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When all falls apart

Chapter Seven

It was a heart wrenching scene.

It had taken the army a few hours to get here and a matter of minutes before Mr. Rhodes was on the ground, gripping his wife. Tony and Gene had came out of the room and stood on the balcony, watching from a far. Tony was afraid to be near him, just in case he blamed Tony for the death of Rhodey.

Why wouldn't he? Tony blamed himself. This person was after Tony and because of that, Rhodey was dead. He would be the person to blame everything on. He was almost as bad as the actual killer in his head.

Tony's eyes started to water and he tried with all his might to blink back the tears. But as he watched as Mr. Rhodes broke down and held on to his wife, he couldn't hold it. Rhodey would never be able to stand by their sides anymore. A tear trickled down. He was losing the battle.

Gene took hold of him, holding on to him tightly. He couldn't do much but being there for Tony was something. And these tensions were going to be here for a long time.

Tony had tensed at first when he was pulled into the hug. But the soft touch was far more welcomed then the tears that had slowly started to cascade down his face. He relaxed into the hug, putting his head on Genes chest to hide the tears.

"Can we go back into the office?" Tony asked weakly.

Gene took hold of Tony, slowly guiding Tony back to the office. He shut the door quietly behind him, pausing only for a moment to look at the Rhodes. They hadn't moved from their position. Then he whisked Tony into a full, hard hug.

They stood by the door, neither of them moving as Tony once again broke out into sobs. He held on so tightly to Genes shirt that his knuckles were white and his clenched fist was shaking. After a few minutes, he calmed down and and parted from Gene a little bit but still stayed in a weak embrace with him.

Tony stared out of the window behind the directors desk. "I'm sorry."

"No. You're welcome." Gene cupped Tony's chin and turned his head slowly so that he was looking up at his face.

"You're welcome." Gene said as he kissed Tony's forehead.

Tony put his arms around Genes waist and squeezed a bit. "Thank you."

Gene gave him a small smile before he bent down and gave Tony a small peck. "Come on, let's sit back on the couch. OK?" Gene waited before Tony nodded a little bit.

Tony pulled back a little and wiped whatever tears were still left on his face. As he followed Gene back to the couch, he was able to glance out the window leading out to the department. He caught a glimpse of Mr. Rhodes before he quickly looked away. If he thought any more about it, he'd break down in tears again. He had done that too much already. It needed to pass.

As they sat down, Tony spoke up. "Do you think that he'll blame me?" He was looking down as he asked and waited.

It was said so quietly that Gene had strained to make out what had been said. Then he thought for a moment and put Tony back in a tight embrace. "No, because it's not your fault. You're not to blame for anything." He started to stroke Tony's hair.

"But what if he does? What then?" Tony grabbed back on to Genes shirt and buried himself back into Genes chest.

"He has no reason to. But if he does, well, then I don't know what will happen. Bot don't worry about it too much. Roberta will help him through this. The only person she blames this on and is the bad guy. Not you. It'll never be you."

Gene wrapped his arms around Tony and pulled him into his lap. Then he picked up his face again and looked into his eyes. "Never you, ya hear?" Gene then leaned in close and kissed his nose before capturing his lips.

Tony's eyes closed as he followed Gene into the kiss. It wasn't like the ones when they where at his house. It was slower and full of love and protection. It was love and what Tony needed the most right now.

They broke apart after a bit. Tony's arms had wrapped around Genes neck during the kiss and they stayed there. "I'll never let you go Tony. Forever and always, you'll be mine."

Tony gave a small smile. "Thank you."

Their moment was cut short as they heard people coming up the stairs. Mr. Rhodes was demanding to see Tony. There was something in his voice that made Tony look at the door before he felt Gene lift him up.

"I'd be strange if they saw you sitting on my lap. We weren't doing anything naughty." Gene smirked a bit before he plopped Tony on the couch right next to him, slinging he arm over Tony's shoulder a second before the door opened.

Mr. Rhodes stood in the door way with Roberta standing behind him, holding on to his arm. He stared at Tony with wide eyes before tears started streaming down his face. He broke free from Roberta and took long strides to the couch before dropping to his knees in front of Tony.

He grabbed Tony's hands before pulling him down into a hug, shakily holding in to him. Tony didn't know that Roberta was heading for them until he felt her join them. She pulled in Gene and held the boys together.

Tony brought his head down when tears started threateningly overflow. Roberta softly took his head and brought it to her chest and kept it there as she continued to hug him, stroking his hair.

He wasn't going to let himself cry.

There was a hand on his back, soothing him.

He wasn't going to cry.

