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Story name: Once I thought I knew everything about you

Summary: Ichigo was betrayed by the Sereitei. His family is in danger because of him, he has no other choice then to join Aizen's army to save his family and himself when he tells him a plan to keep them alive. What will happen after they join his army and Ichigo starts having feelings with Aizen and vise versa?

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Chapter 9: heartbreaking betrayal


Ichigo stared around the halls for the fifth time. He was somehow lost among the many white hallways of Los Noches. He was walking while reading something Isshin gave him when he got lost in thought. Not paying attention to where he was going he soon found out that he was on another level if it was upper or lower he didn't know he just knew it was a different level from the feeling of the place. It had the intent that made him feel out of place, and it freaked him out. He tired to find his way back, but he didn't know where to go, so he went down the hall on the left.


He felt an odd feeling go through him as he went over things in his meeting with the Vizards. He wondered what was going on, but didn't show it out in the open. He sent his reiatsu out to his room and find the problem. Ichigo wasn't there, but that shouldn't bother him as much as it did, he was probably with his friends, but they were in the Shinigami wards and his trusted Espada and Arrancar were on missions, the Vizards were here and the other Espada were all over Los Noches, but he didn't know where Ichigo was....that bothered him.

"Aizen-san?" Mashiro asked. He looked at her and nodded to her to say something.

"I feel that Berry-tan is in trouble" She said and Sosuke looked at her in shock. Where was his lover?


He felt someone enter the floor and knew right away who it was. He smiled and crept along the halls in his graceful fashion. It wasn't long before he was in the same hall as the orange haired Vizard that was haunting him in a taught like manner. He smelt his sent, still it was changed, but didn't matter to him anymore he just wanted him. Slowly making his way over to where Ichigo was at, careful to hide his Reiatsu, he pounced onto his desired prize. Ichigo yelped, but was soon silenced with Grimmjow's invading tongue.

Grimmjow taking advantage of Ichigo!!!!!!

Grimmjow covers Ichigo's mouth with his hand as he nibbled at Ichigo's neck. Ichigo squirms, trying to move from where Grimmjow had him on the ground. Grimmjow masked Ichigo's reiatsu with his own, but still making it a lower amount so no one would find them for a while. Grabbing Ichigo, Grimmjow made his way over his body, Ichigo shaking slightly as more reiatsu from Grimmjow engulfing his scenes. Grimmjow slowly moved Ichigo's uniform off his body, which was a tight upper body shirt that was white and had the design of the kanji symbol of 'protector' on the back. The lower part of the pants were white as well, but had a sight brown outline. He loved the site of Ichigo's torso, it was lean and tone, but not that much to be over-sighted, but enough to make one drool and his curves added more to him. Grimmjow licked up along a scar Ichigo got from Kenpachi when they first met. Ichigo shivered at it and a whimper escaped his covered mouth. Grimmjow smirked at the noise and quickly nipped at Ichigo's torso.

A gasp escaped him, which went straight to Grimmjow's groin. He started purring in content and lightly blew at Ichigo's left nipple, Ichigo shuddering a gasp, then took it into his mouth. Ichigo closed his eyes and twitched slightly. Grimmjow loved it as he suckled at Ichigo's nipple. Soon he left it and blew on the hard red bud he made then did the same to the right neglected one. Ichigo was trying not to mewl, but was starting to fail him. Grimmjow smirked again and then kissed him, Ichigo's body was flushed, which Grimmjow loved, and his breathing ragged. Grimmjow pulled down Ichigo's pants, revealing his hardened penis, dripping from all of Grimmjow's ministrations. Grimmjow wanted Ichigo to love him so he didn't do it quickly, but slowly and lovingly. He put butterfly kisses on Ichigo's tip then traced his(Ichigo) slit with his tongue. Ichigo gasped at this and tipped his head back, which Grimmjow let his hand drop from Ichigo's mouth and slowly traced over the torso and stomach of Ichigo, memorizing the body scape.

"Ichigo" Grimmjow breathed out slightly as he kissed the inner thigh and nipped lightly, affectionately. Ichigo looked down at him, his eyes clouded with pleasure, lust and something else that Grimmjow didn't know what it was. Grimmjow took in Ichigo's length into his mouth. Ichigo gasped and arched his back. Grimmjow swirled his tongue around his shaft as he bobbed his head. With a pop Grimmjow made sure to get off Ichigo's shaft knowing he was near cumming. He put his fingers up to Ichigo's mouth, who took them with out question, and let him get them wet enough for him to prep his Ichigo. He was getting painfully hard before he took his fingers from Ichigo's mouth and trailed them down to his virgin entrance. He slipped in a finger and waited for Ichigo to get used to it. Ichigo found it durable despite the uncomfortable feeling. Grimmjow moved the finger around, making the inside move. He slipped in the second one, which went in without a problem, just leaving Ichigo with a slight pain to it.

Scissoring them then turning and scissoring them again Grimmjow did this before making the third and final one enter. Ichigo hissed lightly at the slight increase in the pain, which burned a little, but not much. Grimmjow once again repeated the process of stretching Ichigo out with his fingers, scissoring and moving then scissoring again. Ichigo was use to the movement when Grimmjow moved in farther and hit something deep inside him that made him nearly scream out in the jolt of pleasure shot through him. Grimmjow smirked again at this and pressed it once more just to make sure, Ichigo screamed out lightly at this.

