Love Song Indeed

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Naruto saw Sakura coming across the field, and gave a little wave. They had agreed to meet for the concert on the same steps when they'd first became genin at 5:30 on their way to Sakura's favourite group, an acapella band called Silver Hills; Naturally, she was late. Sakura stopped about 15 feet from where he stood with his legs crossed at his ankles, looking him over like a buffet of ramen.

His sleeveless t-shirt fit like a second skin, with the words 'I'm With Stupid' and an arrow pointing at the fly of his pants, his brilliantly bright locks in their perpetual disarray. Five minutes after he brushed his hair, it would be an unruly mess, looking like he had just climbed out of bed from a hot session with some lucky guy. His strong masculine aura gave him an air of confidence and raw sexuality that saved him from being labelled a "boy toy"; that still didn't stop people like Sakura from still calling him an idiot from time to time though.

"Do you have any idea how many times I've wished you were straight, Naruto?" she sighed melodramatically as she approached him.

"I'd guess about as many times as I've wished Mel Gibson would suck my cock."

The friendly banter continued as the duo walked on foot to the concert, Sakura half insulting half asking about Naruto's sex life and Naruto only answering half the questions and half turning the insults back on Sakura. Ever since Naruto had come out of the closet he'd noticed that him and Sakura had begun getting along a lot better than he'd ever imagined; which was odd since there had been some tension before hand with another popular guy called Sasuke Uchiha...but that was all in the past.

"Focus on the here and now," was the motto Naruto had adopted.

Once they arrived and found their seats, they had about a half hour to wait for the show to start. Naruto was amazed that Sakura was able to get tickets at such a late date. The band was starting to build a reputation in some of the other lands and the hall was filled with fans. They already had bedrock following from the Village of Sand, since that's where they had originated, but had been very popular in the Earth country, but had only recently begun to make waves over here.

"Sakura, you never said how you got the tickets and passes." Naruto whispered.

Also whispering, she replied, "I went online, and bought them from their site months ago. It seemed to take forever for them to arrive." About a minute before 7 the house lights lowered some, the stage lights came up, and a voice announced the group. And there it was, that incredibly sexy voice coming through the sound system. The prime tenor for the group came out onto the stage, strutting like he owned the place.

"God, he's so hot! I just want to throw him down right there, and have my way with him." Naruto sighed.

"I don't think you'd stand a chance. I'm telling you, he's not gay. Look at how he's focusing on the ladies out here," Sakura argued.

"It's camoflauge, babe, All an elaborate act. He's not out of the closet yet."

"Nah, he's flirting with that woman Kankuro just hauled up on stage. He's all rubbing his ass on hers and everything. I'm telling you, Gaara is straight. You'd have a better chance with Sasori, the percussionist. I don't get why you're into him anyway. He's not your usual type." This was true enough. He usually went for jock types, big muscles, big cocks, little brains, and little in the way of talent outside the bedroom or the field. There was just something about this guy though. He was average height with light colouring, and sharp-like features. His physique would be called willowy if he was a woman. What an athlete would think of as a swimmer's build.

"I know, but Gaara is just sizzling. Look at him jumping around up there. The guy is a huge ball of energy. He must be incredible in the sack, plus that sexy voice? Shit Sakura, you know what I'd give to make that guy whine like a kitten. If you need some proof that he's gay, I'll give it to you."

"How?" Sakura demanded.

"Patience, Grasshopper. All will become clear in time." He said with a smug grin. Naruto looked around at the other people seated in the auditorium. The place was big, and steeply tiered. The head of the person sitting in front of him was at chest level. Figuring anyone onstage would be able to just about see into the laps of the audience, he prepared himself to gather the proof Sakura wanted. They were starting a slow song just then, and Naruto gave his full attention to Gaara as he began singing. Gaara was scanning the audience, making eye contact now and again, and Naruto's goal was to catch his eye and hold it. His eyes scanned past, lingering only for a second, but then snapped back, drawn to Naruto's like ball bearings to an electric magnet.

Naruto knew what he saw was a guy in the third row staring directly at him, and lightly stroking his package, while wearing a "come hither expression". Naruto's grin widened when Gaara actually faltered, his voice seemed to catch in his throat for a split second. His eyes lingered on the movement of the hand, then catching himself he flushed and looked away. After that the singer's eyes would skitter back every few seconds, never staying away for long. At the end of the song, the group exited stage right to get ready for the next number.


