She said "Lie to me." He replied, "I love you." NXM ShortDrabble

Lying to you


"Ne, Natsume?" The ever so cute Mikan sat next to her gorgeous boyfriend Natsume. They were sitting on a branch on the Sakura tree, where their first kiss ever happened.


"Do you think I'm ugly?"


Mikan's lips pouted. I guess I'm not pretty, then...

"Even if you're my you hate me?"


Mikan's eyes widened. N-no way! Natsume..? How could you say- She choked on the lump in her throat.

Natsume noticed this and smirked. "Bakaaa. Haven't you noticed up 'till now?"


"...I never thought once that you're ugly, nor do I hate you. "

"That's why, everytime you ask me those questions, and whenever I answer is.." He placed his hand over her small hand and gripped it tightly. "- actually the total opposite of what I'm thinking...."

Mikan blushed. "Eh? opposite..?" The opposite of 'hate' is ...'love'

The opposite of 'ugly' is...'cute'!

Always up 'till now...that was what you were really thinking of me, Natsume..?

The brunette blushed even in a darker shade of scarlet. Natsume chuckled and gave in a slight smile. "So you've noticed, eh?"

Mikan smiled in happiness. "Ne, Natsume...lie to me again, "

Natsume replied, "I love you."

The brunette's eyes widened. Huh..? The oppisite of 'love' is 'hate'! "So you do hate me, Natsume...." Mikan said sadly.


"Then what do you mean 'I love you' ?! "

"You don't get it." He grasped her into a tight hug, and whispered in her ear..

"Just this once, I'm not lying to you."

Oh, yes. The brunette blushed so red at this moment.


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