'Found it' he thought to himself. Pulling his fingers out of Ichigo he earned a whimper in disapproval. He smiled at this and kissed Ichigo's torso. Ichigo looked down at Grimmjow and saw him being kind, sort of off character, but he didn't care. Grimmjow pulled his pants off and tosses his half shirt off and hissed when his hard penis was hit with the cool air. He went and pulled Ichigo's flushed body to his and guided him over his penis. Slowly he lowered Ichigo down and entered him. Ichigo gasped and arched his back as he felt Grimmjow push past his internal ring. He didn't know why he was doing this, but it wouldn't got through his mind to stop it. His body was on fire and Grimmjow was just adding to it and one thought that Sosuke would hate him for doing this. He let a tear escape his eyes as Grimmjow fully seated himself.

'I'm sorry...Sosuke please...forgive me' he prayed as Grimmjow started to pound in and out of him. His mind went fuzzy and he started crying out when Grimmjow hit his prostate. Grimmjow covered his (Ichigo's) mouth with his (Grimmjow's) to muffle the screams. Grimmjow released Ichigo's mouth to let him breath then nuzzled his neck. Licking Ichigo's neck, Grimmjow bit down on it, making Ichigo cry out in pain/pleasure. Picking up the pace, Grimmjow hammered out of Ichigo when he felt him started to contract around his penis. Ichigo moaned and screamed out loud then felt the boiling heat inside him spill over and disappear, making him spill his seed with a call of Grimmjow's name. Grimmjow pushed for a few more thrusts then spilled inside Ichigo's warm tight cavern. Grimmjow collapsed onto Ichigo's unconscious form that was breathing heavily.

'He's mine....Ichigo my' he started in his mind finished Ichigo out loud. He picked Ichigo up, their discarded clothes not far behind then sonido to his room. Arriving there he tossed the clothes to a nearby chair and made his way to the bed. After pulling the sheets and covers down he placed Ichigo near the wall and went in after him. When he covered their bodies up he laid Ichigo on his chest and fell asleep with no care in the world. How he was going to regret the actions he did.


Sosuke was searching everywhere and couldn't seem to find Ichigo anywhere. After the meeting he and the Vizards started searching. The poured their reiatsu out to find Ichigo's, but came up empty strangely. He felt a disturbance in his mind like someone was begging for his forgiveness, that made him worry even more. He rushed off when he remembered something that made his heart race. Grimmjow wasn't seen for the past few days. That would normally not bother him, but he remembered that some of the lower Arrancars were talking about Grimmjow's weird behavior when Ichigo was near him. He raced towards Grimmjow's living quarters then felt it. Stopping he felt a reiatsu, though weakened by another one masking it, but he felt it. Ichigo's reiatsu, it was mourning and slowly breaking with guilt. He opened the door and his breath locked in his throat.

'Ichigo...this is why you were begging me and why your reiatsu is like this...Grimmjow you will die for doing this to Ichigo....for making him feel low like he does now...'

"You will pay Grimmjow" he breathed out lowly and disappeared into the shadows with a evil glint in his eyes. He had planning to do and saving his Ichigo from his grief and guilt. He knew Ichigo was dying on the inside for what happened....he might have been angered by it, but he knew Ichigo had no fault in this problem what so ever.

-Ichigo; inner world-

Ichigo sat on his knees, arms at his sides, eyes closed with tears falling and face in the air. The skies were hurricanes of guilt that rained down onto him. His heart was eating away for what happened he betrayed Sosuke in the most horrible way possible. He didn't deserve a man like Aizen Sosuke and Sosuke didn't deserve a betrayer like him. He opened his eyes and they were dull, empty of life and he disappeared to the most inner part of his heart, where no one would reach him...well almost everyone.

-Shirosaki, Zangetsu; Los Noches-

Shiro and Zangetsu were in the dinning hall when they felt it. Their link to Ichigo weakened and it was paining their chests, making it hard to breath. Getting up they ran out and went to find Sosuke before they disappeared to help their abiou from locking himself away completely. They needed answers to what was going on, they knew that Sosuke would give them answers, but right now they needed to find him. It didn't take them long, but by then the pain was nearly overbearing, making Shiro wince when he took a step. The pain that both he and Zan felt made them not want to exsist in any world, not without their abiou, he needed them.

"Sosuke" Shiro breathed out in a pain sound, nearly a whimper. Sosuke turned and saw Shiro and Zan standing against the wall, in pain. He didn't know what was going on, but knew it went towards Ichigo.

"What is it?" he asked. Shiro breathed in heavy pants, nearly labored like.

"What's tha matta with abiou? He's gone ta tha most inna part of his heart, man it hurts feelin tis" he said, gasping when the pain hit him more. He fell to the floor, on his knees and started to fade. Zangetsu was clenching his teeth and looked at Sosuke through his sunglasses.

"We are going to help him come out of it, but it will be a while....." he winced, "stop the problem out here or Ichigo won't want to exsist like he does now...." he stated. He gasped and was pulled in on himself, Shiro stayed a little longer.

"Sosuke...abiou feels like he betrayed ya....when you get him....tell him he didn' might not work, but Ichigo's been betrayed to much already....he needs ya" he started fading more, "tell him that he was not at fault!" he shouted and faded out of the world of Hueco Mundo. Sosuke stared at the spot where the two parts of Ichigo had been. Ichigo blamed himself and his mind receded out of existence. His Ichigo didn't want to be alive...and it pained him thinking about it.

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