HEE HEE!!!!!!!! I'm back! -throws hands up.-

Tugger: Joy. -Rolls eyes.-

Me: Shut up you know that you want to find out what happens to Xani.

Tugger: -Glares.-

Me: You do? -looks at him with wide eyes.-

Tugger: Just continue with story.

Me: OKAY! SummerRose12 HERE YA GO!!!!

"Samara?" Pouncival asked, walking into their den cautiously.

"Yes Pouncival?" Samara's voice obviously said that she had been crying.

"Come out and get some sun. Dueteronomy's about to send out his group to find Xani's body, and he wants you to choose the toms." Pouncival crawled up to her and licked her ears.

"Okay." Samara finally said.

"Thank you." Pouncival rubbed against her and led her out to the clearing where the ball was the night before.

"Pouncival, I want you to go, but I want you here with me." Samara said softly, pressing up against the gray and white tom.

"I'll be here if you want." Pouncival whispered back.

"Thank you." Samara smiled lightly and turned to Munkustrap who was next to her after seeing her come out.

"Munkustrap, I want you to find Tumblebrutus, Alonzo, Corpricat, and Tantomile." Samara told Munkustrap.

"Yes Samara." Munkustrap nodded and went to find the chosen cats.

"It's going to be hard seeing her body." Samara whispered to Pouncival.

"I believe it." Pouncival wrapped his arms around her waist and kissed her head.

Xani woke up really stiff and sore.

"Where am I?" She asked herself as she got up.

Last night came in a sudden rush to her.

"No!" She whispered to herself as she remembered what happened.

"I think she'll be here." She heard a familiar voice say and she heard footsteps walking to where she was.

"I can't let them find me!" She whispered and ran to the other door and ran out of it.

"I can't look." A male voice whispered.

"Then don't." Another male voice said softly and Munkustrap opened the door.

"It should be here, right?" Corpricat asked with a raised eyebrow, looking around the room.

Xani ran down the hallway, trying to get away from the group.

Tugger: SHE'S ALIVE?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!

Me: Ow -rubs ears- Apparently!