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When all falls apart

chapter one

Tony sat at his desk in the room that he had at Rhodey's house. It was small and not as big as the one that he had at home but Rhodeys mom didn't like the idea of him staying in a big house all by himself. She also stated that she wouldn't be able to keep an eye on him if he did that.

So he worked on Rhodeys math homework here instead. Why was he working on Rhodeys math homework and not Rhodey? He owed him. For the week before when he covered for him and got into trouble. Detention. And mom. Yes, his mother was a terror when she was angry. It scared him and the dog. Not their dog but the neighbors.

They had the neighbor knocking on their door last week asking them what was going on. He looked like he wanted to call the cops. But she scared him too. Jeez, what is it with lawyers? They're meant to scare everyone they come into contact with.

But after that Rhodey got really mad and he wouldn't talk to Tony for days. So Tony decided to make it right by doing something for him. Hence the math homework, also he was told to behave for a week, stop making excuses, and do all of his school work. He had to get straight A's for the entire year. He only agreed to it because he wanted Rhodey to stop being mad at him. It didn't sit right.

He was really starting to regret it the more he thought about it though. Tony sighed before looking at the annoying and time consuming paper beneath him. Maybe it would be a good idea to go out and get some fresh air. He could let all the thoughts flow out.

He looked outside, it was getting dark and it was only 7. Winter was coming. He better get out and make use of the time that the day had left to give.

Tony threw all the papers into one pile on his desk, throwing the book on top of it afterward. He turned off his lamp and walked out, closing his door behind him. He felt like he was forgetting something important. He had his phone. His wallet. So he just shrugged and walked out. Maybe it wasn't so important.

He was dead wrong. It was cold out. No, that was not the correct term for it. Actually, it was freezing out. He had forgotten his jacket. You think that a genius would remember that it was cold and bring a jacket.

He sighed. It was long and depressing.

"I cannot believe that I forgot my jacket. How could I forget something like that. I knew it was cold. I went outside earlier and commented on how cold it was." He smacked his own forehead.

He continued to walk. Any other person would turn back around and get their jacket so they wouldn't freeze during their walk. Actually, any normal person would have remembered to bring a jacket in the first place, before they even stepped out the door.

Tony shook his head. No use crying about how he was not a normal person. It was nothing new. And frankly, he was not ashamed of it. He liked being different because he could out smart anyone. It made him feel fuzzy feelings inside.

Tony was smiling as he crossed another street. Shivering but happy, he was looking forward to the park. He wanted to look at the pond and see if the ducks were still there or if they had already started moving to warmer places. He snapped out of his thoughts and spotted a bench under a tree. It looked like the tree could block any oncoming wind. It was the perfect spot.

The bench was hard and cold. But it warmed up after a little while and Tony was right. The tree helped block most of the wind from him. It helped fight off some of the cold.

Daytime was slowly slipping away and the moon was already out. He could see the sunset off in the distance. It was the only time that orange and pink could mix together and become breath taking.


Tony closed his eyes and leaned his head back, the image in his head. Right at that moment, he had peace from it all. From everything that's happened to him in the past year. Truthfully. It helped bring his whole life into peace. His mom dieing, his fathers disappearance.



He snapped his eyes open. There was a person bothering him. He blinked a few times before lifting his head up with a sigh.


"What are you doing here? With your eyes closed and everything."

It was Gene.

"Well, I decided to go on a walk, saw this nice bench over here and sat on it. Looked at the sunset and wanted to rest my eyes with that image in my head." Tony scooted over to a side of the bench, making room for Gene to sit down and stared at the pond.

"Alright. But why are you out here with only a T-shirt? You do realize that it's cold?" Gene sat down next to him. He stared at the pond, trying to see exactly what Tony was looking at.

"I walked out without it. I didn't really realize it until I was half way here."

Gene snorted. "Some kind of genius you are."

Tony shrugged. "Oh well. Can't do anything about it now."

"Yes there is." Gene unzipped his jacket and took it off, throwing it at Tony.

Tony looked at him and then the jacket, the back at him. "Won't you be cold?"

Gene shrugged. "I have long sleeves on. And this shirt is very thick. It's a bit like a sweater so I'll be fine. I would just hate to have to take you to the hospital because you caught something though."

Tony cocked his head as he thought about it. Gene didn't want to take him and he didn't want to go. Plus, he'd also get a scolding from Rhodey's mom and Rhodey. It wasn't worth it so he started putting the jacket on. "Thanks."

Gene hummed back at him and after Tony finished putting the jacket on, they sat in quiet. Watching as birds flocked about, the water in the pond ripple from movement and listening to the silence. The street lights were starting to kick in and most people had started going home, not wanting to be out while it was dark.

"Hey. You wanna go walk near the river?" Gene asked Tony as he looked at the pond.

Tony turned to face Gene. The he got up and stretched. "OK. Let's go."

Tony started walking as Gene got up and slowed down so Gene could catch up. They walked side by side deeper inside the park.

They river wasn't frozen over yet but the water was cold.

Gene ran up to a crossing made of rocks and stepped on one before turning and mentioning Tony over. "Come on. Let's go to the other side." He stepped on another.

"And exactly what's wrong with the left side of river?" Tony was amused. The only person he could think of wanting to cross a river to get to the other side for no particular reason was Pepper. Gene seemed more, let's get this over and no this side is fine, type. Surprise surprise.

Tony hesitantly walked up to the stones and placed one foot on top of one. It was rickety. He didn't really enjoy the fact that it was unstable.

"Come on stark." Gene looked back and held out a hand. Tony took it and put both of his feet on the rock.

"You do realize how incredibly stupid this is, right? I mean, if we fall in, we're gonna have to go home right away and get changed out of our wet clothes." Tony looked down as he talked, not wanting to misstep.

"My place is near here so if it does happen, you can just come over and I'll give you dry clothes. Now come on or it'll take forever to get to the other side."

Gene helped Tony get to each rock slowly, never letting go of his hand. He was so busy making sure that Tony wouldn't fall, he wasn't paying much attention to where he stepped.

He placed his foot on a loose rock and loss footing.

"AHH!" Gene fell, dragging Tony with him.

They were now sitting in the shallow part of the river. Wet and cold.

"See. I told ya so."

Tony looked at Gene and smirked. He was cold but right. Crossing the river was not a very good idea.

"Yes, I am very aware that you're right." Gene pouted for a bit before getting up and holding out a hand for his fallen companion.

Tony looked at him before grabbing it and starting to stand up, only to almost trip again. He twisted his ankle somehow when he fell.

"Ow." His hand went down to his right ankle. His other hand was holding on to Gene so he wouldn't fall back down again.

"Are you OK?" Gene held him up.

"No, I'm pretty sure that I twisted my ankle." Tony lightly punched Gene. "Idiot."

Gene rolled his eyes. "C'mon. Let's get out of the water." He helped Tony walked to the side.

"We should head back before we freeze to death."Tony was trying to balance his weight on one leg.

"Alright, up on my back." Gene turned around and braced himself.

"You have got to be kidding me. I am not getting on your back. I can walk on my own thank you very much." Tony turned around and started limping away from Gene.

"Either you get on my back or I will carry you bridal style. Your choice." Gene smirked as he watched Tony limp back, grumbling. He braced himself again and this time felt Tony get on his back. He grabbed his thighs and started walking.

"You suck."

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