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Chapter 1: Unexpectation

"Huh? A marriage-arranging meeting? With who?" Yuri stopped rolling around on the Commandant's bed with the blonde's pillow in his arms and stared.

Flynn put down the document he was reading on the desk and then reached up to get another from the shelf above, as he answered: "Do you remember the lady in the pink dress with the orange flower in her wavy blond hair? We saw her in the ball last month. I believe Lady Estellise did invite you and the rest of the Brave Vesperia guild there as well."

"Ah, I went home early, so I didn't see her." Yuri recalled as he tossed the bed's blanket over his waist.

"Yesterday, her family's messenger delivered a letter to me." He went to the foot of his bed and began rummaging through the wooden chest and after a few moments he pulled out a yellow card. Flynn then tossed it over to Yuri as the raven-haired man raised his hand to catch it. He slid open the envelope and read through it's contents.

Flynn sat down on the bed next to Yuri as he spoke. "As you can see in the letter, her father seems to have taken a liking to me. So they requested a meeting with me for this weekend. If the meeting goes well, the wedding will be held after a few months." He ended his explanation then peered down upon the document Yuri still held.

After he finished reading the letter, Yuri carelessly threw it over to the small table next to the bed. Somehow reading that letter made Yuri feel uneasy and he didn't know why but a strange feeling seemed to well up in his stomach. He took a quick peek at his childhood friend to attempt to study the blond's expression about this. His expression revealed nothing and it seemed as though he had no real opinion on the situation.

"What about you, Flynn? I bet her father is not the only who took a liking to you. Do you want to marry her?"

"I don't know. From what I know she is kind, well-educated, elegant, and beautiful as well. Lady Estellise said it wouldn't hurt to meet her; she was the one who encouraged me to do so. Plus, I can always decline the marriage after that."

"It's a good thing then. You're too old, so go out there and get yourself a wife already." Yuri said flippantly though it contradicted his feelings on the subject. He felt regretful for saying it and the became quiet, a debate going on in his heart. 'Why am I bothered by this? It's not like I'm Flynn's boyfriend so I have a claim on whether he goes or not..' However against his will the thought of being Flynn's boyfriend send a joyful chill down his back.

"No, I'm not old Yuri, twenty three isn't ancient. What about you? You're the same age as me, so you must be pretty old as well by your definition. Why don't you go out there and find yourself a girlfriend?" Flynn shot back, not wanting to lose in what he though was a snappy comment contest.

Yuri sat back up, opening his mouth to say something but he decided to change the subject. His still undeveloped feelings should be kept to himself. "Do you like her, Flynn?" He asked wistfully.

"I said I didn't know. I had met her only once, so I hardly know her. Though she seems quite fine, don't you think?"

Yuri noticed Flynn's cheeks flushed a bit red. The commandant's eyes were no longer on the paperwork but staring out of the window instead, looking dreamy. Yuri knew this would happen no matter how much he wished it not to; his friend's heart was already captured by that blond chick.

"I just remembered something I have to do, I need to go." The raven-haired man stood up and walked toward that window, ready to jump out of the room. He needed to leave this uncomfortable situation.

"Uhmm, it's time for my troop-training anyway." Flynn said a bit distractedly, also standing up. But then he noticed the crusty brown all over his cape and clothes.

"Yuri, didn't I tell you not to get on my bed without removing your shoes?! Look at this! My bed is all muddy and dirty now thanks to you, come back here and clean this mess!"

Though before Flynn could catch him and force him to wash his bed sheets, Yuri leaped from the window and landed safely on the ground. He quickly recovered and turned on his feet, running past the Schwann Brigade that was coming that way. He could hear Tweedle A and B beginning to yell after him. Just before he turned the corner and disappeared from Flynn's line of sight, he turned around briefly and gave the commandant his trademark smirk.

It was later in the same afternoon that Judith and Karol made an unexpected appearance in front of his rented room at the inn. Both bore gifts, Judith brought him a traditional Krityan hair tie, because the hair tie symbolizes the bond between friends, which would make a great gift for Yuri since Judith and him are good friends. And Karol came with a variety selection of some of Dangrest's famous wine that Harry asked him to give it to the swordsman.

"What's the matter Yuri? You seem a bit down." Karol said, plopping down on the chair that faced the bed Yuri was sitting on. Judith elegantly sat, taking the seat right next to Karol. The Krityan was still as beautiful and attractive as ever Yuri noted, wondering if Flynn had ever liked Judith. He frowned a moment before shaking his head to clear himself of.. those thoughts.

"No, it's nothing really. It's just… Well, something happened and pissed me off, that's all."

"Something pissed you off, like what?"

"Give me a break, Karol. I really don't feel like talking right now." Yuri then fell flat on the bed, his eyes meeting the many cracks scattered across the ceiling. He sighed.