Mr. Rhodes was openly sobbing on his legs.

He wasn't gonna cry.

Roberta kissed the top of his head before pulling away, giving him a small smile. "We're going to be together, alright? I promise you this."

Tony gave her a slight nod before looking up. Agent Fornell was standing in the doorway, watching them. There were several agents behind him, looking the other was as the blocked the open door from prying eyes.

Fornell looked back to say something to them before stepping all the way in. He waited for the door to close before he continued walking over Tony. He stopped in front of him and cleared his throat.

"Mrs. and Mr. Rhodes. I would like to talk to you about the set up of the protection detail. We still have no idea who the suspect is but I think it's safe to say that We can't leave Tony alone without protection and I'm sure he doesn't want to stay here anymore then he already has to. If we could, I would like to do it before the media begins to stir."

Roberta straightened and stood up. "Where do you plan to move us? It's not like I have a home anymore and I'm planning my sons funeral that will be here, and I will be there."

Fornell looked down. "I know but we haven't figured that part out yet. We thought it's be best if you were involved in the plans. So if you'd please, I-"

"My house."

The room became silent and all eyes went to Tony. Tony looked up to meet Fornells stare.

"I don't know who the suspect is and I doubt that they'll stop so my house is probably the safest place in the world for me to be. It has several security, defense systems in place and it's big enough for all of us. Also it's not a dirty hotel." Tony sat up a bit straighter.

He hadn't been to his place for awhile. There was probably dust everywhere. Yes, he would use his lab that was still there but he didn't step foot into the living areas. It could have been falling apart for all he knew.

"Does it have a security office?" Fornell was still looking at him.

"Yea. It's in the middle of the house. It's probably better then this places security system. All I'll have to do is reboot it back up." He looked up at the ceiling.

"It's not on right now?"

"Oh, it's on. But it's in sleep mode. Just to keep everything locked up and people out." It wasn't running for somebody's protection. It hasn't done that for about a year.

Fornell stayed quiet for a moment. It looked like he was thinking. "Alright. I'll have a few people go and check it out." Fornell walked out, having a quick word with his agents.

"Are you sure it's alright for us to stay there Tony?" Roberta was looking at Tony.

"Yea, it's fine. There's a guest room that you two can stay in. Also, I'm not a real big fan of hotel" Tony managed a small smile for her before slumping back on the couch.

"Anthony." Tony looked down at Mr. Rhodes. He was still on his knees. "If you need anything boy, don't hesitate to ask." He moved to stand up, needing some assistance from his wife, then walked over to a chair and sat down, staring out a window and watching the cars go by on the street.

The car ride to Tony's was uneventful. Every single person in there, including the agents that were with them, didn't say a single word. Instead they all stared out the windows or looked over the file that they had been given.

Mr. Rhodes sat straight and still, staring past the agents and out the window. The only thing not in tune with the rest of his body was his hand, it was resting in his wife's thigh. Both of her hands were securely over his.

Tony was in between her and Gene, slightly leaning on Genes shoulder with his eyes closed. He wanted it to look like he was sleeping, slightly embarrassed that he was touching Gene in front of people.

Gene had been asked to stay with Tony for Awhile by Roberta. He would stay with Tony in his room, making sure that he had a friend around and a pair of eyes on him at all times. Well, that was what Roberta had told him but he was pretty sure that she knew what was going to actually happen. Even if she didn't know the whole story of how they got to where they were going.

When they had gotten to the house, Tony lead them up the driveway, passing a few of the agents that had been sent there earlier. The front gate needed both an eye and hand scan before it would open. And the door required voice recognition before it unlocked.

He had lead Fornell and his other agents to the security office where he sat down and started to reboot the entire system. He also put in some password protections for some of the rooms like his lab and his bedroom.

If he and Gene were to actually do something, he didn't want to be aware of the prying eyes that would see. This way, the only people that would know what they were doing and see it, was them.

Which actually wasn't as comforting as it should be. It was more nerve wrecking the more he thought about it.

Tony wasn't very experienced in that field and didn't know how he would react. Or how it would feel and what the hell his face would be doing during it.

His face lit up just thinking about it and he wasn't in the best of places to be thinking about it.

Surrounded by agents and that all had their eyes on him.

"This should do it. Just use these" He pointed to the joysticks on the control panel. "To move the cameras if necessary. If you guys have any other questions then please, ask. But don't touch anything unless you have to." He walked out, making sure that he kept the door behind them and headed to the family room.

His house was big. It wasn't like a Mansion or Ranch but a pretty decent size. Still, he didn't have tons of guest rooms. Just that they were huge, the rooms and all. And the technology in the house was pretty awesome too.