"Jesus wept you and your fucking gaydar. I really hate you right now. You know how hot I am for him, and you have to go and prove to me that he ho's the other row. Thank you sooooo much." Sakura's eyes were shooting daggers at Naruto, who just laughed.


Back stage, Gaara felt like he'd slipped through the looking glass. He couldn't believe the heavenly creature flirting with him from the third row. If you could call what the blonde was doing "flirting". He'd never had anything like this happen, and wasn't at all sure how to handle it. His experience was limited to being picked up in a convenience store once, and another time while he was reading in a park back home. This guy had to be messing with him. He was just too good looking to be honestly interested.

Kankuro and the others started making obvious innuendoes while he adjusted his clothes to hide the evidence of his arousal. It was intended as gentle teasing among friends, but they weren't helping the situation. At first, he hadn't even been sure the attention was aimed at him. He had to believe it, since the others had concluded that there was something to rib him about.

Gaara could usually give as good as he got when it came to joking around, but he seemed to have lost his equilibrium. Sasori decided to take matters into his own hands.

"Guys, time to let up. We can't go back out onstage with him all flustered like this."


Naruto and Sakura were still whispering together when the band returned to the stage, arranging themselves for their next number. Gaara had changed his outfit a bit. He was wearing grey slacks, a midnight blue silk shirt under a grey and blue waistcoat with a grey jacket that matched the slacks. When he came back out on stage, the jacket had been tied low, around his slender hips, the knot of the sleeves directly in front of his fly. He was still strutting, but seemed a little less comfortable now. Right away, he started trying to catch Gaara's eye again. It wasn't difficult to do. His eyes were obviously drawn to him. Every time Gaara looked at him, Naruto was doing something erotic. To keep the singer's attention he had undone his belt and the top button of his jeans so that he could adjust himself, making sure Gaara was looking when he did it.

Naruto had kept up his campaign of seduction for most of the concert, and he was really starting to hope it would be over soon as his balls were really starting to ache from the constant state of arousal he had kept himself in while putting on his show for Gaara. As soon as the group said good night, and it was clear they wouldn't be coming out for a third encore, he was out of his seat, catching Sakura's hand, and working his way past the other people in their row.

"You have no idea how glad I am that you got those back-stage passes, Sakura. I think I'd have to break someone's head if they wouldn't let me back there right now." he said as he buckled his pants, and then banged on the entrance to the rear of the theatre. When a little goth girl, holding a clipboard, opened the door Sakura flashed the passes at her. The two were ushered in and pointed towards the dressing room.

Walking down the corridor, they had no trouble finding the guys. The door was open, and there were several fans already in there with them, getting autographs, talking with the group members, and having their pictures taken with them; Naruto only slightly noticed that Hinata from school, was among them. Naruto stepped into the room, scanning the place for Gaara. He spotted him coming out of what appeared to be a washroom, towelling his hair dry. With a relieved smile, Naruto made a beeline for him. Stopping in front of him, Naruto said,

"Hey." Gaara pulled the towel down onto his shoulders and looked up to see who was talking to him, and froze. The look of astonishment on the guy's face was comical.

"...uh, yeah, hey. Umm, you, enjoy the show? You want an autograph, or, something?" he stammered.

"Yeah, to all of the above. The show was great, I'd love an autograph, and the or something too." He reached up, and smoothed the wet hair off of Gaara's forehead, his hand sliding to the back of his neck as he leaned in slightly, his blue eyes locked on Gaara's emerald greens. Naruto's right hand was just brushing the shirt at his waist when a large, heavy hand landed on his shoulder and pulled him around. Naruto found himself looking at an Adam's apple. Looking up he recognized the bass singer in the group, Kankuro.

"Dude, what's your problem?" Naruto asked, as he stepped back with care. He didn't want to trample Gaara.

"You're leaning, man. And I don't like it."

"What business is it of yours, big guy? He your squeeze or something?"

"No. He's my brother, and your actions are clearly making him uncomfortable. Therefore, it becomes my concern. Shall we discuss this in private?" Shock of finding out Kankuro was Gaara's brother was only the tiny blip on the radar of Naruto's brain at that moment; he'd remember and freak out at a later date.

"What makes you think I want to go anywhere with you man?"

"Kankuro, it's cool, really," Gaara protested.

