Love Song Indeed

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"Could you...would you mind...I've always wondered what it felt like to get a blowjob?" Gaara asked tentatively, like he was afraid that if he just said that's what he wanted Naruto would flip out.


"I'm sorry. Never mind, really." He pushed away from the blonde. Naruto's grip had relaxed and Gaara rolled over the edge of the bed, winding up on the carpet.

"Whoa, are you OK?"

"No, no, I'm fine, it's OK, I'm sorry, really, it was just a thought, don't worry, I...I...I..."

Naruto sat and swung his feet to the floor, as Gaara scrambled to his feet, babbling in apparent terror. Naruto caught the singer by his hips to keep him from backing away, reeling him in to stand between his legs with Gaara's shins pressing against the bed.

"Angel, you need to quit thinking that you're the only person out there that loves sucking cock. Believe me when I say that the only thing I love more than long-dicking a man is giving him the best blowjob of his life."


Naruto laughed suggestively, "Oh, Angel, you'll find out, and what's more, you'll love it. Now, let's see about this virgin cock of yours, shall we?"

Gaara's cock had fallen to half-mast in his fear, but it pulled it's self up by its bootstraps as he watched.

"Look at him stand at attention like a proud Marine in parade formation. I love the sight of a soldier ready for action. Makes me wanna spit shine his helmet." Naruto slathered the flat of his tongue in a zigzag up the underside of the straining shaft in front of him.

"Oh, Jesus." Gaara's hands grabbed a hold of Naruto's shoulders to keep from hitting the floor again, as his knees turned to water.

"Heh heh, that's my sex kitten, alright. Here, sit down before you fall down, Angel."

Naruto traded places with him, kneeling between his legs, and instructed him to lean back on his arms so that Naruto would have free access, but Gaara could still see what he was doing. He pushed his legs apart, pulling his ass up to the edge of the bed, while he nibbled Gaara's nipples.

It seemed that the older person's hands were everywhere at once, moving slowly, sensuously. Naruto worked his nipples, sucking, licking, biting, them until Gaara started rocking his pelvis upward, rubbing hungrily against his chest. He feathered kisses and nips down his chest and stomach until his breath was washing across the tenor's throbbing rod, and then he slid on past.

Gaara's groan of frustration turned to surprised pleasure when he felt his balls fall into Naruto's open mouth. While Naruto lathered his jewels with loving care, he teased the head of Gaara's cock with the fingertips of one hand. The other hand was stroking its way into his fissure, searching for his little, pink rosebud.

When Gaara began kneading his scalp, just like the kitten he reminded him so much of, and making sexy mewling sounds, Naruto knew he could take it to the next level. Without stopping what he was doing with his right hand, and mouth, he reached for the bottle of lube on the nightstand with his left hand.

He popped it open one handed, and used his thighs to squeeze some onto his fingers. Gaara gasped in surprise at the cold, wet sensation when Naruto began smoothing it onto his hole, but it warmed quickly. When Naruto flicked his tongue up the length of his shaft and engulfed the head of his cock in his hot, wet mouth, he forgot about the momentary discomfort.

Naruto alternated going all the way down on his shaft with long, slow, slurping licks, like a kid going at a popcicle in August, while he worked first one, then two, then three fingers into his tight pucker. Every time he extracted his fingers to get more lube to work into him, Gaara would whimper, and push his ass up, begging for the penetration to continue.

"Do you want me to fuck you now, or suck you off until you come?"

Gaara was incapable of responding coherently. The response he tried rather sounded like a turkey on acid.

"Right then. Suck, and then fuck. Your wish is my command, Angel."

He went back to work on the twitching member, bobbing his head like a carousel horse, and massaging Gaara's prostate. Gaara took in a huge lungful of air, and froze. He didn't make a sound for several seconds, he didn't breath, and the only movement was a completely involuntary quivering in his entire body. Naruto looked up just as the first shot ricocheted off of his uvula and Gaara's walls clamped down on his fingers. The tenor's mouth was open, but nothing was coming out. His eyes were half closed and glassy looking, with his head thrown back and to the side.

Simultaneous with the second blast of cum his hips thrust up, his hands started scrabbling around like a couple of spiders, and Gaara let go with a sound that could have been ultimate pleasure, or pain. It reminded Naruto of that question, how you tell if someone is laughing or crying if you can't hear them. He swallowed every drop of fluid that Gaara expended into his mouth, and nursed at his cock until it started softening just to be sure he didn't miss any.

By this point Naruto's cock was literally drooling for some attention. He opened the box of condoms, pulled one out, and used his teeth to tear it open. After getting it adjusted so it was comfortable, and applying a liberal amount of lube, he repositioned Gaara so that he was further from the edge of the bed. He got them into the Missionary position with his right knee bent along the side of Gaara's body, and his left foot braced on the floor for leverage. This was his favorite sexual position, because he could watch his lover's face while he took him.