As he walked into the family room, Gene was waiting on the couch for him. Roberta was in the kitchen separating the McDonalds for them to eat and Mr. Rhodes was on the balcony.

When he sat down, Gene automatically reached out, putting an arm around his shoulders and pulled him closer. "Are they all set up?"

"Yea. Now I think that they're playing with it a bit." Tony looked at Gene and smiled. "So, what's on?"

"Eh, not much. Spongebob's on. It's gonna be on for hours." Gene picked up the remote and handed it to Tony. "Go T.V searching."

As he T.V searched, Roberta came in with sandwiches and pop. She handed the boys theirs before sitting hers down and heading to the balcony with another plate and a beer. They watched as she quietly opened the door and shut it behind her. She went to Mr. Rhodes and knelt down, handing him his food and cupping his chin with her hands. She was saying something but it was unheard by the boys, the glass door blocking any words that were spoken.

She came back in after a few minutes, leaving him with a quick kiss before joining the boys back in the family room.

"So, what are we watching?" She began on her sandwich as she watched the T.V.

Tony took the T.V out of guide, The yellow sponge on the screen was laughing with that pink star. "I guess that we're watching this." They sat in silence for awhile, munching on their food.

Roberta finished first and placed her plate on the table. She leaned back into the chair she was sitting in and stared at the boys. "We made the arrangements. Rhodey's funeral is tomorrow."

Tony stopped chewing and looked at Roberta. He never thought that he'd ever be burying his friend.

"What time?" Gene asked.

"Around ten. But we'll have to be there a few hours earlier since we're the family. So I'll be waking you two up around seven so you can shower and eat." The show was being entirely ignored now.

"I don't have anything to wear." Gene informed her.

"I know. I was thinking about stopping at your house while I was out later tonight and picking up some things for you. I have to go out anyways because we need food and other things, like clothes."

"Alright, we'll go to bed early. Actually, even if it's only seven right now, maybe we should go get ready?" Gene looked at Tony.

Tony was still trying to comprehend what was going to happen tomorrow when Gene asked him the question. But he nodded anyways. He let Gene turn off the T.V, take hold of his hand and drag him to his room. He had to tell him he was going the wrong way a few times but they eventually got there.

"So, you have any comfortable clothes in that dresser or a robot that might eat me?" Gene shut the door behind them and locked it before going for the dresser. He opened it before he received an answer and pulled out some articles of clothing, throwing them at Tony.

"Get in these." He watched as Tony walked to his bathroom and softly closed the door behind him. He sighed and then stripped down to his boxers.

He was sitting on the bed when Tony came out. Tony's face became instantly red before he could look away.

"I know right. That's what happens to me every morning I look into the mirror." Tony rolled his eyes as he watched Gene grin ear to ear before throwing his clothes at him. He walked to the light switch and flicked it off before getting in the bed with Gene.

Gene pulled the covers over them before wrapping his arms around Tony's body. He kissed his forehead and brought one hand up to stroke Tony's hair. "How are you doing?" He whispered in his ear.

"I'm trying. I think it just hasn't hit me yet."

"Everything's gonna be OK. Alright?" Gene unhooked one arm and used it to cup Tony's chin. He pulled up Tony's head and captured his lips.

Tony closed his eyes and gave in to the warm mouth on his. He brought up his arms and got a hold on Genes neck, bringing him closer to him.

As Gene's tongue begged for entrance, he started to turning them so that Tony was on his back and Gene on top. He got on his knees so that he was hovering over Tony, never once breaking the kiss as he moved them around.

But that kiss did end as they opened up their eyes to look at each other. Gene nibbled a bit at Tony's jaw line before looking him back in the eyes. "Are you sure that you're ready to go any further?"

"Yea. I'm sure." Tony pulled Gene back down and started the kiss again. But it wasn't even close to being the same kiss. It was different. It was different then the one that had just happened and the one that happened only a day ago. Everything about it was different. There was a promise in it. Something more to come. He closed his eyes and smiled, giving in to the kiss that spread warmth to him.

Gene broke the kiss again, gaining Tony's attention back.

"What?" He asked.

Gene smirked. "Just wanted to let you know, I'm not gonna hold back."

Tony didn't have time to proceed what was said before a mouth was on his again, this time hot and furious, demanding. A hand crept under his shirt, fingernails slightly raked at his tummy. His breath hitched when finger pinched at one of his nipples.

"Gene!..." His voice was lost in the battle between tongues.

Somehow, in the heat between them, his shirt had been taken off and thrown across the room. His pajama bottoms were slowly sliding off by a hand that had some of it bunched between it's fingers.

