After having my schedule fixed, thanks to Jasper, I was off to my homeroom. I sat near the back of the room hoping agianst hope that I was not going to be drawn into any attention. Mr. Rawls was a little short man. He made me think of Mario from a video game. I was lucky, as I was sitting there, Rosalie walked in as came to sit next to me. "Looks like we have home room together Bella." She was smiling as she looked around the room. I looked back up and returned her smile.

"I wonder if we have any more classes together?" I questioned as I pulled the slip out of my note book. She took the paper and carefully study it. "Well, by the looks of it..." Rose spoke softly "We have home room and gym together. And, I am pretty sure Alice will be in gym with us." I felt a little better. I would have some of my friends with me today.

Home room was a short class thirty minutes long. Just before the bell rang Rose grabbed her things up as I was placing my things back into my messanger bag. "I'll see ya later Bella." Just as the bell rang. I was off to find my first real class of the day.

I entered English class and walked up to Mr. Burty to grab my text book along with my seating placement. I walked back to my desk and was placing my things under my chair when I felt every hair on my body stand up. I knew this feeling. He was in here with me. I slowly sat up and looked around. Two rows over sat my golden eyed pain in the ass. He smiled and waved. I rolled my eyes and looked to the front of the room.

I felt a tap on my shoulder. I turned to see an overly happy Emmett. "Hey Squirt." I let out a small giggle. I have to admitt Emmett was one of my favorite Cullens. He was so fun. Emmett shot an apologetic look to Edward. I wonder what that was about. "Emmett, it is so nice to Have some one I actully like in Class with me." I said rather smugly.

There was the sound of something snapping. Emmett looked over at Edward a shot him a warning glare. While I on the other hand, Was wondering yet agian what that could be about. Edward had a look of pure hatered on his face. I began to think he may have heard me. 'Well good you smart ass. Maybe now you will understand I do not need to be around you and your fucked up mixed signals.'

My inner child was doing the victory dance around the crippled limp body of Edward the pain in the ass Cullen. Hurt my feeling you ass. I think not. I smiled a small victory smile and turned to flip him off. Emmett poked me in the back. "hey, what was that about? You have two of us Cullen men in here with you." He whispered. I giggled and whispered back. "Your little brother must think he is the shit. But, I am not falling for it." And with that class started.

I turned my attention to the front of the class. The hour seemed to drag by. Every now and then I felt as If I were being watched. But, I refused to turn my attention to the two rows over. I could sense his unease. Edward was truely use to getting the attention of girls. However, I would not be one of them. I remember the party. I heard the talk from the girls the swooning they did. And, he treated them if they did not exsist.

Well, I exsisted; and I would not be in the line of many Forks girls ready to throw herself at the feet of Edward Cullen. No matter what my body and heart said.

Emmett walked me to my next class with a very pouty Edward hot on our tail. Alice was bouncing just outside the door. "Bella, looks like I have this class with you as well. Rose told me we have gym together too." Alice and I made our way in and found seats next to each other in the back of the class. "Ally, you just made my day a little brighter." I said with a hopeful smile. She drew her brow together. "What do you mean?"

I could not tell Ally what I was thinking; after all Edward was her brother. "Honestly Ally," I said "Why would having a class with my new best friend not make my day a little brighter?" She grinned and bounced in her seat. "Let me see you class schedule.." I was pulling it out of my book "So, I can see if we have any more classed besides trig. and gym with each other." If I was lucky she would be with me so I could avoid any awkward moments with Edward.

I looked at her classes and so far we only had the two classes with each other. Just then Mrs. Dangerfeild stood up and handed out our text books. Trig went by pretty fast. Ally and I promised to meet up for our last class of the day she and Rose would be waiting by my locker. She tried to talk me into eating lunch with her and her family. But that meant sitting with Edward Cullen and that was not happening.

I made my way out into the hall, steering clear of all of the other students. I still had that being watched feeling in teh back of my mind. I looked around to see if he was anywhere near me. I had not seen him. I stumbled my way into the classroom at the end of the hall and was glad to see Jasper sitting there with a huge smile on his face. "Hey, Bella. I saved you a seat next to me." I could not help the smile that came across my face and the hug I found myself giving Jasper.

Everyone else seemed to file into the class room. I was placing my bag on top to the desk when suddenly I felt the strange desire to turn and run straight to the front of the room. When I spun around only to see Edward smiling at me I rolled my eyes and plopped down in the seat. Fighting the urge to jump into his arms. he slowly made his way back to the desk behind Jasper and myself. I tried not to turn to look at him.

Luckily Mike had took the seat across the isle from me. I looked over to see him smiling at me and I returned the look.

I could have sworn I felt the vibration of a low rumble rolling up from behind me, when suddenly Jasper spun around grabbing Edwards arm and telling him "Enough...Edward...let it go." I was so startled by this I felt as if I were in the middle of a land mine feild. I wanted to run. Where I did not know.