"No. It's not cool, Gaara. We're going to have a talk as soon as the meet and greet is over. His

behaviour is not something I am going to tolerate." It was a bit loud in the room, and Kankuro was speaking quietly so the rest of the fans wouldn't hear what was going on. It took a good hour. Naruto waited out of the way, watching the excitement. Finally, the last roll of film had been exposed, one final autograph book was christened, and a last minute "Thanks, guys!" said. Looking around to see if everyone had left, Kankuro spotted Sakura talking with Sasori.

Re aching for her, he said, "Sorry, miss, but it's getting kind of late, and we still have things to do before we can leave. Would you excuse us, please?"


"She's with me." Naruto said. "She's my friend. Anything you think you need to say to me can be said in front of her, 'cuz I'd just tell her anyway." Kankuro raised an eyebrow at Gaara, asking his permission.

"I'm not comfortable with any of this Kankuro." Gaara looked very uncomfortable.

"So, this is about protecting his virtue, or something? Like, you want to know what my intentions are, or what?"

"Your intentions are perfectly clear. I have no issue with your intentions. What I do have an issue with is your actions. What you were doing during the concert was not a problem, seeing as how the audience couldn't tell what was going on, but in here, anyone paying the least bit of attention to the two of you would have seen what was going on. Right now, Gaara is not out to the general public. His reasons are his own, and I respect them, as should you."

"Hey, I didn't know, man. I'm sorry. Honest, how could I know he's still in the closet? I mean, just 'cuz someone don't advertise that they're gay, don't mean they're hiding it, right?"

"That's true, but you need to be more discreet in the future. You should always assume that someone hasn't come out unless you know for certain otherwise."

"Yeah, you're right. I'll be more thoughtful in the futu..."

"YAH! Who just grabbed my ass?" Sakura shrieked.

"The three of them were standing fairly close together, so when she jumped forward in surprise, she slammed up against Kankuro, then ricocheted off him and back into Naruto. He steadied her, while looking at who had been standing behind her. Sasori had a shit-eating grin on his face, Naruto grinned back.

"I'd say the percussionist is the culprit Sakura, weren't you saying you thought he was cute?"

"No, I said you'd have a better chance with him than Gaara. I thought for sure he was the gay one. "

"Hey! Why would you think I'm gay?" he demanded, clearly affronted. A short conversation ensued in which Sasori's silk shirts where brought into question and Sasori defended his straightness with such firm belief that even a nun could not argue with him; but the whole time the band member's eyes kept going up and down Sakura's shapely body, so much so that eventually Sakura grabbed his arm and said a hurried goodbye to Naruto and thanked the other two for seeing her before whisking Sasori away. The man grinning like someone who knew he was going to get laid that night. Speaking of which...

"So, are we through here?" Naruto asked. Kankuro appeared to ponder for a moment,

"Yes, I think we are." Naruto turned to Gaara, who smiled shyly at him. "Want to get out of here?"

"I can't. Not right this minute, anyway. Someone might see, and figure out what's up."

"Well, if we can't leave together, how are we going to handle this?"

"I don't know. I've...I mean, it's been...I...I...I have a room that I share with Sasori."

"Not a problem," Naruto said reassuringly, "Sakura lives on her own right now and all her toys are there, so that is probably where she is headed right now. "

"How about I meet you guys at your motel?" The blonde inquired of the singer.

"Uh, yeah, that'd be great."

"Which one are you in, and what room?"

"The Oak Leaf, room number 232."

"Great, see you there." Naruto slid his hand behind Gaara's head, his right slipping to the small of his back. He pulled him in close, his lips just barely brushing Gaara's. His tongue snaked out and swiped at his bottom lip, Gaara gasped, startled by the unexpected sensation. Naruto took advantage of his parted lips by slipping his tongue into the warm depths of his mouth. It was abundantly clear that Gaara would have hit the floor if Naruto hadn't been so strong. As it was, Gaara just sort of sagged like a rag doll, his knees completely unequal to the task of holding him up. Naruto gave his ass a little squeeze as he got him back onto his feet.

"See you there?"

"Right; sure, you bet." Gaara looked beyond dazed. As they left Gaara sagged against the wall and put a hand to his stomach.

"God, help me! I think I'm in love."

"Lust." said Kankuro.

"Same difference." Sasori piped in.

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