Gene straightened up. His knees on both sides of Tony as he looked down, etching every detail into his mind. Tony's blush had crept pass his face, spreading through out the rest of his body. His eyes were half-lidded and, with what he could see, Tony's eyes were glazed over. Swollen lips slowly moved as pants came through them. Then Tony looked up.

"Gene..." Upon hearing his name moaned out, he jumped off. Grabbing the bottoms, he ripped them off and threw them to join the shirt before harshly spreading Tony's legs apart and setting himself in between them.

He leaned forward, he took one nipple into his mouth and began to torment the bud. Nipping at it and sucking, he brought it to its hardening state then brought up one hand to give the other the same treatment. His other hand slithered down Tony's stomach, heading down to pat the still growing bulge on the squirming body underneath him.

The string of moans coming out of Tony turned Gene on, his head slightly bobbing to the beat they made.

"Ah, Gene..." He threw his head back. Everything was so hazy but there was something in the back of his mind telling him that this was embarrassing. He turned his head to the side and placed his hand in front of his face, trying to block it from Genes view.

The hands stopped and snatched both of Tony's, pinning them above his head before one of the hands went back to what they were doing, squeezing Tony's bulge. "I wanna see your face. Don't hide." Gene nipped at his neck.

That hand slipped underneath and grabbed at Tony's dick.

Tony gasped. "Gah!..." His pants started to become louder as Gene's hand started to slowly slip of his briefs, the back of Gene's hand sliding down his dick as it pulled off the briefs.

He threw them behind him and bent down, taking his tongue to the bottom of Tony's shaft to lick all the way up, his tongue ghosting the trail it made. It dipped in between the slit when it got to the top as he put his mouth around the head.


Gene held a smirk on his face while you spun his tongue around the top of the appendage in his mouth before taking it out and blowing slightly on it. "Have you ever done something like this before?"

He squeezed the bottom of the shaft as he waited for an answer. Tony shook his head.

"Have you ever touched yourself down here before?" Again, he waited and again, Tony shook his head no.

Gene gave a little laugh before in engulfed the entire thing into his mouth, making sure to rub the head on the top before he started to suck. He bobbed his head up and down and let his sucking noises join in with Tony's moans. It wasn't long before Tony tried to groan and give him fair warning. He let up and sat up, wiping the corners of his mouth. He kept his hand on the bottom of Tony's shaft as he looked down.

Tony was starting to whine. "Gene..."

Gene only smirked before he started looking around for something that he could use for Tony's preparation. And he spotted a conveniently placed lotion on the dresser. Throwing a leg over the bed, he got up and headed towards it. As he spun around, he let Tony see the smirk that had been on his face for the longest of time.

"Ya ready?" It was a rhetorical question really as he walked to the bed and jumped on Tony. He spread his legs and lifted up his hips a little.

"It might hurt a little. Ya gotta relax though." He lubed up his fingers a little before playing with the ringed muscle just outside the hole.

Tony gave him a slight nod. "God, just do it already." There was a moan behind his words and a need.

Gene slipped in a finger and waited as the surprised muscles unclenched around his finger. God, he was so tight. Just like how a virgin should be. He started to slowly move his finger, pumping it in and out like he would be doing with his dick.

Tony started to squirm with pleasure as he got use to the foreign feeling and welcomed it. Soon Gene was using his whole arm to move his one finger in, watching from above as Tony writhed from pleasure. Then he added another when he pulled the first out. He continued pumping them, pulling out when they were spread and pushing back in normally.

He did the same when he added the third. This time, he hit Tony's prostate and watched as he cried out, his moans becoming more desperate. Gene searched for it again, this time halting his pumping action and rubbed against it, using all three fingers to hold on to it as he massaged it. Tony screamed out and his ass started to clench around Genes fingers.

Gene smirked as he reached for the bottom of Tony's shaft and gave it a squeeze while he pulled out his fingers.

"Oh come on! God!" Tony screamed as he started to squirm. All he wanted was release. It was too much to feel it all. The pressure was building.

"Ah ah. You don't get to cum until I'm inside of you." He watched as Tony groaned and slapped his hands over his eyes, trying to calm down. Smirking, he rubbed lotion all over his dick and position himself at Tony's ass without him knowing it.

Tony yelped in surprised when Gene took hold of his hips and thrusted a good amount into him.


Gene pushed the rest inside Tony, watching as it disappeared into the hot, tight hole. He held on to his hips tight enough to bruise as he gave Tony a few seconds to adjust, panting as he did so. Then he moved.