Judith and Karol glanced at each other and exchanged a concerned look. That was the first time in a long while that they had heard Yuri sigh like that. He only sighed when something important was bothering him. Karol took it as a hint that his raven-haired friend was troubled by something important to him.

Suddenly Repede stood from his spot in the corner and pulled out a piece of paper from underneath the bed. He pulled a pencil out of thin air and then drew something using his mouth. After he finished, Repede pushed it over to Judith and Karol with his paw. The leader of Brave Vesperia looked at the dog oddly before picking it up. The picture showed a spiky haired guy in armor with a little heart and an arrow towards a girl with a dress. Under it was a scribbly dark-haired one with a broken heart toward the armored guy. Even though the drawing was really bad and messy, they could still figure out the story and from that what was troubling Yuri.

Karol almost laughed when he thought about how the mighty Yuri was suffering from a broken heart. Luckily, Judith tactfully shoved her elbow at his stomach at the right moment to prevent that from happening. Though both of them were amused by Yuri's predicament.

"Alright Yuri, I think you should tell us what's going on. We may be able to help you, especially me and my expertise in matchmaking." Judith said proudly.

"That's right Yuri. You have to tell us what your problem is, it's not for the good of the guild if we have to spend time worrying about you. Repede already told us the basics of the story anyways."

Yuri jerked right back up into a sitting position and looked at the drawing that Karol was holding in his right hand. He changed his unbelieving gaze to Repede who was sitting near the door, pretending to be innocent.

"Come on Yuri, will you tell us?" Judith asked again.

The raven-haired swordsman sighed in defeat as he told them about how Flynn was going to have a marriage meeting with an aristocratic girl, and how the Commandant's face turned slightly red when the girl was mentioned in front of him. Yuri added how he felt uneasy about all those things and he then finished the story with another sigh. He'd been sighing too much since the morning.

"I get it. You're feeling uneasy because you don't want that girl to steal Flynn away from you. You're jealous." Judith put one finger under her chin; she titled her head to the side and received an agreeing nod from the young hunter.

Yuri shook his head, he denied: "No, it's not that. I don't think I love Flynn that much to be jealous of these things. It more like I don't want my childhood best friend to be with someone else than me. Since we grew up and spend most of our time together. I would feel lonely if one day he just suddenly disappeared."

Judith looked confused. This case was different from anything she had heard before. If Yuri didn't want Flynn to be by anyone else's side except Yuri himself, and he felt uneasy when he heard Flynn was going to have a marriage meeting, then Yuri definitely in love with Flynn. But Yuri's behavior showed a different idea to the dragon-rider. His feeling was not strong enough to become love just yet. He needed to think on it some more.

"Then what are you going to do? Do you want to stop Flynn from going?" Karol asked.

"Uh, I want to stop him. However, I don't feel like doing it at the same time. Flynn has the right to choose whoever he wants to marry." Yuri cast his eyes downward, his black bangs darkening his face.

Suddenly the door cracked open as a pink-haired princess stepped in, "So that's the reason you're so down," and trailing behind her was the genius mage Rita Mordio.

"Estelle? What are you doing here?" Yuri looked surprised at the newcomers. He didn't expect to see almost all of Brave Vesperia gathered here and nosing into his personal problem.

The princess sat down on the bed next to him and smiled: "Flynn told me that something was troubling you, so I decided to come here with Rita to check on you. It seems what he told me is true. However, I didn't expect to find out about that problem of yours. I didn't know that you hold special feelings towards him." The princess chuckled, "You should have told us sooner."

"No, you got it wrong. I don't feel like that about him. I do want to stay by his side though and remain the most important person to him."

"That's the exactly same thing as love. The lovers want to be by each other's side and remain their important person forever. Man, you are not different. Stop acting dense already." Rita leaned against the wall, seeming to be in a bad mood. Yuri bet she was working on one of her experiments and then Estelle appeared and dragged her along, and now she had to listen to a problem that she had no idea about. She was definitely angry.

"Yuri, seeing how upset you are over this, I don't think I should tell you. Though I feel I must for your sake." Estelle spoke with a serious tone of voice.

"What is it?" Yuri tilted his head sideways confusedly just to be met by a pair of green orbs.

"Listen Yuri, you need to sort out your feelings towards Flynn. You need to understand your own heart. I only tell you this for your sake Yuri. Just this morning Flynn told me that he does want to get to know Lady Yuria better. I believe he does have a crush on her."

"Hah? What is that chick's name again?" Yuri yelled out all of a sudden, "Lady what?"

"Um…Lady Yuria Glentworth."

"Oh crap." Yuri sunk back down onto the bed and shut his eyes, he hadn't expected this to happen. Not at all.

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