Chapter One:

Just a Dream?


I woke up to the sound of my alarm clock, sitting up in my bed suddenly, I turned it off and pulled out my dream journal. I wrote exactly what happened in the dream I had...ANOTHER dream about Derek??

You see, Derek was my next door neighbor. I moved here when my Mom remarried a guy that moved here from the U.S. I had a new step-sister, she is really cool and also you see, she's dating Derek. Kaylie and I are both the same age, yes her name is Kaylie, you know?? From my dream. Anyways, her and her Dad moved to Canada after her Mom died of cancer five years ago. Mom met Greg and they fell in love, I can't say I love it here but I know Lizzie is having a good time adjusting. I miss my private school, but going to the High School I am at now is wonderful.

Emily, is my best friend and we are all going into our senior year. Truman is my current boyfriend, but of course he isn't here for the summer because of "fmaily". I still don't know if I trust him from when he kissed my cousin Vicky, but I guess I do in a way. So during the summer Kaylie and I decided to take college classes to get a head start on out AA degrees, both of out ideas. So that is why my alarm clock is going off at seven in the morning. Although I normally would have gotten up at this time anyways.

I got up and took a shower getting ready for the day, and then I headed downstairs to make a good healthy breakfast for both Kaylie and I.


I heard Casey's alarm go off, so I decided that then would be a could time to get up. Rolling out of bed I looked at myself in the full length mirror that I had on my wall next to my dresser. I still had make-up left on from last night when I went out with Derek, and my hair needed to be brushed, ASAP.

Turning on some music I started jamming out to a rock CD Der gave me for my birthday. I slipped on black jeans, and a plaid pink and black shirt that buttoned down and that was flowy. Quickly applied new make-up and headed downstairs.

By the time I got down there Casey, had breakfast all done. Pancakes, scrambled eggs, bacon, fruit. Fit for a King, or in this case a Queen.

" Good morning Kay." She greeted me with a smile.

" Well, good morning Case. This looks amazing." I started grabbing things to eat.

" Thank you. So are you ready for classes all day today?" She asked.

" Oh yea, I'm looking forward to it. Of course after classes I am going to the rink, wanna join me?" I asked chewing on my pancakes.

" I suppose, I mean Em is visiting Sheldon. So I guess I can go." I smiled.

" Great, maybe I can get you out on the ice?" She laughed.

" Yea, right." We laughed even harder as we talked about her falling, heading out the door.

Classes started and ended real fast in my opinion. No I am not a total keener like Case, but I am pretty close. That's probably why we get along so well, although I do have to admit, she is a lot prettier then I am... I'm surprised Derek hasn't gone after her. I laughed to myself as we drove to the ice rink.


I haven't been to the rink in a while, I mean except for the times when Kay would drag me to hockey games, but not like this. It's beens years since I ever went ice skating, with good reason. To be honest I was a little nervous on going, I knew that Derek was going to be there. I really shouldn't have been nervous because it's not like anybody knew that I had dreamed about him, except my journal but last time I checked books can't talk.. So I think I'm safe. Case, you're paranoid. I thought to myself.

Ugh! Let this be over with.

Kay, drove into the parking lot of the rink and we got out of the car and headed in. We could hear the guys already there playing and Kay had her skates ready and her hockey stick. Yes, Kay plays hockey, only as a hobby and she's really good. Which is probably why Derek likes her so much, and the fact that she is gorgeous! Anyways, we got in there and I sat in the bleachers with Kay as she put on her skates.

" We need to get you some skates." She said tyeing hers.

" Oh right, so if I fall when they are in my bedroom I can cut myself." I said sarcastically.

" They have protectors on them but to be safe, I'll keep them in my room." She laughed, heading unto the ice joining the guys.