Slowly, he pulled back, listening to Tony's drawled out moan, before slamming back in. Then he pulled out again, at a much faster pace and slammed right back in.

"Gene... AHH!"

The bed shook as he continued thrusting. Tony's ass came far off the bed when Gene pulled both of Tony's legs over his shoulders. He held his waist while he continued thrusting in, the thrusts becoming faster and desperate.

"Tony... God." Gene was panting as the thrust became uncoordinated. The tension building up and he could feel it lower in his stomach as it churned.

"God, Gene, please! I'm so close..." Tony's hands were over his head, holding on tightly to the bed sheet. The sheets moved with him. His ass felt so full as it got worked over by Gene.

He was so close he just needed that something extra to push him over the edge and when a hand let go of his waist and grabbed his dick, pumping it, it threw him over the edge.

"GENE!" He saw white as he screamed out. His cum splattering on both of their bellies and his ass clenching around Gene's still hard and pumping dick.

Gene screamed out Tony's name as he filled his hole with his hot white seed. He came to a halt after a few more thrust to get the rest out, both of them were breathing heavily. Slowly, after letting Tony's ass fall, he climbed over to Tony to plop down beside him. They laid there, still for a few minutes before either of them talked, looking each other into the eyes.

"Gene..." Tony's half-lidded eyes drew him in. Gene grabbed Tony and pulled him into an embrace, tenderly placing his lips on his. They shared a passionate, after glow kiss.

"Hey Tony." Gene whispered in his ears. "I love you."

Tony smiled as he looked into his eyes. "I love you too."

She had to unlock the door to get in. The sight that greeted her was a room that had clothes thrown all over it and a messed up bed with a couple holding on to each other in their sleep. She smiled at first before she realized that the only one decently covered was Tony. Gene had a corner of a blanket covering his private part.

Barely PG-13.

But she was a mother. And an adult. So she knew some of what she would walk into. For that, she brought a camera so they were always know how their first morning together went. She made sure that both flash and the shutter was one before putting her picture into focus.

Gene jumped awake at the sound. Stunned, he fell off the bed. "Hey!"

"Please boy, you're in no position to say anything when I can clearly see your junk." She smirked as she watched his face heat up with embarrassment.

He grabbed the nearest thing to him, a very small pillow, and put it in front of his lower regions.

"Tony, wake up!" They stayed silent as they listened to the sheets rustle and the body in it sit up.

"Wha' happenin'?" The only thing visible was Tony's face. He looked around a bit. First at a butt naked Gene and then at a smirking Roberta. It took him a few seconds to realize where he was, who he was with, and what was happening.

His face turned several different colors of red before he pulled some blanket over it and plopped back down in laying position. A "This is so not cool" was heard under the blanket.

Gene cleared his throat, looking down at his feet. "Mrs. Rhodes?"

"No, no please. Just came in here to wake you up and give you your clothes. And take a picture." She gave a small smile before she left, closing the door on the time of departure.

Gene sat down on the bed. Embarrassed was an understatement. At least Tony was covered. Speaking of which. He looked over and there he was still cocooned.

"Get out of there. She's gone."

"I don't wanna. That was soooo not cool." It was muffled but edible.

"Really? I just stood naked in front of her. I'm sure that you can bare it. Now come out before I pull you out." He waited for a reaction, not expecting it, the cocooned Tony, to roll over and buckle down.

"Hey!" He jumped on him and started grabbing for a blanket.

It took several minutes of rolling around on the bed, stripping the other person of a blanket and when they were finished it felt like they went for another round of sex.

"Hey, we need to get ready. Let's go take a shower." Gene sat up and took their clothes to the bathroom, setting up the shower for them as Tony laid still on the bed.

It was Rhodeys funeral today.

Rhodey was dead and they were going to bury him.

Now it was hitting him. Like a truck of stones. But it wasn't hurting as bad as he thought. It wasn't the end of the world. Not yet.

He smiled as he got up.

The funeral was a bit hazy. Tony had come to terms with what happened. Rhodey was dead and he wasn't coming back. Nothing he could do would change that.

Didn't make it any easier.

Gene sat next to him on the pew. The service was being held in a church, surrounded by a very few family and friends. They were completely quiet with their hands in their laps as they stared straight ahead, listening to what the preacher had to say. The choir was behind him, waiting for their next song.

They swished a bit and it looked like they did it to the beat of the rain violently hitting the window. The quick sparks of lightening illuminating in it's dark gray sky behind the choir. Trees were dancing with them.

With everything going on around him, he didn't hear a word of what the preacher had said. He focused on the sky, the lightening, the trees, the swishing choir, the silence of the gathered crowd and lastly, the coffin.

