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Pointers: "Talking" 'Thinking' "Shiro Talking" "Zangetsu talking"

Story name: Once I thought I knew everything about you

Summary: Ichigo was betrayed by the Sereitei. His family is in danger because of him, he has no other choice then to join Aizen's army to save his family and himself when he tells him a plan to keep them alive. What will happen after they join his army and Ichigo starts having feelings with Aizen and vise versa?

He knew this day would come. He truly did in the very back of his mind he knew that they Sereitei would turn on him. Because of his hollow, Shiro. He just didn't know it would be in this fashion. He didn't know where he would turn to or to whom. He didn't know where his family would got to be safe, that's what scared him the most. Kurosaki Ichigo feared more for his family more then his life. He would do anything to keep them safe....and have anyone to help him do so.

Chapter 1 – That's what it seems to be

The night was young and the air was cool for an August evening. The figure standing above the crowd of the people, who are occupants in the town of Karakura, watching them go on with their lives. He stood there, all 5' 7" of him, on the top of the tower. His bright orange hair blew in the breeze, brownish gold eyes didn't move from the people. He wore a black uniform with a white obi and a black n' sliver sword on his back showing it was as long as him. A light flew over him, getting his attention, and move and made him nervous. Stepping off the tower he moved away from it in lighting speed. They found him in the deepest part of his mind a voice screamed at him to get away, far away from the light. Scared, confused and down right distraught the boy ran through the air. His breath a little hitched and startled as a sword swung at him, he unable to do a thing.


Ichigo jumped from his dream, his left eye slightly black from a concerned Shirosaki inside him. He panted lightly, sweat covered his body. Looking around he saw he was safe, for now at least. He calmed down after a bit and got out of bed. Kon stepped out of the closet just as Ichigo opened the door, making him look up then ignore him. A light knock came to the door.

"Ichi-Nii breakfast" Ichigo's younger twin sister, Yuzu, called through the door.

"Alright Yuzu be down in a minute" Ichigo said through the door, Kon sighing and thanking Ichigo for not letting him be found. Ichigo just grunted and left the room leaving the mod soul plushie alone in the room. Downstairs Ichigo's dad, Isshin, glomped Ichigo into a bear hug, which Ichigo gave a smack to his head with his fist, and ran to a poster of Ichigo's deceased mother, Masaki, shouting that their son was (and I quote) "SO MEAN TO DADDY!!!". Ichigo's other young twin sister, Karin, shouted at Isshin to act his own age, which made Isshin cry even more to the poster. Ichigo ruffled Karin's hair and kiss Yuzu on the top of her head then sat down at the table.

"OH! Ichi-Nii Rukia came by and said that she was staying at Orihime's house for a while" Yuzu said, holding her spatula. Ichigo looked at her then nodded at the sandy blond haired sister of his.

There was a knock at the front door a few hours late, when Ichigo and the girls were at school. Isshin opened it and his eyebrows rose seeing an old friend of his.

"Why Sosuke-kun what a pleasant surprise" Isshin said to the wavy brown haired man. Aizen, Sosuke smiled warmly to his old friend and entered the house. Isshin made some tea for Aizen then sat down.

"So what am I to be told Sosuke-kun?' Isshin asked. Aizen chuckled at him.

"Can't an old friend drop by and say hi?" He asked. Isshin eyed him.

"With you Sosuke-kun nothing is a drop by and say hi" Isshin said. Aizen sighed and leaned back in the chair he occupied.

Ichigo was on edge the whole day. His friends saw it and asked him, but he just brushed it off. On his way home he got a feeling that he was being watched or followed then whole way. He sighed when he got inside his house.

"Tadaima!!!" He called out and was surprised when he didn't get a return call. Confused he went around to see if his dad was home or out. The kitchen, living room and clinic were empty so he went upstairs. He heard muffled talking coming from his room. A voice belonging to his dad, obviously, Kon, strangely and a smooth voice he heard before, someone who he had been thinking was an enemy. He busted open the door and his suspicion was confirmed.

"WHAT THE HELL IS AIZEN DOING HERE AND WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU WEARING DAD?!" He shouted seeing Aizen standing against the wall in a casual fashion staring at him. His father on his bed, wearing a Shinigami uniform with a captain overcoat. Kon sat on the end rail with a timid look on his face, which turned into relief as he ran towards Ichigo. Ichigo looked at the clingy plushie who was on his leg, not caring just thinking that Kon was probably upset or something so left him alone. His dad sighed and stoop up, gesturing to Ichigo to come in and sit down. Ichigo evaded Aizen as much as he could and sat on his bed, Kon climbing up and wrapped his arms around Ichigo's long, thin arm. Aizen watched Ichigo with fascination. Ichigo felt Aizen's eyes on him and suppressed a shudder.

