebly attempted to fix up his hair - like always it refused to obey him and it remained a hopeless, spiky mess.

Okay, so maybe Axel was right: they had only been talking for a few days, but if they were getting along so well did it really matter?

The blond was still mulling over it as he shuffled into his closet. He adjusted his creamy yellow tie in the full-length mirror and frowned; Axel was wrong. He was sure of it. He was just jealous because he could not find someone as enchanting and wonderful and perfect-

"Roku?" He dashed out of his closet to open his door; Sora was wearing nothing but a pair of teal plaid pyjama pants, and his hair was dripping wet. His shoulders were sagging and there was a look of utmost hopelessness on his face. "I need help."

Roxas leaned against his doorframe with his arms crossed. "Why am I not surprised?"

"I can't dress myself to save my life - help me find something impressionable to wear or Kairi'll never let me hear the end of it!"

As always it took the brothers a good half-hour to scour through Sora's apocalypse of a closet to find at least one unwrinkled shirt. By the time the brunet found an outfit the Hinomotos were expected to arrive any minute.

"Boys!" Their mother hollered from downstairs, and the twins cursed in unison.

"And I thought my room was messy." Roxas grumbled as they hurried out of the brunet's room.

"Shut up - it has charm."

"Right." The brothers dashed down the stairs, sighing in relief when they realized that the Hinomotos have not arrived yet. They decided to waste time in the lounge room for a few minutes.

"Y'know," Sora flopped onto the sofa, his chino-chafed legs dangling over the armrest, "You never answered my question about the double date thing."

"Oh right - when is it again?"

"This Saturday."

The blond cringed and swept the bangs out of his eyes. "I'm afraid I can't - I've got important things to attend to."

The brunet raised an eyebrow. "Really? What could possibly be more important to you than Naminé?"

Roxas glared at his brother. "I've already had pre-arranged plans that I can't back out of now." His expression softened and he leaned forward to rest his elbows on his thighs, clasping his hands together. "I'd do anything to spend time with her on Saturday, really, but unfortunately I made a promise."

Sora's eyebrow was still raised, but he shrugged it off. "Alright, I guess I'll have to tell Kairi later." He scratched the back of his spiky head. "You still have next Friday, right?"

His blond brother nodded. "Yeah, I'm still clean, surprisingly. I don't know how I've managed to get this far."

"Hey, this is a good thing." There was the sound of a door opening and Sora leapt from his seat. "Oh, I think they're here-" He left the room to greet the Hinomotos; Naminé's shy voice could be heard from the other side of the door and the butterflies in Roxas' stomach were beginning to rouse.

"Hey Sora," Kairi greeted daintily as Roxas left the lounge room, "Where's your brother?"

"Right here." The blond gave the redhead a smile and a polite nod; her scarlet dress complimented her hair, and it even glared black when the light hit it in certain places. When he glanced at Naminé he noticed the sharp contrast in the girls' outfits: while Kairi stuck with dark, almost seductive colours the blonde chose light, innocent pastels. Her dress was floaty with white straps and a matching white hem that fluttered around her knees. Ironically the base of the dress was the exact shade of milky yellow as his tie. "You look wonderful tonight, Naminé."

He smiled when she coloured prettily. "T-thank you."

The boys' mother noticed them and she clapped her hands together. "Looks like we're all here - shall we make our way to the dining room?"

Roxas watched his brother and his redheaded girlfriend follow the adults before turning towards Naminé, whose cheeks were still a bright red. He held his arm out to her and she hesitantly looped hers around it, smiling diffidently as he led her down the hallway. He could smell her distinguishable rain-like scent as he leaned in towards her ear. "You know what?" He murmured, and he suppressed a smile when she twitched.


"You really do look wonderful tonight." He smiled as her eyes ran over his outfit; her eyes paused on his tie and her blush worsened. "I knew you were going to do that."

As they continued down the hallway Naminé's expression grew more and more worried. When they finally reached the dining room he pulled out a chair for her, and she timidly thanked him as she lowered herself into her seat.

"Everything is made out of glass," She mumbled, "You know how dangerous that is for someone as accident-prone as me?"

"Of course I do," Roxas replied casually as he took the seat next to her, "That's what I'm going to make sure you're not going to be tripping over anything today - and that includes thin air."

Dinner commenced soon afterward; everyone small-talked throughout their food for a few minutes, until Roxas looked downwards and noticed that Naminé was using the wrong utensils for the wrong dish.

"Er, Namine," He frowned, and she glanced up at him.

"What?" She asked as she returned her stare to her plate, "Am I doing something wrong?"

He chuckled and pointed at her hands. "You're using your appetizer fork."

She rolled her eyes and dropped the tined utensil, hesitating for a few seconds before reaching towards what she thought was the right one - it was not, actually, but he thought it was best not to further intervene. "Does it really make much of a difference?"

"It's etiquette." He chuckled, "I thought Kairi told you to work your way in - that's the best way to remember."

She exhaled sharply. "They all look the same to me."

Minutes later Sora piped up, leaning forward to glance at them properly. "Are you guys done? Let's go upstairs!"

"Alright," Roxas pushed away from the table and reached for Naminé's hand, and he stifled a laugh when he read the bewildered expression on her pretty face, "Come on."

She blinked a few times before reluctantly curling her fingers around his; her hand was small and dainty, and he gave her a reassuring squeeze as he led her out of the kitchen and back into the main foyer. He followed Sora and Kairi up the glass steps, down the hallway and into the mini-theatre.