There was a reef of flowers on it and a cropped picture of Rhodey blown up on it's side. The two people with their arms around his neck was Pepper and Tony himself. It was a picture that was taken on Tony's cell and practically the only recent one left of him.

The coffin itself was closed. Bolted down as an added security measure.

The house was blown to pieces with Rhodey inside. It was a miracle that they had found anything of him.

Still, what they had found wasn't enough. For all Tony knew, his best friend was a jumbled mess inside that coffin. And that was the way that he was going to spend eternity underground. Uncompleted.

"Come on Tony." Gene nudge before standing up. "It's time to bury him,"

Tony stood up and followed Gene as several men took their respective place next to the coffin, Rhodey's father in front. Leading them was the preacher as he motioned for the doors to be opened. Then he motioned for the men to lift the coffin before he started walking to the doors.

In front of him, the doors opened with a groan while they let in the violent wind and rain. People backed away as they pulled on their coats and opened their umbrellas, not too excited about being in the storm.

Roberta came up next to him and linked their arms together as they stood behind the coffin. Gene patted Tony's shoulder to show that he was behind him and they started their walk.

Taking their time going down the stairs, letting the rain seep through their clothing. They were drenched by the time they reached the brick sidewalk. The wind was just as dangerous. It threatened to sweep a small child away.

As they walked down the brick trail, Tony saw where the prepared grave was. It was sitting under a small dancing tree. Then he saw the preacher start to walk up a hill. He was clutching his Bible to his chest, his robe sticking to his body made it harder to walk.

Then he stood next to the tombstone and waited for the men to go up the hill and place the coffin down. They walked slowly, trying not to fall.

It was a relief as they placed the coffin down.

The end was almost near.

Starting up the hill, Tony's eyes caught on to something. Through the rain and under a ledge sat a broken Celtic Cross. It was old and looked like it had been there for many decades and the top had broken, creating a sharp edge.

He tore his eyes away, feeling a pull to it.

Instead, he focused on the preacher who was trying to talk over the rain. His voice was straining to be heard over the chaos. He said a scripture, they said their good-byes and a guy lowered down Rhodey. Mr. Rhodes took the first shovel of dirt, which was more like mud, and threw it in after the coffin, initiating the burying process. Then he came and placed a hand around Roberta's waist and a hand on top of Tony's shoulder.

While a few departed, they stood there and watched as Rhodey was buried. They gave their personal good-byes and waited till all the dirt was back where it belonged.

"It's time to go back." Whispered Mr. Rhodes, barely audible because of the rain.

Behind them, people were already getting into cars and leaving. Heading to another family members place for dinner. But they were going home and spend the night together.

Roberta unlinked her arm and started walking to the car with her husband as Gene came up behind Tony to take her place, grabbing on to his hand. He pulled to Tony to the car and out of the rain and the car followed the flow of others, leaving behind the cemetery and Rhodey.

The rain had stopped and Tony stood on his balcony in his pajamas, looking at the sunset. It still smelled like a storm and some clouds were still in the sky, but they made everything much more calmer.

Everyone else was in the living room, Gene in the kitchen getting something to drink before coming out. The agents still surrounded them and the house. He was the bait to them.

Tony sighed. "I'm sorry Rhodey." He crossed his arms over his chest, hugging himself slightly as he sighed again.

"You should be."

He jumped and turned around only to feel the world around him move. The last thing he saw before he blacked out was the beautiful sky that had the sunset mixed into it and the face of Madame Masque.

When he came to, he was on the ground. Looking around, he saw a shovel and a pile of freshly dug dirt. Next to it was his fathers grave and in front of it was a hole.

Sitting up was hard and he was wheezing by the time he was done. His sight was blurry and his head hurt as he tried to take everything in.

The wind had stopped and everything stood still in a dead quiet.

Tony moved his legs slowly until he was on his knees. Stopping there to catch a few deep breaths and let the haziness that consumed his vision fade, he felt something inside his stomach churn.

"God, what did I get hit with?" Slowly, he looked around.

The sunset that once weaved itself with the dark sky had vanished, leaving behind an even darker, starless sky. Following the brick trail, there were no cars and the gate had been shut. He was locked in a cemetery alone and the only way out was if he could hope the fence.

An unlikely task seeing as how his ankle was still sore.

The thing that brought back his attention the most though, was the freshly dug grave next to his fathers.

Why? A fucked up reason?

Who? Madame Masque or Whitney Stane.

And where the hell was she?

He couldn't spot anyone near him.

"No one will hear you." A voice in the dark said.