Someone sat outside the house, watching the event inside the house. She snarled at the event, but knew it was necessary for the fact that the Sereitei was making it's move against the orange haired substitute Shinigami. Her phone started vibrating in her pants pocket. Flipping it open she put up a boundary so no one in the house near her would hear her conversation.

"Shinji what is it?" She asked the blond bob hair on the other end.

"Some spiritual pressure is coming near your area hurry up and get out of there" Shinji replied.

"DICKHEAD I KNOW THAT!!!!!" She shouted.

"Hiyori calm down please" She heard Mashiro's voice from near Shinji's end.

"Mashiro make Hachi add five more layers to the additional four, make them thick and unknowing" She ordered.

"Alright Hiyori and remember get Berry-chan, his dad and Sos-san here so nothing will go wrong alright?" Mashiro asked.

"Got it" Hiyori said then hung up and lept into Ichigo's room.

Ichigo stared at them when he felt Hiyori's spiritual coming into his room. He turned around, just as she grabbed him.

"They're coming Aizen, Isshin, we need to get back to the warehouse" She said. They nod and lept out the window, Ichigo getting carried by Hiyori, didn't fight it 'cause he knew that she would kill him later if he did. Just as they were a little ways off he saw some of the Shinigami dive into his room, zanpakto's unsheathed and ready for anything.

'What?' He asked himself.

"King they were going to attack you...." He heard Shiro say. He was dragged into his inner world by Shiro. The sky was light blue with clouds that looked like they would disappear if noticed. Buildings were tall, but sideways and everything was white. Ichigo stood on one of the buildings with his Zanpakto's spirit form, Zangetsu, and his hollowself, Shirosaki or Shiro. Ichigo stared at his other half. He was 5' 9", pure white with golden ires and black pools. He didn't look happy or angry, but concerned.

"Nice to see you, king" He said leaning against a pole that Zangetsu stood on, the damn thing was annoying. Ichigo nodded at them and sighed feeling light headed suddenly. Shiro noticed and rushed forward, just as Ichigo lost his balance.

"Careful King"

"Shut up Shiro I'm fine just dizzy" Ichigo said holding his head. Shiro looked at him and sighed then put Ichigo on his ass then sat next to him. Zangetsu dropped down, his tattered robe blowing in the non existing wind. He eyed the pair from behind his sunglasses then walked forward.

"Ichigo" Zangetsu said, getting the dizzy strawberry's attention, as much as he could get.

"You know what's going on some what right?" He asked Ichigo. Ichigo nodded, groaning lightly when he did. Shiro pulled Ichigo to his chest and wrapped his arms around his Kings' body.

"I wish I could tell you what's going on, but you need to find out from the others and now we are sending you back....don't give me that face we will be out of this world soon don't worry" Zangetsu said seeing the face Ichigo gave. Over the time that he and Shiro existed both have gotten Ichigo as someone who wouldn't turn his back on them, though that wasn't what it was in the beginning, but they didn't care just worried for Ichigo's safety more then anything. Ichigo slowly dimmed out of his inner world and back to his body leaving the two alone in the dull white and blue world.

Ichigo groaned a little and grabbed his head, wincing when he felt a tender spot throb painfully. He looked and saw everyone around him, jabbering some what till they caught on that he was up.

"Yo! Ichigo sorry about the bump Hiyori busted in and then lost her grip on you" Shinji said pointing over to the pouting Hiyori, a really rare sight to see, then sighed. He got up, a little too fast, and felt faint for some reason, nearly crumbling to his knees.

"Yeah sorry about that as well, but it seems that your Reiatsu was drained without anyone knowing" Shinji explained, grabbing Ichigo since he was the closest. Ichigo grumbled feeling his head pound heavily enough that Shiro and Zangetsu were wobbling in his inner world. Ichigo hit his father in the face when he came in and saw he was up, he picked him up and spun around which made his head pound more and he felt sick afterwards. He leaned against the wall, so he wouldn't fall, and waited till everything stopped pounding. He noticed someone was missing.

"Where the hell is Aizen?" He asked knowing that the bastard was somewhere, but he didn't know where.

"I'm here Ichigo-kun" He heard Aizen's voice somewhere overhead. Looking up he saw Aizen standing on one of the upper levels', talking to Rose, Love and Hachi. Ichigo shook his head lightly and slid to the ground, feeling his legs give out from the loss of Reiatsu. He felt hot all over and shivered when a hand touched his forehead.

"Ichi-berry is burning up!" He heard Mashiro's voice say from in front of him, her hands felt soooooo gooooood that he fell into them before blacking out.