Kairi was racing towards the DDR machine like her life depended on it. "Five munny for whoever wins in DDR!"

Roxas could not help but chuckle when his brother groaned and trudged after the redhead; he returned his attention to the blonde (who was still blinking at their entwined hands) and shook his head. "They have one of the most interesting relationships I've ever seen; they can argue all day long and challenge each other at anything, and at the end of the day you'll catch them hugging and holding hands."

The moment he mentioned holding hands Naminé's eyes dropped to their own, and he laughed as he gently tugged her towards the back of the room.

"Where does this go?" He heard her soft voice from behind as they stopped in front of a pair of doors made out of frosted glass.

"See for yourself." He pushed the doors open, revealing the studio. He eyed the childlike awe on her face as she looked around at the various instruments lying all over the room, and he could not help but smile. "I'm here most of the time when I'm home," Actually ever since the Olette incident this was the first time he had stepped in here in months, "Sora and I spend a lot of time in here together too, even though he can only play the percussion instruments with no pitch."

Her eyes looked ready to bulge out of their sockets. "You play all of these?" She gaped as he pulled her over to his guitar, "You said you only played guitar!"

He let go of her hand to grab the red and black acoustic guitar that was hanging off the wall; he sat down on the platform and strummed a few chords, smiling to himself when he realized it was still in tune after the many months of not playing it. "Not all of them, but I'm in the process of learning." He paused to mess up his hair. "Sora really wants to learn too and I've been trying to teach him but I honestly don't think it's in him to be a musician…" He shook his head and chuckled, "I think he just wants to learn so he can impress Kairi but he doesn't really need to do that. It's obvious she likes him a lot already, just for who he is."

Naminé smoothed out her skirt and sat beside him. "You shouldn't try too hard to impress a girl; you'll end up becoming someone you're not, and then you'll end up with a relationship based on your own lie." She paused for a minute; he could feel her eyes on his hands as he continued to fiddle with his guitar. "Kairi said that she knew Sora for a really long time before they started going out; does that mean she knew you too?"

Images of his not-so-pretty past flashed behind his eyes and he held down the urge to cringe. "Yes and no - I'd sometimes hang around with her and Sora when I stayed over for the summer, and we'd talk and everything but she was always closer to my brother than me." A silver-haired boy's face appeared before him but it disappeared as quickly as it came. "Like I mentioned before they have a special relationship - something between them just clicked, you know? I wasn't surprised when I moved in last summer, only to find them going out. I was expecting it, really." He sighed and rumpled his hair. "I'm really happy for them, especially Sora. He needs someone like Kairi."

"I'm happy for them too," She smiled and Roxas' heart went awry, "Though I do feel bad for your brother sometimes; Kairi can be a little scary."

Looking at the soft colour of her dress caused a song to pop into his head, and he began to softly strum it. He smiled to himself as his fingers shifted around on the rosewood fingerboard. "You know, I always thought you'd be like her," He commented, "But you proved me wrong. You're actually quite the opposite."

The expression she was wearing sort of intimidated him. "Is that why you couldn't stop staring at me the first couple of days?"

He felt his cheeks warm up a bit as he smiled sheepishly at her, glancing at her from underneath his eyelashes. "Sort of, yes - I was trying to figure you out. Sorry if it offended you or anything - it's just that...well, you're intriguing, Naminé." He felt incredibly stupid when he said that.

Her big eyes were staring at her hands, which were absentmindedly fiddling with each other. "Intriguing?" She mumbled, "I highly doubt that."

It was as if his hands were working on their own; he rested his guitar against the wall and turned around so that he was facing her, prying her hands apart and lacing his fingers with her own. He smiled when her blush worsened, and he could hear his racing pulse thudding in his ears. "The way you blush when you're nervous is really quite captivating."

His heart threatened to explode as his hands wandered to her face, cradling it in a loose grip as he gently tilted her head upwards so that she was looking at him. He could feel her small hands fisting the lapels of his jacket, and his breathing almost stopped when he slowly leaned forward so that his forehead was against hers. Her long lashes twitched to a close, skimming over her cheekbones, and he sucked in a breath as he proceeded to move in closer, all the while trying to still his wildly fluttering pulse. His blood thumped uncomfortably in his ears as his lips brushed hers, and he parted his mouth slightly to give into his temptation.

"HEY!" Of course his twin brother had to ruin the moment; his voice was easy to hear even through the soundproofed walls, "YOU'RE CHEATING!"

The sudden shout scared Naminé away from him, leaning backwards and almost falling off the platform they were sitting on. Roxas instinctively reached for her wrists and pulled her back towards him, though he pulled a bit too hard and she ended up colliding with his chest. He 'oof-ed!' at the impact and she glanced up at him, her smile apologetic and her cheeks a bright red. He sighed, disheartened that he did not get what he thought was coming but he sucked it up and reached for her hand, pulling her to her feet.

"C'mon, Kairi and Sora will destroy something if we don't act soon." The sad thing about it was that he was speaking the truth.

She did not answer him but she did not fight back when he tugged her out of the studio; he only assumed she was still dazed from what - or what almost - happened just a few minutes ago.

He could not blame her, anyway; he wanted it to happen as much as he thought she did - at least he hoped she wanted it.

Axel was going to have something to say about this tomorrow, that was for sure. Sometimes he wondered why he even bothered to tell his best friend these sorts of things...


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