He jumped before looking around in the direction of the voice. "Yea? And exactly what do you want Whitney? Where the hell do you get off blowing shit up?"

A figure approached him, reaching up to it's face and and grabbing something. Then Whitney Stane came in view.

"Because, it's just about fucking time that you and everybody else take some fucking responsibility. Ya know, see the big picture to it all." She stopped a few feet in front of Tony and bent down to get closer to his face.

He tried to back away but was stopped by the pile of dirt. Looking up at Whitney's face, his eyes widened as he took in her appearance.

It looked like she was living in the wild. Her eyes were wide and crazy, carrying dark bags beneath them. Wrinkles appeared on her face but were hard to see through with the dirt that her face had also acquired. Her hair was sticking up, tangled with twigs here and there. The scariest part though, was the twisted smile that formed her lips and was plastered on her face.

She snapped and Tony was now dealing with a crazy lunatic that probably didn't recall who she really was.


A hand shot out and with sharp fang-like nails, grabbed on to his chin, and wretched his head up. Forced to look into her eyes, he stayed frozen.

"Don't say anything to me. I'm going to keep this plain and simple. You will die here, tonight." With that said, she retracted her hand only to swing it back, hitting Tony in the face and knocking him to his side.

Looking up, he saw that twisted smile open and heard a bitter laugh leave it.

"I am so sick of you and your friends. My father, who, if we're being serious here, has no right to be called a father. He was just some jackass who deserved to be blown to pieces. And you should of seen him Tony. One hit didn't kill him. If only you could have heard his screams of agony. I mean, I blew his fucking legs off!" That bitter laugh continued and louder.

Using his elbows, he tried to scoot away, keeping his eyes on her as she continued her rant.

"Did you know that I love you? I bet you did and just decided that it would be funny to string me along in your sick ass game." She was looking at him anymore and the smile turned into a snarl.

"I saw you know. A gentleman gesture it was, him giving you his jacket and all. And then that sweet walk by that little river. Even that fall was sweet." She looked down at the shovel. "And the piggy-back ride? Adorable, I'll admit it. But that stunt in his living room?" She bent down and grabbed the shovel, lifting it up and examining it before staring dead on at Tony. " It broke my heart." Her twisted smile plastered itself back on her face.

Coming closer to Tony, she lifted her foot and slammed it down on his chest, pinning him to the ground. Her eyes became wide in a frantic, psychotic rage while a slow, menacing laugh formed at her lips as she slowly lifted the shovel in the air and above her head.

Panic flashed through Tony's face as he watched the shovel start to come down and adrenalin kicked in. He whipped his head to the side and kicked out, hitting Whitney and causing her to lose her balance. She fell to the ground as he turned his head, the shovel stuck in the ground where he head use to be.

A groan in front of him caused him to look up. Whitney rolled to the side, one hand holding on to her head. Then her eyes snapped open and glared at Tony.

Quickly, he rolled over on his stomach and projected his body with his arms, feeling something swipe at his pants. Standing on his feet, he fought a wave of dizziness before looking around. There was the fence or there were trees going up a hill.

He couldn't hop over a fence in record time without taking a risk.

Tony made a run for it.

Adrenalin made it seem like he was floating as he looked at his exit. He continued focusing on making it to the trees, he wasn't sure how far she was behind him and could only hear the wind whip by as he ran.

"Tony, why are you trying to avoid the inevitable? You're gonna die and it's gonna be here, tonight!" Good, she wasn't right behind him. He had good ground on her.

Passing into the tree line, he had to dodge the branches that were all over the place. A few had already whacked him in the face and his breathing was starting to become uneven as the pain in his chest came back. Running like he was was proving itself difficult.

Slowing down, he found a tree and hid himself behind it, trying to take in slow, deep breaths. Looking down as he inhaled, there was a shoe print where Whitney had stepped on him. She was wearing high heeled boots.

As his breathing started becoming normal, he leaned his head back against the tree, resting as he listened. The adrenaline was still running through his veins but was beginning to calm down. He could feel pain start to slowly creep back.

The punched delivered to his jaw was felt, his chest was heavy and it hurt to breath, and his ankle was on fire. Putting any weight on it would hurt like a bitch.

"God..." It came out slow and quiet. A little sigh passed his lips as he closed his eyes. "Bitch is crazy."

A twig snapped behind him and his eyes flew open. He pressed himself on to the tree even more as he tried to blend in with it. The only things that he could hear were the crickets and occasional howl as he listened to the silence that surrounded him.

Then in a split second, he heard a crunch and ducked in a moment before a shovel came swinging from the side.

He catapulted himself forward while the shovel bounced off the tree and turned, facing Whitney.