Naruto knew that after such a powerful orgasm, Gaara would never be more relaxed. Naruto carefully worked the head of his cock past Gaara's tight little hole, pausing when he stirred at the invasion. Gaara languidly ran his hands up and down Naruto's back, and pressed his ass upward. That was all the encouragement that Naruto needed. He slowly sank his manhood into his hot, welcoming hole, inch by inch.

"Ahhh, shit, Angel." He exclaimed, when Gaara wrapped his legs around his hips, and pulled him in faster with his heels.

"God, Naruto, it feels incredible. Why doesn't it hurt, like it did before?"

"Because you're ready for it this time. The others must not have taken the time to get you really ready for it. Now, do you remember asking what long-dicking was?"


Naruto began rocking his hips. Forward, back, side to side, then in an orbital rotation, mixing it up, and keeping it as random as he could, trying hard not to fall into any kind of a pattern so as to keep Gaara's body guessing.

"Ah, ah, ahhhhh, Goooooooooooddddd, Heeeeeuuuuuuueeeee."

The final sound seemed to go on without pause. Naruto figured it must be the lung capacity of a singer. Up until now, he'd never had a man dig his nails into his back. He was not the least bit surprised when he felt Gaara's cock spring back to life, and become fully rigid in a matter of seconds. He decided that his little angel was a natural bottom. He didn't know what it was about this guy, but Gaara surprised him at every turn, and everything felt better, more intense some how, with him.

"Oh, Angel. Yeah, you feel so good. No one's ever felt so good, Kitten. God, uuuhn, God, Angel."

He was totally thrown of guard when Gaara suddenly pushed with his legs and arms, rolling them over so that he could take the ascendant position. The way Gaara started moving once he got himself settled was almost mind blowing. He put his palms flat on Naruto's chest, using his legs as his primary support, and mimicked the motions that Naruto had been using on him just a few seconds ago. His eyes were just barely slit open, and he was still making that high pitched, leaking balloon sound.

Naruto could feel his orgasm building fast. He reached over, grabbed the lube, and squirted a copious amount into his palm. He quickly warmed it between his palms, and then began jacking Gaara off with his best two-fisted technique; one hand stroking the shaft, while the other worked the head in a rotational pattern.

This must have been too much stimulation for Gaara, because he started huffing in time with his gyrating hips. A few seconds later a dribble of thin looking semen oozed out of his slit. Feeling Gaara's body spasm, and clench around his cock sent Naruto over the edge too. He pushed out on Gaara's arms so that his chest smacked down onto his own, then rolled them back to their starting position. Just a couple more thrusts, and he lost himself in his own ecstasy.

"Huuuh, Angel. Uuuhh, Baby. Uuuuu, my angel. Nuughh, Oohh, Love. Ahh, Love. Huh huh huh, my baby, my kitten."

Neither of them could manage more than panting and quivering with the after shocks for several minutes. Gaara revelled in the feeling of Naruto's weight pressing him into the mattress.

Once he had regained his senses, Naruto pulled out of Gaara, and rolled off pulling the younger into his side. Nestling the red head in the hollow of his shoulder, he wrapped his left arm around his slender back. The fingers of his right hand began stroking random patterns on Gaara's arm and side. Gaara's sigh caught his attention. Somehow, it just didn't sound content.

"Something bothering you, Angel?"

"Not really. It's just that I've just discovered that I'm a total girl."

"What does that mean?"

"Never mind. It doesn't matter."

"It matters if it's making you unhappy, Angel. Tell Daddy what's wrong, Kitten." He said, nuzzling into Gaara's hair. Naruto loved the smell of his shampoo.

"It's just that I was laying here, perfectly content, when all of a sudden, I remembered something you said a few minutes ago, and I wondered if you really meant it, and that's something a girl would do."

"I've recently come to the conclusion that there is nothing in the way of behavior that is exclusive to either sex. What did I say?"

"See, you don't even know what the hell I'm talking about. I'm just loosing my mind. Feel free to ignore me."

"Your talking about when I was saying, 'my angel, my baby', like that, right?"

"Yes, and when you were saying no one had ever felt so good. Did you mean all of that, or were you just babbling?"

"Oh, I was most assuredly babbling..."

"Oh. Well..."

"But that doesn't mean that I didn't mean every word."

"Oh. Then you meant to claim me? I mean, all that, 'my this, and my that', does that mean that you're interested in more than just..." he waved his hand about to encompass the situation, "this? More than just a one time fling?"

"Angel, any man who didn't want to spend the rest of his life trying to find out everything there is to know about you would have to be a complete fool, and my father didn't raise no fools." The fact that Iruka wasn't exactly his father wasn't something Naruto thought was proper at this moment.

"This isn't real. I'm not this lucky!" Gaara sat up suddenly.

Naruto sat up along side him, and caught his face between his hands. "It's not luck, Gaara, it's Fate!"


"Fate." Naruto confirmed, stopping any further protests with a kiss so full of love that Gaara

couldn't think how to argue with fate.

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