Everyone flipped, yes including Aizen, when Ichigo fell into Mashiro's grip. She held him up and laid him on the ground. His body felt like someone had put him in a hellfire then threw him into the open fire pit. Hachi came down and inspected him, but didn't know what to do. Isshin was pacing franticly then got an idea and grabbed Shinji and Hiyori then Shunpoed to Inoue's house. He knocked on the door hurrying. The door opened, revealing the busty, auburn haired girl, whom looked very surprised by Isshin's appearance, though he didn't blame her or care.

"No time to explain" He said and grabbed her and rushed back, leaving Shinji and Hiyori to get something to cool his son off. When they got back Ichigo was looking very pale and on fire, literally. He was sweating up a storm, panting heavily and looked as if he couldn't move anything, what so ever. Inoue rushed over after seeing Ichigo and called forth Shuno and Ayame forth, making a orange bubble around Ichigo and broke most of his fever quickly and saw his face was relaxed and he looked sort of vulnerable to the world. Shinji and Hiyori came running in with tons' of ice in the possession then set them nearby to help cool Ichigo off if needed. Inoue saw Shuno and Ayame fly back, looking worried as well as concerned before disappearing into their positions on her hair clips. She turned to everyone.

"Will someone please tell me what's going on?" She asked, her voice cracking slightly in pure fear. Everyone shuddered slightly as Aizen dropped to the floor. Inoue's eyes widen and she instinctively took a step backwards away from the man. She shook and hit the wall when Aizen stepped closer.

"I need to explain this...., but after Ichigo-kun is alright.....this has to deal with him and this just proves my point" He said turning over to the Vizards. They nodded and then they felt someone's spiritual pressure come forward, someone dangerous. Everyone grabbed their Zanpaktos', excluding Aizen who shrunk into the background from the presence, not wanting to 'cause more trouble then he already has caused. The presence however was diverted quickly from their location, by some of Aizen's Adjuncas he called forth fairly quickly. Isshin picked up Ichigo and placed him on his back, feeling the heat radiate off him. He looked at the group.

"We need to get out of here for now........that presence was that of a Taicho, a Taicho ordered to kill if needed to" Isshin said and started to leave. Hearing the feet behind him he Shunpoed off the lot, Orihime getting a ride from Kensei, and made their way away from the spot. He knew that his son was in danger from everything that had to deal with the hollow inside him, and the Sereitei would see to it that he was taken care of.

-Several Hours earlier in the Sereitei-

Head Soutaicho, Yamamoto, stood in his office, waiting from the people he sent for, the Taichos' themselves. He stood near his window till he heard the doors open and several feet stepping into the hall. He turned around and faced them, his white beard swaying slightly. He looked irritated, everyone could feel it from their spots they stood at, excluding squads 3, 5, and 9. He cleared his throat and opened his squinted eyes.

"My Taicho's it is time we deal with Kurosaki Ichigo, his hollows existence is a bad for our plans against Aizen so he needs to be eliminated" Yamamoto said. A few of the Taicho's looked at him as if he was crazy. It ranged from division's 4, 6, 8, 10, 11, and 13, they were thinking he was insane.

"Soutaicho! Kurosaki has done nothing, but helped us, why betray him?!" Hitsugaya-Taicho questioned. He knew that Ichigo saved Momo and he didn't want to lose the guy who gave her back to him, he still needed to repay the orange haired deputy. Soi Fon-Taicho looked at him then huffed.

"Hitsugaya-Taicho why are you defending the it?! He has caused nothing, but a disturbance for us and he needs to be taken out!" She stated. A few of the others that agreed with her nodded, though Mayuri-Taicho just wanted to test on him, he planed on asking later if he had a chance. Kuchiki-Taicho looked at them stoic as ever then wondered why they wanted to kill him. He saved his sister, Rukia, and helped the soul society more then once he is a great Ally to have, but he could also see from Yamamoto's point of view, having him in the hands of Aizen might be bad, unless he was taken out quickly, which he doubted. He silently sighed and heard out the rest of the meeting.

After the meeting the few Taicho's that wanted to help Ichigo met with their division and told them of Yamamoto's plan. The people in the eleventh division were pissed at this.

"THEY CAN'T KILL ICHI!!!" Yachiru shouted, pouting with little tears glistening her big eyes that would crack anyone's heart. Ikkaku grumbled and Yumichika just kept going on and on about how un-beautiful it was from this. Renji told Rukia about it and she collapsed to her knees. Lots of people who were friends or knew Ichigo felt a ping inside them and wanted to stop this. They knew what they had to do......even if it meant betraying the place they knew all too well.

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