"Everyone's the same. You all look right through me. But guess what, I'm here! I fucking exist!" A shrilling scream came out of her as she launched herself at Tony, swinging her shovel.

Jumping away, Tony cringed. He was in too much pain to play her game any longer.

He turned back around and continued up the hill, grabbing on to trees and using them to get him further or defend himself while he limped.

They were dancing up the hill as Whitney sent pathetic cries up. Her breathing becoming harsher because she missed her target when she swung.


Tony launched himself past the trees and bushes, and out of the forest. Coming to a dead stop when he reached a ledge. He turned frantically, searching for another way only to realize that there wasn't. Realizing that the better escape route was the fence, he grabbed his hair in frustration. He was dead.

The bushes behind his rustled and he turned to see Whitney walk out. Slowly, she started making her way to him.

"I told you, you were gonna die here."

She screamed as she launched herself at Tony for the last time, holding the shovel up high.

He closed his eyes and waited for impact.

"Tony!" He snapped his eyes open, watching as Whitney looked to the side before she was tackled to the ground by a much bigger figure.

"Mr. Rhodes!"

Whitney was still on the ground , her shovel far away from her, as Mr. Rhodes stood up and ran over to Tony. Taking Tony by the arm, he embraced him.

"I'm sorry. We didn't even see you get attacked. We were right there!"

Mr. Rhodes held on to Tony as he continued to apologize for not seeing anything happen.

"It's alright Mr. Rhodes. I'm fine." Tony lifted his head up and looked at Mr. Rhodes, who wasn't sure how to respond back.

Behind them, Whitney moved her head. She watched them, a snarl forming on her face as she slowly moved her arms to lift herself up. Her hand touched a rock and picked it up as it continued it's journey. Getting up at a agonizingly slow pace, she was able to finally stand up. She stared at them with hatred before she started running at them, rock in hand.

Mr. Rhodes whipped his head backwards and pushed Tony to the side as he braced for the hit.

Whitney swung her rock, hitting MR. Rhodes in the arm. Mr. Rhodes pushed his arms out, forcing her to stumble back. She kicked her leg, aiming to take his out from under him. Succeeding, she watched as he fell to the ground before lifting the rock in the air and bringing it down. Mr. Rhodes brought up his knees and kicked her in her stomach, sending her backwards.

Whitney stumbled back, unprepared when her foot didn't connect with the ground and instead she fell off the edge.

They heard her scream before they were met with silence.

Mr. Rhodes started scooting up onto his elbows when Tony limped over to him, taking his hand and helping him up. Together, they walked to the ledge and looked down.

Tony stared at her, his eyes wide. As he looked down, memories from today came back. Whitney had been impaled through the stomach by the broken Celtic Cross that he had seen earlier that day.

Whitney's eyes panicking as she gurgled the blood that came up through her throat and slipped past her lips. Still alive, she managed to look up one more time to look at Tony. Her once crazy eyes showed pain and confusion. Then she gave her final breath before closing her eyes.

Mr. Rhodes lead him down the hill back to the entrance gate where they were met by police and paramedics. He sat down in the ambulance, letting the paramedic look over him as Mr. Rhodes talked to the police, going with them to show where the body was.

The paramedic wrapped up Tony's injured ankle and gave him ice for his jaw. He'd have a huge bruise on his chest for a few days but it was nothing serious and he hadn't broken anything. When he was done, he sat there and waited.

A car pulled up to the side of him and out of it rushed Roberta and Gene, running to him.

Roberta kissed him on his forehead and squeezed him before moving for Gene.

"Hey Tony." Gene grabbed his hand as he sat next to him. They watched as Roberta took a strict tone and called for someone, leaving the two alone.

"Hey." Tony stared at him.

"Are you OK?" Gene was thumbing his palm, trying to comfort him.

Tony continued to look at him until his sight got blurry. Gene reached over and grabbed him by the shoulders, bringing him in for a hug.

Tony didn't bring the waterworks. They were tears of relief.

Gene kissed his forehead before parting from him a little and looking him in the eyes. He gave Tony a small smile before he kissed him. Tony closed his eyes and wrapped his arms around Gene's neck, kissing him back.

And they stayed like that until somebody cleared their throat.

As Tony hid his head in the crook of Gene's neck, Gene looked at Roberta and Mr. Rhodes.

She was smiling as she came and sat next to Tony, wrapping her arms around him and petting his hair. Mr. Rhodes went near Tony and stood there for a few seconds before patting Tony's shoulder, getting his attention.

Tony looked up to see Mr. Rhodes smile. "Let's go home."

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