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I could not believe my luck. I was almost to the city limits when my old car finally died. 'Great' I thought. Charlie would be worried...I should have been there over an hour ago. Knowing him he would send out a search prarty. Great, no phone service here. Now it was just a sitting game. I never noticed the yellow porshe pull up next to me...I looked over and a brown haired girl was looking at me.

"Could you use some help?" she said when I rolled down my window.

"Thanks....." I said while getting out of my car."I broke down here about an hour ago....If you don't mind if you have cell receiption.....could you call the police station for me?" I was putiing on my jacket, the rain had started to fall agian.

"The police??? Are you alright? has some one hurt you?"

I had to laugh. "sorry...I did not mean to laugh at your's just the Forks police Chief is my dad....Hi I'm Isabella Swan." I said sticking out my hand. The driver had gotten out. He was a tall blonde guy with pretty golden eyes. "Hi, nice to meet ya....I'm Jasper Hale...and that little pixie there is my girlfriend Alice Cullen." Alice got out and handed me her phone....I quickly called the station so Charlie could come and pick me up.

"Thank you for letting me use your phone....mine was not getting a signal." Jasper spoke " you need to go pick up a booster from town they come in handed out this far." I smiled and nodded.."thanks agian for the help."

Alice was smiling...."Isabella, we are not leaving you until some one picks you up." she was smiling. " So you do not live here? are you just visiting?" Jasper asked. I hung my head. "I usally spend two weeks a summer with Charlie...But my mom is re-married and I hated her having to stay with me while her new husband went on the road so I asked to move to Forks to live with my dad." at that moment dad pulled up.

"Well hey there kids....thanks for keeping Bella company until I got here." He was walking up to the three of us. "Well Miss. Cullen, how is the family?" Alice smiled at Charlie. "Sir, they are all doing Great!!!!....Edward will be back this week....since school will be starting in three weeks." Chralie grinned. I stood there shocked....Charlie knew these kids?

" it do you mind if we trade cell numbers....I just know we are going to be close?" Alice said with an impish grin. Jasper just chuckled. Alice gave me her number as I gave her mine. As we were getting into the cruiser...."Cheif Swan? Do you mind if I stop by tomorrow and visit Bella.....just so she has atleast one friend when she starts school?" Alice said so sweetly Charlie did not stand a chance. "sure Alice....tell your dad I said hi."

"I will Cheif Swan....take care of our girl there....I'll be over around noon." And she jumped into the car with Jasper and they drove off.

"Dad how do you know those kids?" I said knowing dad tried to avoid teens as much as he could. "well Bella......if you must know.....Their dad is the new Dr. at the hospital. I met them all at the welcome party. Lots of people know them they are a nice bunch....Cr. Cullen and his wife adopted a whole slue of kids....there is Emmett Alice and Edward Cullen....and then Rosalie and Jasper Hale. Nice bunch....never give you any touble. The kids keep to kinda shocked me when Alice asked to come over....I never see them with anyone other than the family."

By the time dad finished his story we were home. I took my duffle-bag up-stairs to my room. Charlie had already packed up my old things leaving only the bed and dresser....the new paint I had asked for was sitting next to the window with all of the supplies I needed. I decided Friday would be the day I headed to Port Angels to pick up new bed lineings...but that would be on hold until Jake could fix my car. I decidied to unpack what little clothes I brought with me. I went down to find something to eat.

After I was well fed and showered I made up my mind to go on to bed....I had alot to do in the morning.


It was getting dark when I seen her sitting on the side of the road. I had seen her all summer long in my visions....This girl was going to be a sister. My brothers mate. I could not wait any longer to meet her. "Hurry Jasper.....She needs us!" I was already in the car waiting for him. He just smiled at me. "Ally darling....Calm down we will be there in three minutes." He said as we pulled out of the garage. Jazz two cars passed with out helping her, Are you sure you hunted this morning?"

"Yes, Ally baby....I would never risk Edwards should know better." Jazz said with a hurt look on his face. "Sorry Jazz....I am just wanting this to go well." He grinned well here is you chance. We pulled up next to her. She was perfect. I wanted to hug her but I knew that would freak her out and send her running. We sat there making small talk until Cheif Swan got there. I did not want to leave her. So I asked Cheif Swan if I could come see Bella tomorrow. I knew he would say yes because I seen us painting her room.

We got home Rose was waiting at the door for us. "Well, How did it go? Is she pretty? Can I meet her now?" Emmett was smiling too. We were all to excited. Jasper was the first to say anything. "He is gonna go crazy when he meets both ways.....we need to get him use to her scent first.....Ally has a plan for that."

"How long until we met her Alice?" Emmett was getting impatient. My newness had worn off plus the fact he was never able to pull pranks on me because I always seen them coming.

"Tomorrow.....Speaking of which....Emmett did you get the bed I asked for?" He smiled "Hell Yes!!! But I so wanna see the look on ole Eddie boys face when he sees it and smells her Scent in his room.....Please Rose Ally let me be waiting on the other side of his door." He was begging like a child would who wanted to open one gift before Christmas morning.

"I told you Em....if he see you in there after he sees That and smells Her you will be a shredded vampire." And we all laughed as we headed in and up to Edwards room to set up the bed and put the sheets and comforter on Rose went over board with the pillows....but all in all it was perfect.

We all went down to the family room to wait until it was time to head over to Bella's.

We all loaded up into Emmetts Jeep. Emmett was in such a hurry to see his new little sister that he did not stay on the drive way...."Esme is gonna kill you when she sees you ran over her flowers agian...." I tried to tell him....but he just you think we should cut down some of the trees over there and make a new drive....we can get to her faster." He was asking jokingly I hoped......yeap just joking.

We pulled up at the Swan House at noon. Bella was up in her room form what we could hear. We all walked up the sidewalk to the door. Emmett was bouncing....really....more than I was yesterday. He rang the doorbell.