But it was the first time I feared Edward Cullen. Why I felt fear of him I do not know. But it was a defate fear of Edward. It was almost as if i could feel the anger pooring off of him. I wanted to cry.

Jasper was suddenly rubbing my arm calming me almost immedately "Bella, are you ok? you look like your ready to bolt. It is just History class." I turned to him with a half smile and said "I am horriable with dates." Not wanting him to think I was crazy. Because It looked like I was the only one who felt the tremmor. Out of the corner of my eye I seen Edward with his head hung down and pulling at those copper locks. He looked remorseful. And I did not know if it was my imagination or not but he almost looked pained.

I tuened my attention back up to the front of the class to where the Teacher was outling our sylabus for the year. when sudden a piece of paper was being tossed across the isle onto my desk. jasper reached for it. I felt those vibrations yet agian. they were not as strong as before but i had felt them. I must be losing my mind. Jasper snickered and handed me the note. "I think this was meant for you Bella." He whispered. I looked down at the small note and read the sloppy handwriting.


I was wondering if you might want to sit with me at lunch? I did not get enough time with you at the party. And well I would really like to get to know you better.


I let a small giggle leave my mouth as I looked over toward Mike. He was looking at me with the same blush I had. I mouthed back to him "Sure, wait for me after class." With that Mike grined and Edward shot up out of his seat and was out he door with the Teacher calling after him.

Jasper just hung his head and shook it slowly. "So Bella, " he whispered 'I take it you are not sitting with us at lunch." He stated it as more of a fact than a question.

I sat there blindly wondering if I would be hurting the feelings of the other Cullens by not joining them for lunch. And I would have to explain to Alice and Em, who were really looking forward to tlaking during lunch, that I just did nto feel like dealing with the ass known as Edward. I do not care what Ali thought. I do not think Edward Cullen has any feelings for me other than as a laughing joke. And secondly, what the hell was Edwards problem in which caused him to bolt from the classroom.


Bella was about to walk in. I held my breathe. I wanted her NOW! I know it had only been 50 mins and 15 seconds since I had last seen her but I just wanted her. I let out a small moan. Unfortunely Lauren thought I was moaning at her ass that was now bent over and blocking part of the perfect veiw I had of Bella's body. 'I knew this year would be the year Edward would notice me...All of those hours in the gym paid off. looks like I will be claiming him this year after all." I had to tune her out.

"Hey Squirt" Damn Emmett and that stupid pet name. Looks like I will never get him to stop calling her that. I let out a low growl. Em knew I hated it when he called her names. Plus the ass touched her. Again! He could not touch her if I could not. Em shot me a 'I'm sorry look' .

When she told my brother that she was gald she had a someone she actually liked in her class...I was heastbroken and angry. I snapped the corner of the table off in my hand. I knew it was not my brothers fault she was indifferent to me. Alice seen she would be mine and Jasper is sure she is feeling lustful for me. But according to Carlisle Lust was not enough. I NEEDED her to love me. I coulld not go throught the rest of my existance with out Bella. I had already started the bonding process. I longed for her. I hurt me not to have her. I did not know what If I could take not being able to touch my mate much longer. I could feel the emptiness in my chest. I knew my familyunderstood this need. They were trying to help me with my mate. If Bella was a vampire we would not be having this problem.

I could not believe my angel would flip me off. But, I'll be damned if she just did not do that. i was so shocked. her dainty little fingers flipped up in teh universal "Fuck you". What have I done to her. I have replayed our every incounter over in my mind while my brother was chastizing her for unlady like behavior. I know I did not handle the first incounter with her the most logical way. But I just couldn ot function. everthing I had ever dreamed of and looked for was suddenly thrusted into my path. for the first time in my life I did not know how to act. i did not know what to say. And I did not know what she was thinking.

"Your little brother must think he is the shit. But, I am not falling for it." Her voice was the sweetest music I had ever heard. But her words cut me down like a blade of grass. What had I done to wrong the love of my life. I hurt to the core.

Jasper's mental voice was loud in my head. "Edward...What it is my brother. It hurts so much. I can not take it." I wanted to die. I wanted to hold her. I wanted to leave. I wanted to kiss her. i was torn. I was lost. I hate this. I longed to feel her. I did not think I could take it anymore.

If I could cry I would.

Class ended. I grabbed my books following behind my beloved and my brother. I did not know if I could take much more. I longed to hold her. It did not help that ever other male in this school was picturing my Bella in varying states of undress or on their arm. with her looking up at them with love and devotion. I wanted that. The girls were all pictureing Bella leaving to go back to where ever she came from. I wanted to snatch her up into the saftey of my arms andx wrap her in love and run from her and never let her go.

"Edward, you are not thinking clearly. You have to back off. I hope you will trust me and believe in yourself. and your family. I see you together. Jasper knows her feelings. I know you will win her love. calm down." Alice was sending the most thoughtful reassurances to me. i almost smiled. I would have to trust my family and get over this feeling of unwant.